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Earn Online - Blogging

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Sell elegantly - That's the RECIPE for success but HOW?

Mon, 10 Oct 2011 19:17:00 PDT

Here's a startling fact... 95% of the emails that beginner marketers send, end up in the trash.

That's because they have no clue how to "sell elegantly."

They blast you with promotions for products you won't buy because they never took the time to ask what you want.

Am I right?

That's a recipe for a marketing disaster!

If you want to make money with email and make money passively, you need a high-quality, powerful system that grabs attention and keeps your readers on the edge of their seats waiting for your next email.

You need an email followup sequence that builds trust, establishes credibility, and subtly convinces your readers to take immediate action and buy the products you promote.

You need the "Autopilot Income Plan"

This multi-media course shows you how to create a high-powered email course that generates hands-free automated income.

It's unbelievably simple and outrageously profitable!

You can set the entire system up in less than a week (actually in a day, if you're motivated) and then profit from it for life.

Check it out now.



Kick Ass Blogging with out writing any content yourself...

Mon, 10 Oct 2011 18:33:39 PDT

Have you ever wanted to have one of those blogs that gets tons and tons of traffic?

You know the ones that people return to every single day to see what they are going to post next?

Yes, the ones that make a killing on advertising because they have the server crushing traffic??

I am going to walk you through the exact steps to creating a Kick Ass blog and getting traffic!

I don't talk about SEO, PPC, PPV or any other traffic generation methods out there. What I do is show you how to get traffic flocking to your blog that will grow and snowball and eventually turn into a torrent of traffic you couldn't stop even if you wanted too..................

Click HERE now!


Market your Blog!

Sun, 08 May 2011 07:39:55 PDT

Blogs are the latest trend online and everyone is reading talking about them. Everyone has a blog, and everyone is making money by blogging. The question is : - how are they doing it? - What is so special about a blog that you can make money by posting on it? First you should know that a blog is a little bit like an online journal. You can make posts in it about anything that you want to, and then publish it for the whole world to read. If you have never blogged before, it is a good idea to do so just for fun in the beginning, so that you can get a feel of what it is about.Once you have become familiar with the blogging platform, and kind of get the jest of it, you will be ready to try and make some money at blogging. However, for a beginner blog marketer, you want to take it slow and one step at a time. You will need to do things in order and that will help keep you from getting overwhelmed with it all.The first thing that you want to do is find a niche to blog about. This can be anything that you know, want to know, or want to learn. Become an expert in that field. The more you know, the better. The niche can be anything that you want it to be. It can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Think about something that you know and love, something that you want to learn all about. You will come up with a niche that will be perfect before you know it.Image by Maria Reyes-McDavis via FlickrNow that you know what your blog will be all about, you are ready to get down to business. First of all you want to decide how often you will update your blog. Will it be daily? Every other day? Maybe even weekly? Whichever you choose, stick with it and make sure that you hardly ever miss an update. Once you get readers to your blog you want them to know that you will update it as often as you say. They need to know how often to check and visit your blog for new information. If you post like you say you will, you will end up with a large reader base that will follow you anywhere.So now that you have a niche, and have decided how often your blog will be updated, it is time to get down to some marketing. To begin with, you need to get backlinks. Backlinks are important and they mean that someone is linking to you. There are a few ways that you can get these much needed links. You can look around on the internet and find some sites that are relevant to your niche and request a link, or your can post comments on other blogs that are relevant and leave a link behind with your comment. Either way, they both work and they both count as links that you need to your blog.Are you trying to sell things from your blog? If so you are going to find that promoting products in your blog is a great marketing technique that you can use as well. People do it everyday and make lots of money from it. Whether it is affiliate links, or your own products and services that you are promoting, you are going to find that blog marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out and let people know that you are in business. Marketing from your blog has never been easier.With all of the great tools that are out there now for blog marketing, it is really hard to have a blog fail when you use them. Every time you post to your blog make sure you ping it and keep working on linking with others. [...]

Leverage On The Humble Blog To Generate Loads Of Wealth!

