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How to Install Marble Tiles

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Marble Tile Installation-Everything You Need to Know


In the earlier years, having marble floors was a clear cut sign of lavishness and can only be found in major offices or perhaps in high society homes.

In the present time on the other hand, people can have the option to have their homes have Marble Tile Installation. This is one way for homeowners to invest in their homes as this kind of material is known to be able to last through several generations with proper care.

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The common option for homeowners is to have a professional deal with the Marble Tile Installation; however, some would opt to put a more personal touch on to their floors by doing it themselves. Either way, it is not a very simple task – this is one task which requires precise attention to detail, a lot of patience and determination.

To others, it may also be considered as a task which is tedious and tiring; however, the important note here is the end product – the actual goal for even beginning the project. May it be done by a professional or by oneself, it is an important fact for a homeowner to be able to identify what they want to have; the details of the flooring or perhaps if there is a particular design they wish to achieve.

Another is the kind of marble they would wish to have in their floors or other home surfaces. Apart from the planning, it is also vital for a homeowner to be able to determine the tools to be used for the project – specifically the wet saw with a diamond blade.

This is an important tool as using a straight cutter may result in accidentally splitting the marble and allowing it to snap along its natural fissures.

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Laying Marble Tile


Working on your own dream home is quite a task especially when you do not have the necessary skills that are required in order to effectively carry out the tasks at hand. One of the lighter jobs that a novice such as yourself can probably hack is laying marble tile on the floor. It is rather simple as long as you have the right tools to do the job.

Laying Marble Tile Video Guide

There are a few very important things that you need to remember when laying marble tile and you will do well to keep them in mind. In order to successfully lay tiles, you have to make sure that you have a smooth floor that is free of any dirt otherwise the marble will crack and you would then need to replenish your materials.

The floor also needs to be strong and stable which means that you need to test it out before laying marble tile on it. Once you have ascertained that the floor is stable, you now can scope the area on which the tiles are to be laid out. You need to make sure that the floor is level with the use of a well calibrated levelling tool. After which, you can proceed with the dry run of laying down the tiles sans the concrete.

You should make certain that the tiles are sanded down on the edges so as to facilitate the process of laying them on the floor. It is very important that you follow the steps without deviating from them to make sure that the results will be good.

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How To Install Marble Tile


You are in the process of redoing your entire house including the floor and it occurred to you that it will be a very good idea to do it yourself.

The problem is that you are a novice who knows very little when it comes to handiwork but you are willing to learn and you would like to think of yourself as a quick study. You have settled on the type of material to use which is marble, and the only dilemma you have now is how to install marble tile the right way.

For starters, if you do not know how to install marble tile, you might be well off letting a professional do it for you. But if you insist on doing it yourself in the spirit of being self sufficient and responsible, you might as well know at least the basics.
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How to install marble tile 101:

• Make sure that you start with a bare floor and ascertain that the subfloor is sturdy otherwise, if it shifts the grout could crack which is something that you do not want.

• Have a helper jump up and down on the floor to test its strength. Perhaps you can get your kids to do this, mostly for their benefit more than yours.

• Make certain that the floor is level and in doing so, you have to use the longest available level you can get. Look between the gaps between the floor and the level then make use of the levelling compound to level the floor.

• Undercut the jambs

• Find the exact center of the room

• Lau out the marbles tiles in a dry run

• Cut the tiles so that they fit the tub

• Set the marble tiles around the tub

• Start tiling the floor

• Proceed to grout the marble tiles

• Install all the thresholds

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How To Cut Marble Tile


If you are trying to learn how to cut marble tile, you should first bear in mind that it is very serious work and you are dealing with expensive materials which you have paid good money for.

You should know how to cut a marble tile properly in order to get the right results otherwise you might be living on sub standard floors for the rest of your life.

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• One of the most important things when trying to learn how to cut marble tile is that you have to become familiar with the use of a wet saw. Make sure that there is water spraying over the saw blade whenever it is running.

• Make sure that you measure where you want your marble tile to be cut.

• Place your tile unto the cutting platform of the wet saw. Make sure that you wear gloves as well as eye protective glasses to avoid any injuries.

• Use the tile snipers to grab and to snip off the tiny little pieces of the tile that the wet saw cannot cut easily.

• Sand the edges of the tiles that you have successfully cut.

• Start with the 80 grit paper and keep sanding until you can feel a very smooth edge.

• You then have to use a 120 grip paper which is a lot finer and then put on the finishing touches using a 400 grit paper.

• Remember to clean up afterward so as to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Before you set out to install marble tiles and cut marble tile yourself you should seek some guidence. offers a great video guide on the subject.

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