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30 Inch LCD Computer Monitor


Well strangely enough I just went out and bought a new 30 inch computer monitor. I just made a post about if the 30 inch monitor was better than the 26 inch computer monitor which helped me realise that the 30 inch computer monitor was the one I wanted.

The brand I went for was Samsung. It is one of the more expensive brands on the computer monitors market but all the Samsung monitors are so well designed that I just couldn't help myself. If you do a google images seach for Samsung 30 Inch Computer Monitor then you will see how good they look!

LCD Computer Monitors Website


I have just decided to start my own website selling LCD computer monitor products. You can find the site by following the previous link. I have tried to make it easy for visitors to navigate and would love to hear anyones feedback on that.

It is my aim to show all the visitors that go onto the site the best widescreen computer monitors and some of the best large computer monitor products that money can buy. All of the products come from ebay so you shouldn't have a problem finding a really good deal.

my site will be able to save you some money when you do buy LCD computer monitors online!

26 Inch or 30 Inch computer monitor?


Many people don't seem to be able to decide between buying a 26 inch computer monitor and a 30 inch computer monitor. With a 26 inch computer monitor you are always going to find you have a little bit more space on your desk. However, a 30 inch computer monitor is not that much bigger and does provide you with more on screen space.

Deciding between the two is quite difficult but what it really comes down to is how much size you need. If you can afford to the 30 inch computer monitor and think you will need a little more space then go with that one. If you want to save a little money and are not to bothered about size then the 26 inch is the best choice for your.

To be honest whichever one you decide to buy will probably be much better than your current monitor!

Huge Computer Monitors


Well if there are quite a few huge computer monitors on the market at the moment and if your in the market to buy one then it can be difficult to know what on earth to look for. I found a great squidoo lens which had a pretty niche little guide for computer monitor buyers. You can find it buy following this lcd computer monitor link.

You pretty much have two main choices when looking at large computer monitors you either go for widescreen computer monitors or you go for two 19 inch computer monitors. There are benefits to having 2 monitors such as being able to transfer them to use on another machine easier. However it is usually best if you just get one big monitor. This allows for a little more screen space and often looks a lot better on your desk.

What Size LCD To Buy?


When looking for LCD computer montiors it can be difficult to decide what size of lcd computer monitor you want to buy. Well as your probably already know there are lots of different sizes out there to choose from. If you want my advise I would say go as big as you possibly can. A 30 inch computer monitor is a wonderful asset to have on your desk especially if you spend a lot of time working on your computer or using a computer for leisure.

The bigger the monitor you decide to buy the more expensive it is going to be. However there are lots of different brands out there and someone always has a special offer on so if you look long and hard enough then you should have no problem at all finding a real bargain. Especially if you shop online!

Large Computer Monitor


There are some serious advantages to owning a large computer monitor not only just the fact that it looks good. Most people find that their productivity vastly improves when they get a bigger computer screen. I know from experiance! When I was looking for large computer monitors I wasn't sure the extra space was going to make that much differance but in actual fact I would say it has upped my producting levels by atleast 20%. For anyone with their own business or who uses their computer a lot it is an absolute no brainer to buy one as soon as possible. Not only will it save you time but it will be easier on your eyes, neck and back! Which is a major plus for anyone who works on a computer monitor all day long.

LCD Computer Monitor


Welcome to LCD computer monitor a blog about LCD computer monitors. Today I am going to be talking about the cheapest place on the internet to buy samsung computer screens and other computer monitors. Well ebay I hear you cry! Actually this is better than ebay it's a store which hand picks all the prodcuts it displays from ebay so that the customer only gets to see the products that they are interested in. The store also only lists items which is feels are really good value for money! A great added bonus when your shopping for an LCD computer monitor which by the way are without a doubt the best kind of Samsung computer screen that money can buy! Check out my favorite Samsung computer screen below.