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How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Tips for getting rid of blackheads and keeping your skin blemish free

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How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Back

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 21:53:00 +0000

How to get rid of blackheads on your back can be a tricky problem because of the area they are located. Blackheads on your back are notoriously hard to reach and in some case see. But if you have a mirror and can see the blackheads on your back or shoulders you want to get rid of them immediately! No one wants clogged up blackhead pores! It’s so tough to get rid of spots and pimples on your back though. I had a look around the Internet to see if there was any useful suggestions out there on how to remove blackheads from your back. I think the funniest was a forum post from someone who claimed their dermatologist told them to ask their wife to squeeze it out. Who said romance was dead? I can just imagine how that conversation would go. I’m not even sure if the dermatologist was serious or not! In any case, it highlights part of the problem with blackheads on your back. Depending on where it is it can be extremely difficult to reach and therefore treat. Forget about using Biore blackhead removal strips, trying to stick something like that to your back yourself would require a few flexible joints and perhaps an extra pair of hands. That takes us back to the before mentioned dermatologist maybe you should just ask your other half to put the Biore blackhead removal strip on for you? For the purpose of this post I’ll assume that everyone’s single and so you have to deal with blackhead removal yourself! This goes for whiteheads and acne but specifically blackheads.So to the point, what’s the best way to get rid of blackheads on your back especially when you can’t see them or reach them? I have to recommend using a good exfoliating scrub in the shower a few times a week. Don’t just rub it on however make sure you give it a good scrub for a minute or so. Don’t go overboard if your skin is too sensitive for this just do what you can and remember to only do this a couple of times a week. Any more and you could irritate your skin. You can get loofahs for the shower or a hard exfoliator which is great for getting rid of those blackheads and one of the best acne treatments around. It really gets into to your pores and works wonders. The great thing about the loofahs is that you can get them in all shapes and sizes which means they’ll be great for getting to those out of reach places on your back which is one of the big problems. It’s not like you’re trying to get rid of blackheads on your chin here, this is tough! I still wouldn’t recommend squeezing blackheads even on your back. You might think oh its on my back no one will notice but it can still lead to acne scarring which is a much bigger problem. That’s one that you can’t get rid of with a loofahs.The good thing about treating blackheads on your back is that skin on the back is much thicker and therefore allows for stronger topical treatments, such as ten percent Benzoyl peroxide. There’s absolutely no way you could put something like this on your face. This strength of Benzoyl peroxide is not suitable for other parts of your body such as your face and you would undoubtedly get some skin irritation. This of course should all be discussed with your dermatologist or doctor before going down the medical route. You could always try the home remedies for getting rid of blackheads on your back. It would be a good idea to try the baking soda mixture or green tea mixture on your back get rid of the blackheads. You could use the loofah to give it a good scrubbing once it has stayed on your skin for a few minutes.There are some differences in back acne and acne located elsewhere on the body however as research has shown it doesn’t have anything to do with the food you eat. It’s more likely to be down to genetics or your body type which is more prone to back acne and getting blackheads on your back. I do however believe you can deal with them if you follow the steps above. A good exfoliating scrub and loofah is a terrific way to get rid of blackheads on your back.[...]

Get rid of Blackheads, Acne and Pimples On Your Penis

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 21:49:00 +0000

How to get rid of blackheads on your penis can be quite an embarrassing problem especially if you’re currently seeing someone! Don’t be embarrassed about it though guys, it can happen to everyone and there are ways to get rid of blackheads and pimples on your penis. It's not any different from blackheads or acne on any other parts of your body. Skin is just skin and good skin care is the same for each part of your body. I know it’s something that guys don’t like to talk about but it’s really not such a big deal. It’s a perfectly natural reaction that your body is taking and has little to do with personal hygiene or lack of. First things first though. It may not be a blackhead it could simply be an ingrown hair in that area. This is far more common than getting blackheads or pimples on your penis. So before you go reaching for the blackhead removal tool make sure that is what you’re dealing with and not an ingrown hair which is entirely different thing altogether. I would absolutely 100% recommend you go to a doctor about this first as this is one area you don’t want to be using home remedies for getting rid of blackheads. The doctor will also be able to confirm what it is exactly that you’re dealing with. Is it actually a blackhead or is it simply because of the irritation of hair follicles.

