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Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

Desert safari's are one of the must have experience in every man's life. We at "DESERT SAFARI DUBAI" provide you with facilities for experiencing the magic of deserts and their beauty inside out.

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Explore Dubai Desert in Dune Buggy


(image) Dubai Desert safari is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. There are plenty of activities which will allow you to feel the richness of the mystic deserts in Dubai. One such activity is a dune buggy safari. It is new version of off-road exploration.

Before getting ready for dune buggy safari let’s know in detail what a dune buggy is - It is a recreational vehicle with large wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sand dunes or beaches. The design is usually a modified vehicle and engine mounted on an open chassis. Driving this sophisticated vehicle on challenging sand dunes of Dubai deserts is an experience of a lifetime! What makes this ride a must try is, the advantage of high scale excitement with necessary safety precautions provided. Each dune buggy comes equipped with a full roll cage, bucket seats and full safety harnesses. While riding these dune buggies in deserts you can witness some amazing wildlife as well the enchanting vistas of sunsets. Hence, Desert safari tour in Dubai will offer you to try out dune buggy safari and enjoy maximum thrills and nature in middle of the deserts.

One World Travels is a leading travel company in Dubai offering desert safari tour packages at excellent prices. Dune buggy safaris are available during the morning as well as evening hours. Tailor made packages can also be arranged for larger groups by offering additional activities.

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Desert Safaris in Dubai Still Preserve The Traditional Bedouin Culture!


(image) Dubai is one of the finest tourist’s destinations in the world offering visitors with gorgeous attractions to enjoy their Dubai holidays. Dubai’s culture, its vibrant lifestyle and its religion play a big part in making the city what it is. A desert safari in Dubai, which is one of the most popular activities in Dubai, gives you the chance of experiencing the beautiful Arab culture.

The culture of Dubai is entrenched with its Islamic religion and traditions of the Arab and the Bedouin culture. The great Arab culture is reflected in traditional forms of art, music, dance and poems. The legendary hospitality of the Arabs is known the world over. They charm and allure their guests with genuine warmth and friendliness. One of the best ways to get close to the Arab culture is the over night desert safari in Dubai. This desert safari is so designed that it allows you to indulge in various traditional activities from camel safari to see live performances of folk dances and from relishing delicious BBQ dinner to puffing the aromatic sheesha. A lot of tourists and locals book a Dubai Desert Safari Tour to apprehend themselves with Arabic traditions. Many things of this tour are part of yesteryear's Arabic lifestyle. The modern city life in Dubai does not show the picture of traditional Arabia only deserts will show the life that Arabs lived in earlier days.

One World Travels has specialized in the desert safari business for a very long time. They also provide many different packages for an unforgettable experience of the challenging deserts in Dubai. Hence, select an overnight desert safari package and escape in the authentic Arab traditions and culture.

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Crazy Quad Bike Safari!


(image) The only time a person becomes a perfect meanderer is when he is on a quad bike on a desert safari. The quad bike desert safari is a toast to every adventurer's thirst to quench his adrenaline rush.

Quad bike safari is aptly entertaining and carves a position of favoritism in the minds of the toured. Even the sight of an All Terrain Vehicle {ATV} makes the traveler wanting to rush into the sand and break through all the sand dunes. An integral part of the various desert safari tours in Dubai, quad bike safari leave its enjoyers wanting for more. One can wobble through the sand dunes at various levels. Weaving through the seemingly endless desert is simply marvelous. Bike riders around the world would have been dreaming to ride their bikes without traffic and signals. Here is a chance for all of you to live your dream. It is very rare to enjoy your bike ride without those irritating honks. In these deserts you will experience the freedom from all the rules that you worry about while driving on roads. The feeling one gets after riding through the desert under the guide's instructions, is something better felt than explained. The desert safari tours are a must experience for everybody.

We at One World Travels make sure that you enjoy this safari to your utmost satisfaction. You will come across several chances of quad biking. You can get in touch with us to experience this once in a life- time opportunity to its best level.

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Dubai Desert Safari – A Nice Getaway for Dubai Residents


Dubai is a leading business and as well as travel hub! Most of the best structures in the entire world are built in Dubai alone. The best examples of this city’s caliber include the steel structure called Burj Khalifa, the sail shaped Burj Al Arab and also the artificial island of Jebel Ali. As the city grows the work pressure also increases. So to get-away from the bustling work for a while Dubai residents choose for desert safari excursions.

