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Money Maker Ideas

Features the current tips, ideas, strategies on online money making. Helpful tips for those willing to make money from home.

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Ways To Earn Money From Online

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 17:42:00 +0000

Comfortable sit at home and watch as the work flushes the euro in their own pockets from the sofa. On the World Wide Web of opportunity to make money is the dream of many. Legitimate opportunities are there to satisfy. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff here, is another matter. Not infrequently, a method at first glance appear lucrative, on second glance, however, that the time required is much too high or it has fallen into dubious circles - you just have a look in your spam folder.

Chau Yap is a professional business consultant and business planner. He has been working many years and helped more than thousands of business growth.

Life Insurance Breakdown

Tue, 21 May 2013 15:27:00 +0000

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5 Ways To Use Social Media To Launch A Book

Wed, 15 May 2013 14:42:00 +0000

-Have a Book Cover Designing ContestAlthough it hasn't been used too often, this technique can go a long way in generating interest around your book, and chances are, you'll probably be able to get yourself a variety of book cover designs to choose from.Everybody loves a good contest, and it's one of the best ways to capitalize on the ‘viral’ factor of social networks. Just set the ball rolling by convincing some of your friends to put the details up as their status or tweet about it, and watch the ripple effect take place. Make sure your contest page has some details about the book - putting up a couple of extracts from the book will help you gather more interest around the book.-Lure the movers and shakersThe first step in this technique involves finding the so called ‘movers and shakers‘ in your genre of books i.e. the bloggers and reviewers who have large fan followings. Once you have identified them, try getting them to review your book or even just tweet about it - you could offer them a few free copies or send them the first chapter and ask if they'd like to see the rest. However, if you do follow this technique please remember there's a fine line between 'luring' and ‘spamming - make sure you don't cross it.-Don't be afraid to promote yourselfBlog, promote, use Zinzz for share, advertise yourself... do whatever it takes to get yourself heard. Don't be afraid of coming across as annoying or narcissistic. If you genuinely believe your book has what it takes, then you shouldn't be afraid to let that fact be known. Having a tumblr or vlog is a great way to promote yourself and your book.Another great idea is to just tweet and blog about stuff that interests you - if you create a famous internet persona for yourself, people will automatically read your book.-Release extractsImagine this - an extract from your book flying around Twitter and Facebook, being commented on, shared, and debated. It's one of the easiest ways to generate excitement around your book because it requires almost no effort on your part except for selecting the right extract from your book. Ensure that the extract is posted online in such a manner that it lends itself to sharing - this is one place where those annoying share buttons linked to multiple social networks is essential.-Make sure purchasing online for your customers is easyThis is absolutely essential if you really want to leverage the power of a social network. Imagine this situation - someone reads an extract from your novel on Facebook, decides they want to buy it, looks on all the online stores doesn't find it, makes a mental note to buy the book the next time he sees a bookstore, and never thinks of the books again.To really use social networks to your advantage, you must ensure that your book is available for those who want to buy it on an impulse - otherwise there's a large chance they'll just forget about it. Ideally this would mean that your book can be purchased in both paperback hardcover and eBook format online, and is available at all the major online retailers.Featured images: Photo credit: smartphotostock.comThis is a guest post by Fabian Thunder. Follow him on twitter. [...]

Engaging On Facebook Is About Relationships

Sun, 21 Apr 2013 18:42:00 +0000

You've probably heard that success using Facebook is about engaging with your audience, but what does that really mean? Engagement doesn't just mean getting likes and shares. You have to build a relationship with your fans to really engage them.How can you build a relationship with your fans?A relationship in real life is all about give and take, so how can we translate that to online relationships between your Facebook page and your fans? It all starts with building a dialogue. There aren't any good relationships that don't have meaningful conversations. You have to ask questions, and want to hear the answers, and then respond to those answers.Keep in mind, not everyone is going to agree with everything you say. That's another thing about relationships. There are always going to be some points of disagreement. It's how you go about responding to and resolving those problems that will determine whether your relationship with those fans will continue to grow.Give to your fansMake sure you're giving your fans something in return for their liking you. Share information with them, and give them your time and attention. Far too many Facebook pages are run by folks who rarely do more than just make posts and then leave. That's just like asking your friend how their day was and then completely ignoring their answer. Most likely, you won't have that friend for very long. You need to engage your fans.If you can offer a special deal or inside information to your Facebook fans, that's a great way to give something back to them. They will respond with gratitude, and they'll also look forward to seeing your next post or update.Don't be too promotionalNo one likes hanging around with someone who is constantly trying to sell them something. The same is true on social media. Being too promotional can drive people away. Everyone wants to feel they're valuable for more than what they can spend from their wallets. Show appreciation when folks engage with you, when they share your posts, and even when they offer constructive criticism.Every good relationship is built on a foundation of trust, caring and communication. Be open and clear, and you'll gain trust. Show fans you care about them, and they'll care more about you in return. And always keep the lines of communication open, even when you aren't hearing quite what you want to hear, because that is what a good relationship is all about. There are some people who will hack Facebook likes but they aren’t getting true engagement when they do this.What tips do you have for increased engagement on your Facebook?Featured images: Image credit Cheap photosKaren Barkan is a social media manager and guest blogger on social media topics. Read more and learn how you can improve your Facebook pages. [...]