Your doctor will no doubt recommend that you don’t wear constricting clothing because these may lead to the stimulation of perspiration that could make the problem worse. So if you’re a fan of tight underwear it’s time to start wearing boxers! At least until the blackhead or acne problem has cleared up. The doctor may prescribe you with some medication to take orally, which will help your skin. I have to repeat again I know there are tons of blackhead removal tools, creams, exfoliators and Biore removal strips out there but they should not, I repeat not be used on your penis! If you look up some of the other sites for getting rid of blackheads on your penis you’ll actually find people recommending you use alcohol wipes on your genitals! This is just crazy and goes to show you can’t believe everything your read on the Internet. But we knew that anyway right? Much the same as blackheads on other parts of your body you should never squeeze the pimples on there. Acne on your penis is a little different and could lead to infection quicker than other parts of your body so you must not squeeze the blackheads or acne no matter how desperately you want to get rid of them. Make an appointment for your doctor and take his or her advice. If you have more of a bump on your penis you may have picked up some sort of sexually transmitted infection and so again please visit your doctor to get the best medical advice possible.

Good hygiene always helps with these matters so ensure you wash yourself properly in the genital area. Getting rid of blackheads or acne on your penis is not restricted to good hygiene but taking showers regularly and ensure you scrub the affected area can only help the processing of how to get rid of pimples an acne on your penis and staying healthy.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Forehead

Sat, 08 Aug 2009 15:46:00 +0000

How to get rid of blackheads on your forehead can be quite an embarrassing problem as the blackheads are there for everyone to see. Forget about squeezing blackheads here as you could end up with scarring and big red blotches all over your forehead. Acne scarring is a problem you absolutely don't want to have to deal with! There are a few ways you can get rid of blackheads on your forehead however. Some are home remedies and others you will have to pay for but you can try the home remedies first to see what works for you. If they do, then great it hasn't cost you anything.

A lot of people have had success using honey to treat their blackheads so it could be used to remove blackheads on your forehead. You can add honey to your forehead and leave it for 10 minutes and then remove it with a warm cloth. The idea is that honey will stick to the blackheads and be removed when you wipe away the honey. They should come away fairly easily and no squeezing should be required. An even more effective way of doing this is to give yourself a steam facial which I covered on how to remove blackheads from your face. You basically boil some water and allow the steam to work it's magic on your skin. You can do this with the honey on your face and this will open up your pores and let the honey remove the blackheads from your forehead when you wipe it off.

Other people have found success by using baking soda and warm water and applying this to your skin. This technique would be ideal for your forehead and could potentially leave you with acne free skin without blackheads. The whole idea here is to open up your pores to make the blackhead removal easier. This is another home remedy for getting rid of blackheads.

How to get rid of blackheads on your forehead can be made much easier by using an exfoliating facial scrub from your local pharmacy. This should be used twice a week as part of your skin care routine. Ideally, use it in the shower where the steam will also aid the blackhead removal and you can pay particular attention to your forehead. Remember to get a good face cloth to help you scrub your skin and leave it feeling soft, smooth and acne free.

Biore also produce blackhead removal strips that can be used on your forehead and you will of course have to pay for these at your local pharmacy. They do seem to be the best option and again could be used in conjunction with a facial steaming which will open your pores first and make the Biore facial strips more effective in getting rid of blackheads on your skin. Sometimes you're able to get free trials of the facial strips before you actually have to buy them. You can always check this with your dermatologist as they may be able to provide you with samples to see if it's suitable way to get rid of blackheads for your skin.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ears

Sun, 02 Aug 2009 19:54:00 +0000

How to get rid of blackheads in your ears is another difficult place for blackhead removal. Due to the shape of the ear it can be quite tricky to remove blackheads from this area. It can also be quite difficult to detect so I hope you have some good friends out there who might be able to tell you about it before someone else notices! This of course is part of the problem with blackheads it's a bit of a social stigma having them. People tend to think they occur due to a person not cleaning their skin properly but as I discussed in a previous post it's not actually dirt that is contained in blackheads. The color of the oil makes it look black and like dirt. So if you see someone with blackheads don't judge them either remember it has nothing to do with dirt. I've covered various home remedies for removing blackheads in a previous post but some of the techniques could be used when wondering how to get rid of blackheads in your ears.

