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Self Hypnosis for Low Carb Weight Loss

Fri, 19 Jun 2009 21:27:00 +0000

The main problems that people have when dieting tend to be motivation and persistence. It is very difficult to change your lifestyle, and even more difficult to continually turn down the offer of pizza, birthday cake, ice cream, etc. One method that a lot of people find extremely helpful is self hypnosis, which allows you to implement your strategies for sustained, healthy dieting at a deeper level of consciousness. This way, many of your new healthy behaviors begin to feel automatic more quickly, making it much less difficult to sustain the yourself in doing what gets results.

I will point you at a hub that I have found especially useful on this topic: Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss. The reason I liked this article the best out of the various weight loss hypnosis articles I have read is that the author, who is a psychotherapist, takes a decidedly low-carb approach. He also places a heavy emphasis on the fact that dieting is about improving your lifestyle and getting healthier more than it is about some kind of crash course toward decreased weight. In my opinion this approach is much more sensible.

Also, I dislike hypnotists who make extravagant claims about how many pounds you can magically lose in a short period of time, all with the power of your mind. I just don't buy it and in my experience a rapid and easy solution tends to be no solution at all. That is why I like the more level approach, that hypnosis is simply a tool that you can use to improve your dieting, to make it feel more desirable and rewarding to do the things that will make you healthier and happier.

Low Carb Weight Loss Diets We'll Cover

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 21:08:00 +0000

As time goes by, we will be focusing in on each different low carb weight loss plan that has gained popularity, including some that have never gained popularity. We will also discuss some dietary programs that have often been mistakenly referred to as low carb weight loss plans, but which are not actually low in carbohydrate content.This post is to give a brief overview of the low carb diet weight loss plans that you will encounter and that we intend to discuss here in much more detail in future articles. It will also give you an opportunity to post your own thoughts in the comments. We would especially appreciate if you will provide us with further ideas and avenues for research so that we can be reminded of any low carb weight loss programs that we have not thought of or have not yet encountered.New low carbohydrate diet programs appear on the market every day, and some of them are extremely well-researched and scientifically grounded while others are not so. Some diets have been released which are essentially low carb but claim not to be low carb weight loss, while others, as we have mentioned, are typically lumped in with low carb weight loss diets but hardly restrict carbohydrate intake at all.So there is a great deal for the consumer to consider before entrusting his or her health to a low carb diet plan like this, and oftentimes it is simply more information than the average dieter is willing or able to sift through. That is our job, to sift through the information slash marketing hype and to help you understand what each low carb weight loss diet espouses and the reason the diet's creators give for these teachings.Atkins Low Carb Weight Loss DietDr. Robert Atkins reintroduced the modern world to the virtue of low carb weight loss dieting with his famous book "Dr. Atkins Low Carb Diet Revolution." The Atkins low carb weight loss diet has become the standard by which all other such diets are measured by this point, because it is so entrenched in low carb culture. Fortunately for all of us, Dr. Atkins' diet is extremely scientifically and medically sound, and can be safely followed by nearly anyone.The Atkins diet involved a series of phases, beginning with extremely strict carbohydrate restriction and moving up to gradually more carbs in the diet until the dieter has discovered his or her own personal tolerance for carbohydrate. In our discussion of the Atkins diet we will discuss how to do Atkins low carb weight loss in detail, including the common pitfalls of each of the phases of the Atkins diet plan.South Beach Low Carb Weight Loss DietThe South Beach diet is very similar to the Atkins diet but is more permissive in every phase of the diet. You will be eating significantly more carbohydrate right from the beginning of this diet, but it is still a low carb weight loss diet program. You will eat far fewer carbohydrates than you would on a traditional modern weight loss diet. In spite of this, the creator of the South Beach diet, cardiologist Arthur Agatston, maintains that his diet is not a low carb weight loss diet, instead choosing to emphasize the "slow carb" allowances of the diet. Dr. Agatston believes that glycemic index of foods is the important factor, rather than total amount of carbohydrate.Our discussion of the South beach low carb weight loss diet will include elucidation of these issues as well as specific instructions for following the South Beach diet plan if you should decide that it is the right low carb weight loss diet for you.Protein Power Low Carb Weight Loss DietThe Protein Power diet program is one of our personal favorites due to its emphasis on evolutionary biology as a basis for developing a healthy way of eating. The Protein Power low carb weight loss diet plan was created by Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, a husband and wife team of metabolic medicine specialists. The Drs. Eades maintained their own weight loss clinic for many years, and so are extremely knowledgeable about the way that peoples' bodies react to their low carb weight loss diet program.The Pr[...]

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Mon, 14 Jul 2008 23:03:00 +0000

We are happy you have found us and hope you find the information you are looking for here on the Low Carb Weight Loss Diets blog. Our purpose is to ensure that current and potential low carb dieters have a ready source of information about losing weight on a low carb diet.

People often find it difficult to figure out what the differences are between the various low carb weight loss systems, and are frequently confused by the mixed messages they hear in the media regarding the healthiness or unhealthiness of the low carb weight loss approach. Here we will provide you with honest and unbiased explanations of the way that a low carb diet plan can affect your body and the differences between the different types of low carb diets you will find.

We will also examine some of the research for and against low carb diet systems so that you can draw your own conclusions about weight loss with low carb diets.

We are glad you have found the Low Carb Weight Loss Diets blog and hope you find the information here useful. Please let us know if there is any specific information you are looking for and we will do our best to track it down for you or at least point you in the right direction.

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Sat, 12 Jul 2008 23:49:00 +0000

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Sat, 12 Jul 2008 23:47:00 +0000

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