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Does The 3 Day Diet Work

Wed, 22 Jul 2009 11:10:40 GMT

(image) The acclaimed "3 Day Diet" goes back to 1985 and today can be found all over the net and on where you buy books. The 3 day diet and its variants claim rapid fat loss, a cleaning of the system, lower cholesterol and boosted energy all through a "specific metabolic reaction" that no form of the 3 day diet has ever proven. The diet goes on for three days and then off for 4 or 5 with lots of definite and cryptic steps so that when it fails the dieter can be blamed for making a mistake.

Day one breakfast includes coffee (no sugar), one half a grapefruit, and a piece of toast with 1 Tbsp peanut butter. Lunch is a can of tuna, a piece of toast, and black coffee. For dinner it's 3 ounces of chicken or lean meat, a cup of green beans, one cup of carrots, one apple, and one cup of regular vanilla ice cream. The other two days of the 3 day diet are relatively much the same in meal amounts, though the particulars change, for example Day 2 recommends two beef franks for dinner in place of three ounces of lean meat. The diet sellers claim that weight loss of 10 pounds is reachable over the 3 days that the diet lasts.

Baloney! How's that for dead on answer? And no baloney is not found on the 3 day diet. As stated the metabolic reaction has never been explained much less proven. Any weight loss would be mostly water loss due to a reduction of carbs which help the body hold water. That could result in dehydration.

Once the three days end the weight will rebound, primarily because it's mostly water. But also after the 3 day diet is completed because any weight reduction from the missed calories will be regained when the starving diet person returns to normal, or in this case heavier than normal, eating.

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