The best advice I can give is to use a good cleanser in your ears and make it part of your every day routine when you're taking a shower. It's much the same with trying to get rid of bad acne, prevention is the key. Make sure to give you ears a good clean as this is a place where oil build up is quite prominent. If you work it into your daily routine getting rid of blackheads in your ears should be quite straight forward. If you find it too tricky in the shower then use a cotton bud and dab the cleanser on there. The cotton bud/ q tip will give you much more precision when applying the cleanser and you may find you have more success with this method. You could always look in to buying a blackhead removal tool some of which have special functions for using in your ear. Remember to never put this in your ear however you may do yourself some damage!

I don't think any of the home remedies I've come across so far would be suitable for getting rid of blackheads in your ear. The ear is quite a delicate instrument so you have to be careful with anything you put near it. Going back to the blackhead removal tool mentioned earlier you have to be extremely careful with this.

You could dip a clean Q-tip into the salicylic acid gel. Apply the gel onto the blackheads at least once a day. Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant that breaks down dirt and oil to unclog pores which helps to remove blackheads. Then use a facial scrub to finish off the process in your ear. Leave the facial scrub on your ear for about a minute to let the ingredients work then rinse it off. Repeat this once a day to get rid of blackheads in your ears. As always some peoples skin might be receptive to certain techniques than others so if any irritation occurs stop the cycle immediately. If you don't notice results immediately stick with it as it may take a few days or even weeks to stop the blackheads from coming back.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Face

Sat, 25 Jul 2009 22:15:00 +0000

How to get rid of blackheads on your face is a common problem for people now a days. I've covered how to get rid of blackheads on your nose in a separate post so I won't go back through that again. So what other areas of the face are generally affected? The forehead and chin mostly. These are frequently found to have blackheads on there due to the excess oil produced by the body. Unlike the nose there aren't specific products created to remove blackheads from your chin and forehead so alternatives have to be found.

One effective method for how to get rid of blackheads on your face is a steam facial. This can be done at home so I guess you could consider it a home remedy for blackhead removal. So how do you setup a steam facial? Firstly boil some water in a pan and remove it from the heat once it reaches a heavy boil. Cover the pan and allow it to cool for 10 to 15 minutes. Add some lemon and tea tree oil to the water and leave the lid off the pan. Get yourself into a comfortable position so that you can hang your head over the pan. Take a towel and put this over your shoulders and behind your head creating a barrier to keep the steam in. This will ensure you get maximum effect from the steam facial. Make sure you don't lean in too much the last thing you want is to burn your skin with the steam and cause irritation to your skin. Do this for 15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. At this stage I'd advise applying a face mask to properly clean your skin. But! Before you do that make sure you wash your face with cold water which will help to close the pores. Then apply a face mask to help remove blackheads.

The great advantage to this method is of course the cost! It's pretty cheap and doesn't require any fancy equipment or facial scrubs. The whole idea behind the facial is to open up your pores and make removing blackheads all the easier. You could always go to town with it and have a nice relaxing chamomile bath which do wonders for your skin and your mental relaxation. The face wash is used after the steam clean to actually remove the blackheads. Remember never to squeeze blackheads as you could end up with scars. Acne scars are not good and there's absolutely no reason to get them if you follow the techniques on blackhead removal in this blog. Blackheads will only come out when they are good and ready to and squeezing vigorously can damage the surrounding skin and cause much bigger problems. Don't do it folks! This goes for those of you out there who are wondering how to get rid of pimples too!

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on your Nose

Wed, 22 Jul 2009 20:49:00 +0000

How to get rid of blackheads on your nose is a common question as it is one of the most likely places you will find blackheads on your skin. Should you use a different treatment for your nose? Is there a particularly successful method of how to get rid of blackheads on your nose compare to other parts of you skin? Well the answer is blackhead removal is pretty much the same no matter which part of the body they appear. What you should never do, however, is squeeze them! Squeezing blackheads can leave you with acne scarring, blackheads are exceptionally bad for this and the skin can even get infected from the sebum released. Many people don't know this and carry on squeezing but if you don't trust me you can always check this with your dermatologist.

Blackheads on your nose does not require any specialist treatment. As I mentioned before, I would always recommend you speak to your dermatologist before trying any home remedies for blackhead removal.

So why do blackheads appear on your nose more frequently than other places? Sadly it's just one of the places that your body produces excess oil. I've always found the best way to treat blackheads on the nose is with the blackhead removal strips you can buy from your local pharmacy. Stick with a name brand such as Biore Pore Perfect Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips which are reasonably priced. Don't worry if you don't see immediate results. It may take two or three applications before you start to see the gunk coming out. It's actually really satisfying when it happens and well worth the wait. These strips are formulated with tea tree oil, menthol and witch hazel, you can feel the strips working as they deep clean, refresh and purify pores. Refreshing indeed! Remember to follow the instructions on the packaging and if you encounter any irritation stop using them immediately.

