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Home Selling - How You Do It?


If you are planning to sell your home and you are just learning the first steps, you will find many tips and selling guides over the Internet. You will soon know that the most important thing to think through is selecting the list price that will make you close a deal.Not just any price will do. List price will either make or break your deal, so it is a must that you set the price cleverly. More often than not, homeowners set the price too high because of their emotional attachment to the house. This is quite normal but this will also discourage potential buyers to even look at your property.If you price it low, you might have more buyers than you imagine however, you also miss out on cash and equity that you could have earned from it. In this article, I have combined the basic steps on how to price your home accordingly.Make a comparison sheet. Your house is not exactly the same as the house next door or the house a few blocks away. When you check for comparable features, you have to consider the age of the house, lot size, square footage, physical condition, number of beds and baths, neighborhood, and amenities. For obvious reasons, the bigger and more well-maintained property costs higher.Use current information and market condition. The price of your home six months ago may not be the same as of today. Real estate condition changes pretty quickly so your house could be worth more or less depending on the market.Use the actual sales price. There is a difference between the list price and the actual sales price. The actual sales price will allow you to see what the buyers are willing to pay for a property like yours.Use the Internet to your advantage. Check out your competition online, chat or talk to real estate agents who offer free services online, and join forums with like-minded people and home sellers. You will find that there are many home sellers like you and that you get to share your experiences and learn from theirs. Sell your house to Lucas Properties for cash. Regardless of why you are selling, Lucas Properties buys houses with no questions asked. [...]

How to Sell Your Home Online


Selling your home without the help of a real estate agent can save you thousands of dollars in commission or agent’s fee. Typically, the agent will ask 3-5% commission based on your asking price. Although there is a good reason why home owners would opt to use a real estate broker – they don’t have the time, they don’t have the know-how, home selling is time consuming, etc.The introduction of online marketing makes home selling easier as more and more people are using the internet to browse and buy products and services online; and home buying is not excluded. Online property websites offer the same services as the traditional real estate agents but their fee is considerably less. Property Sales WebsitesThese property websites work similarly as the classifieds of your local paper; however, the main advantage is they allow you to reach a much wider audience. With a very minimal fee, your property will have more exposure allowing you to attract more potential buyers. There are even DIY house sale websites that will let you list your property for free. Social MediaWho does not know Facebook? Twitter? Social media websites have become a necessity for the net users and you can take advantage of their popularity. With social media site like Facebook, you can target your marketing to a group of people without being discriminating. Prepare a short video highlighting your home’s best features and upload it to Facebook. You can save time by virtually showing your home to potential buyers and at the same time by answering possible questions about the property.Online Estate AgentsIf you really need the help of a real estate agent but still want to save on agent’s fee, you can work with an online estate agents. Online estate agents’ fee is much less compared to street estate agents while offering the same services. They will help you market your home, handle negotiations, and help you in property showing as needed. For a guaranteed, quick, and hassle-free home selling, contact private property investor like Lucas Properties. Lucas Properties buys homes in any condition at any given time.[...]

How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House


Many people consider their home as the most valuable property they ever own. Thus, if they found themselves in need to sell their home, it is only logical that they would like to get the most money out of it. Selling one’s home can be a fulfilling experience if it was bought with the price below its market value. As a seller, it is imperative that you know the costs involved in selling so you can have the maximum return.Real Estate AgentsIf you don’t have the time or the experience needed to move your home, then real estate agent’s fee is the first thing to think through. The service fee varies from one agent to another; usually it is between 7-10 percent of your selling price. You might want to take note that if you will include the agent’s fee in your selling price, it will put your asking price well above the house’s market value. Pricing the house too high will not gain you a favorable deal.Pick the agent who offers the lowest agent fee possible with the shortest lock-in period. Shorter lock-in period will allow you to search for another agent or choose an alternative should your initial agent failed to sell your house within the agreed time.Title InsuranceSome states require the seller to pay for the title insurance. This will assure the buyers that the house has a clear title prior to purchasing. The title insurance is dependent of the selling price and varies from one state to another.MarketingWhen you hire an agent to sell your house, he is expected to use any means necessary to find a buyer. However, you should not limit the marketing through your agent alone. You can market the house yourself by spreading the word, giving out flyers, and advertise in local listings.These are just some of the basic costs in selling a house. Then, there are other costs such as closing fee, fix-up costs, and taxes. If you want to sell your house and get the most money within the shortest time possible, you can sell it to private property investors. For more details, you may get in touch with Lucas Properties.[...]