Sat, 19 Jun 2010 09:06:40 PDT

Want to generate tons of profit and have fun doing so? Click HERE to find out more.You've probably have seen or heard of bloggers who make a living just by blogging alone.It's not impossible, but many people who are used to blogging for fun or as a hobby don't know how to effectively generate profits with their blogs. Worse still, they spend quite a bit of money on so called 'gurus' or 'experts' who don't reveal to them the entire story when it comes to earning a tidy profit using blogging as the main tool.However, here's a guide that will reveal every single piece of the puzzle when it comes to having your blogs transform into automated cash cows!Click HERE to find out more. Profitable Blogging Secrets is the most definitive and detailed guide when it comes to creating your streams of online income through blogging!Just a couple of things you will be taught are how select a profitable niche, narrowing down your keywords to pull in massive profits, How to choose the right ad size for your blog to increase profits,using software to build long term recurring income and much much more!However, the introductory price is slated to increase soon... so I'd suggest you make your move quickly by following THIS LINK. [...]

Take charge now - turn your blogs into MONEY!

Mon, 05 Apr 2010 03:57:30 PDT

You should consider blogging for money if you have an interest in writing random stories or articles that interest you and your friends or family. Blogging for money is one of the easiest jobs you could ever consider. By blogging about what you love, you're guaranteed to enjoy the process and stories for a much longer time than most real-world writers.If you have a computer and the need to write, blogging for money would be the perfect solution to your money problems. All you have to do is find a story that inspires you and run with it. A brilliant blog doesn't require a top news story or an overseas Internet broadcast; a great blog can come from your daily activities and lifestyle to a well-written comical story.If you have an interest in blogging for money, you should consider Yousaytoo Adsense Sharing Community as your chance to prove yourself to the writer's world. You can get information on blogging for money as well as read other blogs and get ideas for better blogging. Blogging for money will help you understand the meaning of blogging, as you will have to understand how to write what feels good to get others to read what inspired you.Note : At YST, you'll be earning from Adsense and Amazon PLUS you'll be promoting your blog to the world with the latest Banner Exchange! Try it out and get more from your blog today! [...]

Review : How a Young Kid Taught Me How To Make Money Online Every Day

Thu, 11 Mar 2010 03:23:10 PST

Finally, I have just completed reading the book "How a Young Kid Taught Me How To Make Money Online Every Day".

The 48-page pdf is very engaging! I found it very amazing for a teenager, Casey to be able to generate sufficient income from a free blogging platform --> Blogger!

If you haven't download the book, do so now and I am sure it will be an inspiration and learn his easy method. Download HERE now.


This is so HOT off the presses, I almost burned my fingers flipping the pages. :)

I urge you to download your copy now. You'll be blogging in NO time and raking in cash to your heart's content.

==> Click HERE now.


Why WordPress Is The Future of Website Building

Thu, 04 Mar 2010 01:04:35 PST

Beginning in the year 2002, blogs moulded the online marketing world. While most people at that time started with various blogging systems, eventually most of them shifted to WordPress. WordPress has become so much more since a powerful website CMS that emerged from the need for a better blogging systems.If you read any popular blogging tips online, WordPress is often positioned as a tool that well, creates a blog. But an increasing number of marketers are finding that you can also use it as the most important tool to upon which you can grow a profitable business empire. The most powerful function of WordPress itself lies in its ability to manage large amounts of text, audio and video content. After a dozen pages it becomes difficult to manage a static HTML site. Although you can use template-driven software as well like SBI or DreamWeaver, nothing beats the ease of WordPress.Using premium blogging tools you can easily transform create a static website, an article directory, a Wordpress based membership site system, a complete e-commerce site, an auction sites, a portfolio site and so much more. As a matter of fact you can also just about use it for anything.Besides that, Search Engine Optimization is another important element. By default, WordPress is pretty good at optimizing and creating SEO friendly content. However you can also get more serious and utilize simple WordPress plugins to further increase your SEO rankings and get better Yahoo or Google rankings.However the best thing about WordPress is its flexibility. You can easily switch between WordPress themes, and improve its functions by using plugins and even some custom programming. It's free and have I mentioned before?If you aren't using WordPress you should. The learning curve has reduced substantially in the past 3 years. At the moment it's so easy to use even a six-year old kid can figure it out. To power your online business, go ahead and use WordPress!As a member you'll get tons of step-by-step video tutorials on how to use WordPress, web 2.0 technology, search engine optimization, making money from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, and so much more. Get more information here: WordPress Wizard 2.0Note : To discover more about WordPress, I strongly recommend that you signup for my FREE Gifts HERE ( A new gift have been uploaded - Wordpress Website Secrets with MRR) [...]

