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Adult Weight Loss Boot Camps

Thu, 23 Jul 2009 21:32:00 +0000

One of the more popular formats for adult weight loss camps these days has become the "weight loss boot camp," which is ostensibly more extreme, severe, or intense than the typical fat camp experience. Some people would argue with the value of this designation, as there is often little difference from an ordinary weight loss camp.On top of this, it is possible that the moniker could encourage potential dieters to think of themselves as being in a position of needing harsh discipline, when in fact they typically only need to learn to work with their bodies in a more cooperative, collaborative, and sensible way.Regardless, the weight loss boot camp has continued to gain prominence, perhaps as a result of the increasing militarization of the western world and the spirit of self sacrifice brought about by a worldwide financial crisis. Also, many would-be camp-goers feel discouraged and disillusioned, and believe they need more intense treatment than they might receive at a health hotel or resort facility.Any weight loss camp you consider should be fully staffed with supportive personal, including a board certified physician, preferably with a specialization in metabolic medicine. This will ensure that your experience will be medically sound and that in the case that anything should happen to you a medical doctor would be readily available who is well versed in the potential side effects of any dietary or exercise regimen that the camp will have you following.You will also want to make sure that you have access to psychological support from a licensed mental health counselor or psychologist, so that you can receive support in changing your long-term patterns of behavior in a way that is compatible with your worldview and encouraging for your sense of self-esteem. This will help to promote long term success by helping you to solidify and generalize everything you learn while away at camp.Of course, you will also expect to receive the support of a qualified nutritional counselor, who will help you to plan not only your meals while at camp, but also the meals you will be eating once you get back. And finally, it is essential that you are afforded the services of a highly qualified personal trainer who can help you to build up muscle mass so that you will increase your metabolic rate, look more fit and toned, and continue to burn fat after you leave the adult weight loss boot camp. You will want to make sure that you are receiving adequate training and motivational support so that you will continue to perform muscle-building exercises regularly after leaving the weight loss camp.With that background in place, here are some of the more prominent weight loss boot camps that you might encounter, with a brief synopsis of the services offered. They are offered in no particular order. Be sure to contact these camps for full details, and to consult with your own doctor before making any decisions.The Live-In Fitness CampLocated in Marina Del Rey, California, this program offers a variety of training packages included an intense "extreme weight loss package." Their program has a heavy emphasis on personal training, and included 5-7 hours of exercise per day. They also offer weekly sessions with a nutritionist, group nutrition and motivational life coaching classes, massage therapy twice a week, posture analysis, and before-and-after body fat testing. They describe their program:This is a fitness retreat with the emphasis on fitness! This is not a spa! They have their place, but we must insist that we are not that. We get results and we, as the experts, will push you at your own level, whether it is boot camp or one of our weight loss programs. As the experts, we guide you in what is best for you and your success. We have different levels and a wide variety of ages at our fitness retreat. We personalize the Live in program to you and your individual needs so you can achieve your maximum results. No matter if you are between our weight loss camps or boot camp at Camp Technique, we train you at your level. Our Fat farm or fit farm is tailor[...]

Wellspring Family & Adult Weight Loss Camps

Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:18:00 +0000

The Wellspring system is one of the world's largest networks of child, adolescent, family, and adult weight loss camps. Their camps are located all around the United States as well as several other countries.

The Wellspring camps are targeted for not only short-term, but sustained weight loss after discharge from the camp. They aim to teach healthy lifestyles and to promote healthy habits to avoid the much-publicized weight gain rebound that weight loss camp attendees frequently experience upon returning home. Wellspring offers counseling services on-site in order to facilitate this adoption of new and healthy habits and to help overcome old unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Adult weight loss camps often appear to be nothing more than weight loss resorts or spas, but Wellspring claims their camps are more than this, focusing on maintaining high activity levels in addition to dietary weight loss adjustments. The activities they offer tend to be based around the locale of the specific camp sites.

Adult Weight Loss Camp Retreats

Unlike their set locations for teen weight loss camps, Wellspring's adult programs tend to be set up as eight-day retreats for adults looking to lose some weight in an "adventure" format. Together with your group, you will embark on an "expedition" intended to produce both rapid weight loss and pervasive changes to your habitual behaviors and lifestyle.

Retreats begin at luxury resorts for initial training in the Wellspring weight loss program. After this initial training period, retreat attendees push off from the luxury resort setting into a series of hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, climbing, and "navigating ropes courses." This makes the program sound a bit like a weight loss boot camp.

At night time, the program winds down for weight loss camping, including training in preparing meals that will help you to maintain your weight after the program is complete. The final day of the program is spent with a spa treatment and some counseling about how to integrate your weight loss learnings into your everyday life back at home with simple tips to sustain weight loss.

Family Weight Loss Camp

While not exclusively for adults, Wellspring also offers a family weight loss camp where parents of overweight children and teens can join their offspring for a structured experience of losing weight and restructuring the family lifestyle. The Wellspring family weight loss camp site is located on the Pinehurst golf resort, and allows children and adolescents aged five to fourteen to stay at the camp along with their parents.

A number of "summer camp" type activities such as hiking and swimming are offered in addition to more comprehensive and targeted services like one-on-one personal fitness training and massage therapy. There is also a full set of counseling services available to provide assistance in restructuring your family life to encourage healthy lifestyles as a part of your everyday family life.

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