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Teen Weight Loss Boot Camps

Sun, 02 Aug 2009 21:37:00 +0000

The latest phenomenon in weight loss help for teens is the teen weight loss boot camp. This is very similar to the traditional "fat camp" experience except that it could arguably be said to be more encouraging for the teenagers. The way a boot camp experience is framed is around toughening up the camper and helping them to become strong and effective. The traditional fat camp focused on trying to be like a regular recreational camp, except with elements of nutritional counseling and fitness activities blended in. That traditional approach is in many ways more overtly encouraging, because it does not make the entire camp experience simply about losing weight and keeping it off. However, if you have ever seen the dread on a teenager's face when the idea of going to fat camp is suggested, you will know that this is not exactly how the idea is taken by them. Often, modern teens object less to the idea of a boot camp for weight loss, because they know they are overweight and want to be more attractive, but simply don't want to feel weak and feeble about it.Given the tremendous pressure that is placed on teens to look and act sexy and strong, this is understandable. Plus, adolescence is just a difficult time to be alive. If it has not been very long for you then perhaps you can remember. Even if you were not overweight you probably sometimes felt that you were, or else felt that you were underweight or improperly developed. Parts of one's body grow in and out of proportion to one another, and one has not yet learned to smoothly perform social and mechanical operations. It is an awkward time that is charged with difficult social and psychological adjustments.Often, the teenage years have traditionally been the time for a youth to be instilled with "discipline" and to start to develop their "character," and so the teen weight loss boot camp actually hearkens back to the ideals of those simpler times. It also offers something to the teenager who senses they are living during wartimes, in a tough economy, and coping with unusual social realities spurred by the acceleration of technology and global economic structures. So yes, a teen weight loss boot camp can help a teenager to grow into someone who will have a better sense for what is healthy and appropriate in their lives. There are also weight loss boot camps for adults.Typically the major elements of a weight loss boot camp are fitness and diet. The diet will typically be created by a nutritionist or dietician, and the exercise will usually involve some personal training and hopefully more weight training than cardio, although cardiovascular exercises still play a major role in many weight loss camp programs simply because of the ongoing myth that they cause weight loss, which the medical research in this area has failed to substantiate.Two of the most popular weight loss boot camps for teens in the United States are Camp La Jolla in San Diego, California, and Camp Kingsmont in Amherst, Massechusetts.Camp La Jolla has weight loss camp programs for teen girls and teen boys, as well as a number of other age groups including adult weight loss camp programs. This weight loss camp positions itself less as a weight loss boot camp and more of a summer camp that incorporates weight loss, so it is more traditional. they do however use the term weight loss boot camp to describe their programs in some instances.We appreciate the emphasis on emotional support and personality development at Camp La Jolla, as we feel this is very important for teens. Simply losing weight will not do for someone who is becoming an adult; it is necessary to develop a healthy lifestyle and that includes building up a good amount of self-esteem. The Camp La Jolla literature elaborates:At Camp La Jolla, teen girls discover how to live a fun, happy, and healthy life. Insecurities vanish and self confidence is gained through participation in new and exciting activities like hip hop aerobics, firm and tone, yoga, racquetball, surfing, step aerobics, boogie boarding, kickboxing, volleyball, basketball, swimming and s[...]