What Does A 15 Year Old Know About Making Money That YOU Don't?

Thu, 11 Mar 2010 03:06:47 PST

Something just came across my desk that BLEW me away and I knew you'd want to know about it...

There are many courses available that show you how to generate an income from blogging, but I don't think there's ever been one quite like this...

It's easy enough for even the newest newbie to understand and implement... and it was written by a 15 year old!

And let me tell you, if a 15 year old can create blogs and make money, then YOU can, too.


This is so HOT off the presses, I almost burned my fingers flipping the pages. :)

I urge you to download your copy now. You'll be blogging in NO time and raking in cash to your heart's content.

==> Click HERE now.


Ping your blog!

Sat, 20 Feb 2010 01:17:00 PST

When a blog is pinged, it essentially tells a web blog tracking system that the blog has been updated. Thus, pinging is the process of telling tracking services that a site has been updated.So how does pinging work? Well, a ping service scans regularly blogs for updates. Whenever there is a new update for a particular blog, that is reported back to the pinging service’s site. You can almost think of ping services being just like search engine spiders—both scan sites looking for information, and both report that information back to their specific site. The difference is, a ping service only reports back new blog posts.Why is pinging useful for my blog?Pinging, in effect, tells people that there is a new blog posting available. Those who are loyal followers of your blog will see the ping and want to visit your blog. Those who haven’t read your blog before will see the ping and perhaps think “hey, there’s a new blog I haven’t been to before, I think I’ll check it out”. Pinging helps to increase your traffic because it tells people when your blog is updated. Those who visit sites with pinging services will see this information in the form of a scroll on the left or right side, or top of the page. The scroll is usually in XML format and typically includes the title and URL of your blog, as well as the date and time of the update.OK, so now I know what pinging is. Who offers pinging?The answer is, there are several pinging services available which you can use to have your blog pinged. We’ll go over some of them right is probably the most well-known pinging service. monitors sites for updates and then pings whenever there is an update to report. Virtually every blog software is available to use Weblogs.Yahoo’s Blo.gsAnother popular pinging service. This one is offered by Yahoo and has a built-in integration with movable type and other tools. One cool thing about this service is that it offers the ability to give out updates via Instant Messenging services like AOL and ICQ. It is a direct pinging service, so those who sign up for subscriptions to your blog will be sent an email anytime your blog is updated.Blogrolling.comBlogrolling allows its bloggers to manage their blogrolls(updates) through a web-based interface. Recently updated blogs are also highlighted on Blogrolling’s web site. Data is automatically retrieved from other sites like and every 5 minutes. Often times your blog is already being pinged by Blogrolling, so you might not have to sign up for it. Search on the site first for your URL before signing it up.TechnoratiAvailable at, Technorati is another service that pings blogs. It gets its data from a variety of places and is definitely a site you should go to for blog pinging.These are just 4 of the many different blog pinging services available. A quick search on Yahoo or Google will reveal many other possible blog pinging services to use for your blog. It is best to sign up for as many as you possibly can to ensure that your blog is well-pinged. A well-pinged blog will definitely help your blog attract more visitors. So sign up for as many as possible and watch your blog traffic increase.Pinging tells people when your blog is updated. It is an incredibly useful, and easy to sign up for service, so be sure to sign your blog up for pinging!This service will help you with your Blog & Ping efforts ==> Click HERE now. [...]

