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Here at Adkins we will be writing about snoring and the causes of snoring. We hope the blog posts we write will be of interest and help many people to stop snoring.

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The Relationship between Smoking and Snoring


Since smokers who have been puffing on the "cancer sticks" for many years have difficulty going for a light jog or making it through an intense workout, it only makes sense that they might also have trouble breathing correctly while asleep. When you are asleep your muscles relax and can restrict airflow, which is not a good thing if you are already damaging your tissue and muscle with cigarette smoke.

Studies are now showing that there is a link between excessive snoring and habitual smoking. Over time cigarette smoke can negatively affect all tissues and muscles of the body, especially those in the throat, lungs, and mouth. It just so happens that these are the same areas where air becomes restricted and snoring is produced!

Anyone concerned about their snoring should make every effort to stay away from cigarette smoking whenever possible. This means both not smoking yourself and trying to stay away from others who are smoking. Second hand smoke is proving to be just as damaging over time as firsthand smoke, so don't assume that you are safe just because you aren't the one taking the puffs.

If you have been smoking for some time you can't expect to stop snoring immediately after you give up the cigarette habit. The damage took some time to occur and it will take some time to undo as well. In the meantime, you might consider using the Adkins Snoring Aid system to get instant relief from your snoring.

It is also always worth checking with a doctor to make sure that you that you don’t have sleep apnoea, which is a serious condition.

Are Your Medications Causing Snoring?


If you think you have tried everything to naturally cure yourself of a snoring condition, there may be one thing you haven't yet considered: your medications. Some medications cause increased relaxation in the muscles which can make a snoring problem worse or cause someone to snore when they typically do not snore.

One of the easiest ways to link a snoring condition to medication is to note an increase in snoring or the sudden appearance of snoring after a new medication is started. If you only occasionally snore and also only occasionally take a specific medication, then chances are there could be a link between the two occasional behaviours.

Some medications that you should be on the look for include:
  • Sleeping pills or other sedatives
  • Antihistamines
  • Illegal drugs
Prescription pain killers and sleep medications present a serious risk of affecting snoring because they naturally put the body at ease. This means that you lose control over your muscles to a greater degree which can lead to increased restriction of airflow which leads to snoring.

The same thing happens with many illegal substances as well as alcohol use. Your muscles become far more relaxed than they would be without these drugs so you aren't in complete control of those muscles while sleeping.

Antihistamines are often found in allergy and cold medications which can affect the sinuses. This is the exact area of the body where airflow becomes restricted when snoring occurs. If snoring is a concern you should always look for products that do not contain antihistamines.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation


If you or someone in your home snores, you probably know about sleep deprivation. When you have trouble sleeping just one night you are likely to feel fatigued and to have trouble focusing and concentrating the next day. When you are deprived of sleep for a longer period of time these symptoms become much worse and are joined by others that could be more dangerous.

Not getting enough sleep to sustain your brain over time will lead to a scattered thought process that can make it difficult to communicate with others. You will start forgetting things easily and your memory of recent events will not be very clear. Sleep deprivation can also interfere with your work or studying for school as concentrating and listening to others closely becomes more difficult.

You will also notice that you have less physical energy and your weight may fluctuate over time if the sleep deprivation continues. Your body is not getting the rest it needs to restore energy, repair muscle tissue and perform other basic body functions that occur primarily during sleeping hours.

In the case of extended sleep deprivation over time, there are some serious behaviour risks that can occur. The biggest danger is being unable to keep yourself awake after too many nights of sleep interruption. You may fall asleep at inappropriate times, even if you are sitting up in your chair or in an important meeting.

You could also fall asleep while driving or operating equipment at work which could lead to a tragic accident.

It's easy to shrug off these risks with the assumption that they won't happen to you, but they do happen every day and there is nothing stopping it from happening to you. This makes solving a problem with snoring more important than most people think.

Is Your Drinking Making You Snore?


Alcohol is a normal part of life for many adults, but there is a chance that your snoring is being worsened or even caused by your drinking habits.

