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Upcoming Movie Trailers Why They Give Away So Much from New Movies

There are two kinds of movie trailers. I don't mean teasers and theatrical trailers; I mean those that show a little and those that show too much. Those that tease are much more exciting, as while

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Upcoming Movie Trailers The Greatest Hollywood Lies

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How sad is it that week after week people from all over the globe get tricked out of money by Hollywood? Let’s face it, the highest paid people in the business shouldn’t be the Actors, and it shouldn’t be the Directors, it should simply be the men and women who most of us have never heard of. They are the ones who edit the movie trailers together. They are the ones that give us a glimpse into what their new film has to offer, and they are the ones that trick us the most. This holds true for any genre but especially when it comes to horror/suspense and comedy. They trick you by often showing you the funniest or scariest scenes in the movie and make you believe that the whole film will be filled with the same thing.How many times have you seen a movie trailer and thought to yourself “wow that movie looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see it”. Then you go see the movie, and it is nothing like what the trailer made it appear to be? Months before the movie is released you get bombarded with movie trailers for the film, from posters, trailers and even pop up ads on the internet, and you get so filled with hope for these high budget, and often times low talent films that you can’t help but expect them to be great. So now you’ve wasted nearly $10 dollars for the movie ticket, and while I try and avoid the over priced, under-satisfying snack line, most people will go and spend at least another $10 there. Now you have spent nearly $20 for a very boring, sometimes upsetting 2 hours of your life that you wi [...]