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Television Stands


Television Stands have come a long way since the first black and white TV was plugged in and changed the way the world entertained itself. Back then the TV was integrated as a piece of furniture and hadn't become a separate entity. It was many years before we saw the disappearance of the console or wooden encased set. For a good number of years, manufacturers tried to integrate the television into bigger and bigger, more and more luxurious entertainment centers, and making it a part of the home decor as an integration rather than as its own style. This, of course, changed over time. It probably started to shift in the 1980s with stand alone sets coming to full fruition by the mid 1990s. Somewhere around the time that flat screen TVs were beginning to be the dream of every entertainment junkie in the world the change had completely finished and the need for stands to place these slimmer versions of their predecessors on emerged in full force.

These days you can get television stands in a plethora of colors to match almost any fashion choice or desire. Glass, wood grain, black, and brown are some of the more popular choices these days. That doesn't mean that you can't find the color or design you are looking for to complement your home's decor. You probably can if you look around, and there is always a custom TV stand.

Just take a spin around the net and you can find just about any style to match the decor or crazy idea or look you want to have in your home. The line of available models is practically unending with new manufacturers bring new design and innovation with each day that passes. You may have to do a bit of searching to get through all the choices and find what your heart desires, but I can almost guarantee you that it is out there and waiting for you to find it.

Here are a few places you can start and they have a nice selection of television stands to choose from.

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Plasma TV Stands


Plasma TV Stands

What are plasma TV stands exactly? Are they just a marketing device to sell more product to folks who have just purchased a plasma TV? Or is there really a difference between TV stands and plasma TV stands?

I thought at first that it was just a marketing ploy, but as it turns out there really is a difference. You see, plasma and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions are much heavier than a TV of a different style. Because of this, they require a TV stand that is more sturdy than the run of the mill TV stand.

Keep this in mind if you are thinking about purchasing a plasma or LCD TV.

TV Stands Thoughts


Things to think about when purchasing TV Stands.

1. Know where you want to place your TV. If you know where you are going to place your TV then choosing the right TV stand will be much, much easier. It will also help you in knowing if you need a traditional TV stand or a corner TV stand.

2. Be Prepared. Do your research ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is be standing there with a beautiful plasma TV and have to wait until you find the right location or stand before you can start to enjoy it.

3. Power. Take inventory of where power outlets are in the room your TV is going to be located. You may need a power strip for all the accessories that will go with your TV. Also you should get a battery backup or electricity conditioner so spikes in power don't ruin your investment.

4.Budget concerns. Make sure you account for the cost of a TV stand when considering your big screen purchase.

You want to make sure that you take all of these points into consideration when you are looking at TV Stands to purchase.

Corner TV Stand


So you have a space problem with your new big screen TV. What to do, what to do. You, of course, will rearrange your furniture and try to make sense of the space you have to work with, we all do in these situations. You could get a bigger house. But shy of that, you might consider using a corner TV stand. When I had this issue, I found that I could use the corner of the room as a great solution.

A corner TV stand is a great answer to the space problem many of us have when installing a new television. A corner TV stand is exactly what it sounds like - a TV stand made specifically to fit in the corner. They are usually shaped in a triangle.

The thing to remember when purchasing a corner TV stand is they usually have less storage space than other types of TV stands. This can be important for your gaming accessories.

Welcome To Corner TV Stands


Welcome to Corner TV Stands!

Thank you for stopping by to see our site. We appreciate your time. We hope to be able to provide you with useful information about the foundation of your entertainment source, also know as a TV.

One day, after purchasing a new television I found myself in need of a TV stand to place it on. For whatever reason, I never thought about getting something to put my new flat screen TV on. I'm not sure how it escaped my thought process, but it did. There I stood with an un-crated 50+ inch TV, and nothing to place it on. I felt silly. Actually, I felt a little dumb for not planning ahead. I knew the TV was going to be much larger than the 27 inch CRT (cathode ray tube) TV I was moving to the guest room. I was too preoccupied with my new toy and its features. I ended up getting a corner TV stand.

So I thought I might start a site that could help any of you out so that you don't end up in my situation. We'll try to get you some relevant information and resources as we post more and more. Plus we'll be adding some links to our friends and other folks online that may be able to assist you in making your decision.