Tips To Start Your Own Successful Blogging

Thu, 18 Feb 2010 00:19:00 PST

Before you can start into blogging for business, you should first make a plan as to how you are going to get started in the first place. Why? Simply for the reason that blogging, though it may be quick and easy to set up, also entails some factors that will need your utmost consideration. Here are some helpful tips that you may use to start your blogging site on the Web now!Classify Your Target AudienceAs in any business, the first and most crucial step in starting your blog site is that of identifying which is your target audience or niche market and eventually applying the Paretto Principle which states that you must first identify the top 20% of your key customers or target market which will surely bring the 80% of business sales you want to achieve.Decide What You Really Have To Say And Say ItIn the process of setting up your blogging for your business, you should first immediately decide what you have to say to your target audience or target market. And make sure that when you write what you have to say, your customers are surely going to read them and learn something from them. Sometimes, bloggers would just write anything to keep their blog sites alive. Oftentimes, there are bloggers who tend to be talking about something which in essence, they are completely unknowledgeable of. What a pity, because they are just throwing away their opportunity to add more prospective loyal customers to their database.Pinpoint Where You Want To Keep Your BlogIt is also important to identify beforehand where you prefer your blog to stay. If you do not know yet how to set up your location for your blog, it might do you good to just grab a hold of the various software packages which allow you to add your blog to an existing Web site.Try Blog Hosting SiteOr if you prefer an easier one, simply go for the blog hosting site wherein a link coming from your own Web site will automatically bring more customers over your site. This is truly very simple and trouble-free since the site is the one that will give the already formatted designs and alternatives from which you can select.Get Your Facts Straight And Start CommunicatingIt is not sufficient that you throw all your efforts into writing down your thoughts, or pooling all your observations as well as your view points into your blog. More so, it is not enough that there is something for your customers to read, oh no. What is really important is that you make sure you give your blogs a taste of freshness and uniqueness at all times. This will definitely boost your blogging traffic really fast.Remember, a successful business owner does not only blog by declaring some marketing speech about how good your business has turned out, why and how? Or chatter the blog away with some news and current events which are not actually your forte at all. Remember, your readers can always feel what you are writing. Be true, heartfelt and pleasantly convincing and you are sure to make more success in your business for sure.Grab your FREE copy of Blogging Success Pack ==> Click HERE [...]

59k per month passive income ...on autopilot....totally FREE Traffic...possible?

Mon, 01 Feb 2010 07:20:54 PST

That's a strong statement, and you probably don't believe it - but in a moment, you're going to see such undeniable proof, that you'll know I'm being nothing but honest with you...The FatCat Blueprint is a 244-page guide to building a highly profitable AdSense business in as little time as possible. The rest of the package includes the FatCat SEO guide, FatCat Templates, The Secret Bonus Chapter, and the FatCat Domain Hunter software.You only need to understand 3 key points about Bertil Jenner's blueprint:1) How to set up an overall system that makes you a passive income2) How a simple website of not more than 10 static pages can be a complete income machine3) How to get your traffic totally free No matter how much experience you have, The FatCat Blueprint is tailored exactly to you. This really does contain everything you need to get a business running, and making money.The FatCat Blueprint is more than just about letting you make a big income. It also lets you make that money on a mostly passive basis. Sure, a big income is great, but this thing can provide you with almost unlimited freedom too!So grab the opportunity with both hands, and do it now...Download The FatCat Blueprint now. [...]

Optimize Your Blog For Maximum Traffic

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 21:38:15 PST

Image via WikipediaOnce you have decided to create a blog and publish it on the World Wide web you still have to do a few more things before you can expect to earn any profit from your blog. This is especially true for those blogs that are not affiliated with any existing sites and blog owners who have never run a website before. You are going to have to work to build some traffic and readership to your new blog. It is going to be hard to earn any income, let alone make a profit, on your blog site if no one is reading it.Before starting any aggressive advertising campaigns it is important to make sure your blog is search engine optimized. There are plenty of companies that will charge you a pretty penny to make these changes for you, but it is easier (and naturally cheaper) to do things yourself. Meta tags must be included in your blog in order to catch any random search engine traffic that might stumble your way, and to make sure your site is indexed to appear in a search engine in the first place.Two FREE tools that will generate quality meta tags for your site are the Submit Express Meta Tag Generator and the Submit Corner Meta Tag Generator .This helps ensure that your blogs get indexed and that it can receive traffic from search engine results that display the blog. Both of these tools are completely FREE and only require the user to answer a few questions and fill in a few blanks (site description, keywords, etc.). When you are done both tools can be used to analyze your newly created meta tags and give suggestions on how to optimize them (make them shorter or longer). Once your meta tags are created and in place, you can now start submitting your blog to major search engines. There are plenty of companies that offer to submit your domain to search engines, for a fee, and I recommend against using them. If you have some time at the beginning of each month to submit your domains manually it will be just as effective and save you money. I usually use Submit Express to submit my blog to the search engines. Also, because of the constant updating, blogs get indexed faster (and stay indexed longer) than traditional websites. This fact alone makes me a blog supporter and promoter. :-) [...]

