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American Adventures and Foam Factory in Atlanta - Honest Review

Fri, 24 Jul 2009 12:04:02 GMT

Last week me and the family went to the American Adventures Family Fun park. The weather was real HOT. The parking lot was extremely full. Lots of people was taking advantage of the hot day by getting wet at the water park next door.

American Adventures is like a small carnival with slightly better rides. Their main idea is to attract smaller children that normally would not be able to ride the rides at their larger park, Six Flags.

Their short description from their website:

Play a game on one of our NEW billiards tables!

FREE PARKING AND FREE ADMISSION American Adventures no longer has an admission charge. You simply pay for the attractions you want.

Some of the rides were closed which was unfortunate, but this was probably due to the lack of employees working. I would notice that they would shutdown a ride and then later reopen it. What I love about it was the Lines was REAL Short. Most of times we just got on right after the ride was over.

Kids climb on ropes, nets, stairs, and throw small foam balls at people. Parts of it was either broken or just plain old.

I spent roughly around $20 total for about 3 hours of entertainment.

* You can take water and snacks with you. * You don't need to purchase for adults with a paying child
* All this for less than $20. It's a cheap outing for the family

I had to travel about 30 miles to get there so It's not like I'm ready to go back anytime. Check it out If you just happen to be around the area and need something to do.

Thomas Wooldridge is the head blogger at ATL Report a daily atlanta newspaper blog. You can also find this article on his personal blog about the latest happenings in Atlanta, Georgia here (

Kids Gift Baskets Can Be a Hit For Your Next Baby Shower

Fri, 24 Jul 2009 11:04:19 GMT

Two of years ago my wife and I had our first baby. Getting prepared for the new baby was hitting my pockets really hard. But closer to the due date my wife introduced me to Kids Showers. Of course I knew what a baby shower was but never actually participated in any of them. Why you want ask?

It was the Great Kids Shower Gift Baskets!

I knew i was going to start saving some serious cash. I was really happy to see all the diapers, wipes, bibs, and baby clothes.

I loved howomeone put together a baby bath gift basket theme. Or how someone took the diapers out of the packaging and stacked it inside of an old Easter egg basket. Custom Gift Baskets will always make a great gift. It tells someone that hey I was really thinking about you and thought this would make you happy.

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Square Toe Cowboy Boots A brief history

Fri, 24 Jul 2009 08:15:42 GMT

Not one Person actually created the Square Toe Cowboy Boots

Like many inventions, no one really knows the true history of how the square toe cowboy boots was invented. There really wasn't one boot Shoemakers that can claim credit for inventing the cowboy boot. The boots was born as a necessity. These boots had to work for the Cowboys.

Typical boots did not work very well their use in the West

There was a huge push for westward expansion after the Civil War. Many young Americans look atto move out west. There were opportunities such as farming, gold mining, or some folks just wanted to get out the city to look for a new life.

Heels had to be higher so you can comfortably place them in the stirrups without them slipping out.

As you can see the cowboy boots came to be for a reason. Most of the cowboys are limited to professional rodeo members or just horse riding hobbyist. The cowboy boot has evolved more into a fashion statement. Modern cowboy boots come in several different colors and styles. Intricate stitching and design differentiate all the different cowboy boot makers today.

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