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Find out how to grow the penis naturally

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Find out how to grow the penis naturally

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The very attempt to "grow the penis naturally" seems far-fetched if we remember that according to the genetic code this is the size written in the DNA. Science has found the answer to this dilemma that many men face, and we can now talk about the ways to "grow the penis naturally" as opposed to the use of implants by means of surgical procedures. Herbal supplements and traction devices will thus match these criteria of "natural" labeling, since both types of enhancement methods depend on the same "natural" response of the body to grow new tissues.

Basic info

There are a few things you should know about the solutions to grow the penis naturally that are so intensely advertised online. First of all supplements and traction devices (like ProExtender) share the same tissue growth stimulation either by the pressure of the blood on the vessels or by means of an exterior force applied to the gland.

Herbal pills or supplements for instance help you grow the penis naturally by making more blood travel to the penile area. This implies a superior volume and therefore a bigger size. The results following such a treatment are far from being permanent. It would take a huge amount of time and lots of pressure to dilate the tissues for good by using only the blood force.

On the other hand, the traction devices create a controlled damage to the cellular walls in the form of small fissures. When these superficial lesions heal, new tissue is added to the penis and in time, a significant modification of the size will result and thus you get to grow the penis naturally. The gains are noticeable in three or up to six months of daily usage of the traction device.

Good to know

Some people recommend a combined use of traction devices and oral supplements for the most successful of outcomes, since the stimulation thus covers the inner and outer parts of the treatment. As a warning we need to point out that not all the items sold on the Internet are of good quality. You should only choose those products that carry some form of certification from an authorized medical institution. And finally, keep in mind that a reliable producer will always be ready to refund your money in case the product is not suitable for you.