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Skins For The 360


For some the Xbox 360 may be well designed but many folks think it leaves a few things to be desired. The dull white and chrome design is too plain for many to accept. I mean who wants their Microsoft game console to look just like everyone else? Well there's something very simple that you can do about it; buy a skin for your Xbox 360.

Skins, or vinyl decals, are really just pieces of pre-cut vinyl custom fit to your Xbox 360 console. These vinyl pieces are flexible for simple application and like a sticker, have sticky adhesive on the back so you can stick it right onto your console. That means you don’t have to take apart your Xbox 360 and void the warranty. Most skins can be peeled off if you want, so you can change them if you like.

There are two types of skins for the Xbox 360: cast and calendared. Calendared vinyl is extraordinarily glossy but not just about as flexible as cast vinyl. The serious downside to this kind of Xbox 360 skin is that heat can warp and shrink it over time leading to it popping off later on down the road. On the other hand, cast vinyl is higher quality and lots more and plenty more flexible. It's got a nice gloss as well not unlike automobile paint. It will not deform, warp, or shrink and lasts for years more than calendared. The sole obstacle is that it costs more.

Putting on skins is extremely simple and fast. They come in a selection of mods: decals face plates, and full case mods. Every one incorporates in-depth instructions, and almost all of the time, they come with the essential tools (if required) to take apart your old case and install the new one.

Decals are naturally the simplest to install, being a sticker. A face plate mod needs the old faceplate to be taken off and a new one installed, that may take a little while. A total case game console skin takes the longest and requires the most complicated instructions, but it is still simple enough that everybody can do it.
Skins are fairly cheap. Some only cost $5, and the most costly console skins might go for around $30 to $40. However, they come in a massive variety of designs to fit each individual taste and need.

Because millions of gaming consoles have been sold, mods and skins sometimes can be mass produced and sold at a particularly inexpensive rate. With a bigger market, more designs can be made, and more tastes can be satisfied.
You may worry that you are going to ruin your console by trying an Xbox 360 skin. You should not be because they are completely safe and can be removed at any point. You will not even ruin your warranty because you do not need to open the case to apply one.

So if you need your Xbox 360 to stand out and you need a solution that is inexpensive and simple, go get a vinyl decal kit from your local gaming store or online at one of many locations around the nation.

How To Spice Up Your Xbox 360


Most people don't like the simple white and chrome color scheme the Xbox 360 uses that why I decided to write about Xbox 360 skins today. Skins are a great way to increase your console's style and flare without costing you an arm and a leg. They really aren't that hard to put on either. If you do have trouble there are even guides online that will show you how to apply xbox 360 skins. I came across this hub when I bought my first skin months ago.

I honestly don't know why anyone wouldn't have a skin at this point, they are such a great way to make your console look better.

Some Sick New Skins I Found


So today I was checking out some sites I visit everyday and found a link to some crazy new Xbox 360 skins. This guy lists his top 10 Xbox 360 skins. I really like the tribal design he had in his list. I went over to straight after and bought it. It should come sometime this week and I'll let you guys know when it does get here. Maybe I'll upload some pics of my Xbox 360 skins.

My Xbox 360 Skins


Everyone that knows me knows that I'm an avid gamer and that I love my Xbox 360. One of the first things I did when I got my Xbox 360 was to get a skin for it. Skins lets you customize the look and feel of your console and show off your personality to all. Since then I've gone through about 20, yeah I'm a little OCD, just to change up the look every now and then.

My favorite Xbox 360 skin by far has been my Jessica Alba skin I had made custom for it. But I have had everything from Gears of War 2 skins to solid colors. I really love how many options and possibilities there are for Xbox 360 skins. Really if you don't have one yet and you own an Xbox 360 you should go get one.

Xbox 360 Fallout 3 Skins


I looked up Xbox 360 Fallout 3 skins last year, but now I can't seem to find them anywhere. One of the things I struggle with is recommending custom Xbox 360 skins. You have to read my random musings about Xbox 360 skins that are lousy compared to my ordinary thoughts.

Here's some additional information on custom skins. OK, for those who don't know what custom Xbox 360 skins are, a little definition is needed. You will need to keep reading to find out what this is all about. If you don't think custom Xbox 360 skins will work, take a look at this. Xbox 360 skins won't be your only option if you want to change your Xbox 360's appearance.

Let me go over this idea for you.

I think it's time to get straight to the point. It would be dull and boring if you're going to get a better performance across the board. Anyway, this article is going to talk about skins for Xbox 360 and why it's important. Skins for the Xbox 360 would be stupendous if you care about skins for Xbox 360. Now that I think about it I wouldn't encourage myself to traverse what my corridors are publicly proclaiming about skins for the Xbox 360. Custom Xbox 360 skins has to be interesting. What a deal!

Well, you never know.

Skins for the Xbox 360 can actually help it. Skins for the Xbox 360 are deferential. I'm thinking that I quibble with this great suggestion. Cheap Xbox 360 skins is one of the fundamentals I hold onto. Is your custom Xbox 360 skins getting you down? There's no mistake about it. Do you want to be trendy? Think about Xbox 360 skins. I wanted to focus more on skins for the Xbox 360. This is irreplaceable. I'm well on my way this year.

There doesn't appear to be a lot of Fallout 3 Xbox 360 skins out there. Well, I finally made it to the end.