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Warrior Milk Advantages

Warrior Milk is a remarkably delicious 100% natural protein meal, perfect for athletes and bodybuilders who need the competitive edge. Warrior Milk is made from the finest undenatured Grass Fed Cows' Whey protein concentrate, together with the highly bene

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Warrior Milk Advantages

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ADVANTAGE 1: Defense Nutrition's GRASS FED COWS' WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE The perfect protein blend for fast nutrient deliveryWarrior Milk is formulated for fast muscle nourishment. Made with a special blend of GRASS FED COWS' WHEY proteins and nutritional cofactors. Yielding the highest biological value, naturally sweetened with NO SUGAR ADDED, it is LOW GLYCEMIC, specially designed to accommodate the muscle metabolic needs for fast and complete nutrient delivery before and after exercise. Best muscle fueling for post exercise recovery Evidence indicates that there is a shift from carb to fat fuel after exercise -- a natural trend in the muscle itself to possibly compensate for the diminished capacity to utilize carbohydrates after exercise. Exercise causes muscle microtrauma which temporarily impairs the mechanism that utilizes carbohydrates for energy, rendering the muscle insulin resistant temporarily, for a few hours after the workout.Warrior Milk is naturally sweetened with no sugar added and instead it contains coconut derived medium chain triglycerides (MCT) that can easily convert to energy and thus serves as a great low glycemic muscle fuel, while accommodating the natural shift in the\ muscle from carb to fat fuel after exercise. ADVANTAGE 2: Taste, Taste, Taste taste ever, curbs sweet cravingsAvailable in delicious vanilla and indulgent chocolate, Warrior Milk is flavored with real vanilla beans and with untempered organic, alkali-fre&#[...]