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Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack – Most Breast Feeding Moms Cannot Do Without One

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Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack – The Most Convenient Thing For Breast Feeding Mothers

Sun, 26 Jul 2009 10:28:00 +0000

If you browse the Internet, you are sure to come across many options in breast pumps, but in reality, very rarely will you come across something that us so unique in style, and is so efficient and functional as the Pump Style Backpack. This is the reason why a majority of nursing mothers choose this. Above all, its low price, portability, technical advantages and the compact backpack style have won the confidence of the working mothers.

For the newly breastfeeding mothers, using this pump is really an unique experience. They all but marvel at the fascinating option of using a single or dual pumping operation - all self-operating with the help of a storage battery that remains hidden within the recess of the backpack. What is more, the batteries can be charged conveniently from any wall mounted power source. Actually the customized micro fiber backpack can accommodate all the equipment she requires to procure milk, cool it in the ice-pack and then store it in a sterilized vessel. It contains an intelligent micro-computer system that can adjust the rate and frequency of suction as per the time set. To feed the baby with the milk, one has to just turn on the pumping unit. Moreover, the unit is hands-free, which frees her to operate a computer or attend to a job while the pumps continue with the suction job.

The success of the Pump Style Backpack is due to its customizable quality befitting the needs of the new or the experienced breastfeeding mothers. For the moms of twins, it can become quite difficult to feed both of them together, and this is when it becomes even more useful. Extracting the breast milk beforehand and then feeding the babies at a fixed time is definitely a great solution.

There are a number of advantages of this product and so, they are being described here so that the moms can know them all.

? For working moms, the user friendly hands-free, mono and/dual pumping is just perfect.
? The adjustable fitting enable the steady pumping out of milk at a specified speed.
? The double phase technique of pumps squeezes out milk very quickly.
? The cooler bag provided with ice-pack stores milk for feeding afterwards.
? With its battery pack, it can be fixed everywhere as it is a cordless electrical unit.
? The battery charger can be connected to any wall socket for recharging.
? 9 volt AC adapter and the battery pack can easily be taken out so that the backpack load is downsized.
? The backpack has the capacity to keep extra lidded bottles.

Working mothers who have faith in breastfeeding their babies, have actually found a worthy breast pumping equipment in the Pump Style Backpack.