Increasing Revenue With Google Adsense

Sat, 23 Jan 2010 08:05:37 PST

A brand NEW, 6-part Private Label Rights "Crash Course" has just been released...

"Increasing Revenue With Google Adsense" was designed with beginners in mind. You and your subscribers will be able to quickly understand how to use simple techniques that can steadily increase the income from any website.

And with the Private Label Rights, not only will YOU learn the ins and outs of increasing your own income with Google Adsense, but you will also be able to pass the knowledge on to your subscribers.

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But the BEST part, without a doubt, is...

It's running as a dimesale, but only through the weekend, so hurry over before the price increases : Grab it now --> Click HERE.



What? Still No blog? Read this now...

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 02:15:25 PST

If you're marketing online, you NEED a blog.Your blog is not only where you communicate your thoughts with the world, it's also the FORCE that can drive hordes of traffic to your sites and your offers......IF you know how to use it to its fullest advantage.A blog in one person's hands might bring in a thousand visitors in a month.But that same IDENTICAL blog in some else's hands can bring in HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of visitors in the same time.The difference?That first person knows the secrets of getting the very most out of their blog, and the other person doesn't.It really is that simple.Atomic Blogging is the blogging encyclopedia of optimizing secrets.No where else will you discover more about how to best use your blog to drive traffic and make sales.Here's just some of what's revealed in Atomic Blogging...--The secret formula that guarantees your blog gets ranked in the top 10. When you master this, you can start charging people thousands of dollars to search engine optimize for THEM!--How to outrank and profit more than other blogs when you know the Web 2.0 Secrets...--How to use the power of Wordpress to boost your blogs' rankings the quick and easy way!--Finally Revealed -- Hidden steps popular bloggers take to get massive amounts of traffic...--Covert techniques to ensure you don't make mistakes with your blogs...--How to make your blogs irresistible to ALL the search engines, every time!--The 5 no holds-barred most important traffic generation techniques you'll ever need to know with your blogs...--One tiny "tweak" that will increase your rankings from PR1 to PR4 overnight, and it only takes 15 minutes...--How to generate thousands of REAL, HONEST, LEGITIMATE back links to your blogs and websites without a lot of work. This will begin increasing your Technorati Ranking within a week...--REVEALED: Alvin's free private and personal resources you can use to get tons of free quality content for your blog instantly!--How to get your content indexed within 24 hours on all major search engines...--A simple formula to create cash right-away without a product or website of your own!--The FREE simple tool you can use to get unbelievably high traffic domain names... most Internet millionaires do NOT want you to know this...--The previously untold secret of why 99% of Internet marketers fail online, and how you can prevent this from happening to you...--7 Advanced SEO Techniques that will get you to the top of the search engine rankings in record time. These are advanced techniques, but you'll know how to do them in just minutes!--You'll get tons of examples showing you step-by-step how to drive steady, massive and targeted traffic to your blogs quickly and easily...--And you'll discover the methods to build traffic that just keeps growing and growing over time!--Discover how to get reliable web hosting for only US$0.01 (This secret alone is worth your entire investment!)--A closely guarded trade secret programmers don't want you to know about to setup your website in minutes! (Even a beginner with NO experience or knowledge can do this in 10 minutes or LESS.)--Sick of writing content? You'll discover 2 rarely-talked about secret content resources that you can grab for FREE!--Make money with Adsense with these step-by-step tutorials which reveal how you can get a CTR of 30% or more for your web pages...--How to update your content with the push of a button...--And Much, Much More.Seriously, this is only a portion of what you'll discover in Atomic Blogging!Grab your copy today, and don't forget the bonuses... they alone are worth far more than the cost of the entire course!Download Your Atomic Blogging now and start earning with your blog! [...]

No More Manual Posting To Blogs ?

Sat, 16 Jan 2010 06:15:07 PST

On Sunday, 17 Jan 2010 at Midnight Eastern Time This Discount Will End!Have you heard the buzz about the new blogging technology that promises to automate all of your blogging tasks?If not, you are really going to want to take a look at Blog Post Automator to see what all of the "buzz" is really about.==> Click HERE now!This software is something that simply plugs into your blog in just a few seconds and then makes your life much easier.It automates even the little things like the actual posting of your blog posts without having to pre-set each post up!You're probably wondering how in the world it could do something like that and it's just something you have see for yourself.==> Click HERE now!There has never been a tool, software or course like this that truly automates all of your blogging activities for as long as you want.If you wanted to, you could really automate your blogging completely for 5 or 10 years if that's your desire!That's not an exaggeration but the absolutely reality of using this tool. It's a very new age piece of technology!If you'd like to get your hands on this technology and use it in your own blogging activities, you're in for a treat.A complete report with all of the information on this tools as well as much more is available online right now...You Can even See It In Action...Just watch The video....Click HERE now!P.S. Get your hands on the new technology specifically designed for bloggers like you who want to save time... [...]