Home Selling Tips: Sell Your House Quickly


Home selling has become a complicated process and not as easy as it used to be. For a first time seller, the prospect of selling one’s home, from preparing the required documents to finding a client and finally closing the deal, can be a bit overwhelming.

Home staging is still one of the most effective and proven way of attracting the right clients, so, before you even start putting your house in the market read through the list below.

  • Make your house anonymous. First and foremost, de-personalize your home. Make it anyone else’s house. Remove the personal stuff you have gathered over the years so that buyers can imagine themselves living in your house with their own personal belongings. Maximize the full potential of your house by arranging the furniture to best showcase the floor plan.
  • Invest in small fixes. Do not overdo the upgrade as you might not get your money back. Small fixes will go a long way such as applying fresh paint to the interior of the house, replace the tattered and stained curtains, fix leaky faucet, and make sure that closet doors are in place.
  • Keep it pet-free. Not everybody is a dog lover or a cat lover so make sure to clean your house properly. Hide or remove the pet bowls and food, sofas and carpets should be fur-free, and keep it smelling fresh.
  • Make the most of the first impression. Preparing the exterior is equally important as staging the interior of the house. Before the buyers enter your house, they have already judged it based on its outside appearance. It is important that your house should look warm and welcoming so buyers will be encourage in taking a look at what is inside.

The next phase is finding the right broker. Or, if you want to get your hands on, you can sell your house on your own. This means that you will work on marketing your house, making yourself available for the showings, and dealing with all possible negotiations.

Don’t have time or the experience to sell? You can sell your house with the least effort on your part by selling it to private property investors. Visit Lucas Properties for more details.

Should I Sell My House at an Auction?


There are thousands of homes being auctioned off every month. These properties are bank owned, facing foreclosure, or distressed properties. Sometimes, home owners who want to sell the property quickly opted to sell it in an auction. Auction offers a fast and efficient way to sell but is it the right option for you?As a home owner, when you sell your house at an auction, you will get the benefit of not having potential buyers snooping through the house for months only to find out that these potential buyers are just looking around. In an auction, buyers are aware that they are bidding at a house that can be less than perfect. Most of the times, houses in an auction are sold as is, where it is, and in its present condition. The whole selling process can only take a few minutes with a maximum of 45 days to close.Types of Real Estate AuctionAuction with Reserve – This type of auction allows the seller or agent to accept or reject any bid offer. For example, if the highest bid does not match with the seller’s reserve price, he has the right to decline the bid. This type of auction is sometimes a deterrent to buyers because they don’t have the assurance that they can purchase the house even if they offer the highest bid.Minimum Bid Auction – A minimum price is predetermined by the seller and the auctioneer will only accept bids equal to or above the minimum reserve price. Absolute Auction – In this type of auction, the house will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of the offered amount. Seller may or may not receive a fair market value offer to his property.There are other options to sell a house quickly. One of the fastest ways is to sell to private investors. Private investors offer cash for your houses or any property, buy houses as is, and offers a fair price for your property. Contact Lucas Properties today if you are ready to move your house.[...]

Home Selling: Documents Required to Sell a House


The paper works needed to sell a house by owner are the same as those needed when the owner hire a realtor. There might be a slight difference depending on where you are located, but the basic documents are still needed.The owner or seller is required to provide specific types of documents before the sale otherwise he can lose a buyer or face a legal action after the sale.·         Sales ContractThis is common in all the states. Regardless of where you from, real estate or purchase contract is required. It serves as the legal binding between the seller and the buyer which contains all the terms of the deal. It will list the purchase price, when the sale happens, if and when the buyer will inspect the house, if the house is sold as is, and when the buyer can occupy the property.·         Title Documents All buyers require this document. This will show that title to the property is clear of any legal disputes and can be transferred to the buyer. A seller can hire a title company to arrange for the transfer of title once the sale is closed.·         Lead Paint DisclosureThis form is required if your house was built before 1978. It will include a lead paint warning and a statement signifying that you have complied with all the lead requirements and cautions.·         Property DisclosureThis document will inform buyers about any defects of your property such as damaged roof, leaking water faucet, or a presence of mold. As soon as you have prepared all the documents, you can now focus on attracting buyers. And there is no faster way to sell your house than selling it to private investors.Lucas Properties, a private property investor, buys properties all over the country. They buy houses as is, houses with tax issues, houses facing foreclosure, etc.Move your house quickly with Lucas Properties and walk away with cash.[...]