Attractions of Dubai are not only enjoyed by tourists but also by the locals. There are many locals of Dubai who still go in for desert safari tour to ease themselves from their every day work load. Deserts in Dubai are the best place for the locals to relax themselves from the hectic city life. Adventurous activity like dune buggy safari and quad biking helps them to relieve the stress of work from their minds. Thursday’s and Friday’s are the two days where locals get a break from their work. Desert safari gives them fun-filled desert activities in form of dune drive, camel ride, henna painting, etc. Each of these elevating activities gives a sense of satisfaction to the locals. Moreover, it acts as a great diversion from the city life. Most of the locals like to stay in desert so that they can also enjoy the mouth-watering BBQ dinner and entertaining dance form like belly dancing, tanoura dance and fire dance. Locals of Dubai get a good change from the hustle bustle of city life by witnessing the desert safari.

One World Travels specifically aims at promoting the thrilling and adventurous fronts of the deserts in Dubai. They offer customized desert safari tour packages at excellent rates.

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Desert Safari at its Best with One World Travels!


Desert Safari tour in Dubai is included amongst the top 10 activities in Dubai. Its peculiar climate, thrills, luscious dinner, culture and heritage attracts millions of tourists all across the world. However, you can now experience the desert safari at its best with One World Travels only at AED 99.

One World Travels is one of the leading Dubai travels services dealing in desert safari business since long period of time. They have extensive list of desert safari packages to match the requirements and convenience of the clients. Desert safari tour is one of the exciting activities which can not be missed during Dubai tours! You will start your desert safari excursion with the adventurous rides like dune drive, quad bike, sand skiing and camel safari. After experiencing this breath taking adventures you will head towards the Bedouin campsite for relaxation. It is one of the most gorgeous highlights during your desert safari tour. Its low tables and cushions, welcome drink of Arabic coffee, henna painting, sheesha’s and relishing the hot spicy barbeque dinner while watching the live performances of belly dancers, fire dance and tanoura dance gives you the opportunity to feel Dubai’s past. It also has small tents built around the campsite giving away a typical Arabic look. Enjoying these live performances and entertainments under the star lit skies is nothing much to say about but a great deal to experience!

One World Travels ensure to give maximum pleasure to all their guests at desert safari tour only at AED 99. Its excellent services and special attentions to cleanliness and hygiene make One World Travels one of the best travel services in Dubai.

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Dates Announced For Dubai Desert Classic 2011


Dubai is now firmly established as a leading golf holiday destination. However, golf is just one of the many attractions to offer you during your Dubai holidays. Hence, if you are interested to have a golf break then Omega Dubai Desert Classic 2011 is the right event to move for Dubai.

The Dubai Desert Classic is an annual professional golf tournament which will take place at the Emirates Golf Club from 7th to 13th February 2011. It has been part of the European Tour schedule since its inauguration in 1989, and was the first European Tour event to be staged in the Middle East. This event is acclaimed for attracting some of the well known personalities in the world of golf. The event is backed by Omega as the title sponsor and Dubal (Dubai Aluminium) as the sponsor. The co-sponsors are: CNN, Gulf News, Emirates Airline, Emirates NBD, Mercedes-Benz, Jumeirah and Wasl while Dubai Duty Free, Carpetland and Motivate are the Patrons in golf in Dubai’s drive to showcase the emirates vibrant golfing scene to a worldwide audience. It is an excellent place that is filled with all the necessary aspects that travelers want from an outstanding Dubai Tours. Ernie Els has been very successful in conquering the Desert Classic Tournament thrice on different occasions. However, the 2011 Dubai Desert Classic
has created a lot of buzz amongst golf lovers with Tiger Woods confirming his participation in the event. He won in 2006 and 2008 in his previous five visits to the city. You can plan your Dubai desert safari tour keeping in mind the schedule of Dubai Desert Classic tournament.