The Five Elements Every Medical Blog Needs

Sun, 21 Apr 2013 18:36:00 +0000

Blogging has become a vital part of the medical industry’s marketing strategy, so much so that it’s rare to see a hospital, pharmaceutical company, or even a private LASIK clinic without a blog of their own. But having a blog alone isn’t going to set you apart from the thousands of other medical bloggers you’re competing with to gain rank. To maximize your blog’s potential, you’ll need the following elements.From author bylines to social-media-ready images, incorporate these elements to give your blog the extra boost. Your marketing will be more effective, your readers will be more responsive, and your business will thrive! Comments Section Many medical practices stray from including a comments section on their blog because they fear bad publicity, not complying with HIPAA policies, or both. Furthermore, comments allow spammers and self-promoters of all kinds to write in their own messages, plague your blog with unwanted links, stir up controversy, and so on. Needless to say, a comments section will never be a 100% safe element of blogging. But you can’t do away with it and here’s why.Comments is where you rally up support for your blogs and brand, it’s where you find new patients, where you engage your users, and build a name for yourself. Without it, you’re missing out on potentially major publicity. Just keep an eye on it, respond to positive and negative feedback, and keep your cool. Monitoring your comments will keep you active in discussions and establish you as a professional authority that patients can trust. Author Byline Leaving the byline out of your blog can force your articles to lose credentials and confidence. People don’t just want to read quality blog posts with solid information, they want to know their information is coming from a reputable source. A byline sets you up as the expert they need to listen to.While your website should already have a biography with your information, credentials, and accomplishments, a small author byline at the end of each blog post will give it an extra boost. There are even several WordPress plugins you can use to link all of the articles you’ve written together and attach them to your Google Authorrank, a great way to gain a little extra SEO juice. Social Media Links Blogs are meant to be shared! You want your readers buzzing so much that they’re willing to share your post to their Facebook feeds. This means reaching a wider audience and potentially nabbing a few extra patients. But if those social media links are missing, sharing your blog suddenly became a pretty inconvenient task. Include links to all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest and Reddit. You want your readers to have as many options as possible because people are more likely to shop (or make an appointment with a doctor) after they see a recommendation from a friend. Social media sharing might as well count as personal recommendations; so let your users share! Search Feature There are plenty of ways to incorporate a search feature with your medical blog, including a search bar and an archive of all the topics you’ve previously written about. Not matter how you do it, having a database for readers to browse through is a win-win for your business and your readers. Potential patients can find more articles like the ones they’ve just read or search for blogs by topics that are interesting to them, therefore staying engaged with your website for a longer period of time. And when your users are this engaged, they are much more likely to convert.Images Images are crucial to a blog’s success and you simply can’t run a blog with having at least one picture per blog post. First of all, images make complicated concepts much easier to grasp, especially to the general population that didn’t go to med school. Think about how motivating “before and after” photos are rather than just reading[...]

3 Simple Ways Your Dealership Can Monitor Online Reviews

Sun, 21 Apr 2013 18:25:00 +0000

The success of your business now lies in the hands of your customer. Today, aside from providing their thoughts on your business through word of mouth marketing, they’re also taking to popular social media sites and online review sites to share their opinions, and these opinions can have a major impact on your business.It’s extremely important that your dealership start monitoring online review sites like Edmunds and DealerRater to ensure that your business is successful. By monitoring online review sites, you can learn exactly how your customers feel about your dealership, and you can also use the information to learn if there are areas that need improvement.Most dealerships ignore monitoring review sites because they feel as if it’s too time consuming, but the following are three simple ways that your dealership can start to successfully monitor online review sites.1. Claim your business.Each and every online review site allows you to claim your business on its respective site. Claiming your business allows you to create your own business profile as well as respond to any reviews that are left for your business. But aside from simply being able to communicate with the reviewers, claiming your business page allows you to set up review notifications via email.Every time a new review is generated (or when a comment is left on a past review) the respective review site will send you an email notification. You can determine if you want to receive these alerts on a daily, weekly or in real-time basis too. You will then know via email when a review was left (and what it said), which will allow you to take the necessary steps to thank the customer or learn more about their experience.2. Use a monitoring tool.There are monitoring tools out there that are made specifically to help you manage your review sites. Review Trackers is one of those tools that can help you monitor your sites without having to do much work. Instead, Review Trackers will scour the Internet in search for specific mentions of your business and will send you an email notification whenever they find something. Like the email notifications from the respective sites, Review Trackers will also allow you to determine how often you want to receive the notifications.One of the many benefits of Review Trackers is that you don’t have to worry about claiming your business on all the review sites out there in order to receive notifications. Instead, Review Trackers will notify you whenever your company is mentioned on any review site, even those you have yet to claim.3. Hire a community manager.Because the use of online review sites is so popular, it’s a good idea to designate one specific employee to monitoring your company’s online review presence. This is why you may want to consider hiring a community manager. This individual will be in charge of not only watching the reviews that come in for your business and recording them appropriately, but they will also be in charge of responding to the reviews in a timely fashion. This can help make your customers feel as if you’re actually paying attention, and it can even help to alleviate a negative review from going viral.  Plus, by giving the responsibility to a designated individual, you will ensure a steady process and keep from piling the responsibility onto the plate of your other employees.Garrett Payne is a professional reviews tracker who enjoys blogging.  He has recently been sharing information about car dealer review tracking.[...]