Blogging Explosion in 2010

Thu, 14 Jan 2010 21:24:06 PST

align="left" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="height: 245px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 5px; width: 131px;">The movie Julie and Julia took blogging mainstream for many who had no idea that an everyday, average individual could command attention and pursue their passion using an online technology available to the masses for free.And it’s not just movies and rare blog success stories that make people want to blog. In 2009, the job market resulted in a ton of layoffs for journalists and print newspapers and magazines went out of business. These writers will take their skills to the Internet. Blogging will boom in 2010 even more than it already has in marketing circles. Just like reality TV has now become a career pursuit for some young adults, blogging is being viewed as a potential income source for those who don’t want to take the regular route to financial success.Perez Hilton has been very open with the amount of money he’s raking in – and it’s substantial. There are so many blog success stories that you can learn from and apply them to your 2010 Internet Marketing strategy.The Bankaholic blog was sold for $15 million. ArsTechnica sold for $25 million. PaidContent sold for $30 million. Someone recently commented that you can start a blog about Doritoes potato chips and once it gets rolling with traffic, wait and see how much they pay you to own it.In the year 2010, you’re going to find many grassroots bloggers who are flying by the seat of their pants. The one edge they may have over experienced marketers is that they don’t just get into a niche because it sounds lucrative – they do it because they truly have a passion for it.That passion will translate into frequent blog posts and the building of a loyal and enthusiastic like-minded core audience. It will grow like a wildfire and when that traffic hits a certain number, competitors will come knocking at the door of these bloggers hoping to make an acquisition and funnel that traffic to their own interests.Many of these bloggers you’ll be competing with won’t have the marketing savvy and insight to monetize their blogs as well as yours, so initially they may not see the same financial success. But don’t count them out if they’re fierce about feeding the Googlebots with constant content and ensuring they’re not hyping up their reviews in a way that violates current FTC rulings.Your goal for 2010 as a blogger should be to continue leaving breadcrumbs on a daily basis for search engine spiders. Make sure you utilize broad and long-tail keywords. Comply with FTC regulations about being transparent if you receive compensation for a review or testimonial. And narrow your niche down so that you have a high chance for success against the influx of new bloggers in the blogosphere. W3V7EYHAFMEX [...]

Is Someone Defrauding Your AdSense Account?

Thu, 31 Dec 2009 00:34:06 PST

There are lots of different strategies that you can use to skyrocket your AdSense income. Repeatedly clicking on your ads isn't one of them!!  That's the sort of thing that Google take a pretty strong line on - and rightly so. It's just plain dumb and Google have a strong punishment for it : they can ban you for life!That punishment's not unreasonable when someone's deliberately trying to con Google's advertisers. But it does leave a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to sabotage someone else's income. If you're making a lot of money using AdSense - and you've also made an enemy or two - there's nothing to stop someone coming to your site, clicking your ads a couple of dozen times and wiping out your income. align="left" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="height: 245px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 5px; width: 131px;"> align="left" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="height: 245px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 5px; width: 131px;">Sound scary? It should. Once you get banned, that's it. It's very difficult to persuade Google to let you back in.That's why when it comes to protecting your AdSense income, it pays to be proactive!But you should also be looking to making sure that no one is trying to deliberately land you in trouble. If you see in your logs that your site received a stream of clicks in a short time - and from the same IP address - don't wait for Google to get in touch. (Their letter won't be pleasant).Drop them a line right away, telling them that you've spotted some suspicious clicks on your site and ask them to investigate. You shouldn't be surprised if they write back and tell you that those clicks won't be counted towards your revenues but at least you'll still have your account and you'll still be earning.It's pretty rare for someone to go out of their way to cause problems for AdSense users. Most of the people you meet on AdSense forums and other places online are good, decent folk who only want to help. But it is worth remembering that your site is vulnerable. Just as you install anti-virus software to protect your computer so you should take action to protect your AdSense revenue. Track your stats closely and move first if you spot something suspicious.Download Adsense Click Protector --> Click HERE [...]