One World Travels is a well known travel company in Dubai offering best Dubai desert tour. They have specialized in the desert safari business for a very long time and have many different packages to offer keeping in mind the convenience and requirements of the clients

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Dubai Desert and Its Charming Wildlife


(image) There is much more to experience in the deserts in Dubai rather then only thrilling rides and Arabic culture. On your desert safari tour you will find that Dubai not only has an abundant population of local fauna but is also rather envied for the exoticness of its animals and birds.

The desert in Dubai is not what we generally think of as barren and in hospitable. It indeed has a charm of its own. However, due to the peculiar property of sand the desert temperatures can vary to great extent. During the day time it is extreme hot and in the night, temperatures go low. Thus, only animals that can withstand the heat can survive in the desert. Most of the animals like the sand skunk and sand boa move rapidly beneath the surface of loose sand or spend time in deep burrows and holes. Most species emerge only at night when the desert is cooler. Other rare animals you might espy on your Dubai desert safari tour are the desert eagle, long legged buzzard, little owl, brown necked raven, Arabian leopard, the Ibex, striped hyenas, the white Oryx and Gordon’s wildcat. In addition the cream colored courser and the black crowned finch are also seen. During the winter months these local species are joined by migratory birds from central Asia like the warbler and hauberk bustard.

Wildlife of Dubai deserts are worth witnessing during your Dubai tours. One World Travels is one of the best Dubai travel services offering varied desert safari tour packages at absolutely attractive rates.

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Dubai Deserts: A Key Destination for Holidaymakers


During your Dubai holidays you will come across to many attractions which can’t be expressed in words and their worth can’t be idealized verbally. One such attraction is a desert safari tour in Dubai. A trip to deserts in Dubai is a fascinating method to explore Dubai’s history and culture.

Desert safaris in Dubai is a one stop spot if you want to experience thrilling adventures, panoramic views of sunsets, authentic Arab culture and cuisines. It begins with an amazing roller coaster dune drive in a 4 wheeler vehicle driven by an expert driver. The best part of this ride is dashing with the challenging sand dunes and feeling the rush of adventure. Once in the desert, you can also enjoy the ride on the camelback. On the camel safari you will take a trip to the local Bedouin village and have a look at the desert life. It’s an amazing feeling to experience Dubai’s cultural heritage and spend some time with the residents of the village. Also, enjoy the Desert Safaris in Dubai to the optimum level with Wadi-Bashing or Sand-Skiing. As the Dubai desert tour approaches towards night, it is time to relish the desert feast. You will be served traditional Arabian barbeque under the star-lit night on the camps. You can have the choice of a peaceful romantic dinner or the evening full of entertainment with lively music, belly dancing and smoking of hookah or the Hubble-bubble pipes on the Desert Safaris in Dubai.

Deserts in Dubai have a lot to offer and so do One World Travels. It is a reputed travel company in Dubai and haven arranging desert safari tours since many years. Their excellent service and varied tour packages make them one of the best Dubai travel services.

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Balloon Ride in Deserts!


The deserts in Dubai are the silent spectator of the transformation of this Gulf country. It is now a major tourists spot and compels visitors to take a safari during their Dubai holidays. There are many activities to do in deserts like dune drive, quad biking, camel ride, etc. But apart from that another adventurous activity is flying high in the hot balloon.

Getting up early in the morning is always disliked by most of us. But you will love to get up early when you will be going for a hot air balloon ride. Such a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, a balloon ride is a wonderful, tranquil experience. The pleasure of this ride is doubled with the beauty of dawn and the sunrise. Deserts in Dubai are beautiful to witness at any time. But, morning is the best time to witness breathtaking views and incredible desertscapes. It is also the best time for flying as the cool and serene ambience adds to the experience. This early morning balloon ride during your desert safari tour will make you forget all your stress. During your balloon ride you will observe the angelic desert. The beauty of the sunrise is not only for the sky but it also gives different hues to the dunes. It seems as if the desert has enveloped it self with the shining red and orange colored carpet.

One World Travels which is a reputed travel company in Dubai which arranges hot air balloon rides for tourists as well locals. This balloon ride will give you the chance to experience the adventure trip up in the sky during your desert safari tour.