Social Media: Revolutionizing Business

Sat, 30 Mar 2013 03:23:00 +0000

Over the last 20 years, with the invention and popularization of the Internet, the traditional mediums that companies used to advertise, inform, and simply connect with their consumer base have change drastically.  In fact, the traditional organization of a business has also been revolutionized.  Now there are thousands of businesses that are run out of individual homes, forgoing the typical brick-and-mortar companies that were abundant before the Internet.  For example, my friend's neice just started her own business online at a site called  This brilliant idea for a website allows users to have their own “shop” wherein they are able to sell vintage and/or handmade items.  Because of this, potentially millions of stay-at-home moms, craft makers, and people with hobbies making things can actually make a profit doing the things they love to do—without leaving the house.Social Media-Leveling the Playing Field:Normally a business would have a marketing manager in charge of all of the advertising campaigns, launching an expensive, extensive, and very broad-reaching commercial crusade using many different mediums, resulting in a fraction of the people reached who actually respond to the ad.  For the people with “etsy” shops, all they have—and need—is social media.  With the developing of sites like MySpace, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and many more, market outreach and advertising have been revolutionized.  Anybody can use these sites to any extent, to either benefit and/or hurt a business.  With the smaller, personal businesses, a seller relies completely on friends and contacts to spread the word about the shop.  For larger companies, it is much different.Marketing Revolutionized:To the companies that used to spend millions on marketing, social media could be considered a godsend.  Although they still have to maintain traditional marketing strategies to some degree, it isn't nearly as costly.  Using Facebook, for example, setting up an account is free, and everybody who “likes” the page will get the automatic updates the merchant sends.  This narrows the outreach to current customers and exposes the business to many potential new customers when their “friends” like that page as well.  This drastically decreases the seller’s Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) because it is completely free.  A seller can pay for additional ads that will specifically target people with similar likes and interests as the general customer base.Marketing to Public Relations:Aside from the marketing advantage, social media allows a company to connect more deeply with its customers.  This, unfortunately can be a double-edged sword.  Social media is just that: social.  If there is any type of scandal in a business, everyone with a Facebook or Twitter account can know about it within minutes.  The lightning speed of bad news can result in a PR nightmare—just ask Domino’s Pizza.  Because of this, you will need to be extra vigilant maintaining a good relationship with your customers, which can only help.In addition to managing public relations, Facebook gives the seller a direct line to customers, getting fast, honest feedback about products or commercial campaigns, even including them through contests and giveaways.  Take Doritos for example. The biggest TV commercial event of the year happens on Super Bowl Sunday.  Companies plan very far in advance to make sure their commercials are funny and memorable.  Doritos was running out of ideas, so they did something ingenious: had their customers come up with ideas in a contest with not just prizes, but the ultimate prize: a spot in the Super Bowl commercial lineup.  This strategy has been extremely successful, probably more so that they had ever imagined.Every business, from a c[...]

How to increase business productivity on a tight budget

Tue, 26 Mar 2013 11:31:00 +0000

Practical tips to help make the most of your business even when faced with cutbacks or a tight budget.  One of the biggest challenges facing small and medium businesses is how to manage growth when the market isn't working in your favour.  At the end of the day, it's all about looking at your budget from a new angle and making smart decisions about the best way to use it - that way you can keep your business on track and stimulate growth even in a difficult economic climate.  But how? Take a look at a few practical tips to maximise the potential of your business and stretch your budget as far as it can go…  Trim the edges:  When you're trying to stretch every last penny, looking for ways you can trim down on expenses can go a long way. You might be surprised at the money you could save by implementing a few simple changes. Areas to consider include: Travel expenses - how much are your employees travelling, and is it absolutely necessary? For example, by implement a video chat or conference call policy for internal meetings you can save travel expenses and your employees can spend that time at home - helping achieve that important work-life balance.  Office supplies - paper, toner and envelopes might seem innocuous but when every pound counts this is a good place to start as many companies find their supplies amount to excess expenses. Keep an inventory of everything you have and how often it's being used up. Encourage employees to donate any free promotional materials - pens, notepads, pencils - they might have received at a conference back into the supply cupboard. Finally, wait to purchase supplies in bulk or when there is a large sale on, that way you can pick up the essential items you need at a fraction of the cost you might have otherwise paid.  Utility providers - The same way you want the best deal for your home, you should be looking for the best deals with your utility providers. It's unrealistic to think your office could run without electricity or the internet, but that doesn't mean you should give up on savings. Many providers offer bundle deals or will undercut competitors so it's worth spending some time to shop around and find reliable providers that will help you ease your monthly expense.  Investing to save money : This might seem counterintuitive but really it's all about increasing efficiencies across your business. Are you still using old systems that are doing more harm than good? Investing in new technology, a new training program, or HR tools can improve efficiency both by motivating employees and helping them get their work done - something that promises a far greater return on investment.  Areas to consider might be: Health insurance - Right now, small business health insurance might not be on the top of your priority list, but maybe it should be. Keeping your employees fighting fit is a great way to cut down on those lost days due to illness, and can also help reduce the stress they might be feeling about medical bills.  With their health in check, they can focus on feeling their best and making the most of the days spent in the office.  Technology - choosing the right technology can completely transform everything from the way you bill your clients to how you do business. Consider any areas of your business that might benefit from going digital - integrating technology will go a long way to aiding growth and providing accurate insights into exactly how and what your business is doing every step of the way.[...]

How To Use SoLoMo To Improve Your Business

Tue, 26 Mar 2013 11:24:00 +0000

There’s a new phrase in town that encompasses all the popular platforms used by individuals to make buying decisions—SoLoMo. SoLoMo refers to the combination of social media, local commerce and mobile devices, all of which are highly used by consumers today when it comes to making purchases. So how can you use SoLoMo to improve your business?

Get on social media:

If you have yet to join a social media platform, it’s about time that you do. According to a 2012 Statistic Brain study, 56% of people in the world use at least one social network, which means that you’re missing out on a large audience if you don’t have a social presence yourself.
Consumers use social media for a variety of different reasons. They use it to learn more about companies and their products and services, and they also use it for customer service inquiries and to gain access to special promotions. Consumers also use social media to ask their virtual friends for advice or to leave their own experiences with certain companies for all to see.
If you really want to improve your business with SoLoMo, the first thing you need to do is get on social media and use it to engage your followers.

Worry about your local presence:

Customers are regularly using the Internet, social media and smartphone apps to locate local information. For example, consumers are likely to turn to Foursquare or Yelp to locate restaurants in their area when they’re hungry or turn to Google to find information on other local businesses. Because of this, you need to make sure that you are implementing a strong local commerce strategy.
Make sure that your company claims your business page on popular online review sites like Yelp, Foursquare and Google+ Local. Yelp and Foursquare have apps that make it easy for consumers to use on their smartphones, which can be beneficial to your SoLoMo efforts. You’ll also want to make sure that these pages, along with your website page, contains information on your location, such as your physical address or the areas you serve. This way, if a search is performed in your area, your business will be more likely to appear.