Sell Your Home Fast


In tough real estate market where supply is greater than demand, a home owner can sell his house faster generally by lowering down its asking price. However, you can still make money by doing the alternatives of reducing the asking price. Standout from the rest. To attract attention of potential buyers, differentiate your house from the rest by doing little but not so costly renovations. You can improve the landscape, repaint the interior, or change the stained window glass. These little improvements can make a great deal in adding value to your home. However, do not overdo the renovation. Some renovations may not what the buyers’ need and will likely be taken for granted.Get the price right. It is enticing to set the asking price as high as possible but you have to remember that the right asking price is what the buyers are willing to pay. You can hire an assessor to gauge your house’s market value or you can run a comparable study by checking the houses for sale in your area and how much are they. To differentiate from the rest, price your house slightly lower than the comparable houses nearby.Be systematic. Prepare all the documents that are relevant to the house. These can be repairs receipt, electrical and gas certificates, tax papers, and any other related documents. Buyers should be made aware of the house’s situation and these papers will give them a peace of mind. Choose the right marketing. Spreading the word is the key to reach potential buyers. The effort you invest in renovation and staging your house will be put to waste if buyers do not know that your house is up for sale. Hire the right agent or use the proven marketing tips.Sell to private investor. Unlike traditional house selling, private investors offer a quick and guaranteed sale. Private investor such as Lucas Properties buys houses with cash; they buy houses as is. [...]

Don’t Hire a Realtor Just Yet


Many home owners are tempted to sell their home bypassing the services and fees of a real estate agent. Realtor’s fee can be a lot depending on the value of the property; if home owners can save this money they can sell their home for a few thousand dollars less. Dropping the price can lead to a quick sale.

Before you decide to go FSBO (For Sale by Owner), there are potential challenges that you might want to consider. You need a significant amount of time to sell your own home. Without a realtor, you need to research about your market condition and price your house accordingly, you need to make your home as attractive as possible, you need to plan your advertising, and you need to be available during showings.

You can do what an agent can. Realtors market your property to potential buyers and arrange for showing if any is interested. You can do this too. First, think of how much you are willing to invest in marketing your property. What marketing strategies are you going to utilize?

Do not limit your marketing plan to one method only. Remember, you have to reach as many buyers as possible. Use any means necessary as long as it stays within your budget; online listing, personal website, directory listing, flyers, and social media.

Agents are not lawyers. If you choose FSBO, hire a real estate lawyer to review contracts and provide advice on legal issues. A home owner’s common mistake is not disclosing relevant information about the house. If your house has a history of being infested by termites, you should let the prospective buyers know about this. Let them know what has been done about it and what the current situation of your house is.

Do you have the time and energy to sell your home? Does bypassing the agent’s fee worth the hassle? Do not give up just yet. You can still bypass the agent without the hassle. You can sell your house to a private investor like Lucas Properties

Top Reasons Why People Sell Their Home


Home owners sell their houses for a variety of reasons. Some people who have lived in one place for 20 to 30 years often wonder about this. Let’s take a look at why people sell their house.

People sell their houses if they want to upgrade or downgrade their property. Upgrading is applicable to a growing family. When they first bought the house and there is just the two of them, one-bedroom house is just enough. And then they grow in numbers; they now have babies and pets and they realized that they needed a bigger house. So, they sell the smaller house in exchange for a bigger and better one. On the other side of the coin; as their children found a family of their own, they are back to being just the two of them. Hence, the reason for selling their house.

Some people sell their house not because they want to, but because they have to. Change in job location can move people to sell. When it is more expensive to keep the old house and rent another one near the working place, it seems logical to sell. People sell when they do not want to spend hours commuting to and from work.

Personal relationship is one of the common reasons why people sell. If each of the couple owned a home prior to getting married, they would want to sell and buy a new house together. On the other hand, divorce or separation causes the couple to sell because they want to get rid of the bad memories including the house that they once lived in.

Change in neighborhood is also a major factor why people sell. When they first move into a certain place, it was once a quiet place. And then, it changes over time. Their neighbors started to receive visitors at 2 AM or maybe there is a new freeway constructed nearby.

Whatever your reasons for selling, you can have a quick and easy sale with Lucas Properties. Lucas Properties buy houses in any condition at any time. Receive cash for your home with Lucas Properties.

