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Super CoachVac Backpack Vacuum



The most powerful backpack vacuum availible comes equipped with all the tools and accessories to tackle the most demanding cleaning challengees.the super CoachVac is idial for vaccuming schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities or any large, high-traffic area that requires extreme power and suction when deep cleaning any surface.

The most powerful backpack vacuum on the market. With a 10 quart capacity, users are avalible to clean more with less down time. Proven to eliminate stress and body fatigue when utilizing ergonomically designed handles and patented two-piece backplate.

- Eliminates pushing, pulling and dragging of heavy vacuums

- Utilizes mountaineering-style backpack technology to carry the vacuum comfortably and ergonomically across the hips.

- Captures and contains more dust to virtually eliminate follow up dusting tasks.

- Various optional accessories and attachment kits available for effective cleaning

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(image) One step has been developed as a simple-to-use restoration system for marbel, terazzo and polished limestone floors. The newly srstored surface will resist scuffs and scratches. This restored surface will be very durable. One Step Crystallizer Spray N' Buff dries as you buff and therefore requires no messy clean-up.

Surface Preparation Surface must be clean and dry. On floor surfaces, make sure all waxes. floor finish or other coatings are removed. If there is a coation on the floor, use INFORCER Heavy Duty Stripper for removal. Rinse surface thoroughly with water and air dry prior may require resurfacing prior to crystallization. Make sure to cover any sensitive surfaces such as metals, glass, carpet, etc. that may be exposed to over-spray.Application Use a 175 RPM Floor machine designed for crystallizatin(130-180 lbs.), equipped with a #0 or #1 grade steel wool pad. Apply ONE STEP CRYSTALLIZER SPRAY N' BUFF (with a spray bottle with trigger) at a rate of 2 to 3 squirts per square yard (836 sq. mater) and immediately buff until surface is competely dry. Buff in both directions until desired gloss is achieved. ONE STEP CRYSTALLIZER SPRAY N' BUFF yields approximately 2000-5000 square feet (185-465 sq.meter) per gallon of coverage. For daily maintenance after re-polishing, use the SCS Daily Maintenance System (PATINA-SHGHLIGHTERHURRICANE); see the STONE CARE SOLUTIONS brochure for more information

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Green Clean - Cleaning the green way


Green World Todayfor Your Health!!!

JANILINK is considered to be the leader of providing the strongest chemicals for Green(Environmentally-Safe) Products. Other companies may sell you Green-Sealed products that tends to be dilluted and over priced, which may not be enough for your cleaning job. With Janilink's Green Products, you will always have that great quality of a product at a great price that will do your job. After using Janilink' s Green Products, yOu will see that we have a better quality than any of our competitors. WE GUARANTEE IT!!

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Janilink's Wet Floor Signs


Janilink's #1 Wet Floor Sign(image)
Wide, Stable & Durable

  • Colorful

  • Lowest

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Janilink's Video Wall - Janitorial Supplies - Enjoy!



20" Janilink Multifunction Floor Buffer (Floor Machine)



20" Janilink Multifunction Floor Buffer

Very durable and tough floor machine (buffer) !!!We’ve sold thousands of units of Janilink floor machines (buffers) for 25 years, but we haven’t had any working problems for any kind of jobs from our customers. That’s why we offer 5 year warranty for our Janilink yellow floor machines (buffers). You can use this machine buffer for ten years without any worry because it is built with steel parts in USA, NOT plastic ones or cast irons from other countries. This is not from Europe nor China. This is made in USA. (Only Janilink offers 5 years warranty)

You may be looking for some floor machine (buffer) for your several jobs. But you’ll face many different requirements from contracts to contracts and you may need to buy another function’s floor machine (buffer).FOR THESE MANY OTHER CASES, BUY JANILINK MULTIFUNCTION FLOOR MACHINE (BUFFER) AND THEN YOU’LL BE ABLE TO DO ANY KINDS OF JOBSfor your new contracts, stripping, shining, scrubbing, cleaning, carpet bonnet cleaning, tile grout cleaning, wood sanding, concrete grinding, baseboard cleaning…for tile floor, carpet floor, wood floor, marble floor, terrazzo tile floor…from wide to 11” narrow space… WHICH IS ‘REAL’ MULTIFUNCTIONAL FLOOR MACHINE (BUFFER)!!! Only Janilink has the multifunctional machine in the market.

Janilink Floor Buffer is very strong!
This machine (buffer) has up to 50% more power than other machines (buffers).

Janilink Floor Buffer (machine) mounted 1.5HP motor instead of using 1HP motor like other buffer machine does. With this amount of power, you can do marble polishing, concrete grinding, carpet bonneting as well as stripping and cleaning the floor very easily. 0.5HP or 1HP does not have enough power to carpet bonnet or marble diamond grinding. Janilink machine is something different!