Invest in mobile opportunities:

The use of mobile as a marketing strategy is extremely popular. In order to get the most out of SoLoMo, you want to make sure that your mobile marketing efforts are strong. First and foremost, you want to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. This way, customers using smartphones or tablets will be able to access your website while on the go. This way, if your site appears while they’re using these devices, they’ll be able to access information on your company. You’ll also want to make sure that you invest in a mobile marketing strategy, such as SMS marketing. Customers can opt-in to receive special texts from you that provide them with exclusive information or discounts for your company. You can also use geo-location tools to track nearby customers and send them promotions to get them to visit your business while in the area.
SoLoMo is a popular strategy for today’s businesses, and if you truly want to succeed and improve your business, this is how.

Jessica Brown is a reviews tracker and avid blogger.  She has recently been teaching others how to incorporate SoLoMo into a business' strategy.

The Best Skiing Destinations You Hadn't Considered

Tue, 26 Mar 2013 11:14:00 +0000

Fewer things are better than a skiing holiday for those who love the combination of fresh, outdoor air and a great adrenaline rush.Of course, everyone knows the best places to head for a skiing holiday. The Alps of Switzerland and France, the Dolomites of Northern Italy, and sections of the Rocky Mountains in the United States are all excellent places to hit the piste and hurtle downhill at 70 miles per hour on skis or a snowboard.What about the less-heralded destinations, that are just as good for skiing but don’t enjoy the publicity and press of the well-known resorts? We explored the best destinations for skiing that you didn’t already know about.Australia:Is this a joke? Are we suggesting that you take to the outback on skis? Does it snow over Ayers Rock?Image SourceThe answer to all of those questions is no. However, in the south east of the country you will find the Australian Alps, the only place on the Aussie mainland where it snows at all. To get an idea of just how much snowfall it enjoys, it is equivalent to that of Switzerland.It figures then, that Australia is a great destination for a skiing break, despite its legendary status as a beach and city destination. The great thing about the Australian Alps is that they are easily accessible from most of the big cities, and particularly Sydney and Melbourne.Hire a relocation campervan and head into the Alps for a few days before checking out the things we traditionally associate with Australia.Greece:Another country that it is associated with sunshine and culture before skiing, but Greece is actually one of the better places to ski in Europe, especially if you want to avoid the busy centres in the middle of the continent.We’d suggest heading to Mount Parnassos, which is not only a great ski resort but also home to a number of inspirational Greek ruins and monuments. In addition, there are many more resorts throughout Greece, some even close to the coast for those looking for an eclectic mix of snow and access to the beach.Scotland:Scotland doesn’t get anything like the love it should do from skiing enthusiasts, which is odd considering the natural beauty found throughout Scotland.Whether it is a gentle cross-country ski across easy terrain or a trip down a steep peak, you can find them all in the Scottish Highlands.Chile:This South American nation is lacking attention as a holiday destination altogether, let along just for skiing. The best thing about skiing in Chile is that the major resorts are all within a short distance of the capital, Santiago. By day, hit the slopes and enjoy some of the best skiing ranges on the continent, while at night you have a vibrant, exciting city on your doorstep, a refreshing change from remote ski villages and towns, as nice as they can be sometimes.Look further than the traditional popular ski sites should you be booking such a trip this year, and open your eyes to a more exciting and diverse holiday.Rob is an online content writer with a specific interest in tourism. Rob writes about all aspects of tourism, including the growing use of relocation campervans for travel and unusual destinations for both summer and winter holidays.[...]

Why Are Five Holiday Destinations Better Than One?

Mon, 25 Mar 2013 11:08:00 +0000

What does a traditional holiday look like?

For millions around the world, it means you get onto an aeroplane, head off to a destination, and stay in the same hotel for a week or two while occasionally having a walk around your location, trying out the local food, and enjoying a relaxing lounge around the beach and poolside.
Tourism trends are changing however, and people are looking for more from the trips that they take, especially as the challenging economy means that most of us are taking less holidays than we were a decade ago, for example.
One way in which people are getting more from their holidays is to take touring trips around various locations, rather than stay in a fixed destination at all times. We explored the reasons why five, six, seven, or even more holiday destinations is better than one.

Sense of Adventure:

If you head off on a ‘traditional’ holiday, the journey there is something of an exciting adventure, but afterwards, your holiday rep tells you about the resort, and the excitement tends to come to a swift end.
By embarking on a driving holiday, you are never really at your final destination, and when you reach one location you are driven by the urgency to see everything you want to before heading off on the next stage of your journey.
You also aren’t likely to get bored due to staying in one place for an extended period of time, but you must remember to bring along activities for passengers if you do choose to drive, particularly little ones who will be itching to ask “are we there yet?”

Different Cultures:

Even if you travel around one country, such as Australia, a ‘road trip’ style of holiday enables you to experience many different ways of life, different customs and traditions that will open your eyes to how different people live their lives.
A diverse trip where you meet a lot of new people and make friends is surely more exciting than one where you stay in the same place every day for two weeks.

Avoiding ‘Tourists’:

Although going on holiday makes you a tourist, let’s be honest, every holiday has a group of people that you simply cannot wait to get away from. You hope to that they will soon be leaving, until it is pointed out to you that they were on the same flight as you and have booked the exact same package as your family.
When you’re travelling around, you are never in one place long enough to get irritated by anyone, as you are taken in by the excitement of where you are and the places you may be headed to next.

