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Warrior Milk featuring Defense Nutrition Whey Protein

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Defense Nutrition's New WARRIOR MILK Warrior Milk Advantages Unmatched Properties Highest concentration of leucine among all dairy proteins (including whey protein isolate). The amino acid leucine has shown to play an important role in promoting muscle protein synthesis and thus helps prevent muscle wasteNaturally rich in glutamate. A high concentration of muscle glutamate was found to correlate with elevation of muscle glutathione. Serum and tissue level of glutathione (the bodys endogenous antioxidant) are markers of immunity and vitality. Stress, aging and overtraining lower glutathione levels -- leaving the body vulnerable to oxidative damage, infections, disease and waste of muscle tissue. Cold processed whey protein concentrate from grass fed cows can help counteract this phenomenon.Naturally rich in cysteine and taurine. The sulfur containing amino acids cysteine and taurine have shown to play an important role in protecting the muscular and vascular systems from oxidative/peroxiclative damage. In its naturally occurring form in whey, Lcystein (largely destroyed in protein foods and products) has shown to support muscle recovery, muscle retention and muscle endurance.Highest levels of natural CLA. There is growing evidence to the immuno protective anti-cancerous properties of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which occurs in highest concentrations in dairy from grass fed cows. CLA is found exclusively in the dairy fat and thus do NOT exist in fat free dairy proteins such as whey protein isolate, skim milk or casein.High concentration of branch-chain-amino acids. Known for their muscle fueling, protein sparing properties. Branch-chain-amino acids have been used clinically to treat muscle injury and muscle wasting disease.Derived from raw milk cheese manufacturing. Defense Nutrition's GRASS FED COWS' WHEY is derived from raw milk. The milk is exposed to 72C for 15 seconds and then cooled to 7C for the whey processing. Here is how Defense Nutrition's Grass Fed Cows' Whey outperforms others: Other Whey Protein Products Treated with acid processing Loss of biological value Key amino acids -- lost Low heat processed ALL beneficial whey micro-nutrients -- intact Made from non-hormonal treated Grass Fed Cows milk Warrior Milk was created to fill a void in today's marketplace. Use Warrior Milk as a pre-workout energy-boosting shake or as a post-workout muscle-replenishment and recovery drink. Defense Nutrition's GRASS FED COWS' WHEY Protein Products Defense Nutrition's protein products are made with the finest non-denatured, non-acid, cold processed whey protein concentrate from Grass Fed Cows that are not hormone treated. The products are GUARANTEED pesticide free, chemical free, GMO free, BSE and rBGH free, yielding the highest biological value. Defense Nutrition Warrior Milk All natural Great Tasting protein shake Featuring Defense Nutrition's Grass Fed Cows' Whey. (Available in vanilla and chocolate) Unflavored Grass Fed Cows' Whey Defense Nutrition Grass Fed Cows Whey Protein - Buy 5 & Get 1 Free Bundle! undenatured whey protein low carb protein shake undenatured whey protein Click Here!!!Discount Whey Protein Powder [...]