Sell Your Home Online


Traditionally, when we buy shoes we go to a shopping mall for stores that sell shoes. We go there personally to try and see if the shoes fit. Today, people buy shoes online without even trying them first. The introduction of Internet makes it easier to buy anything online, even houses.A good number of real estate purchases come from buyers who have never been into an open house. How do these people see themselves in the new house if they have not even seen the house in person? This is made possible by the profusion of great technology providing the buyer with an experience that is similar to visiting the property in person.Here are a few tips on how to bring buyers into your house virtually:Google Street view can help. It allows your buyers to feel like they are walking on the street of their future home. Direct your buyers to Google Maps and look your address up; they can investigate the surroundings from a remote location without having to leave from the comfort of their home.Create a community video and post it on your website. Community videos will show your buyers what it is like to live in your area. Highlight the location and amenities that might entice people to live there. For example, if you live near a shopping mall, create a video showing the shopping mall and how easy it is for the local residents to go shopping and relax.Create a Facebook account. Facebook is perhaps the most used social media site today. In Facebook, not only that you can post pictures and upload videos of your house, you can also interact with your prospective buyers in real time. Buyers are more incline to make an offer if they feel that they are being accommodated right away. And being able to reach you, asked questions, and get an answer via Facebook is a great way to show them that you care.You don’t have time for online marketing? You need not worry. You can always sell your house to Lucas Properties.Lucas Properties buys houses as is, distressed houses, houses that need repair, and houses with tax issues. [...]

Know Your Local Real Estate Market


Before you put your house up for sale, it is important to know how your real estate market is behaving. Is now a good time to sell your home? Real estate is local; this means that if there are more buyers in New York it does not necessarily means the real estate in California is the same. So, if a 4-bedroom house in New York is selling at $120,000 it does not necessarily mean that a house with the same features in California will also sell at $120K.The easiest and fastest way to get information about your local real estate market is by talking to an agent. Agents have access to the local multiple listing services so they are more familiar with how the market works, how many houses sold and at what price. By knowing these, you will have an estimate of how much your house will sell.This may seem old school but another great way to research about the local real estate market is by reading the newspaper. Check out the local newspaper by subscribing or by visiting their website. There is a section in the newspaper which is dedicated to real estate alone; If you have not done it already, keep track on number of similar houses sold and the corresponding prices. Make use of the Internet. With today’s technology, you can find almost anything in the Internet. You can even get an estimate of your asking price by using an online calculator. You can also interact with agents online or via social media sites.You can also talk to a local appraiser. Appraisers are normally hired by banks to evaluate the real estate’s fair market value. They can be good source of information about the latest market trends. Ready to sell your home? Do not wait for buyers to make an offer. You can sell your home quickly to Lucas Properties, a private investor who buys houses in any condition at any given time.[...]

Do You Have to Drop the Price?


As the seller, it is only reasonable that you would like to get the most money for your house. Is your house not selling? This may be due to several different factors such as economy, competition, location, and fewer demands. These factors are beyond your control however, there is one thing that you can have power over and that is your asking price. It is maybe the time to drop your asking price if your house has been in the market longer than the others with house features similar as yours. If the average number of days to sell a house in your area is 15 days and your house has been sitting for 25 days already, the price may be affecting your buyers’ interest. Do not let your house sit for much longer otherwise; buyers will think that there is something wrong with it.Drop the price if you are following a tight deadline. Some people find the need to sell their house quickly if they are relocating, have already purchased a new home, and or facing foreclosure. If you happen to be in a similar situation, you can amp the buyers’ interest by dropping the price. Selling a house is not about how much money you make as the owner but it is how much money the buyers are willing to spend for your house.Drop the price if you need to sell your house as is. If the reason for selling your house is financial hardship, it is more likely that you cannot afford to pay for a few upgrades. Fresh paint, new kitchen counter top, or new water heating system in the bathroom can go a long way in getting more buyers. Buyers are unlikely to pay for a home which is less presentable than the other comparable. Do you need to sell as is? Do you need a quick turnaround time? Can’t afford to lose more money? If your answer is YES to all of these; then you need to sell your house to Lucas Properties.You don’t have to drop the price. Lucas Properties, a private investor, offers a fair cash price based on the marketplace and your house’s condition. [...]

