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Unraveling the Mysteries of Breath Steam Cleaning


Have you advised switching to breath steam cleaning? Breath steam charwoman is a different charwoman acclimation that uses aerial temperature (240 to 280 degrees), baptize vapor, and burden to clean, acquit and absterge in one accessible operation. Models of steam breath machines on the bazaar today are lighter, easier to use, and affordable.
How does the charwoman action work? Steam breath machines calefaction tap baptize to an acutely aerial temperature so the baptize forms a fine, dry mist. There is no charge to use chemicals in the charwoman action - the calefaction absolutely does the charwoman for you. It is the dry steam that dislodges clay and stains. The apparent is larboard not alone clean, but sanitized. The aerial temperatures acclimated in the charwoman action not alone cleans, but additionally annihilate bacilli and bacteria.
Vapor steam systems use as little as 1 - 1 ½ quarts of baptize per hour. The all-embracing allowances of application a breath charwoman arrangement include:
* Equipment is accessible to use and has abundant accessibility. Steam breath units can ability into those baby spaces and corners that acceptable charwoman methods accept a adamantine time reaching.
* Breath systems are abundant for carpeting atom removal.
* Breath charwoman kills cast spores in bathrooms and kitchens.
* Because breath charwoman uses alone water, there is no actinic balance larboard abaft afterwards cleaning.
Advanced Breath Technologies, which makes several models of steam breath charwoman systems, afresh formed with the charwoman agents at the University of Washington. Technical specialists from Advanced Breath Technologies accomplished careful workers on the use of their Mondo Vap 2400 steam breath charwoman system. If charwoman agents faced boxy soils, they pretreated with a non-VOC band-aid afore application the steam breath system. Steam breath systems are accessible for both residential and bartering use. Bartering systems run from $1600 to $3200.
New technologies can be boxy to absorb into your absolute charwoman protocol, but a steam breath charwoman arrangement can be an accessible and assisting acclimation for your charwoman company.



If you have rug-rats running around your house the way I do. I can follow my daughter through the rooms by the mess she leaves in her wake. Every stain imaginable is left as evidence of where she has been there. One solution would be to change the carpet every time the mess got too bad. No, I guess like most parents. I have to find a way to clean up the mess myself. The most practical and economical solution is to use a steam cleaner. If you thought steam cleaning was only the purview of cleaning companies, you would be surprised. There are many steam cleaners that are available for the homeowner to buy and use at his own home. The most popular brand is Hoover. I decided to purchase a Hoover steam cleaner even before my daughter became a toddler and started making a mess on her own. The baby mess, with spilled bottles, spit up food and other "acccidents" convinced me that it would be a good investment in the long run, I was warned by other parents about the mess that is inevitable with children, but I had to find out on my own. The almost daily stains that my daughter is responsible for have convinced us that this was the right decision. Even though we have tried to have her be more careful, we are still overwhelmed with stains. Our wonderful steam cleaner, however, gets rid of al the stains, even the most stubborn ones such as coffee (which I can't blame my daughter for!). [...]

How to Clean Leather and Fabric Upholstered Sofas


Cleaning fabric upholstery Most common messes such as dirt, dust, and mud can be removed by shampooing or steam-cleaning the fabric. 1. First, vacuum the entire surface of the sofa to remove dry, loose dirt. 2. Next, it’s time pre-treat the stain. Using a clean, white, very damp cloth, dab the stain to saturate it with water and loosen stubborn dirt particles. 3. Use your cleaning agent to spot-test the upholstery for colorfastness. To test, apply only the dry suds to a hidden part of your sofa’s upholstery and lightly scrub into the fabric with a cloth or soft-bristled brush. Allow the spot to dry. 4. Steam clean the stain. Apply dry suds from your cleaning mixture to the stain. Using the brush attachment on the steam cleaner, firmly and thoroughly shampoo the stained area in even, circular strokes. Once it’s removed, you’ll likely want to steam clean the entire surface of your sofa to ensure that the fabric wears evenly. 5. Allow the upholstery to dry. 6. Apply a fabric protector. This step will help keep your upholstery stain-resistant and durable. Cleaning leather upholstery Most covering sofas are fabricated with accomplished leather, which is absolute for blush accord and advised with a bright top covering for best durability. Because of this process, abounding accepted domiciliary stains–especially clay and mud–can be bankrupt with balmy baptize and a apple-pie blot or cloth. But for boxy stains, or to accord your covering daybed a absolute cleaning, chase these steps: 1. Vacuum the entire surface of the sofa to remove dry, loose dirt. 2. Remove excess soap with a clean, dry, white cloth and allow the leather to dry thoroughly. 3. If the stain is still intact, try applying a specially-formulated leather stain remover. For extremely tough stains, other methods may work more effectively. Remove the cornstarch with a dry white cloth, and repeat the process as necessary. Using a dry white cloth, work the mixture into the entire surface after cleaning and once a month to ensure the longevity of your leather furniture. Weekly dusting and vacuuming, monthly cleaning, and the immediate treatment of stains are the best ways to protect your investment. [...]

Vapor steam cleaner


Vapor steam cleaners use a boiler to heat tap water to high temperatures (240 to 310 degrees) causing the water to be transformed into a very fine, dry mist. The vapor is made up of about 5 to 6% water, so surfaces dry quickly. The vapor particles are much smaller than steam particles allowing the ability to clean in tighter spaces. In 2005, the University of Washington tested a vapor steam cleaner and said “the steam vapor’s low moisture and high temperature provides deeper cleaning because it penetrates into the pores and crevices better than topically applied cleaners”. Since steam vapor cleaners use no chemicals, there is a benefit to indoor air quality, no hazards or risks from using and storing chemicals, and no harmful chemical residue left after the cleaning process.
Vapor steam cleaners have been in use at hospitals.
Recently, green cleaning has been gaining interest and popularity in the quest to end our reliance on disinfecting chemicals. Technology has provided us with vapor steam cleaners to combat mold, bacteria, viruses, mildew, and fungus without the use of chemicals. In addition, Rona Fried, Ph D. said “the fact that you can achieve sanitation from tap water frees you from chemical-safety concerns.”