There is now evidence that going to bed under the influence of alcohol can lead to snoring patterns similar to those of people with sleep apnoea. This is a sleep condition in which you stop breathing for a moment or two while sleeping.

Those with sleep apnoea run the risk of passing away in their sleep due to the lack of oxygen going to the brain and air passing through the lungs. If you are mimicking these sleep patterns because you are "passed out" or under the influence of alcohol, then there is a possibility you could run the same risk.

Even when it is not that serious, alcohol can increase your snoring or make you snore when you otherwise would not, which can cause problems with anyone who shares the room with you. The snoring is due to the extra relaxed state that your muscles enter when you are asleep and under the influence of alcohol.

Your muscles in the back of the throat and neck naturally become slack when you sleep, which can cause restrictions through the airway that lead to noisy vibrations in the muscle, tonsils, and adenoids. When you are under the influence of alcohol you have even less control over your muscles and they will relax even more.

If you do not snore normally but do while you are intoxicated you should consider cutting back on your drinks or at the very least try to stay away from the booze during the few hours before bedtime.

Snoring & Diabetes - The Relationship Every Snorer Must be Aware Of


According to a recent post at the Daily Mail, people who snore have a drastically higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes. This finding was revealed from a study conducted at Yale University which dealt with patients who had sleep apnoea.

The study found that the louder someone snores the higher their risk may be of developing type 2 diabetes, as well of suffering from a variety of other health conditions, including high blood pressure. It is not known exactly what the connection may be between sleep apnoea and these health conditions, but the link appears to be legitimate.

It must be noted that the study spoken about dealt with patients who had sleep apnoea, which not all snorers will have. However, it's best to be aware of the potential risk and seek treatment for snoring, even if it isn’t as serious as true sleep apnoea. Anyone who snores or who notices a sudden increase in the volume of their snores would be advised to find out what the cause is and whether they are at risk.

No Cure for Snoring Bedmates?


The Daily Mail’s Lucy Cavendish recently posted a very entertaining blog about her life with snoring bedmates. She has suffered through it all starting with a father who loved to snore from his chair while watching TV to her current husband whose snores run her from their bed into a spare room many nights.
It’s entitled Snore Wars and she proceeds to describe the little battles and skirmishes that she routinely gets into with her husband, e.g. she has to race to beat him to the bed so she can hopefully fall asleep before he does.
Sound familiar?
If you have been in a few snore wars yourself over the years you probably feel her pain. She presents a lively story of what living with someone who snores is like, but there is one point at which we have to disagree: there is a way to win the war of snoring with your bedmate!
With the Adkins Snoring Aid many people have been able to completely stop snoring by correcting the way they breathe during the night. This is an affordable, easy way to correct snoring and win the battle once and for all.
It's true that living with someone who snores loudly can be a nightmare. It can cause severe sleep deprivation which leads to amusing online blog rants like the one posted at the Daily Mail. The good news is there is at least one product that does actually work in the favou of a snorer's bedmate!

Quick Guide to Sleep Apnoea


Once you spend a night with someone, you should be able to tell the difference between whether they have sleep apnoea or whether they just have a bit of a snoring problem. Typical snoring is caused by the relaxation and vibration of muscles in the throat and mouth, but for someone who has sleep apnoea the noises made are a bit different.

For one, the noises made by someone who has sleep apnoea tend to be much louder than most people who snore but do not have this condition. There will also be brief pauses at the height of the snore where the person stops breathing momentarily. Gasps for air are typical as well.

Someone without sleep apnoea will not gasp for air or stop breathing completely during the night but someone with the condition will typically do it over and over. This is what makes the condition so serious as it can lead to sudden death during sleep.

The primary cause of sleep apnoea is excessive fat around the throat. When someone with the condition goes to sleep their muscles in the back of the mouth and neck relax and allow the fat to press around the airways that travel between the mouth, throat, and lungs. This means less air is able to pass through and complete breathing blocks occur over and over.

When a doctor believes a patient may have this condition they send them for an overnight sleep study to verify the diagnosis. The patient is then fitted with a CPAP machine that will keep the airways open so that the snoring stops and breathing is not interrupted.

