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Green Amethyst Info, Jewelry & Properties

This is a personal blog about one of the most beautiful gemstones from the quartz family - the fantastic green amethyst.

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The Beauty of Rough Green Amethysts


Looking for gemstone jewelry that can be a good match to our newest outfit with the aim of adding to the charm of our outward appearance is always a challenging task. Finding the right color, the right stone cut, the right metal, the right design ... to name just a few of our challenges. But sometimes, we are so absorbed in our search for jewelry items that we overlook the simplest but equally

Green Amethyst and Aquamarine Jewelry for Healing and Self Growth


Have you ever wondered how Aquamarine goes with Green Amethyst Prasiolite? Sure, you can always put one gemstone next to the other and compare their colors and study their visual properties ... by the way that is something that I like to do with a whole array of minerals and stones when I have time..., and see it for yourself. But how they accompany each other when embedded in an actual jewelry

Green Jade vs. Green Amethyst


In this post I will try to compare two rather different stones: jade, which comes in several different colors with its green variation as the most distinguishing and famous, and green amethyst. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages when we use them as gemstones in jewelry production, as well as when we consider their meanings and spiritual properties. All collectors of crystals

Amethyst Geodes - Beautiful Gifts from the Mineral World


Not that I believe it's possible, but If you have never seen Amethyst Geodes face to face, you have missed an important and remarkable formation taken from the mineral world and brought to our lives to help us make them more colorful. They are no single crystal forms --- instead they belong to the aggregate varieties (or conglomerates) where several individual crystals, minerals or stones have

Sterling Silver Green Amethyst Ring: Buying Tips


Over the course of the last year we have had a number of informational posts here on my blog. Maybe you have not noticed it, but I've been trying (more or less successfully) to encourage you to do some research prior to engaging yourself in purchasing some of these extraordinary green gemstones set in different types of jewelry. Here, I will try to give you a couple of advices as to how to buy a

Green quartz crystals


We all know very well that there are various types of quartz crystals, but when it comes to the variety of green quartz crystals, and especially when considering them in connection with green amethyst, a slight confusion might enter the scene. There are over 4000 known minerals today. If we consider all them, we will soon find out that there are over 800 crystals of green color... That is a

Pink amethyst


A few days ago I went on my regular visit to a couple of crystal and mineral stores in my town, and in one of them I was quite surprised to see what the owner claimed to be small faceted pink amethyst loose stones. The surprise was even greater because at first glance I thought the gemstones were exceptional quality rose quartz crystals. Rose quartz crystals are usually opaque, since more often

Green amethyst cleaning and care


Introduction This relatively small green amethyst website has been up and running for quite some time now. I have got a nice response from you - thanks for your interest - and received a number of emails with suggestions and questions. Some of them, unfortunately, were also referring to a number of green amethyst related problems. These problems -- mostly connected to cleaning and care of

Prasiolite jewelry: how to buy cheaper using online auctions


Online jewelry auctions can be the perfect spot for buying discount prasiolite jewelry. Not only can they offer more value for less money, but they also usually mean more fun. If you have never engaged yourself in this type of online activity, you can give it a try. Of course, when you go to online auctions you have to win in order to get the jewelry article you like. For instance, you can try

Examples of Perfect Amethyst and Diamond rings


Amethyst crystal, be it green amethyst or ordinary violet colored amethyst, can be combined with diamond gemstones almost perfectly. The complementarity of both of these stones has been recognized by the jewelry designer and manufacturers very early. This is the reason why there are so many brilliantly composed amethyst and diamond rings on the market. If you are looking to buy discount jewelry

Green Amethyst Jewelry from Brian Danielle


Green amethyst jewelry - an excellent choice for all There are various types of fashion styles for various types of people with different preferences. The same is with jewelry -- different people like to wear different types of jewelry. It is often said that the style a woman prefers, defines her for who she is. Some women favor glamorous, some sensual, and exotic fashion, and others choose

Green Amethyst Pendants


Green amethyst pendants, such as for example this Ellen Himic Green Amethyst Finial Briolette Pendant Necklace can be really astonishing pieces of jewelry. But, before discussing the green amethyst prasiolite pendants as jewelry items, let us refresh our memory and see what is the symbolism of the pendant itself. Depending on your own preferences, a pendant can be a mere decoration - adornment -

Spirit amethyst, points and clusters


Introduction into amethyst crystal points, clusters and geodes So far I have been considering green amethyst and its properties, meaning and jewelry. In the next series of post I will concentrate more on ordinary violet amethyst and today I will talk about spirit amethyst. Before going into the subject of spirit amethyst crystals, let us first discuss some terms and definitions here. A point

What do gemologists say about the green amethyst stone?


In my other posts I was discussing as much the physical properties of prasiolite as I considered the healing properties of green amethyst, or amethyst stone meaning. But in order to get a deeper insight into the origin of this stone, I thought I should go through some gemologist forums recently and try to find out what the experts think about this whole confusion about the name of green amethyst

Green crystals - green gemstones


In this post I am going to talk about some typical green crystals, semi precious and precious stones. I know it is very difficult to differentiate crystals based on their descriptions or images, so I will make no attempt to do so. The most important properties of each of the green gemstones will be simply indicated bellow. You are invited to take a look at the description of the subset of green

Important facts about amethyst


Amethyst is a purple modification of quartz. In the 20-th century the color of amethyst was traced back to manganese impurities within the crystal lattice of silica - SiO2. There were different theories, some of them even claiming that the color is organic in nature, since (we all know this very well) amethyst changes color when heated.The newest theories favor the interpretations that the violet

Green amethyst metaphysical properties


I always advocate not to buy jewelery only due to the visual attraction and material value. Almost all semi precious or precious stones possess some kind of soothing spiritual vibration, and thus, for instance, if you want to buy some green amethyst jewelry, you should first familiarize yourself with the beneficial metaphysical influences of prasiolite. Amethyst is known under the name "stone of

Synthetic vs natural green amethyst


The main feature of amethyst, and this feature has made it possible for a larger production of synthetic green amethyst, is its ability to change color under proper conditions. When we say proper conditions we refer to the well know property of amethyst to suffer from color degradation when heated above certain temperature. In most of the cases amethyst's wondrous violet color turns yellow when

Amethyst - violet quartz and its properties


In order to understand the properties of green amethyst, which are not so different from its ordinary violet counterpart, in this post we will consider the most important properties of this beautiful violet quartz stone. Amethyst has been worshiped for many thousand years as a precious gemstone. Nowadays we know that there is only a handful of precious stones, and Amethyst used to belong to this

Green amethyst rings


It has been some time since I've posted my last article about this fantastic stone, that is, about green amethyst. Catherine, a friend of mine from sent me some nice raw prasiolite pictures that I want to share with you, but that will have to wait a while. Today, I wanted to let you know about a number of perfect genuine prasiolite jewelry gemstones introduced

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