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Elegant Resorts in Middle of Dubai Deserts


Deserts in Dubai are not only limited to adventure rides, Arabic culture or just dances but it is much more then that. During your desert safari tour you will witness some of the most elegant and classy resorts which are worth witnessing. To name them few:

Al Maha Desert Resort – It is an idyllic, exclusive oasis, set within a 25-square kilometer desert conservation reserve. It is built in the style of a traditional Bedouin encampment and guest areas are adorned with traditional artifacts and precious antiquities. This is a place of unique contrasts with luxurious individual suites, private pools, fine dining, exquisite wines, panoramic skyscrapers and indigenous flora and fauna are all set within wide open plains. It allows guests to unwind, relax and experience total peace and balance.

Ban Al Shams Desert Resort – It is a 5 star luxury resort beautifully situated amongst the dunes of deserts in Dubai. It is built in the style of a traditional Arabic fort offering unique desert experience. It has fantastic range of recreational activities to offer guests like camel rides, traditional falconers or a desert jeep safari. Alternatively, relax in the hotels infinity pool overlooking the desert or pay a visit to the Satori Spa with its indoor and outdoor treatment rooms.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort – This is another one of the elegant resort in middle of Dubai deserts. It is a bold architectural marvel in vastness of the golden desert landscape. You can delight various options like a bird’s eye view of the deserts from majestic sand dunes; cherish cherry flavored sheesha under the star lit skies, an exfoliating sun bath, then a soak in a hammam to the intoxicating aromas of rare Arabian oils.

The desert in Dubai has a lot to offer you and so does One World Travels. Make the best of your Dubai holidays by including these classy desert resorts as a ‘must-see’ in your desert sightseeing list.

Desert Feast!


We all love food and there are many of us who have a desire to taste all the delicacies in the world. A rich Arabic lifestyle will serve you a variety of dishes. During your Dubai holidays don’t miss the chance to taste barbeque dinner. Relishing this dinner number of times is the added advantage of your Dubai tours.

Barbeque is generally cooked in an open environment. It is heated by the smoke of charcoal or wood. Meat cooked in such a way is finger licking. The restaurants which cook barbeque have large bricks or metal ovens specially designed for this purpose. It is an altogether distinctive experience to enjoy the barbeque while you are on Dubai desert tour. As barbeque is cooked in the open air an aromatic smoke coming from the food will make your hunger pangs strike harder. You will not be able to resist yourself from eating this heavenly food. Your heart will crave for more even after your stomach is full. Cool wind blowing in the open environment, sky seems to be diamond studded ceiling above your head, rhythmic moves of belly dance. All these while biting in fresh, aromatic, hot barbeque in the desert in Dubai is a luscious experience. It will be like a cherry on the cake.

Desert Safari Tour with One World Travels has many occasions when you will be enjoying this mouthwatering feast of barbeque dinner. Our vegetarian guests should not feel left out as we also serve specially prepared vegetarian food.

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Ever Increasing Demand of Desert Safari Tour


Dubai is the famous tourist destination. It is considered as the best city to spend the vacation time. Skyscraper buildings, lavish parks, architecture, etc. is the eye candy for the tourists. Above all these, Dubai Desert Safari is also one of the major attractions for tourists and is gaining immense popularity day by day.

From the past few years there have been constant rise in number of people visiting Dubai from all over the world. Tourists give immense importance to desert safari during their Dubai tour. It has been the most exciting and thrilling attraction for the tourists. During Dubai desert safari tour tourists can have a complete power pack experience. It’s a package of fun, entertainment and adventure. Moreover, there are various packages available like morning desert safari, evening desert safari and overnight desert safari for the tourists. You can choose any desert safaris as per your choice and convenience. This is an added advantage for the tourists. The above mentioned safaris have lot to offer. Overnight deserts safaris are in more demand as it gives the tourist a chance to experience the authentic Arab culture in couple of hours. Tourists can enjoy belly dancing, delicious barbeque meal, puffing shisha, traditional Arabic coffee, etc all at a time.

One World Travels which is a well known travel company in Dubai specializes in desert safari tour business since very long. It owes an excellent service standard that identifies the various elements of their clients and serves them by paying personal attention to their needs.