Finding the Best Agents


You are considering selling your house but you don’t know where to start. The easiest way is to hire an agent but agents don’t work for free. How much are you willing to pay for their services? Do you have enough money to pay for them? While it is not impossible to find an agent which charges low, you have to be cautious in hiring one. You should be looking at an agent’s success rate in moving a house instead of setting your focus on his service fees.Where toSearch for agents online. Top caliber agents are very much updated with the trends. They knew that people nowadays use Internet, most of the times, in searching for products and services so more likely they have an online presence such as personal website, directory, and social media accounts.Search for agents locally. You can’t discredit agents who do not have online presence. Agents who prefer to work locally do not find the need to build a personal website because they find clients through family and friends’ referral. What is good with local agents is that they knew the marketplace already – which house has sold, at what price, what marketing strategy to use to attract buyers, etc.Who to chooseLook for at least three agents to represent you and have them evaluate your house. You will know that an agent is any good if he is able to provide you with a sound marketing plan, success rate over period of time, and relevant experiences from his past clients.Once you find the ‘one’, determine exactly what services does he offer. You should know the agent’s limitations and if you are willing to go with them. Otherwise, you can always find another agent to work with.Selling a house can be overwhelming especially if you are time constrained. There is one sure way to do it – sell your house to Lucas Properties. Lucas Properties is a private investor which buys houses; this means that you don’t have to spend money to sell your house. Received cash offer from Lucas Properties and close the deal in as short as seven days.[...]

Real Estate Agents Alternatives


While most owners when considering selling a house would opt directly to hire a real estate agent, there are alternatives to the conventional method. These options can save you money but with a little effort on your part since you will be doing more of the work yourself – home selling online and private home selling.

Property Sale Websites
The introduction of the Internet makes marketing easier. There are many private property sale websites nowadays that will allow you to reach a wider audience. Property sale websites function as the local classifieds; the main distinction is that your listing will be virtually available anywhere.

Since you will be doing this on your own, be prepared to write description of your house, take photos that will go with your ad, facilitate viewings, and negotiate with potential buyers. If you are willing to do this and if you have time, you can have big savings selling your house this way.

Aside from these websites which purpose is to list properties for sale, there are also agents who are only available online. Unlike traditional agents, they provide services virtually. They are capable of handling negotiations and proceed to sale completion via online mode. The difference between property sale websites and online estate agents is that the latter handles queries from potential buyers and pass on to the seller. A property sale website can also be an agent if it acts in such a way.

Private Home Selling
Another alternative is to sell your house to a private investor. With private investors, there is no need for home viewings, home staging, and home listing. Private investors even buy houses as is so you can go directly with the sale without preparing your home.

Lucas Properties is a private investor which buys houses in any condition with cash. If you want a quick and guaranteed sale, contact Lucas Properties now and be prepared to receive a cash offer.

Step by Step Home Selling Process


Home selling process is identical whether you are hiring an agent, selling in an auction, or by FSBO.  There may be slight variations from state to state, but selling process includes one or more of the following steps.Check the local market and how it will affect your sale. If you are lucky enough to be in a hot market where there are more buyers than sellers, you can price your house aggressively. Buyers will compete with each other and will more likely bid higher.Set a price that sells. Over-pricing can make buyers move on to the next listing while low-pricing can make you look desperate. Buyers will be suspicious about your house and will probably move on to the next listing. Review the actual selling prices in your area and set your price within the same range.Prepare your home for the showing. Before you put up your house in the market, make it look as nice-looking as possible. Buyers gravitate towards a clean house as they picture themselves living in it. You don’t have to do a major revamp; a new paint or wallpaper can do a lot in improving the look of your house.Market your house. This part is done by a realtor should you ever hire one. Realtors have access to Multiple Listing Service where they can list your home. You can reinforce this marketing tool by creating a website for your house, distribute flyers, put up a ‘For Sale’ sign, and hold an open house.Receive an offer. If you are in a hot market, you can expect multiple offers from different buyers. Do not fall for high offer alone as most buyers with exceptionally high offer do not have financing yet. Offering a very high price is their attempt to get your house while waiting for financing approval.If you are in a cold market, do not despair because you can still sell your homeand even get cash. Sell to private investors like Lucas Properties. Lucas Properties buy houses as is, houses that need repair, distressed houses, and houses with tax issues. [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Selling


Home selling is a complex process regardless of the market condition. However, it does not have to be. You can sell you’re your home efficiently if you know these do’s and don’ts.Don’t overprice. Your house is worth what the market is willing to pay you. The sum that you paid for your house does not necessarily means it is still worth that amount.Do a market research. Get a feel of how much your house could sell for. You can run a comparable study by searching online for houses sold near your area. Check for home similarities and prices. Your asking price should not go over the sold houses with similar features as yours otherwise; your house could sit for months.Don’t show your house with broken things. Buyers will always notice the things in your house that are broken or need repair. Chipped paint, leaking water system, and broken windows are some of the things that you need to fix before you let the prospects in.Do a clean-up. You don’t have to stage your house lavishly. A simple cleaning will do. Remove personal items such as family pictures and memorabilia. Apply a new paint which is neutral in color. Make your house as ‘anonymous’ as possible so buyers can picture themselves in your house.Don’t sell your house by yourself…unless you know what you’re doing. Unless you've sold a house several times within a couple of years, do not go for FSBO. Real estate rules and disclosures change over time, if you are on your own you are accepting that you deal with the complexities by yourself.Do hire a Realtor.  Realtors perform real estate transactions all year round. They know the ways around buying and selling houses. They are on top of their game and they will be able to help you sell your house. If you do not want to work with a realtor, do sell your house to private investors. Private investors like Lucas Properties buy houses in any condition any time. Receive cash for your house and move on.[...]

