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This Is A Low Carb Diet, Not A Low Calorie Diet

Fri, 24 Jul 2009 03:37:00 +0000


Many low carb dieters lose their appetites and are tempted to stop eating during the first few days of dieting--especially those who subscribe to no-carb plans, such as Atkins’s’ induction phase. While a superficial analysis could lead some low carb dieters to believe that this is a boon, it is actually vital to stick to the originally prescribed dietary agenda

Most low carb diets consist of a "scaling-up" plan that allows dieters to slowly increase intakes of carbohydrates after an initial no-carb starting phase in which they shed massive amounts of body fat.

When low carb dieters stray from this path, they tend to "yo-yo" from binge-eating to binge-weight loss, exiting and re-entering that no-carb initial phase.

This is why it is vital for low carb dieters to understand that the first phase is simply that--one phase in a dietary plan. If they want to lose all of the weight, they must stick with a long term plan, rather than rely on several weeks of unhealthy dieting.

While the initial phase can lead to amazing short-term weight loss, it is neither productive nor healthy to jeopardize the entire diet plan to eat less or stop eating altogether.

In fact, not eating enough will trigger the release of hormones that prevent weight loss. This could greatly inhibit weight loss or even stall it altogether, as your body will make painstaking efforts to conserve every gram of fat you consume.

When you return to a regular diet, your body will still be in fat-conservation mode; and you will instantly regain the pounds you shed, along with hormone- triggered cravings.

In addition to the dietary reasons why you should stick to your specific prescriptions, it is simply physically and psychologically unhealthy to try to lose weight through a starvation diet. You will end losing more muscle and more stores of vitamins than you will fat.

In summary - if you are on a low carb diet, stick to your plan, even if you aren’t hungry.

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