Is It Worth It?:

If you are looking for a break that has much more depth than a traditional holiday, then a driving trip is definitely a great option. Whether you are driving across a vast country such as Australia or the United States, or across continental Europe, you are guaranteed an experience to remember.

Rob is a travel writer with a keen interest in tourism around Australia and new tourist trends that are being led by the need for campervan relocations across the whole country.

The Impact Of Branding For New Businesses

Sat, 23 Mar 2013 06:15:00 +0000

What is a brand?Branding is all about perception and essentially tells a business’s story, provides differentiation from competition and essentially tells a back story.A strong brand has the power to instil a sense of trust and meaning in people. The way a business has positioned itself in the eyes of a customer can become a point of consideration in buying decisions. For example people choose to buy Apple phones over Android because they like the way Apple has positioned itself as a brand, even when the Android phones have more features.Someone may decide to spend $80 000 for a high-end luxury vehicle when they could spend $15 000 and get a car that fulfils that same function. But they spend the money on the luxury brand because they know this brand is seen as exclusive and they want to put forth the message that they have money.Building brand awareness takes time and brands like Nike, Mercedes and BMW have built it up over many years. For new businesses, building and shaping a brand can be a challenging undertaking.Here are some ways that new businesses can build and shape their brand in the minds of their customers:1.) Professionalism. Always approach everything you do in business with professionalism, especially when your business isn't as well known and lacks resources larger firms have access to. This helps to instil trust in people2.) Customer service. Always strive for excellent customer service, especially if your business is small. Going the extra mile when your customers don’t expect it will help set your business apart from competitors. If something goes wrong (it’s bound to happen at some stage) sort it out as quickly as possible and consider a complimentary gift/voucher as consolation for the inconvenience.Follow up after the sale. Give the customer a call or drop them an email and find out if they're satisfied with the purchase and if there was anything that could have been done better. Customer experience and professionalism are make or break areas for all businesses, whether you're involved in corporate signage maintenance and design or running a small corner café.Word of mouth is a powerful marketing medium and in a world where social media is a click away, it's easy for customers to say something (Good or bad) about your brand.3.) Collaboration can be an effective way to raise brand awareness. The key to successful collaboration is finding a brand that complements, but not competes with yours. Some good examples of successful collaborations include Nike/iPod or Adidas/Star wars. As a start-up it may be challenging to find companies willing partner with you, but if you can pull it off your business will gain invaluable exposure.The end game is finding out what your customers value and shaping your brand to be in-line with this.Featured images: License: Creative Commons image source This article was written by Michael James who is an avid cyclist, food lover, wine drinker and music fan. [...]

3 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

Wed, 20 Mar 2013 17:05:00 +0000

The internet is a wonderful thing and many people would struggle to live without it in the 21st century; not to mention all of the businesses that wouldn’t be able to trade without it. We tend to use the internet for a lot of things these days; for finding out information, to keep in contact with friends and family and sometimes just for entertainment but it can also be used to make a bit of money on the side.I’m sure all of us would snap up the chance to earn a bit more money if we had it presented to us but I’m here to tell you it has been in front of your eyes all along. There are many ways to make money online but here are three of the simplest.Writing Reviews –There are plenty of sites online that will pay you to write reviews that will then be placed on their website. Every company wants their products to be reviewed positively as this will ultimately increase sales and you can take advantage of this by offering your skills. You don’t even need to be a particularly good writer either, just chose to review something that you are interested in and then let your passion take over.You will earn money per review which can then be paid to you in the form of Amazon vouchers or a cheque if you accumulate enough. It doesn’t just stop at products either; there are many other things to be reviewed like hotels, shops and restaurants.Blogging –According to recent statistics, there are over 2 million blog posts written everyday which just goes to show the power that blogging online now has. When it first started blogging was just a way to write about your passions and hobbies and post it online but now it is much more than that and can be a viable way of making some extra cash.If you build up enough of a following then companies will pay you big money to advertise on your blog because they know they will be reaching large audiences. You can also charge businesses a fee in order for you to write a blog post on your site that sponsors one of their products or services to help them spread the word.Sponsored Tweeting –Do you feel like you are a big deal on social media sites such as Twitter? Well why not start making a bit of money just for tweeting to your many followers. gives you the opportunity to state exactly how much you want to charge per tweet and what you want to tweet about. All you have to do then is sit and wait for companies to contact you to tweet on their behalf.Businesses know that Twitter allows you to reach a wide and varied audience almost instantly and therefore they will be willing to pay to have someone promote them through this platform. The good news also is that you can control the final wording of the tweet so you don’t end up having to tweet anything that you don’t agree with.Featured images: License: Creative Commons image source Chris Mayhew works for internet marketing company Marketing By Web who do SEO in Bristol and has seen first hanmd how people can make money over the internet. He has experience in SEO, social media management and blogging which can all help you earn a significant income.[...]

