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Life Size Predalien bust revealed at SDCC!


Now that San Diego Comic Con is over, we can get one with talking about some of the new products that Sideshow collectibles unveiled in a little more depth! First up is the incredible life size Predalien bust from Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem!

Check this beast out:


This awesome bust of the infamous hybrid creature from the second crossover AVP movie is huge. Standing at approximately 24 inches high, it is pretty much as imposing as it gets!

The life size Predalien bust is set to be limited, but we don't know what the limited edition run will consist of yet. It is to shipn in the first 1/4 of next year.

The specs for this piece were taken straight from the moulds used to make the movie costume itself, so this is as close as it gets to the real thing that you see onscreen. The movie may have SUCKED, but the collectibles continue to be fantastic!

More from the new Sideshow Collectibles items soon!

New Sideshow Collectibles items unveiled at San Diego Comic Con


(image) The full list of Sideshow Collectibles' SDCC announcements is live, giving the fans all over the world that couldn’t; go to SDCC a look at the new ranges!

There's a heck of a great selection of items on show and available to see online, and some of them are already available to pre order from Sideshow Collectibles!

early favourites? That immense Millennium Falcon replica is, well, immense, and the replica of the new Star Trek movie Enterprise is just as schweet!

The Star wars range gets a serious boost with all of those new Star Wars 12 inch figures, statues and stuff (Loving the 'Birth of the Sith' bronze statues), giving further proof that Sideshow Collectibles are the best at what they do,.

What else? Check out the list of new Sideshow Collectibles items for yourself! That Lord of the Rings Battle Diorama is incredible!!!
The new Marvel statues look hella sweet too, with even Ghost Rider looking awesome.

There are also some awesome new Alien Vs Predator collectibles and video game items too! This is the best SDCC range yet!

As mentioned, some of those items are already available to pre-order from Sideshow, but here we'll be going through the best of these items individually as they become available to order! Watch this space!!!!

Sideshow Collectibles exclusives and new items at San Diego Comic Con!


Sideshow Collectibles have really pushed the boat out with their presence at this year's San Diego Comic Con, the 40th annual event covering film, TV, comics and collectibles. As well as a huge exhibition hall, they're running a booth where you can meet several of the artists and sculptors that make Sideshow Collectibles so special!

Sideshow, as ever, have made a number of items available exclusively at San Diego Comic Con, with just ten percent of the run of each items being made available to non-attendees.

This year's Sideshow e(image) xclusives include: The Butcher 12-inch Figure, Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise 12 inch figure set, Lord of the Rings 'Mount Doom' - Frodo and Sam Diorama, Iron Man Gunmetal Grey Iron Man Mark III Hot Toys Marvel 12-inch Figure, G.I. Joe: Crimson Cobra Commander 12-inch figure, Mickey Mouse: Runaway Brain Oversize Medicom Toy, and a Mort - Black and White Edition Vinyl Figure.

Sideshow Colelctibles have also made a large number of their back cataloguie items available at a lower price. The discounted Sideshow Collectibles items are now available to check out over at their website!

As for new Sideshow Collectibles items, previews are up for every suingle one, but they are not yet live to purchase. New items include additions for: Star Wars, Alien and Predator, C.I. Joe, Lord of the Rings, Disney, video games, Buffy and more! We'll be going through all of the new itenms right here, so check back soon!

We love you Sideshow Collectibles!


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