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Vapor Steam Cleaners for Cleaning Restaurants without Using Detergents

09th June 2011

Vapor steam cleaners are an essential part of a contractor’s supplies for maintaining restaurant hygiene. Vapor steam cleaners generate very hot steam, which is applied to dirty surfaces to dissolve grime. This makes the cleaning process easier by allowin...

Why Should One Use Green Chemicals?

04th March 2010

Green chemicals are eco-friendly cleaning formulas. The green label on these products implies that they will not harm the environment. The popularity of these solutions has been increasing over the last few years and will likely continue to increase as...

How to Find Genuine Green Chemicals

03rd December 2009

There is a common misconception that green chemicals are not good enough for industrial cleaning applications, but instead strong chemical detergents should be used for industrial degreasing and other heavy-duty cleaning applications. If you have such...