Why You Should Sell Your House During Christmas


Christmas is a time to be jolly but when it comes to selling a house during this holiday season, it is often viewed with mixed emotions. There are advantages and disadvantages of selling your house during holidays. Should you choose to sell your house during the holidays, make sure that you can find an agent who is not also on vacation during this time. Searching for an agent is not a problem if you are selling the house on your own.There is no doubt that you will encounter challenges when selling a property but when you know what to do and how to do it, you’ll be able to overcome these challenges. You can turn it into your advantage if you view holiday season in the following situations.Most people are happy and relax during the holidays. When people are in “good mood” they are more likely ready to negotiate and to act. This will be easier for both parties involved.Christmas add a romantic appeal to your house. In preparing your house for the sale, you can make the festivities an excuse to decorate your house lavishly. Decorations need not be overly expensive; few Christmas lights when placed strategically will transform your house into a warm and inviting place to live in.Inventory of houses for sale during Christmas is low. This means you have less competition. Buyers will have fewer houses to choose from; so if you make your house stand out you will be able to close the deal before the holidays are over.But, should you wait for Christmas before you sell your house? The answer is NO. You don’t have to wait for Christmas or any holidays to come because Lucas Properties buys houses anytime. Lucas Properties buys house as is and they pay with cash. Just fill out the online form and an expert will contact you.[...]

Get Your House Ready to Sell


When you buy a house the first time, you think of it as your future home. A home is where you live in, build your dreams, raise your children, and make memories with family and friends. But when you find the need to sell your home, the first thing that you should do is disconnect your emotions. Why? You need to make buyers think that is their future home and not yours. You may not realize it but in real estate business, your home can be anybody’s house so treat is as a saleable property. Oftentimes, the first step is the hardest. As soon as you get through it, it will be easier to de-personalize your house. Note that I already used the term ‘house.’ Since your goal is to make your house somebody else’s home, remove your personal items such as photos, trophies, personal memento, and other collectible items. When buyers see personal items during showings, they break their daydreams of being in your house themselves. Do not store them in the garage or attic but place them somewhere else. Removing them from your house will help you too. It will give you the sense of certainty; that you are finally letting the house go.Now, it’s time to put your house up for sale. How are you going to do it? Will you sell it on your own? Are you going to hire a broker? Will you try selling it at an auction? Your choice should be based on whether you have the time and experience to sell it on your own, how much are you willing to spend, and how fast do you need it to sell.If you want a quick sale without spending another dollar than necessary, sell your house to Lucas Properties. Sell your house for cash in as short as seven days. [...]

Home Selling: Pros and Cons of Open Houses


Open houses are a good means of selling a house but like any other methods, it has its share of advantages and drawbacks. Before you decide if it’s worth it to have an open house, make sure you know the pros and cons. ProOpen houses attract buyers. There are people who are not comfortable working with an agent so they prefer to buy houses on their own. Open houses provide a less intimidating way of viewing your home. Potential buyers who do not feel pressured by hovering agents will have a good time of considering themselves in your home. ConOpen houses attract the wrong crowd. Not all onlookers are serious buyers. Some are just nosy neighbors while others are looking at some things they could steal upstairs while you are busy answering questions from other house shoppers. A large number of shoppers also pose risk of property damage. Visitors who tend to get comfortable with your belongings might leave dirt tracks or worst, break valuable vases and furniture.ProYou can save on staging costs with open houses. Staging your house for the sale involves time and money. Drawing multiple buyers at the same time could mean less private showings resulting in less last-minute preparations and staging. Since open houses are less intimidating, people are inclined to give you feedback about your house. These feedback can be valuable information towards improving your house and close on the next buyer.ConNot all houses’ location is perfect for an open house. Some cannot just accommodate several cars parking in so the owners can go inside the open house. If you are still living in the house you are planning to sell, open house means you have to vacate the premises together with your children and pets.Bottom line, open house does not work for everybody. If you want to have a quick salewithout the hassle of home staging and showing, sell your house to private investors.LucasProperties is a private investor who has been in business of buying houses and other properties with cash. Over the years, they have helped property owners disposed their homes hassle-free.[...]