The long term solution is for the sleep apnoea patient to lose weight since excessive fat and obesity is the leading cause of the condition.

How to Deal With a Snoring Partner ?


Do you sometimes feel like you sleep with a chainsaw at night? A snoring partner can drive you mad and although the subject is often the butt of jokes, snoring can become a real source of trouble in a relationship. After all, your partner is soundly, though loudly, sleeping away and you are left to toss and turn the night through. Is there any hope for a good night's slumber?

Here are a few tricks you can use to deal with a snoring partner:

Sew a tennis ball into his nightshirt. That doesn't sound too comfortable, right? That's the whole point. Every time your partner rolls onto his back, the tennis ball will make him uncomfortable so he will roll back onto his side. In essence, the tennis ball takes over your job of jabbing him to stop snoring.

Buy your partner a didgeridoo. Studies have indicated that playing this musical instrument tones and strengthens the muscles inside the throat so they are less likely to collapse and cause snoring whilst sleeping.

Limit alcohol and smoking close to bedtime. That night time toddy may contribute to your partner's snoring. Alcohol causes over-relaxation of the throat muscles and smoking causes the throat to become dry. Both of these effects contribute to snoring.

Put your partner on a diet. Obesity is a leading cause of snoring. Even losing a little weight may be enough to allow you a decent night's sleep. While waiting on him to lose weight, prop the head of your bed up on blocks or place a pillow wedge under your mattress. Sleeping in an elevated position uses gravity to keep the excess weight from pressing on the throat and causing snoring.

You can always sleep in another room, but what is the use of having a partner if he can't keep your back warm at night? Don't give up. Most cases of snoring can be dealt with if both of you work towards a solution. Why not get him to try the Adkins snoring aid?

I snored so bad I used to wake myself up!


I've always known that I snore but never really knew how bad things were until I'd been married for a while, its OK when you first meet someone or embark on a serious relationship because you tend to make allowances for each other, but after a while certain things begin to cause problems.

My chronic snoring was indeed one of those "little" things that after a while became a rather large problem, quite apart from keeping my wife awake at night, I snored so bad I used to wake myself up! The lack of sleep (for both of us) soon became a much more serious problem. So serious in fact that I either had to wait and go to bed long after my wife so she was in a deep enough sleep that I would not wake her, or sleep on the couch!

Uncomfortable and tired out our nerves began to fray very quickly and so making us very both short tempered, add to this my poor judgment calls and awful lethargy at work, life suddenly does not look so rosy...

That is of course until I discovered the Adkins Snoring Aids, these wonderful little devices are so easy and comfortable to use its incredible, and they work! My snoring problem is now just a dim and distant memory that's more ugly than my passport photo, and at last both my wife and I can get a peaceful nights sleep TOGETHER and so its happy days all round.

Thank You for what I can only describe as my miracle snoring cure...

Andy from Woodbridge

Stop Snoring NOW! With the Adkins Snoring Aids...

Stop Snoring for peaceful nights and happy days


Millions suffer from snoring which causes sleep deprivation for millions of partners and sufferers, its also true that one out of every 5 car accidents can be directly attributed to tiredness!

The Adkins Snoring Aid is a tried and tested cure for snoring that works and here is what others have said about the Adkins Snoring Aids...

From an ear nose and throat expert:
The Adkins Snoring Aid is a very simple and safe way to stop snoring. It should be considered by simple snorers i.e. not suitable for those suffering from sleep apnoea.

Mr. Warwick-Brown, FRCS Consultant ENT Surgeon
From another doctor and user:
My wife calls the Adkins the "miracle spheres" and I must agree with her that they are truly miraculous in stopping snoring, so simple and comfortable to use, yet very effective …

Dr David Collinge
You can read more stop snoring testimonials by clicking here.

So wouldn’t you like to stop the snoring for peaceful nights and happy days?

Well now you can and our best advice if you have to suffer snoring or if you are a snoring sufferer is to get an Adkins Stop Snoring Aid Starter Pack with Free Delivery as soon as possible and see what it can do for you…

What have you got to lose?

Give your Valentine a peaceful nights sleep...


