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Thu, 23 Jul 2009 21:09:00 +0000

Custom postcard creation in today's age can not be easier: upload a digital photograph from your laptop or iPhone, type in your message and destination address, pay for the card, and a true custom postcard arrives in someone's letter box. Before, postcards were pre-printed. You purchased one, noted down the message and destination address, purchase a stamp, found a post office, and hoped that the card would arrive at its destination before you did.

Today, custom postcards are designed by the user. You can upload a picture, type in the destination address and the greeting, and the card is printed, stamped, and mailed from a remote location local to the destination. You don't need a printer, you don't need to navigate the postal system while on holiday, and you don't need to deal with the time and expense of international air mail.

Classic postcards for purchase were usually photographs cards of a famous destination, artistic cards containing classic or originally art, or historic cards transmitting.

Custom postcards are designed by you. You can be a business sending direct mail pieces or a proud dad sending photographs of his newborn. They run the gamut of emotion.

Like at the time of the birth of the postcard, people are using custom postcards in a number of ways:

Recipe Cards: take a photo of that masterpiece boysenberry pie, type in the recipe on the message side (or insert it into the photo)...voila! You have a calling card to share with your friends who love to cook with your own custom postcard.

Create a birthday greeting card: Relive an treasured moment with a loved one by producing a custom postcard out of a photo from those golden years. Nothing says that you've aged beautifully by showing someone from whence they came!

Create an anniversary greeting card: Relive the distant past with a loved one by creating a custom postcard out of a pic from those beginning years. Nothing says that you've aged easily by showing someone from where they came!

A gentle reminder for people to pay their rent: It's true. A management company sends a gentle rent reminder in the form of a custom postcard. It's friendlier than an invoice, and less expensive to create and mail...from the landlord with the nice gentle touch.

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE USE OF CUSTOM POSTCARDS: Create a new form of thank you note! There is no better way to know that your gift has been loved than to see a photo of it in use! Take a picture of you wearing that bracelet, throwing that football, using that table saw....upload the photo, type is a few words of gratitude (the picture says it all), and you have made someone feel very valued.

Be creative and make someone feel something unique; create your own message and image combination, and let it do all the talking! Create custom postcards. It's an easy and outstanding way to communicate your feelings.