I'd also recommend you use a exfoliating face wash with cotton swabs to clean up anything that is left over from the blackhead removal strips. I've heard a lot of good things about Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser. I myself haven't tried it but I have read a lot of good reviews about the product. Some may work for you and others may work better it can be trial and error trying to get rid of those pesky blackheads. I'm not sure if they'll ever invent a permanent cure for blackheads but with these methods you can at least stay on top of the problem. If they ever do invent a permanent cure for getting rid of blackheads someones going to be seriously rich! Hopefully I've highlighted one of the best ways of getting rid of blackheads!

If anyone has any suggestions of products they have used and found success with I'd be interested to hear from you. I'd be delighted to share it with the community also. As I said earlier one persons solution won't fit anothers so if we share the knowledge and success stories hopefully more and more of us will get rid of this problem. This is also the case for whiteheads and acne in general, please get in touch if you'd like to share your story or experiences! It's also useful to get some tips on skin care products as I haven't used them all myself. If there's one you love or if its just new on the market write to me and let me know your thoughts. Together we can get rid of those pimples!

One last thing, I recently signed up for Self Improvement from which is another online community which covers skin care and health in general. It's well worth a look folks.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads - Home Remedies

Mon, 13 Jul 2009 21:48:00 +0000

How to get rid of blackheads by using home remedies has become a popular method for dealing with this skin problem. If you find that over the counter methods aren't working then looking at herbal remedies may be an option for you. Blackhead removal can be achieved using a number of home remedies.

Firstly, honey! Hard to believe I know but there are a lot of people out there who have had success using honey. It is in general something that's really good for your skin no matter if its blackheads, whiteheads or general acne. It's best applied when warm (not too warm) to the affected area and then leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off and you will immediately feel the benefit. Honey acts almost like a natural peel and will get rid of blackheads. It will also leave you skin feeling nice and smooth and looking healthy.

Another home remedy for removing blackheads is baking soda and water. This is what's known as blackhead extraction method. The remedy is to mix equal parts water and baking soda together and then rub on to the skin for 10 minutes. Then wash the mixture off with warm water and you may just find some of your blackheads disappear too.

It seems that home remedies for getting rid of blackheads is endless. Epsom salt and iodine is another possibility! With this, get a bowl and create solution made from salt, iodine and warm water. Then take a cotton wad and soak it in the solution. What you want to do is to dab it on the area containing the blackheads and it will open up your pores. Finally use some sort of facial scrub for actually getting the blackheads out of your skin.

Potatoes is another home remedy for getting rid of blackheads. I'm not sure how well this one works it sounds like a bit of an old wives tale to me. Anyway the theory is you grate one potato and apply it to the affected area. This apparently works for blackheads, whiteheads and any other pimples on your skin.

How to get rid of blackheads

Sun, 12 Jul 2009 17:08:00 +0000

How to get rid of blackheads is unfortunately becoming a big problem for people out there especially teenagers. There are however a large number of adults out there suffering from the problem. So how can you remove blackheads and stop them from coming back?

Firstly, lets look at what they are and what causes them to appear in your skin. Blackheads are caused by excess oils that have accumulated in the sebaceous gland's duct. These congesting toxins combined with skin oil and sebum clogs your pores causing blackheads and of course those nasty whiteheads too. The are common on the nose and chin but can also frequently appear on the chest and back. The color of the blackhead is not caused by dirt, but by excess skin pigment, debris and skin particles. Blackheads, also known as open comedones, are follicles that have a wider than normal opening. They are filled with plugs of sebum and sloughed-off cells and have undergone a chemical reaction resulting in the oxidation of melanin. This gives the material in the follicle the typical black color and not dirt as widely reported!

When looking at how to treat blackheads over the counter remedies will usually consist of a skin cream containing benzoyl peroxide. Do not get discouraged if you do not notice immediate results. It can take some time for the treatment to work as they tend to focus on stopping the next batch of blackheads from appearing. A dermatologist is definitely worth seeing in more severe case. They may subscribe a course of pills to help remove blackheads from your skin.

A blackhead remover may also be purchased which usually take the form of a strip which is placed on the affected area. It is then removed withdrawing the blackheads from the skin. Vacuum blackhead removers have also came on to the market which have the same effect.

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