2 Surefire Ways To Maximize Your Adsense Earnings

Tue, 29 Dec 2009 01:48:00 PST

Most webmasters know that Adsense generates a sizeable source of additional advertising income. That is why most of them use it to go after high paying keywords. They have with them the lists that tells what the keywords are and havealready used various methods of identifying them. And yet,after putting up these supposed-to-be high paying keywords into their pages, the money they expected to come rolling in is not really coming in.What is it that they are doing wrong?Having the pages is with the proper keywords is one thing.But driving visitors to those pages is another matter and often the factor that is lacking.The thing is, to get visitors to your high paying keyword pages, you need to optimize your site navigation.Stop for a moment and think about how visitors are using your website. After a visitor has landed on a certain page,they have the tendency to click on another page that sounds interesting. They get there because of the other links thatappears on a page that they initially landed on. This is site navigation. It is all about enabling visitors to move about your site. And one way of maximizing your Adsense earnings.A typical website have menu links on each page. The wording on these links is what grabs a visitor's attention and gets them to click on one of the links that will take them to another page of that website. Links that have "free' or "download" are oftentimes good attention-grabbers.This navigation logic can also be applied to driving traffic to your high paying pages. There are some websites that are getting a lot of traffic from search engines, but have low earnings. The trick is to try and use come cleverly labeledlinks to get the visitors off that pages and navigate them to the higher earning ones. This is one great way of turning real cheap clicks to real dollars.Before you begin testing if this same style will work for you and you website, you need to have two things. Something to track and compare and some high earning pages you want to funnel your site traffic to. An option is to select a few of your frequently visited pages. This is ensuring fast result to come by.Now, the next thing to do is think of ways to get visitors viewing a particular page to try and click on the link that will take them to your high earning pages. Come up with a catchy description for that link. Come up with a catchy andunique description for the link. Think of something that people do not get to see everyday. That will trigger their curiosity enough to try and see what that was all about.You can also use graphics to grab your readers' attention. There is no limitation to what you can do to make your link noticeable. If you are after the success of your site, you will do everything it takes just to achieve that goal. Just be creative. As far as many Adsense advertisers are concerned, there are no written and unwritten laws to follow regarding what they write. Just as long as you do notoverstep the guidelines of the search engines, then go for it.Also remember that it is all about location, location and location. Once the perfect attention grabbing description has been achieved, you have to identify the perfect spot on your page to position that descriptive link to your high paying page.There is nothing wrong with visiting other websites to see how they are going about maximizing their site navigation. "Hot pages" or "Most read" lists are very common and overly used already. Get to know the ones that many websites are using and do not try to imitate them.Another way of doing it is to try and use different texts on different pages. That way you will see the ones[...]

1 Cent = 1 Money Site, No Kidding

Sun, 27 Dec 2009 16:06:02 PST

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Feed your blog....

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RSS and blogs come hand in hand but what many fail to realize is that RSS is not only a tool that provides a convenience to your readers but also a tool to market your blog and much more.RSS is one of the Web 2.0 technologies most widely used and yet,least understood. To add to confusion RSS, while providing a similar functionality can mean different things. Dan Libby developed original RSS (RDF Site Summary RSS 0.9) for Netscape and after a couple of months, produced a simpler and easier-to-use version called Rich Site Summary or RSS 0.91. Later in 2005, Microsoft developed Really Simple Syndication in relation to its Simple Sharing Extensions.Today, RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication', and it has the following 7 existing formats or versions: 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93,0.94, 1.0, 2.0 and lets not forget the Atom format created to address all the short comings and incompatibilities of the multiple RSS versions. But we will make this simple...If you're not using RSS Feeds on your websites, you are missing out BIG TIME on the huge benefits of this powerful new technology.The search engines love them.Visitors love them.And you'll love the extra commissions they can earn you, too! :-)With RSS Feed Generator, you can add RSS feeds to all your web pages easily.Download RSS Feed Generator now. [...]

Now... Get BIGGER Profits From Your Blogs

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Setup Once and earn for life...

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Auto blogging decoded for you!

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12 Websites, Templates and Themes in the most profitable niches!

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