Benefits Of Facebook For Small Business Online

Wed, 20 Mar 2013 07:01:00 +0000

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has greatly changed the communication among individuals and even on the marketing side. As the number one social network site in the world, Facebook is steadfastly growing bunking on the ever-growing popularity of virtual communication that encompasses personal, business and corporative relationships.While Facebook may have turned the world upside down and partly affected how people perceive the effectiveness of personal communication, these are also the factors that have made it the new "it" thing in marketing. And for some - albeit, debate for its potentiality and security - the new online shopping tool.These are positive factors that can be taken as advantages for companies who want to step up customer relations and social market viability of their products on Facebook.There are three advantages to the way Facebook has changed company-customer relations:The Emerging Social Shopping Trends:Social shopping is an emerging trend. People already use to do it. Women go shopping together or they gather around in coffee shops and talk about their latest finds and buys. They compare prices and check out shops that sell the most affordable products. Only today, this practice has gone social and many people are obviously caught up with this.While Facebook is not a social shopping network, its users are predominantly online people. They log in to Facebook to share their thoughts on the most mundane things. It includes their new gadgets or products and what store did they buy them. They share to their friends what they love about a particular store or what pissed them off. That's free advertising and indirect product recommendation.And almost always, Facebook friends buy what their friends are buying.Facebook as a Customer Support Tool:Customers who like a particular product or company support always find them to like a product or company page. Some customers even use company or product Facebook pages to post inquiries, issues and problems.If a company is quick to reply, the customer friends and other followers will be able to see the efficiency and excellent support of the company.The Social Network Attitude:While review sites are still the most reliable sites for most consumers in belting out their complaints or impressive reviews, it cannot be discounted that Facebook users also post their concerns or opinions regarding certain products. If a company or a product has impressed a customer immensely, it's certain that the customer is going to rave about the product for days - complete with pictures and anecdotes regarding her latest finds, be it a new Kindle or Be Present Capri pants. The more social media presence there is for a company, the more it can access its customers and potential customers in the social media. Tapping millions of Facebook membership for product marketing and sales is not an easy feat, though. Company will need to use effective tools in order to catch the attention of Facebook users and direct them to particular products. But, the gains are worth exerting efforts for. Facebook users are the most potentially active online customers who spend great amount of time browsing the net, checking new products and trends. And if they're impressed enough, they spend for products online.Featured images: Image by My Blog GuestJustin Hernandez. He is a owner of Zinzz Chat Network. Full time web entreprenuer and Social Media Blogger. Follow him at @JustinNY.[...]

Sales Hacks- 5 Ways To Tidy Your Business For 2013

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Sales Hacks- 5 ways to tidy your business for 20131.       Spring CleanRemoving deadweight can lift your productivity, whether it’s old stock that won’t sell, antiquated sales techniques that no longer apply, or thinning out the sales line. Fewer but better always beats more yet shoddy. Doing something as basic as clearing your computer system of unnecessary items will naturally make you feel more efficient, simply by getting rid of clutter.2.       Be braveWhy not? Success in this game is only for those who move with the times and stay current. No one is saying gamble on a blind hunch, but by taking intuitive decisions to alter things in favour of a new approach, you can modernise without causing a catastrophe. Playing it safe is not the worst thing in the world, but it means you will never excel. If mediocre, run of the mill is your aim then no problem- but he who dares wins.3.       Square pegs in round holesSo we come to people management. Owning your own business and dealing with staff falls under the same category as a commission based sales rep dealing with customers. No one wants to be treated as a statistic. You don’t want to feel like the 100th person on a list, a chore to get through. Expecting your workforce to yield a standard output without considering individual factors will not benefit in the long run. A personalised approach takes more effort, granted, but the advantages are evident.4.       The Sales RobotWhy are you bombarding information upon the unsuspecting public? Droning out the same script of why this particular product will change their lives will leave you (and by association your product) jaded with no real results. Get out there and speak with people, not at them. Find out what it is they want and they will respond better than you telling them what they need.5.       The SACI PrincipleSACI stands for Simple Actions, Consistently Implemented. Client relations are of course a big part of a business, but how often do you check back on existing customers to see if they’re still satisfied?  Do you have blogs, and if so are they published on a weekly basis?  These practises we all know about, but doing them is often a different story. You don’t have to move the earth to get better results, just look after the little things. Success is built on the back of many small achievements, not one huge one.hannah Brankin has developped over years a whole set of management skills that has helped her kept her business in an efficient and productive way. She now writes about strategies in business development.[...]

Tips For Starting A Website

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So you may have already decided to take the plunge and are looking on starting a website.  You already have your domain, web host, chosen platform, and all the other stuff you practically need to start it with.  Many try to create their own website, but only a percentage of those people succeed into making a solid mark in the industry.  How do they exactly do it?Image sourceFirst, you may have already had a blogging platform or tool to use.  Let’s say WordPress.  Now, when you install it on your site, it has its own default theme.  Don’t get the me wrong, the theme looks good somehow, but your site definitely must have its own uniqueness with the design.  So whether you hire a professional web designer or you do the designing yourself, it is a must to change your site’s design.  Make it more like you, or better yet be creative enough to let the design be related to what your website’s all about.  We don’t want cartoon characters in a blog about cars, would we?  Next, you really have to remember to make time to focus on fixing your blog.  You personalize everything, add a logo maybe, complete articles to put up to it (you definitely would not want it blank), put tags, keywords and all that stuff.  It’s time consuming, I know.  But it would definitely be worth it.  Don’t you think successful bloggers and website owners also put their time and effort for their blogs to begin with?Now after the design, there goes the plugins to be used.  You have to know what exactly your website will need.  There are themes with built-in plugins installed with them, but every single blog has its own necessity, and therefore its own variety of plugins.  Would your site be focusing with social media?  Then you have to add plugins related to that.If you have hired a website professional to do the design for you, make sure he/she also can be contacted for any problems with your site.  Because anytime these things arise, your potential visitors may stop visiting you.  Also if you yourself have your own queries about your site, you should definitely be able to clear them up by going around forums and other sites to look for answers.  Let Google be your best friend.Now everything is complete with your site, check everything if they’re in the right place.  Never miss a detail when doing this.  You should know what a visitor feels when he/she suddenly get bugged by something wrong with a website he/she’s visiting, of course, the initial reaction would be – bye! Now let’s go to the serious part.  You definitely want to keep the visitors coming back.  You have to have unique articles people will enjoy reading.  You have to be creative but still right on your topic.  You should already have few things in mind while doing this website, or else you would have a beautiful site, with nothing in it.If there are also things you cannot fully comprehend about your site just yet, either do not do it yet.  Let the first few days of your launch be a smooth ride.  And once everything goes into its place, do the complex stuff you left behind.What I’ve listed above are just some tips though.  Every single blogger all started their own website from scratch, and though each and every successful one created their own journey, they only have one common thing – focus.  So get focused, and you’ll have your website in no time. This was a guest post written by - How To Start A Blog.  There is a plethera of information on starting your own website on my websit[...]

