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An informational guide about music for the wedding day | Wedding Music | Wedding Dance Music | Fun Wedding Music

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Photo Wedding Invitations & Music


Some of the things that can make your wedding personal and unique are the little touches you give it. Adding a photograph to your wedding invitation, for instance, can be a personalization that gives a little extra style to the entire event. I was thinking, what if I could add wedding music to that as well?Photo wedding invitations are becoming more popular as they are becoming easier for people

Wedding On The Cheap - Automatic DJ


Wedding Music on the CheapAs soon as you make the decision to take the plunge and commit to that one special person your life changes immediately. Almost as soon as the ring is on the finger the thoughts of cost for the big day arrive. If the bride's parents aren't going to be footing the bill for the event, one of the first things that a groom will do is start to look for ways to bring the cost

Top 5 Wedding Songs


There are so many great music choices out there for weddings. So many great love songs. So much great dance music. Sometimes it's hard to know what you want to choose from the ocean of choices available to swing your hips or shuffle your feet or hold your loved one tight to. Well, never fear - Wedding Music Guide is here to give you some guidance and reassuring comfort in your busy time of need.

Wedding Etiquette


A couple of days ago I expressed some interest in wedding etiquette.Without going into a lot of extra details: There is nothing really right with what I am saying. For the family: Both the bride and groom's family are an important part of the wedding. It happens. For example, if you are getting married at the sandy beaches of the Fiji Islands, you should wear chiffon and even semi-translucent

Best First Dance Music


What is the best first dance wedding music? What should your choice be for that all important moment where everyone watches you and your new partner for life glide across the floor together in that newlywed embrace? Should it be your song? Are you having a themed wedding where the music must match the theme? Should it be a statement of what you both feel for each other? Regardless of which choice

Welcome! - Wedding Music Guide


Welcome!Welcome to the Wedding Music Guide blog! We are thrilled that you stopped in to see us! We are in the process of development at the moment, so please excuse our mess. Not to fear, we will be posting away very soon, with all sorts of information about Wedding Music - TOP 5 Wedding Dance Songs - The Best First Dance Wedding Music - Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Music - And

Privacy Policy - Wedding Music


Privacy PolicyI respect your privacy and I am committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at this site Wedding Music Guide. The following discloses how I gather and disseminate information for this Blog.RSS Feeds and Email UpdatesIf a user wishes to subscribe to my RSS Feeds or Email Updates, I ask for contact information such as name and email address. Users may opt-out of these