More on Wellspring Teen Weight Loss Camps

Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:01:00 +0000

In the previous article on Wellspring weight loss camps for teens, we reviewed the basic orientation of the Wellspring network of camps for weight loss. Because this network is so large and includes such a wide variety of geographical locations and weight loss camping programs, we will now take some time to go through the individual teen weight loss diet camps that Wellspring makes available.One of the main selling points of Wellspring camps is the focus on long-term behavior modification and on developing healthy habits while enjoying a regular, fun, youth summer camp experience. This way your teens will not only learn how to lose 10 to 20 pounds, In order to achieve this result, they integrate counseling and psychotherapy services with licensed mental health professionals into the weight loss summer camp experience. They claim a fully scientific basis for the design of their camping programs, and aim to improve the self-esteem and overall well-being of the campers.Teen Weight Loss Camp New YorkWellspring's New York camping site caters only to young women between the ages of twelve and twenty-four, and tailors its activities to this population. This site offers a variety of sports, exercise, aerobics, and "traditional camp experiences." The camp itself is set on the campus of Paul Smith's College, which sits at the base of the Adirondack mountains.Weight Loss Camp for Teens in North CarolinaWellspring's North Carolina site is what they dub their "Adventure Camp," where boys and girls between the ages of eleven and 17 can engage in a variety of outdoor activities while learning to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the activities offered at this site are hiking, rapelling and rock climbing, white water rafting, and kayaking. This camp is located about an hour outside of Asheville, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains.Teen Weight Loss Camps CaliforniaThe California camp site is located just northwest of California's Ventura County, on the campus of California State University's Channel Island campus. This camp caters to both boys and girls between the ages of eleven and eighteen, and offers a more laid-back camp experience. Much of the recreational activity at this site centers around the Pacific ocean; campers take part in hikes along California's coast, surfing, and playing and relaxing on the beach. The site also offers a variety of traditional summer camping activities for teenagers.Texas Weight Loss Camps for TeensThe Wellspring Texas camp caters to a narrower age range of adolescents, between the ages of twelve and seventeen. The camp itself is located on the campus of San Marcos Baptist Academy, which is a 200 acre campus with opportunities for hiking along rivers and through state parks, swimming, and kayaking. Like the other sites in this list, this camp site offer traditional camping activities.Teen Weight Loss Camp WisconsinThe Wisconsin camp site is located in the rural southwest corner of Wisconsin, on the 820 acre Platteville campus of the University of Wisconsin. This allows campers between the ages of 12 and eighteen, this site is described as the most traditional of the Wellspring weight loss camp sites, featuring the types of camp activities that you would expect from any teen summer camp: walking, hiking, swimming, biking, canoeing, campfire sing-a-longs, and other rustic fare.Family Weight Loss CampIn addition to their camps designed exclusively for teenaged guests, Wellspring also offers a family weight loss program. This camp site is located on the Pinehurst golf resort, and allows children and adolescents aged five to fourteen to stay at the camp along with their parents. Beyond the summer camp activities like hiking and swimming, this camp also offers personal trainers and massage therapists, as well as counselors who offer assistance restructuring your home life to encourage healthy behaviors and habits.Weight Loss Camp Teen HawaiiThe Wellspring organization's Hawaiian camp is located on Hawaii's Big Island. The camp activities take advantage of the Mauna K[...]

Wellspring Teen Weight Loss Camps

Thu, 24 Jul 2008 02:20:00 +0000

Wellspring is one of the world's largest teen weight loss camp organizations. They maintain a substantial number of camp sites in the US, including California, Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. There are also Wellspring weight loss camps for teens in the UK and Australia.

The main focus of these teen weight loss summer camps, above and beyond improving the health and fitness of the adolescent attendees, is to maintain a spirit of fun. They try to make their camp sites look and feel like regular recreational summer camps, with activities and community feelings so that teen girls and boys can have a good time and feel good about themselves while losing weight and improving their healthiness.

Wellspring prides themselves on providing a different type of experience than weight loss camps teens have traditionally had available to them; they trumpet their weight loss programs as more than mere "fat camps." The difference, they say, is a "scientifically proven and tested diet and activity management program that helps campers lose weight and keep the weight off long-term."

Through all the programs at their teen camps for weight loss, Wellspring attempts to modify the habits of their young campers so that the weight loss they realize during their camping experience will endure after they have returned home. They claim that they do not subject teenagers to overly strict weight loss diet regimens or enforce unhealthy or unsustainable amounts of exercise like many of the "teen weight loss boot camps" that have waxed and waned in popularity over the years. It isn't exactly lazy weight loss either. Instead, they provide sensible weight loss tips to help maintain sensible body composition over the long haul.

Regardless, they report that their average teen weight loss camp resident loses just over four pounds per week during their time at the camp.

Welcome to the Teen Weight Loss Camp Directory

Tue, 15 Jul 2008 00:06:00 +0000

Life as a teenager is extremely difficult as a matter of course, and perhaps doubly so when one is substantially overweight. Obese teens are frequently subject to social exclusion, harassment, and even violence or threats of violence. One of the best ways to eliminate these unnecessary hardships is to spend a summer at one of the many highly-rated teen weight loss camps that are now available. These types of camps offer special services designed to support the emotional needs of overweight teenagers while helping them to achieve a healthy weight and cheerful outlook on life.

The Teen Weight Loss Camp Directory is dedicated to connecting teens in need of this type of assistance with weight loss camps designed to serve their needs by providing sound weight loss advice and extended behavioral training. We hope this directory will be useful to both teens looking for help on their own and for parents who wish to guide their teens into a happier and healthier lifestyle.

We have performed a great deal of research into this subject and will be posting detailed information about teen weight loss camps in various locales and price ranges in order to make it very easy to discover a camp that is a perfect fit for you. Please remember to bookmark this page and return often for up-to-date news and reviews.

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