Home Business Marketing Tips For The Real World

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With the internet being in everyone's face nowadays, when many home based business people think of marketing they think of guest blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook pages, email campaigns, Youtube videos and click ads. But for many work at home businesses the best customers and the best ways to get them are right in their home town. With a bit of planning, elbow grease and talking you can find new customers without touching your computer.Working With CharitiesNo matter your business, donating time, money, or your expertise to local charities, sports teams and schools are great for publicity.If you makes crafts, you can donate some of your products to a charity auction or for a contest. Your name will be prominently displayed as helping your community, and your product will be seen in your community.  Donating your services are also quite useful, either completely free or at cost. Whether you design the charities website, mow their lawn, or help plan and prepare a banquet, the charity will publicly thank you, and you can get a nice testimonial out of it.Even if you don't have a product or service the charity or community group can use, simply donating money, will almost always get you a nice little plaque and a nice mention on a website and at some of the events.Showing community spirit and letting people know how nice you are, will always look good.Networking Around TownIs there a local Toastmasters, business association, writing group, charity, or hobby club that you are somewhat interested in? Join them.Working from home can be isolating, so getting out and meeting people will keep you from feeling all alone, more importantly by making connections in real life, you are creating strong bonds that can lead to business. Even if a group doesn't seem like it will be good for your business, the people in it know other people who may need you. Don't join a group if you'll just be sitting there bored out of your skull, and don't join a group simply to sell your product. Show genuine interest, build up contacts, and casually bring up your business when people ask what you do.Free Classes and SeminarsThis will require work and you have to do it well, but offering free courses in your area of expertise can be one of the best ways to get business. Using your new community network, community bulletin boards, some internet advertising and even fliers, let people know you are offering a free one day class. Make sure to keep track of how many people should be coming by having them phone or preferably emailing you, and ensure you have access to a large enough room with all the necessary facilities.This will cost you money, unless you can get a room and all the equipment for free, and you have to prepare very carefully, so don't rush into this or it will be a disaster. But you have people who are really interested in what you have to say as a captive audience, if you're prepared you can sell them anything. And even if you only get 2 or 3 people when you were expecting 50, roll with it, make the class more intimate, and make sure that handful of people will tell everyone they know how great you are.These three methods are some of the best ways to get clients, get recognition and get money for your business within your community. Remember there is a world outside of your computer, and it's full of people waiting to hire you and buy your product. All you have to do is let them know your there.Dan Clarke is a personal coach with a passion for helping people who work from home, whether they're simply telecommuting or have their own home business. With three of his own at home businesses he has found many [...]

Leadership Team Building

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In order to be an effective leader you have to have people to lead and these need to be the right people. Team building is important and so your ability to recruit either externally or internally is essential if you are going to be able to show off your true leadership skills.Always try to look internally when you are putting a team together; look at those who you know have been active in developing their skills and those that have been willing to take on responsibility. People who have shown loyalty to the company and have put in effort to succeed are likely to be ideal candidates.As a leader you are probably involved with several external organizations or professional communities. You will have built up a good relationship with many and will have been impressed with some. These external places are a terrific source for recruitment purposes. You already have a good understanding of a person, know what they do and have built up an element of trust. Make a note of those that interest you and make sure you have their contact details. When a vacancy occurs to build up your team you already have a supply of people you can make contact with.flicker.comBuild up your own reputation of having good leadership skills. You will be surprised about how a reputation can get around. It can mean that the best people would like to work with you.Importantly don’t build up your team full of like minded people; it won’t work. While a team has to work together, it is the different skills that each team member has that makes a team successful. Each member of your team should complement each other and have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It’s for you as the leader to get the best out of each person.If you do have to recruit externally and can’t find someone with whom you have a connection or who comes recommended then you have no alternative than to start blind, so to speak. Take time to review each candidates CV carefully and make copious notes for you to refer to at the interview stage.Try to interview with two people present. While it may appear a little daunting to the candidate it provides each interviewer with thinking time. There will always be plenty of questions to ask and you need to keep the interview flowing. You are meant to create pressure for the candidate to see how he or she behaves. You have very little time to get to know them and you can be sure that what you see isn’t going to be exactly what you get.Make a shortlist of suitable candidates and call them back in again. It’s important to meet at least twice before hiring someone. Make sure you are clear as to what you expect from them and show clearly that you are leader and decision maker.Above all, don’t rush into making a decision about which person to choose. It you are not happy with the selection then wait until the right person turns up.Find out more information at[...]

Money making resource for stay at home moms

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A stay at home mom earn money resource list can be vital for those interested in living off one income in a two income society. If you’re interested in spending less and earning more, it’s time to sit down and really get to the heart of the three critical steps one must take to live frugally and be a stay at home mom earn money.(image)

Though most moms would assume that in order to stay home with the kids without sacrificing the good things in life they would need to immediately start earning money at home, the first step is actually to spend less money. There are two main ways to do this: reduce your regular expenses, and stretch your disposable income dollar.

Reducing your expenses can be as simple as calling around to check out better insurance rates, starting a family budget, or eliminating an unused gym membership. Its important to go through each and every one of your bills and see if there is any room for monetary improvement. Do you really need the premium cable package? How about a landline telephone? Make it a goal to cut down your regular expenses by 10% overall.

And don’t stop there! Be a stay at home mom earn money master by stretching your disposable income dollar. Using coupons, most moms can save 20-80% on their food and toiletry bills. (I’ve actually gotten paid to take items out of the store before using coupons!) Additionally, there are ways to spend less than half for all your entertainment activities, babysitting, family vacations, and more. With a little creativity, you can enjoy all the fun things in life for a lot less money than you think!