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Belly Dancing On Deserts


(image) Dramatic, yet subtle . . . Majestic, but personal . . . Unique and unforgettable . . . belly dance is one of the most beautiful attractions of Dubai deserts. Loaded with numerous adventures, Dubai deserts safari also offers cultural entertainment to its visitors, one of which is belly dancing. It is known as a folk dance of the UAE and is an inseparable part of the Arabic tradition.
Belly dance is a western-coined name, but in Middle East it is referred to as raqs baladi which means “dance of the country” or “folk dance”. It is one of the oldest forms of traditional Arabic entertainment. It has many different regional forms in its costumes and styles. Although the main belly dance costumes consists of the skirt or harem pants and the fitting blouse. It is a typical outfit which is called ‘bedlah’ in Arabic which simply means a suit. This attire is very attractively sewn with coins, sequin and are made from shimmering material which make belly dancers look ravishing while dancing. During your Dubai holidays you will come across many shopping centers which sell these gorgeous belly dance costumes you can buy them as per your choice. There are various styles of belly dances like shiver or shimmy, hip hits, undulations, etc, but most famous dance style is shimmy. So shake a leg along the beautiful belly dancers and spend the memorable evening on your Dubai desert tour.

One World Travels has specialized in the desert safari business for a very long time and provide different packages for an unforgettable experience. They organize many belly dancing shows and allow you to witness this beautiful art form in the deserts in Dubai.

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Dubai Desert Safari Can Minus Stress


In this fast growing world people are always on foot to catch up with work, business deals, jobs, household work etc. Due to this the stress level among people has increased which make them tired and uneasy. However, there are plenty of ways to beat your stress during your Dubai holidays, one of which is desert safari tour.

There is nothing like a desert safari tour in Dubai to beat stress! Its amazing combination of adventure and culture provides visitors and tourists with a unique experience. The popularity of Dubai desert safari is increasing day by day. Not only tourists but also locals from neighboring emirates visit Dubai to enjoy the desert safari tour. It makes a perfect getaway to cut yourself from the hustle-bustle of the city and day to day routine for a while. Its list of adventures like dune drive, quad bike, camel ride, sand ski, etc, will allow you to forget stress and get sanded in the deserts of Dubai. The most interesting part of Dubai desert safari is the chance to experience the typical Bedouin camp. It’s an overnight camp which includes number of Arabic activities like BBQ dinner, belly dancing, sheesha, henna tattoo and you can also try the typical Arab attire to feel the authentic tradition.

Desert safari tour is sure to load you with fun and excitement and rejuvenate you to compete with this fact paced world. One World Travels arranges best desert safari tour packages at attractive prices. So, get ready for the unforgettable desert excursion only with One World Travels.

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Which Desert Safari You Need…???


(image) Desert safari in Dubai is one of the most happening and interesting activities in Dubai. Tourists across the globe flock to Dubai to witness this daring deed and gain maximum fun out of it. Missing out desert safari tour during your Dubai holidays is something you will regret life long. Hence, One World Travels arranges varied desert safari tours which you can witness as per your needs and requirements:

Morning Desert Safari – The name itself suggest that it is a tour to deserts in the morning. This tour is perfect to kick start your day! Filled with multiple of thrilling adventures, morning desert safari will be a good deal for adventure lovers. It is also useful for business travelers who visit Dubai for short period of time. It’s a 4 hrs excursion which will allow you to enjoy maximum in short period.

Evening Desert Safari – This tour is one of the best ways to make your lazy evening livelier. Mystic beauty of deserts, picturesque sunset, authentic camel ride, and typical Bedouin camp will leave you with some unforgettable memories. The interesting part of this desert safari is you can enjoy the BBQ dinner watching the live dances in the camp.

Overnight Desert Safari – It is a full night entertainment safari which involves belly dancing, delicious BBQ meal, puffing flavored sheesha, painting your hands and legs with henna, wearing typical Arab attire and much more. This desert safari is more common among youths and couples. However, this is an ultimate desert safari tour to feel the depth of Dubai deserts in starry nights and moon lit skies.

Hence, book any of the above mentioned deserts safari tours with One World Travels and make your Dubai holidays one of the best trips ever!!!

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Dubai Desert Safari – A Best Holiday Activity!!!