Home Selling: How to Choose a Real Estate Agent


Selling a home can be easy if you know what to do. There are many ways to sell a home – for sale by owner or FSBO, hire a real estate agent, through an auction, or sell privately. When you do a quick search for real estate agents, you will be surprise to know that there are hundreds of them. Choosing the right one can make or break your deal. Referral from family or friends is always a good start in getting a good agent since they have had a first-hand experience with that agent. They can tell you if that agent is any good or not.If you don’t have a referral, you can still get the best agent to sell your home and these questions will help you identify that agent.How long have you been an agent? Although new agents bring in fresh ideas, veteran agents still take the lead. They have more experience and they know the market well, so they will more likely represent you better.How can I contact you? There is nothing more frustrating than not be able to reach your agent. A common complaint from home owners is that after they hire the agent, they hear nothing. A good agent should keep you well informed. He should be available in common communication channels such as phone, email, and social media.How many home units have you sold? The higher the number of units sold the better. This goes to show that an agent is good at what he does. The number must be recent, that is within the last six months or at least a year. If he has not sold a unit within a year, then he should have a good explanation for it.How will you market my home? A good agent should be able to list your home in MLS; this listing targets a wide range of potential buyers. He should be able to provide you with a marketing plan with proof what option works and what does not based on his experience.If you do not want to work with an agent, you can sell your home privately. This is done by working with private investors. Unlike hiring an agent, you don’t have to pay for their services. Private investors, like Lucas Properties buy houses all the time regardless of its condition. [...]

What Is Home Appraisal?


A home appraisal determines the monetary value of your property. It is commonly done to know how much the property will sell or how much tax the owner will pay annually. A home owner can either hire a licensed appraiser or a real estate agent to do the job. Home appraisal is not pre-requisite to selling; however, it plays an important role in determining your selling price.There are other ways to determine your selling price but having an appraised value available can speed up your selling process. Buyers will feel confident that you are not overpricing your home and will more likely give you an offer. Lenders do not like owning overpriced property, which is why most require an appraisal before they will grant an approval of the buyer’s loan. Buyers with loan approval are the ones who can close the deal.Home appraisal is different from home inspection. A home inspector educates buyers about the home’s condition and its main components while an appraiser formulates an estimate of the home’s value by weighing its location, proximity to schools and shopping centers, the size of the lot, house structure such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, recent sales of comparable features, house upgrade, and the like. An appraiser evaluates both the house’s interior and exterior condition. There are multitudes of different variables that determine a home’s value. These include and not limited to house condition, amenities, market trends, and improvement. An outside-inspection is not enough to provide all these information.A well-kept house certainly has more value than a neglected one. Appraisers will notice a sign of neglect in cracked walls, broken windows, leaked roofs, damaged flooring and chipped paints. Dusty cabinets and trash do not decrease a home’s value but they do deter buyers away during home showings.While home appraisal is not required, it does provide valuable information to both seller and the buyer. Need to sell your home now? Sell your house for cash to Lucas Properties. They buy houses in any condition so you don’t have to fix anything. In as little as seven days, you are guaranteed to have a closed deal.[...]

How Much Is Your House Worth?


If you are planning to sell your house, you should know its worth. Setting the right price is one major aspect of your marketing plan regardless of whether you do the selling yourself or you hire an agent. The agent can easily run a market analysis but you don’t want to be blindsided by the agent’s recommendation alone.LocationA house’s location plays an important part in its value. A property owner can’t get away with this one. If your house happens to be in a desirable location, you can always get a higher price than you can for the same house in less desirable neighborhood. Houses near to schools, shopping malls, restaurants and coffee shops, and transportation areas are expected to be more expensive.House ConditionA well-maintained house has a better chance of selling for more than a run-down house in the same location. No one wants to buy an expensive house with less than perfect heating system, with leaking roofs, with broken windows, or with poor interior. Keeping your house in top condition will give you a good return of investment should you decide to sell.FeaturesThe number of bedrooms and bathrooms, presence of a swimming pool or indoor gym, square footage of the house, modern kitchens and bathrooms can also increase your house’s value. Obviously, a six-bedroom house costs more than a two-bedroom house.Comparable and Market ConditionComparable houses can also be used as basis for your house’s value. Check the recent sold houses in your area and take note of the houses’ price which is similar to yours. Your asking price should be within the same range, otherwise, your price will be considered as too high.As soon as you have decided on your asking price, you can focus on your marketing strategy to find potential buyers.Lucas Properties LLC buys houses anytime. They offer cash for distressed houses, houses that need repair, unwanted houses, inherited houses, and the like. [...]