As you can see, the most valuable way to be a stay at home mom earn money maven is actually to need less money! But, of course, there is certainly value to be had in supplementing your income as well.

The real key to stay at home mom earn money success is to find something to do to supplement your income that you are passionate about. It can be selling products at home parties, starting a content based website, opening a home daycare, or selling on eBay. There is not one right fit for every mom.

But for those moms “in the know”, life at home can be very good indeed.

Rayven Perkins spent more than 10 years finding and implementing unique cost-cutting strategies that allow her family to live comfortably off one income in a two-income society. Visit her site to learn how to stretch your dollar, easiest ways to save money and supplement income in order to stay at home mom.

Make Money From Blogging

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You can make money from blogging. It can pay for your bills. It does work for everyone. There’s no secret and you’ll just really need to know how to get started and which blogging framework to follow. It took me lot of time to write this post as I wanted to give you the best. I hope you will be able to get the best out from this list.Google adsenseChitikaBidvertiserWidget bucksLinkWorthYahoo publisher network.Vibrant MediaCrsip AdsValue Click MediaAd gentaTribal FusionIndustry BrainsMake money from your RSS feed. You can link your feedburner account with adsense and start earning money through clicks generated from your feed. Blogging is one of those “cheap hobbies” that turned me into an accidental entrepreneur. It’s work that I find enjoyable, that is sufficiently challenging, that allows me to keep learning and expanding my knowledge in so many ways (and not just in the area of finance). It’s something that I can actually earn money from while affording me the ability to set my own hours and work on my own terms. What more can you ask for in a "job"?The "Pay per Post" or Get Paid to Blog Route:This is rather simple. Set up multiple niche blogs on either your own domains or free blog hosts like Blogger. Maintain them over a period of time and focus on writing content and building up their Google PageRank, link profile and Alexa Rank.Submit all of your blogs to multiple get paid to blog websites like Blogitive, Blogsvertise, Review Me, Sponsored Reviews, PayperPost, Loud Launch and then start writing sponsored posts. I highly recommend using PayperPost as they simply have the largest amount of paid offers available.Affiliate Networks:My Favorite affiliate network and without a doubt the best in the business. Pays for leads, sales, clicks and they were the company invented most technologies related to affiliate marketing.Email Newsletters:These are becom ing extremely pop u lar. The pur pose of the email newslet ter is to build up a mail ing list of email addresses and then use the emails you send to drive traf fic, sales, or income in a vari ety of ways. Cre ativ ity is the best way to use this rev enue source. Addi tion ally it is impor tant to start build ing your email list as soon as pos si ble. But be warned that most newslet ter ser vices of any value cost money.Selling or Renting a Single Page:Doing this is dif fi cult but far to under-utilized. The process invovles build ing a great blog with good traf fic and espe cially good pagerank and then sell ing inter nal pages/posts to any one will ing to pay. They get a sales page or what ever on a great blog and you get an income >Sell Banner AdsThat is another easy way to create income from your blog. First, you can advertise on your blog that you are selling advertising space at your blog. Put up the rate card for each kinds of banner. You could charge the highest rate at the top of your homepage, and less expensive for other locations on your blog like lower part of your blog or the sidebar.Traffic Equals Money:Through these methods, you can make a full time income blogging. Have you noticed though, that every method required one vital thing: traffic. Without quality traffic you fall flat as a blogger.This is why I recommend the 365 K Blog Traffic formulas. It is a program that combines the advice and techniques of of the most popular and richest bloggers around. The result: a huge amount of traffic for your blog which leads to a huge amount of money.Selling your blog:This is a good way to make money especially when there are recen[...]

Kids Learn To Manage Money

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How do our kids learn to manage money? At school? By watching TV? From their friends? By their own mistakes? From watching their parents manage their money? Most kids learn from a combination of all these. But as with every other aspect of education, with the right information and a little commitment, parents and teachers can make a big difference in preparing kids to conquer the many financial challenges they will face as adults. Kids' Money is an interactive resource for parents, teachers and kids designed to help children develop successful money management habits and become financially responsible adults. This site continually changes as a result of new comments, suggestions and contributions. Check us regularly, share your experience and your views, and see the difference your input makes. May is observed as child's month, so I decided to search the Internet for interesting and fun ways to teach our children about money and personal finance. Equipping our kids to handle money wisely is one of the most important skills we can give them. It is my dream that one day, there will be a financial literacy curriculum in all schools, so that our children will be fully prepared to deal with managing, multiplying and maintaining their money as adults.Rich Kid Smart Kid Developed by the team that created the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books, this site uses interactive games to teach valuable financial lessons. Each game has different age levels, showing kids how to make profit, deal with debt, pay yourself first, and invest in business and assets. It features detailed teacher's guides for all the games. Also available for purchase online are the CASHFLOW for Kids CD and board game, which are excellent tools to help children ages six and over, learn important concepts about attaining financial freedom.Even very young children can begin to understand the concept of earning money. Explain to your children that money is received in exchange for working or as a return on an investment, and that you can only spend what you earn. To help them understand what it's like to get paid on a schedule, begin paying an allowance. Then help them set goals for how they spend and save their allowance. It's important, however, to make sure that you stick to the payment schedule; otherwise the lesson may be lost.When paying pocket money or an allowance it is important not to set up an entitlement mentality in your child. If they think that they have a right to receive money from you from an early age they may grow up with that mindset. By all means link the allowance to chores and jobs around the home but consider that some tasks which contribute to the household should be done automatically and not for paid reward. You may like to create a separate list of family or community activities which the entire household share, along with an agreed list of extras activities for which your child will receive reward.The Internet is teaming with many more websites geared at teaching our kids to be money-savvy, so log on and spend some quality time with them. You'll definitely end up learning important financial tips that will help you, too! [...]