(image) Nowhere in the world seems to epitomize an exciting pleasure trip quite like the Desert safari in Dubai. An unquestionable charm and passion on the desert safari tour sweeps along the tourists like the inimitable pied piper’s charm. The pulsating round trip cast its spell and echoes the spirit of Dubai desert safari for the life time. Dune drive, Camel ride, barbecue, camps away from home, belly dancing in the camp at night, Bedouins culture are the heartthrob in Dubai deserts.

Dune drive is a form of off-road driving to explore the way on sand dunes of the desert. This drive is exhilarating but at the same time risky. So, you should be aware and select good Dubai travel services. After the numerous thrilling adventures you will come across the wandering nomads ‘Bedouins’ which are one of the oldest aborigines of the place and will make you interact with a rich and cultural legacy in the sand dunes of desert safari. Bedouins camp situated deeper inside the deserts is another eye catching sight for the visitors. This campsite includes low tables and cushions to lounge, henna painting, BBQ dinner, sheesha, belly dancing and many more fascinating activities to explore. Dubai desert safari tour also proves to be an ultimate destination for photographers, as the sun descends in horizon it reflects a perfect picturesque of the fading sand dunes.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour booked via One World Travels will give you the opportunity to meet with the local traditional culture, to enjoy the fascinating sights, to enliven an adventurous drive and mingle with Bedouin and their way of living. Desert safari is a unique experience for a life long fun.

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Safe Desert Excursion


Deserts in Dubai are known for their authenticity and is a must visit during your Dubai holidays. Visitors around the world can’t stop themselves from appreciating the natural beauty of the deserts. However, whether you are planning a day-trip or overnight desert safari, there are certain things you need to keep in mind and take with you.Morning Desert Safari:- Water, carry plenty of water bottles with you and also for car incase it overheats.- First Aid kit which includes bandages, disinfectant spray, burn cream, etc incase if you are hurt while trying out different adventures sports.- Carry electrolyte drinks like Gatorade, Isostar or similar. It will help you combat with any nausea or sun stroke.- Sun screen lotion, hat, and sunglasses to prevent your skin from sun.Overnight Desert Safari: - Mats/Blankets for sitting on deserts.- Lights, torches storm candles, anything that will help you find your way in dark- An extra pair of clothes in case of spillage, stinking, etc.- A pair of good walking shoes as you may not get far in flip-flops- Jackets to cover yourself as it can get windy in deserts & in winter months night-time temperatures drop down to 5-10 degree Celsius.One World Travels is a well-known travel company in Dubai and arranges different kinds of desert safari tour in Dubai. You will experience safe and comfortable journey with us. Our services are loved by all our customers as we provide them maximum satisfaction at reasonable prices.image credit:[...]

Experience the Typical Bedouin Camp


(image) Bedouin camp is one of the most beautiful and a worth witnessing activity in Dubai deserts. After experiencing all the fun of thrilling adventures, this Bedouin campsite is a relaxing venue to spend rest of the evening. Typically decorated with fine cushions and covers, low sitting tables, soft bed and nicely built tents of the camp gives you an authentic Arabic environment.

You can experience some amazing activities at Bedouin camp, to name them:

BBQ Dinner- You will relish a mouth-watering barbecued dinner prepared at the camping site itself. The smoky smell of grilled beef and chicken will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Sheesha – This is one of the most enjoyed activities in the campsite. The hubble–bubble noise while puffing sheesha will give you a pleasurable feeling. There are also many flavors available, you can select one of your choices and enjoy the ambrosial smoke of sheesha.

Henna Tattoo – It is included as one of the most important part in the UAE culture. Henna tattoos are applied by the local women’s on various occasions as well as festivals. This is a very attractive part of the camp. You will find many tattoo artists in the camp itself who will paint your hands, legs, with henna.

Dances – This is the exciting part of the camp. You will witness many dances like belly dance, tanoura dance and fire dance which are sure to set desert camp on fire!

This typically Bedouin campsite will definitely bring you close to the Arab culture and allow you to indulge yourself completely into the deserts of Dubai. Book your overnight desert safari tour with One World Travels and witness all the above mentioned activities.

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Tanoura Dance in Deserts!


Dubai desert safari tour is not only about thrilling adventures and picturesque scenery. There is much more that deserts in Dubai have to offer. Loaded with numerous adventures, desert safari tour also offers you cultural entertainment, one of which is tanoura dance. It is Egyptian folk dance which is usually performed during festivals.