The best present to give your loved one, after an enjoyable Valentines evening is a good nights sleep.... help is now available to stop snoring and enjoy peaceful nights.

Chris Grant, the man behind the Adkins Snoring Aid is giving Valentines the opportunity to try this new innovation and stop snoring!

Let your Valentine know you care, as lack of sleep is one of the main causes of stress. Partners of snorers suffer day time fatigue which is the main cause of stress, irritability and relationship breakdowns.

Sleep deprivation expert Dr Collinge said 'by using the Adkins Snoring Aid, he now sleeps peacefully with his wife. The product retrains the way you breath by restricting the air flow through the nose, which is a totally new method to stop snoring and has worked so well for us'

The major benefits of good sleep and restful nights are that you and your partner will immediately be able to cope better with stressful situations, have more energy, feel better and even look better as the skin only mends itself whilst you sleep.

Many people just accept they lose sleep because of their partner's load snoring. Now they have an opportunity to try this new method to help stop snoring.

Try the Adkins Snoring Aid today!

Stress - Caused by lack of sleep


STOP SNORING now and reduce your partner's stress!

Lack of sleep is the main cause of stress; partners of snorers suffer daytime fatigue which is one of the main causes of stress and irritability.

A totally new method to cure snoring has just been discovered to help nose snorers. The Adkins Snoring Aid works by restricting the airflow through the nose - the main cause of snoring for many. By retraining the way you breathe in this way, many people have now stopped snoring and their partners enjoy peaceful nights.

The major benefits are that the partner of the cured snorer will immediately have more energy, feel better and even look better as the skin only mends itself whilst you sleep.

Restful nights help you cope far better in stressful situations, like rush hour traffic on the way home, 60% of dark evening traffic accidents are attributed to tiredness.

Sleep deprivation expert Chris Grant is the man behind the new product. He explained many people just accept that they lose sleep because of their partner's load snoring and now they have an opportunity to try this totally new method to stop snoring, which has worked for many.

You can now try the Adkins Snoring Aid with FREE P&P (UK customers only) on starter packs - simply visit for more details and get help to stop snoring!

Adkins report - self-help towards a peaceful night's sleep


We can help your snoring, and also cure your dry mouth (which also many snorers experience)

The snoring noise is caused by the vibration of the soft tissue inside the nose, back of the throat and soft palate. You are far from alone as many millions world wide are also affected and its not just the men, many women also snore.

There are practical and proven ways to help stop snoring:

Try this simple test:
Q: When your partner is snoring, pinch their nose, does the snoring stop?
A: If it does they are a nose snorer

Solution: try the Adkins Snoring Aid trial pack and see if it stops.

Q: Is your collar size more than 17 inches?
A: If yes, try to lose weight - as people age the throat muscles relax, which contributes to snoring.

More helpful tips:

  • Singing increases the muscle tone in your throat and will help you breath easier.
  • Many snorers also suffer from allergies that cause congestion. The most common causes of these allergic reactions is the instance of dust mites in the bedroom. Regular cleaning of the mattress and area directly surrounding the bed help eradicate the mites. Good ventilation of the room should also help.
  • Tea, coffee and alcohol especially, are all “diuretics” - substances that reduce the amount of water in the body – that cause dryness in the mouth and throat. This in turn affects the nasal passages, which can lead to snoring.
  • Do not consume any alcohol later than three hours prior to sleep, and take every opportunity to re-hydrate yourself with two glasses of water.
  • In combination with the use of the Adkins Snoring Aid, we would recommend a gel to mitigate the effects of a dry mouth and throat. One particular product currently on the market that we has come out particularly successfully is the Biotene Oral Balance gel.
  • If your partner stops breathing whilst asleep they could have a condition called “sleep apnoea”. This is a treatable condition, but we would advise you to seek advice from your Doctor.

Stop snoring with Adkins

Study carried out in September 08


The Adkins team have just carried out a study on people that have been had their snoring successfully cured they also suffered from dry mouths and throats which is a condition that most snorers have just accepted as a normal condition.

The Adkins study found the best method to alleviate this condition and we recommend this saliva replacement gel which gives 5 to 8 hours relief.

