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What is an Affiliate Program

After 2 years in underground development, Anik Singal and Lurn Inc. are finally releasing Affiliate Classroom 2.0 on August 11th.

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What is an Affiliate Program

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 What is an Affiliate Program?For my first few years in affiliatemarketing I spent a lot of time and money on unfocused activity. Then Idiscovered Anik Singal's AffiliateClassroom.As a member of Affiliate Classroom, Ilearnt to develop my internet profile, identify my niches, write and publisharticles, create press releases, develop my Affiliate Marketing Coach Blog andproduce e-books and reports.TRIAL OFFER : Download to your heart'scontent for 14 days for $1.Click Here to findout how affiliate programs work.You can access and download any or all ofthe following from Affiliate Classroom:* comprehensive step by step affiliatemarketing guide* more than 60 affiliate marketingtutorials* recorded teleconferences on affiliatemarketing* affiliate marketing case studies* affiliate marketing ebooks andsoftware.There is a wealth of information here thatwill answer any question you have about how to do affiliate marketing. How affiliate programswork: the process Affiliate programs involvetwo key players - the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant engages theaffiliate to promote their products and/or services on their behalf.The affiliate undertakes to promote and sell the merchant's products/servicesin exchange for a share of the income from those sales.Affiliates can be paid on many different bases including pay-per-lead(for each person who signs up to a subscriber's list), pay-per-referral (foreach person who pays as a member of the merchant's program), pay-per-sale (a %of the sale price of a product or service) and pay-per-click (paid for eachclick on a merchant's advertisement).Affiliate commissions can be one-off or involve recurring monthly income.Commissions can also be paid over a number of levels - e.g. you can be paid fora person you recruit to a program and also for each person they recruit. Thisis described as affiliate commissionover two levels (or two-tier commissions). Some programs involve payment overmultiple levels.Affiliate Classroompays commission from monthly subscriptions over two levels in the form ofrecurring monthly income.Step by step affiliate marketing with AffiliateClassroom AffiliateClassroom provides a comprehensivestep-by-step guide that is computer assisted and enables you to map yourprogress in a logical sequence.You identify your areas of interest and strength and work to develop a detailedmarketing plan aided by the step by step guide to affiliate marketing.Affiliate Classroomalso provides reviews of affiliate products by category explaining theoffering, the history and the basis for commission. These affiliate productreviews are invaluable and provided by experts.The affiliate product reviews also include suggested strategies formarketing the affiliateprogram or product.  Baka Tare The Affiliate Classroomcom 2 Expert- More details at the site:[...]