Tanoura means skirt in English and it is performed by sufi men. The different elements of ‘Tanoura’ stand for various messages. It is a story that connects men to the divine; a dance that refers to the relationship of land and the sky, man and God. To be able to show this through the dance, the performers' round skirts and swirling actually refer to the circle of life or the universe. The specially-designed miniature light bulbs in their costumes that only come on at the middle of the dance refer to the new life and pure soul. With this explanation, the ‘Tanoura’ is somehow a dance of prayer. Aside from its mystic story, their colorful costume denotes various human feelings and experiences. The mysterious sound of drums and the flute and the graceful movements throughout the dance will contribute to offer a magical show that is sure to mesmerize you.

The best way to enjoy this unique dance form is by booking your overnight desert safari tour with One World Travels. You will not only enjoy tanoura dance but will also enjoy the belly dance and fire dance in the deserts. One World Travels provides you with the mystic beauty of deserts and real experience of Arabian nights.

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Sandy Safari in Dubai


(image) Much amount of tourists may be attracted to Dubai shopping center and the glittering architecture but the impeccable golden sand dunes will definitely force you to fly to deserts in Dubai. Dubai deserts are one of the most important attractions which will make your Dubai tour full of thrills and adventures.

There are many exciting activities which you can experience in deserts of Dubai. So get sandy in the sands of deserts.

4X4 Dune Drive – This is a crazy ride in 4 wheelers car which goes jumps up and down in the high sand dunes. It is a new version of off-road exploration and it is a great sight to watch sand blowing while driving the car.

Quad Bike – This is another famous activity while your desert safari tour. The only time a person becomes a perfect meandered is when he or she is on a quad bike safari in Dubai. Quad bikes in Dubai are a toast to every adventurer’s thirst which alone can quench your adrenaline rush.

Sank Ski – The fun of sand skiing is absolutely double when you do it in Dubai deserts. You can actually feel the world skidding beneath your feet. All you have to do is take your snowboard, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and ski down the high sand dunes. Adventure-lovers should not miss this daring deed!

Deserts safari tour offered by One World Travels will allow you to experience these outstanding adventures and get yourself sanded in the sands of Dubai deserts.

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Sand Ski in High Dunes


(image) The desert safaris are for those who wish for some adventure along with safety. There are many adventure sports like 4X4 dune drive, quad biking, camel riding, etc. which are usually enjoyed by the visitors during their Dubai desert tour. However, a certain addition that has become the latest craze among people in Dubai is sand skiing.

The fun of sand skiing in Dubai is absolutely double than anywhere else. It is simply because you can come across to very high sand dunes in the deserts of Dubai. Adventure-lovers cannot afford to miss out on this daring deed! You can actually feel the world skidding beneath your feet while surfing down the huge sand dunes. The equipment required for sand skiing is same as snow skiing that is a snowboard. All one has to do is strap their sand boards, close their eyes, take a deep breathe and down the slope they flow. Ideal places to experience this thrilling activity in Dubai is the huge sand dune on the road between Dubai and Hatta. There is nothing like taking charge of yourself on a charging adventure such as sand skiing. This sport is not much to describe but a great deal to experience.

We at Desert Safari Dubai, arrange for sand skiing to let you experience this adventure with a few trained instructors for your assistance. All you need to have is lots and lots of energy – everything else is provided. A must undertake sport as only thing one would do is enjoy the thrill and getting sanded.

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Camel Ride in Dubai


(image) Desert, sands and of course, camels – these are the few words that comes to our mind when we are asked to describe Dubai. Tourists can enjoy different excursions while visiting deserts in Dubai. One of them is the camel ride in Dubai, which allows you to unwind and explore the beautiful deserts.

We know for a fact that camel is considered as the ship of deserts. Camel riding is not just an attraction, but it also symbolizes adventure, especially for the first time riders. These friendly and generous camels allow you to enjoy an excursion on high sand dunes of Dubai deserts. Camel ride in Dubai is best when you are with a group of friends or families and even office colleagues. Sit at their bumpy backs and feel the rush of the life in the midst of Dubai deserts. In fact, you can also race with your friends and families making the ride more pleasurable. This ride can really get you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Moreover, beautiful sunset and scenic view of vegetation's make your camel ride an unforgettable experience. Surely, this camel riding experience will be the best excursions of your life so do not forget to hop and ride on the camels.

