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How To Tone Up Flabby Arms

How To Shape And Tone Up Flabby Arms

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The Two Best Flabby Arms Exercises

Sat, 25 Jul 2009 18:26:00 +0000

The two best exercises to tone flabby arms are both strength training exercises. Although spot training alone will not get rid of flabby arms, it is an important aspect of a three part solution for toning flabby arms.

There are two different types of flabby arms exercises that are required. They are strength training and cardiovascular exercise. The strength training will build muscle to give you a more toned and defined look and the cardiovascular exercise will burn total body fat. Once you build muscle, your body will automatically burn more calories and it will be easier to lose weight faster.

Here are two strength training exercises to help you tone flabby arms -  tricep extensions and diamond push ups.  Begin slowly and don't over do it. Here is how they are done.

Tricep extensions - Sit in a chair or stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold a (begin with a 1, 3 or 5 pound dumbbell depending on your strength) dumbbell in one hand directly above your head with your arm fully extended towards the ceiling (your inner arm should be facing your head) . Very slowly bend your elbow so the dumbbell is lowered behind your head. Keep your upper arm still and fully extended up. You may want to put your free hand on the back of your upper dumbbell arm for support. Then raise it back up again. Try to do three sets of twelve reps every other day.

Diamond pushup - Get down on the floor in a pushup position on your hands and knees. Put your hands on the floor with your thumbs and index fingers touching so they are forming a diamond shape. If you are not used to doing pushups, you may want to rest on your knees rather than your toes. Do as many as you are comfortable with and don't worry if it is only a few. You will gradually be able to do more as you build your muscle up. Do three sets every other day.

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Exercise To Tone Flabby Arms

Wed, 22 Jul 2009 17:51:00 +0000

In order to tone up my flabby arms, I used an exercise program specifically designed to tone flabby arms.

This routine burns lots of calories and fat in the shortest amount of time possible. It burns more calories in twenty minutes than the average workout burns in an hour. It will raise your metabolism, gobble up fat stores and give your energy a major boost resulting in a body that is lean and sexy.

This is the only exercise program I have found that tones up flabby arms by targeting problem areas with highly specialized exercises to tone and firm. At the same time, it uses exercises that will burn all over body fat, and sculpt your whole body.

It is a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises which are designed to be done in the comfort of your home. It is a fast and easy program to shape your flabby arms.

This exercise routine burns body fat, sculpts and tones your flabby arms and sculpts your entire body. This is a no fail strategy for toning flabby arms.

The best part is that these flabby arm exercises only take twenty minutes three times a week.

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How To Shape Flabby Arms

Thu, 09 Jul 2009 17:20:00 +0000

(image) Would you like to shape up your flabby arms so you can once again wear your sleeveless shirts? Are you tired of looking in the mirror only to see the embarrassing, sagging and jiggling arms that were once so skinny and toned?

So many of us women have slowly put on the weight as we have aged. All of this extra weight has caused our flabby arms. The weight we have gained has spread everywhere, including our arms.

In order to shape up and minimize our flabby arms, we must reduce our overall fat levels, which means losing weight. As you lose total body weight, you will also lose fat in your arms. But, you must also include strength training for your arms to shape them up. When you build muscle in your arms, it helps to burn the fat on your arms which eliminates flabby arms.

You should also include a full body workout to reduce your total overall body fat. Just doing spot reducing exercises is not enough to reduce and tone up flabby arms. Your exercise program should include both cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Including both in your program is how to shape flabby arms in the fastest possible way.  Click on the program below for more details on flabby arms exercises.


In addition to the exercises, you must also include a nutritional plan to help boost your metabolism. When you boost your metabolism, you burn fat all day long. You can raise your metabolism in just a short time with the correct exercise and nutritional programs. Performing the right exercises and boosting your metabolism is exactly how to shape your flabby arms in a hurry.

Eating the correct foods will eliminate all hunger, boost your metabolism and give you additional energ

Following these flabby arms exercises and nutritional tips is how to shape up flabby arms, increase energy levels and lose fat all over.