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The great Twitter competition from the Twitter Experts

Running a Twitter competition can be an absolutely fantastic way of building your brand online.

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Fri, 24 Jul 2009 15:17:00 +0000

There's something in medical circles called a 'self limiting affliction'. Essentially, this is something like acne, or a cold or a bruise that if left alone the body will heal itself and no medication is required. Some areas of alternative medicine do very well at curing these ailments because no cure is required. But that's a different rant. However the same thing can be applied to SEO. If you do nothing at all, your website will probably rank eventually for some decent keywords, even if you get all your on-page SEO completely wrong. Google is only a little bit stupid and will eventually find that your site is relevant - if it is of course. It will take a long time (I mean, a *very* long time) but it will get there because Google tries to discover what your site is about without any sneaky techniques. So this is where my gripe with many companies starts to take hold. They push their services as if SEO is some massively technical and complex task that required a PHD to complete. I mean, come on, it's just common sense!SEO is the process of making your site become more relevant to people who are searching for your stuff. That's pretty much it. There are obviously some ways you can do this to get there quicker or beat the competition better, but really, it's all about doing easy things more than your competitors. It's a race. Beat them, you'll win.So here are a few things that you should be wary of when choosing a company to do your SEO for you. SEO requires complex back-end programming to promote your site correctlyNo, no it doesn't. SEO is dead easy, you just need to know a) where to link, b) how to link and c)how many times to link and the answer to all of that is: a) To [...]

The great Twitter competition from the Twitter Experts

Fri, 24 Jul 2009 15:16:00 +0000

Competitions used to be a fantastic way of alerting your customers to a new product or service that you are about to launch, however do they still work? Even though we are in the middle of a pretty devastating recession, it seems everyone has the latest gadget and can afford to buy the best plasma TV so what could you possibly give away that people would care about? Do people even bother with competitions anyway? Well, it seems many people do and if you can add some value to it by giving something away that people actually want or is seen as valuable - you can really rope in the publicity and the customers. You can also be a little bit clever with your marketing and use new technology such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.Many companies offer free gifts in return for doing something really simple, but what about giving away something with business value? Well, many small businesses are struggling at the moment and as we all know, when a business is on the ropes, the first thing the owners usually invest in is a new brand or logo, but would that actually 'sell'? I researched it and it appears it works - and how! Competitions are won and lost by the value of the prizes, but value is very subjective and if you can offer something that a company would very likely have to spend a lot of money on then you are likely to create a 'buzz'.The service industry is an odd thing, it is intangible and most costs are invisible to the purchaser with the inevitable outcome that those with little knowledge think it is therefore extremely expensive. The news is littered with companies spending hundreds[...]