Desert Safari Dubai is one of the famous traveling companies in Dubai. They have been arranging amazing Dubai tours for tourists and locals. Their service is praised by all their customers. No other company can provide wonderful service with competitive prices. The company website is very user-friendly and you can book your tickets by login into:

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Hatta + Evening = Amazing Safari


(image) For adventure lovers and also for people who are fond of deserts, full day desert safari is the preferred option. This includes the Hatta village safari and evening safari to meet their needs. It allows you to get closer to deserts in Dubai and have the exhilarating experience of adventurous activities.

This safari begins in the morning with 4X4 dune drive and then enters into the lush green areas of the Hajjar mountains. Its cool blue waters and peaceful atmosphere gives a heavenly feel that will stay locked in your mind. As you move further to the Hatta heritage village, it gives you a fascinating glimpse into Dubai's historical past. The Hatta village is famous for its lush greenery and pleasant climate. After the day’s adventure comes the evening desert safari. It is not only about the adventurous ride but gets you close to the authentic Arab culture. You can enjoy the true Arabian ambience at Bedouin campsite by experiencing the camel ride followed by henna tattoo and the aromatic sheesha. The climax of the evening desert safari includes splendid dinner and spectacular performance beneath the star-lit sky by the belly dancer along with a tanoura dance and fire dance.

Desert Safari Dubai by One World Travels, spell themselves as a paradise irrespective of eras and times not only because of the kind of desert activities we provide, but also because of the piquant delicacies provided by us that cannot be relished elsewhere.

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Kick Start Your Day!


The combination of early morning and breath-taking adventures is something which is not much to describe but a great deal to experience. Therefore, the morning Dubai desert safari tour brings you to encounter some of the most thrilling activities during your trip to Dubai.

Morning desert safari is the best way to start your morning with the bang! It is something, which can make anyone’s day. The adventure which you can feel in the motionless deserts in Dubai is something which you will cherish for the lifetime. It begins with a roller coaster 4X4 dune drive which goes hopping and popping over the golden sand dunes. This new version of off-road exploration has the potential to quench the thirst of any extreme adventurer. After experiencing this phenomenal venture comes the modern desert adventure called sand skiing. It is a brand new extreme sport which allows you to climb one of the top dunes around the area and skiing down the dune. All you have to do is strap your sand boards, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and slope down with the flow. Morning desert Safari is the best trip to choose if you want to ride, glide and slide on the Dubai desert. This 4-hour expedition promises to leave you with unforgettable experience.

Desert Safari Dubai by One World Travels endeavors at providing the ultimate holiday experience to leisure as well business travelers, in the form of different tourist activities in Dubai. Therefore, Desert Safari Dubai is purely aimed at promoting the ultimate thrills and adventurous fronts of the deserts.

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Desert safari in Dubai: A fun zone for teenagers….!!


There are a plenty of things in Dubai that attracts tourists around the world. But Desert Safari Tour has its own charm and is the most famous trip of tourists. Authenticity of deserts and various activities have been able to attract tourists from different parts of the world. Especially teenagers enjoy this desert safari in Dubai the most.

Many students visit deserts in Dubai during summer. When a group of friends opt for a trip in deserts they wish to spend more time doing adventurous activities and have fun. Teens are most likely considered to love adventure and sports. Dubai desert safari meets with their expectation and allows them to spend amazing time experiencing the most adventurous sports in the desert. There can not be anything more phenomenal than taking a quad bike safari, dune buggy safari and sand boarding in deserts with friends. These safaris are a toast to every adventurer’s thirst which can quench your adrenaline rush. Apart from this adventure, teens can also experience an overnight stay in Bedouin camps which makes their trip more fulfilling. Belly dance, delicious barbecue and puffing shisha can add on to their fun.

Deserts Safari Dubai will give you a chance to visit charming deserts of Dubai. Your Dubai tour is incomplete without experiencing life in the desert. We at One World arrange many tours for our tourists and locals. We offer various options so that you can choose a type of tour that suits to your requirements and budget. For perfect Dubai holidays make sure that you deal with One World as it has a recognized name in the market.