The product was developed to soothe and protect oral tissues and moisturises dry mouth.

This product is called OralBalance Gel by Biotene it is sugar free, pH balanced, contains Natural Xylitol and is available from your pharmacist

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Stop snoring with Adkins

The perfect example!


I was very happy today to receive a letter from a lady who kindly wrote telling me about her experiences of snoring and how it affected the holiday's that she takes with her daughter. I though it would be great to share this letter and Maureen's experiences on my blog:

"I didn’t know I had a snoring problem until 2006 when I went on a “chill out” holiday with my daughter. I was both pleased and proud that she asked me to share a week of her holiday entitlement. Unfortunately, what should have been a restful and relaxing week in the sun was spoilt for my daughter, by me keeping her awake with my snoring. Although we laughed about it, rest was the major influence in taking the holiday and I was sorry that my daughter did not get the break she needed. I was also disappointed that we were unlikely to repeat the holiday in the future if I couldn’t resolve the snoring problem.

During the next six months I tried various “natural” remedies without success and then spent a fortune on the numerous “cures” available in the chemists to no avail. A friend then recommended the “Adkins Snoring Aid”, not available in the shops. I contacted the company through their web site – and was sent a sample set in various sizes.

The next time my daughter stayed over I put the Adkins Snoring Aid to the test. She said she didn’t hear a sound from my room – even with the door left open. To check that this wasn’t a fluke we tested again the next night. Still only silence from my bedroom. Success!

We have since enjoyed another holiday in the sun in 2007 and 2008. Both of us returning relaxed and refreshed. This has now become an annual event that I really look forward to.

My problem was minor in comparison to the tension in some homes due to one or another person snoring all night long. I would recommend this product to the families of “snorers” everywhere. It is suitable for all age groups, both genders and all shapes and sizes. The starter pack has a selection of sizes for you to find the right one to suit."

I would like to thank Maureen for writing to us and I would welcome feedback and comments from other people who have had similar experiences.

Stop snoring with Adkins

Breathe through your mouth and help stop snoring


Breathe through your mouth and help stop snoring and enjoy peaceful nights

Trials conducted over the past three years have revealed that the most effective way to breathe is through your mouth.

People that breathe though their mouth tend to snore less.

The best way to re-train the way you breath through your mouth and this method has been devised after a long period by the Adkins team of specialists headed by their expert Chris Grant. They found that by retraining the way your breathe in most cases the snoring stopped.

Dr. Collinge tried all the remedies available to stop his wife from snoring without success. There was nothing medically wrong with his wife although her snoring had made it impossible for them to sleep in the same room. They were fortunate to have tried the very latest innovation, which effectively makes you breathe through your mouth and cured the snoring.

Relief from snoring and the benefits, you will feel healthier and even look better.

By curing snoring you and your partner and family will sleep better and find you have more energy, your relationship will no longer be strained and your health will improve generally.
The body's largest organ " your skin " only mends itself whilst you are sleeping, so by enjoying peaceful nights you and your partner will not only feel better, you will also have fresher healthier skin. Blood pressure will be lowered and as a consequence you will feel more energetic.

Now that you are feeling more energetic, so now you can exercise more, which also makes you lose weight and this also helps many cure snoring, by reducing your neck size. When you lose weight you also reduce your blood pressure, this further enhances the way you feel and again you will feel more active and more likely to lead a healthy active life. Try re-training the way you breathe, its a simple tried a tested solution and can cure snoring.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain
Why not try this new method of breathing, it has given life changing results to you and your family.

Stop snoring with Adkins

Welcome to Adkins


A very warm welcome to our blog!

Here at Adkins we are dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life. If you or any member of your family snores then this blog is well worth subscribing to!

Over the coming weeks and months we will be posting articles containing useful information about snoring and the causes of snoring as well as simple solutions and recommendations that will help you get a good nights sleep!

There are many reasons people snore and several different types of snorers - we will, over the coming weeks be telling you more, but for now:

Try this simple test

Next time your partner or family member is snoring, pinch their nose.

Does their snoring stop?

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Stop snoring with Adkins