Home Selling: Types of Home Listing


Home SellingHome listing is part of a marketing strategy for home selling. It is one of the ways to reach potential buyers. There are several types of listing but only a few are commonly used.Open ListingThis is commonly used by home owners who have chosen FSBO (For Sale By Owner.) As the name suggests, this is a non-exclusive listing. As the seller, you can have a listing to as many brokers as you want and you only pay commission to whoever finds a buyer first. That also means you need not pay any commission if you found your own buyer. Most brokers do not want to work an open listing unless the home inventory is low.One-Time ShowThis is somehow similar to an open listing. Sometimes, a broker will show a FSBO to one of his clients. The seller signs a one-time agreement which guarantees that the broker gets a commission should the specified potential buyer closes the deal. This prevents the seller from negotiating to the buyer directly after the showing and avoids paying the agent’s commission.Multiple ListingThis is the very core of home listing. The goal of marketing is to reach as many potential buyers as possible; with MLS (Multiple Listing System) you can achieve this goal. MLS has a huge network of agents and these agents have access to clients looking to buy a home. This type of network will sell your home. Without MLS, for sale by owners are at a disadvantage.Sellers with FSBO do not necessarily need to list their homes to sell. The presence of private property investors makes FSBO easier. The seller needs only to work with a decent property investor and he is guaranteed to have a close deal within a few days.Private investors, such as Lucas Properties, have a list of buyers who are qualified to purchase a home but unlike brokers, they do not ask for commission. The biggest benefit that private investors have to offer is they provide for sale by owners an option to beat the time and expense of selling their homes the traditional way.[...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of FSBO


FSBO also known as For Sale By Owner has definite advantages in certain situations. What made it popular to home owners is the cost they save on realtors’ or brokers’ fees. At most, home owners save up to 6% of the asking price when they opt for FSBO. At times, this amount can be tempting enough to forego the realtor’s services. But before you make a decision, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of going the FSBO route.MarketingRealtors have marketing leverage. They can list your home in MLS plus they have contact with other agents through their network which gives you the advantage because you are sure to reach wider prospects. On the other hand, since realtors handle multiple clients at once, you cannot expect them to devote their time on your property alone. It is true that realtors can list your home in MLS but it will only become as one of their many listings.Property ShowingWhen you hire a realtor, he will take care of showing your property to prospective buyers. He will help you prepare or stage your house before the showings. He will answer questions from buyers, set up open houses and handle financing and closing issues. With FSBO, you will be doing all these work by yourself. MoneyWith FSBO, you can save up to 6% of the asking price. Let’s examine this further by taking a look at these situations:You will be paying your own advertising – online listing, local papers, making of signage, flyers, posters, and print ads. You will be paying for an attorney who will be handling the legal issues and drawing up of contracts.  If you don’t know how, you will be paying for a consultant who will do the comparative analysis of your home.Do you think you can still make the most money after examining these costs? Do not forget that when you choose FSBO, you will also invest time and effort in the selling process.Are you still decided to go with FSBO? You can skip the marketing and property showing and still save on the realtor’s fee by selling your house to private cash investors.Sell your house for cash to Lucas Properties LLC. Unlike realtors, they do not ask for commission. They take away the strain by taking care of the closing documents making every transaction hassle free.[...]

Why it is good to Sell Your House Today


The economy is starting to get back up again and mortgage companies have been less strict in their loan requirements. FHA has a ‘back to work’ program which allows boomerang buyers to be back in the market looking for a new house.
These mean that more buyers are now searching for new homes to acquire.

Given these circumstances, is now a good time to sell your house? It is difficult to predict the housing market. It is like predicting the stock sales. As a home owner who is trying to sell, the decision should be based on not just “When can I sell to get the most money?”

If you have moved out to a new home because of job relocation and your old home is just sitting vacant, then you will have to decide whether you can afford the maintenance costs of two houses or not. You can have it rented however if the revenue is not enough to cover the maintenance costs, then it may be wise to sell your house today.

Location, location, location. In real estate, this is one factor that is not time sensitive or bound to market conditions. It is true that real estate market is recovering in most areas; if you want to sell your house now, do a comparative market analysis in your area so you can position your house aggressively. If you price your house based on other locations’ market condition, you might overprice it. That is to say, a house in the farm land may cost less than a house in the heart of the city.

If you simply want to move on with your life, if you think that the new home will bring more happiness to your family, if the new home will bring in more revenue, then today is as good as any to sell your house.

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