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Glutathione Natural Antioxidants Free Radicals and MAXGXL

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As a kid I loved a television program called My Favorite Martian, with Ray Waltson & Bill Bixby. In an episode it talked about a dangling participle" as something involved in geometry. I'm still not sure exactly what the connection was, but he presented a very cool picture of a triangle attached to the bottoms of a length of string and it fooled me well into my forties. I guess I must have skipped the English class that would have given me the truth a little sooner. Another equally misplaced concept that I can remember is the impression of a free radical. To think that it's something that I would associate with natural health still lacks some believability when I can instead compare it to the image of political escapees who are probably armed and a little dangerous.Now that I have been (finally) "educated" on the idea of a "free radical", I see that the truth is more dangerous. Free radicals are a by-product of the chemical reactions in your body that create toxicity in your cells and contribute to aging. The most unfair part - to my mind- is the concept that a reward of vigorous exercise is the release of free radicals into my cells. Work out - grow old. It's good that's not all there is to it or you'd never get anyone off the couch.Luckily, just as nature includes something bad like free radicals, it also makes up for it with creations like antioxidants, which can help to take out free radicals from your body. When I imagine antioxidants, I'm reminded of blue food; blueberries, grape skins and seeds. But, now I've learned the master antioxidant is glutathione, a compound revered as the Master antioxidant.The most important thing about glutathione is that it's created within our bodies and is in every cell. How unfortunate that this creating that enables us resist the aging is, itself affected by our advancing years, to the degree of a 10-15% reduction of the level of glutathione in us each decade, once we pass our twenties. When this was first uncovered, efforts were made to add to the level of glutathione with oral supplements, but it seems that it isn't easily absorbed in that form.This brings us to a new product called MAX-GXL - a glutathione precursor. A precursor is a compound that our body requires to help to make glutathione and offset our own declining levels. MAX GXL has acquired a pretty decent reputation with many natural health believers and people who use supplements and dislike pharmaceuticals. While I'm inclined to be a skeptic, I have to admit that of all the supplements I have tried, I found a difference after only a few days using MAX-GXL. I felt energetic, alert and just plain old betterYou won't find MAX-GXL in a drug store. Like lots of other leading edge products, it's primarily available through MLM networks, but you can find it from maxgxl-wholesale dot com or at wholeearthhealth dot com. Not only can you buy MAXGXL at wholesale, you can have only one box shipped to you without any obligation to take it every month. You might decide that you want to keep taking it but why not trial a product before you decide to buy regularly. If you're on one of those sites you can call the phone number and talk to customer service. Of course, I'm no doctor or health professional, and nothing I've said here is to be taken as a means to either diagnose or treat any illness you or anyone in your family might have. I genuinely like the way I felt taking MAXGXL so this could make it easier for other people to find that feeling. As always, ask the advice of a qualified physician.If you want to buy MAX GXL at wholesale with no obligation you can do it at Whole Earth Health glutathione natural antioxidant: natural antioxidantglutathione natural antioxidant: memoryArticle Source:[...]