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Chevrolet Repair Dayton Ohio

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Chevrolet Repair Dayton Ohio

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Chevrolet Repair Dayton Ohio

Today’s economic times are encouraging motorists to keep their cars longer than in years past. This presents no major problem because modern automobiles, SUVs and light trucks will faithfully serve their owners for many, many miles. Some vehicles rack up hundreds of thousands of miles without a major difficulty, but it does require the following of a few basic rules if a vehicle is to provide reliable service.

Don’t wait until it breaks – Professional plant maintenance engineers will tell you that predictive, preventive maintenance is the key to good equipment service. A PPM program anticipates equipment wear and monitors this machinery using analyses of several indicators; ultrasound, vibration and fluid analysis. In a vehicle, however, most motorists are neither equipped, nor technically prepared to perform PPM on their vehicle, however necessary it may be, so the selection of a reliable, reasonable, highly-trained automobile technical center is paramount to a maintenance program.

Preventive maintenance on a vehicle involves regular changes of all the fluids; motor oil and filter, transmission fluid, differential gear oil, even power steering and brake fluids should be regularly changed, though not as frequently as motor oil. In addition the cooling system should be serviced, all the hoses and connectors checked and thermostat cleaned or replaced as necessary. Serpentine belts should be checked and replaced when they show signs of wear.

The suspension and brake components should be checked for signs of wear and serviced or replaced as necessary. An out-of-alignment vehicle will wear tires prematurely and in a pattern that will cause road noise, as well as wear the suspension and steering members. Brake pads should also be checked and replaced when worn, rotors turned and calipers serviced, so that when you need to stop, you do.

By developing a business relationship with a technically advanced, reliable auto tech firm, you are making an appropriate investment in your vehicle. If you ever do have a catastrophic failure of a part or accessory, you have the comfort of knowing that the people who will fix the problem are familiar with your vehicle and have a record of all the services performed.

Motorists in the Dayton, OH metropolitan area have found that Murphy’s Autocare is the place to take your car, truck or SUV for the very best in maintenance or repair services. Murphy’s highly trained technicians have the modern equipment and tools to assure that the job is done right the first time, whether it is simply and oil and filter change, tune-up, alignment, brakes and suspension or a major repair. Murphy’s Autocare certified technicians can service any component on your vehicle, including the air conditioning system.

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In the Ohio area: Serving Dayton, Beavercreek, Fairborn, Xenia, Kettering and Wright Patterson AFB.

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