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Updated: 2018-03-05T23:01:03.810-08:00


The San Diego Comic Con begins!


(image) The massive San Diego Comic Con is getting started today with a special preview evening that sees a bunch of TV shows get their pilots aired for the first time. The shows in question include the first episodes of Human Target, the remake of V and The Vampire Diaries.

These great pilots will start off the 40th annual San Diego Comic Con in true style, warming up the privileged few for what is to come the erst of the week. We'll be bringing you the highlights of this year's SDCC right here. We're just starting up this new blog, but we're determined to bring you something awesome to say thanks for clicking and coming here. After all, it's you guys that we're writing this for.

So as soon as the festivities get started tomorrow, we'll be scouring the net for the latest announcements and news from the event, including the reactions to new movies that are getting teased, including Avatar, Twilight: New Moon, Iron man 2 and loads more. There are rumoured to be some big revelations at this year's SDCC, so we'll be keeping 'em peeled for the best morsels of cool news for you to take in.

We're also keeping an eye on the new collectibles that are being made available or showcased at SDCC, including the awesome exhibitions of new products offered by Sideshow Collectibles, McFarlane and more!

Welcome to the Comic Comet!


With a Biff-Pow-BOOM the Comic Comet has landed right between your eyes. Here we'll be covering all kinds of comics industry news and reviews to help you get your fix of glorious printed matter.

Why here? Why now? The Comic Comet guys are huge fans of comics and graphic novels, and we've talked about doing something like this for a while now. The timing is down to one thing- SDCC! As the San Diego Comic Con is about to get underway, it seemed like the perfect time to start this place up and get talking about comics, action figures, graphic novels, collectibles and more!

So stick our feed in your reader or bookmark the site, and visit back often! Here comes the Comet!