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Floor Scrubber (Auto Floor Scrubber)


Best Selling Auto-Scrubber Adjustable Pad pressure for dirty jobs Compact for easy storage & transport Very User Friendly Gel battery is maintenance-free and it lasts long. Brush pressure is up to 105 lbs. and scrubs floor so firmly. Easy to transport from one place to another. Easy to drain dirty water out of?the machine. Easy to handle, they are the perfect choice for under 15.000sq.ft. areas.FEATURESFully adjustable handle make the machine comfortable to use for any operatorLarge tank capacities ensure great productivityThree position adjustable pad pressure allows for scrubbing or strippingExcellent water pick up dries the floor like no otherLED output control panel ensures operator knows the status of the vacuum , water flow , brush and batteries at all times and it even has an hour meterStainless steel chassis will never rustStructural foam brush deck is rust proof, durable and carries a 10 year warrantySemi parabolic squeegee with polyurethane blades pivots to give you efficient water recovery on turns and is easily removed for cleaningComes with a safety key so it can be stored or charged anywhere and will not operate with it removed Cleaning floors that see high-volume traffic like in convenience stores, retail stores, or anywhere with a large floor can be a nightmare for business owners. Most businesses use the old mop-and bucket system, but there are many reasons why switching to a floor scrubber would be more simple, cost-effective, and safe.First of all, in the case of a convenience or retail store, a wet floor means your customers can't get to the products on your shelves. Every second you have to block an isle to wait for the floor to dry, is a second that those products are not getting sold, and you're losing money. In industrial settings, work can't get done as long as the floor is wet and dangerous.One of the biggest drawbacks to using a mop is the fact that it is only spreading the dirt around. The floor only looks clean until the floor dries, leaving the same dust and residue that was there before, only now it has been diluted and spread out a little bit.A good industrial grade floor scrubber is the perfect solution. Floor scrubbers generally use a system that involves spraying the floor with a combination of water and cleaning chemicals, scrubbing the floor to break up dirt, residue, and spill, and then a squeegee-vacuum combination that sucks up the used water, leaving the floor completely clean and dry.Floor scrubbers also have the advantage of being incredibly simple, and easy on the back. They are easy and comfortable to push, and require little maintenance: you just fill with water and chemicals, and empty it after cleaning.When choosing a floor scrubber, you will want to find the solution that best fits your needs - some are run by electricity and have a cord dragging behind you, and some use propane to allow for better mobility. Propane powered floor scrubbers are definitely the easiest, and less frustrating option.[...]

Diamond Pads (Diamond Polishing Pads)


When working with granite, marble, or concrete you can use a diamond polishing pad to give your work that perfect finishing touch. When working with hard surface materials any craftsman will tell you it is the finish that counts and that's what people look at. The finish says a lot about your effort that's invested in your job. The upside is that no matter what point of the process you are working in there is a polishing pad that is just right for the job.
Diamond Polishing Pads come in various grit size and you will need a wide variety of grits to get the job done right. For taking the really tough stuff off use a low number grit. Caiman diamond polishing pads start at a 50 grit pad. These have a high diamond concentration which means a much longer life as compared to other diamond polishing pads available in the market today. This way the cost of polishing is reduced. Caiman offers various grit sizes that that will help you customize your finishing process. Then you will need a really fine grit for your finishing polish. Caiman diamond polishing pads go all the way up to a 3000 grit. With that high of grit you will be able to get an excellent finish. In fact with that high of grit your finish will look like glass. Glitter brings glamor to otherwise dull spaces. With your stone artifacts, countertops, and floors shining your interiors will be more appealing to live in.

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Floor Buffer (Janitorial Supplies)


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A floor buffer or floor polisher is an electrical appliance that is used to clean and maintain non-carpeted floors, such as hardwood, marble or linoleum.
Somewhat resembling a large upright, wide-based vacuum cleaner with handlebar controls and requiring two-handed steering, a floor buffer uses one or more variable-speed circular rotary brushes to dislodge dirt and dust from flat surfaces. It can also be used in conjunction with chemical cleaning products to restore the floor to a smooth, glossy finish.
Floor buffers are used in schools, hospitals, offices and public buildings. Scaled-down versions are available for home use.

Janitorial Supplies


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The purchase of janitorial supplies at wholesale rates is a great way to have frequently used janitorial supplies in ready stock. It also offers the advantage of bulk discounts. Janitorial products can now be easily, conveniently and securely bought online.

Janitorial supplies are indispensable for a clean, properly maintained and healthy atmosphere. Timely measures to keep your home and workplace dust-free and hygienic will surely help avoid unnecessary expenditure. Moreover, a spotless floor or wall would create a good impression on visitors.

You can benefit from cleaning tools and accessories for your restaurant, hotel, office building, shopping center, or any other commercial building. There are a number of brands to choose from including Clorox, Rubbermaid, Procter and Gamble, and Reckitt Benckiser. Whatever be your requirement - clearing dirt or wiping off stains on your floor, washing clothes, making your windows shine, a hygienic and odor free toilet, or doing the dishes, you can get the right product from a reliable provider.

You can take advantage of different kinds of janitorial cleaning supplies such as dust pans, mops, laundry products, sponges, squeegees, dusting wipes, toilet bowl brushes, extension handles and poles, spray bottles, specialty cleaners, window washers, and cleaning accessories. Janitorial cleaning accessories are an integral part of cleaning supplies. Such products may range from refill cloths to all purpose cleaners.

Choosing from the wide range and different brands of wholesale janitorial supplies is an overwhelming task. Different considerations that would make selection easier include price preferences, the kind of traffic in the room (heavy or not), whether you would prefer something that is environmentally friendly or have no such requirement, and whether the room would actually be used on a regular basis or has just been built to communicate a particular image. Once you've made the choice, you'll find that janitorial supplies greatly lighten the challenges of cleanliness and upkeep.

Reliable Paper provides wide range of wholesale janitorial supplies for office buildings, restaurants and other commercial enterprises. Reliable Paper is a leading provider of janitorial cleaning supplies including dust pans, spray bottles and window washers.