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Orgasm Humor

Sat, 16 Feb 2013 17:31:00 +0000

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Nothing like resuming a blog post with a bit of humor. After all, boomers are in the new world and that entails embodiment and ascension or so it seems. I viewed this fabulous TED talk, and laughed out loud at the word choices of the lovely speaker. Evidently curious scientists and researchers still find the human and non-human orgasm a valuable topic. So, a few of us boomers have "some-timers" (we forget somethingz sometimes) and that makes this an extremely refreshing video. Men and women will no doubt find a keen interest in newish and older orgasm theories like the upsuck which is very funny indeed.

Valentines Day has come and gone in 2013 so it was already experienced differently than ever before. I chose to have a loving time babysitting my 2 awesome granddaughters so my daughter and son-in-law could have a blast alone for awhile, renewing their loving relationship. 

One year when my youngest was living in another country and she didn't have a sweetie at the time, I wrote a love letter to her from Johnnie Depp! It was great fun, and a very humorous Valentine memory for her to giggle about whenever she chooses.

Really, love and orgasm should be fun, so, HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES 2013!!

8 is the Infinite Number

Wed, 08 Aug 2012 22:40:00 +0000

The number 8 just happens to be my favorite.  It isn't necessarily a lucky number for me, I just like it. If it is shown sideways, it is the sign for infinity, and interestingly enough it is the same layout of human DNA!!!! I learned that at a physics lecture I attended recently in Aspen (free ones on Thursdays in August). There is definitely some sared geometry to this number and figure.

The Mobius Strip (when twisted) is the same figure. Take a peek at what this artist did with it.
The piece, Continuum, began as an exploration of the Mobius strip, a product of pure mathematics formed by joining two ends of a strip of paper after giving one end a 180 degree twist, thus creating only one edge. The center of the bronze sculpture symbolizes a black hole, while the edge shows the flow of matter through the center from positive to negative space and back again in a continuum.  
Sculpture by Charles O. Perry  Continuum (1976) at the entrance to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC.  Pictures taken by Raul654 around Washington DC on May 7, 2005. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The two circles in the 8 figure mean completion and new beginning to many interpreters of this awesome number. 

I have also read that mystics and healers tune into vibes that are 8 hertz to connect. The earth has a resonant frequency of 8 hertz. A hertz is a unit of frequency ( one Hertz has a periodic interval of one second), named after a German physicist who produced artificial electromagnetic waves (considered the first to do so). Nikola Tesla first documented the the earth information of 8Hz.

There is a lot of information about neuroscience and planet harmonics and the number 8 - go figure!


7/13 and Friday!

Fri, 13 Jul 2012 19:52:00 +0000

Does it matter that we are a superstitious bunch with the dreaded Friday the 13th taboos? I think it shows our rich ancestral memories that still give us a tickle when the date looms closer and closer and then the dark shadows can be seen clearer because, after all, it is Friday the 13th!!

I was looking at famous Friday 13th birthdays and I saw the actors, Orlando Bloom (1977), and Patrick Dempsey (1966) among the (un)fortunate still living folks. Certainly there are plenty more, maybe even some acting zombies successfully whetting appetites for the horrors of the 13th. 

An interesting superstitious theory is derived from The Last Supper and a Norse myth. It has to do with the belief that 13 people seated at a table results in the death of one diner. Really? H'm, most dinner parties are in an even number and there has been great attention to the death of the diner from The Last Supper. Maybe it's not just superstition.

Well, this is the last Friday 13th in 2012, so make it a lucky one!

Publishing Articles Online

Tue, 12 Jun 2012 12:00:00 +0000

I have been writing online for a coupe of years now, and found it to be work that is rewarding in a couple of ways. One is that the more I write the more I research. Learning about how to do research has been a wondrous journey because there are so many available sources on and offline. Mostly I write non-fiction articles and I have narrowed my articles to a main ezine (online magazine) that has a great forum and great articles. The administration is right on and willing to help in any way needed, as are the forum members.  If you look to the right of my post, and down, you will see my latest articles linked to the ezine, infobarrel. Please feel free to explore.

The second rewarding work result is making a bit of google adsense dollars. It hasn't happened fast for me, but I have received some income and hopefully it will grow. The more published articles, the more adsense money is made. It becomes a passive income for many writers who hit the jackpot immediately. Usually it takes a couple hundred articles to even start. So, one must enjoy writing, and not be in a hurry to make money from it because it doesn't happen that way. I am working on 200 articles at IB (infobarrel), and have 155 to date. I have articles on other sites, but haven't kept up on them since I started at IB. It's just that good of an ezine, so I have stuck with them.

Another reward is the online friends from all over the world that I have made. That is really exciting, and it leads to more possibilities for money and fame. An example is this - recently a fellow IB writer contacted me about using a photo of mine. He is on his 3rd book and was submitting my photo to his publisher to see if it would work. Unfortunately it didn't, but what an awesome possibility for an image to get credit in a book - all this from an online friend who happened to see my comment on another writer's piece about a photograph!

I have also have some wonderful connections with readers of this blog about an article I wrote about my dad piloting The Knockout Dropper in WWII.

Yes, publishing articles online has been a rewarding experience.

Lunar Eclipse Today!

Mon, 04 Jun 2012 14:11:00 +0000

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 This fabulous video shows what is happening, courtesy of NASA. Love it!

The lunar eclipse today follows the May 20th solar eclipse and pre-empts the Venus transit. The cosmos is speaking. I have been "listening" by following my inner voice that definitely woke me up this morning at 4:20am and said, "Get up and look outside." So, I did. The cosmos is speaking. I couldn't take my eyes off the moon. What a beauty. Full moon tonite, in Sagittarius. Strange and graceful tidings for one day. The view just made me grateful, enhanced my knowingness

I love this quote from an email received this morning and thought I'd share it with you.

"Hold integrity in all that you are and all that you do. Learn to travel light. Know you are stepping into the veil and opening up the connections between yourselves and all the shifts about to be. There is nothing to fear. it is just new. You are ahead of the curve of many. So, you will be faced with many who don't understand what you are doing or why. You are not here to follow their paths or their fears. You are here to know what you need to do. You are here to be courageous and trust what your inner knowing tells you." Guardian Advice

*quote from Angela Peregoff, The Morning Blessing. 6/4/12. Her website is


Happy Birthday Michelangelo

Wed, 07 Mar 2012 02:24:00 +0000

photo courtesy wikimedia

He was born on March 6th, 1475 in Caprese, Italy. He was baptized Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. What a beautiful name for such a great talent! He is mainly known for his fabulous paintings and sculptures, but he was also an architect, poet and letter writer. It is said that 500 of his letters remain, none of his poetry. There is some mystery surrounding him and his work, especially about secret codes he supposedly put in the Sistine Chapel ceiling. See this article for more intrigue. It is from the UK Daily Telegraph from 2008.

I find his birth date of interest, and the little I have learned about him that grows my curiosity, especially in this 2012 year of revelations (Maya prophecy, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner, and many others). I read that he was drawn (no pun intended) to ancient stone carvings and sculptures, and that he preferred sculpting to painting. What is with stone that so many relate to? 

I recall studies with a native American Grandmother who taught me about the Stone Nation. I love that title, and the Tree nation, etc. There is life and spirit and beauty in stone, Michelangelo saw people, mainly biblical figures in stone. He was one of a kind genius artist who is still telling his admirers the stone stories, and possible secrets in codes in his paintings, too. 

Do we need to further study his work and read his letters to see a clearer message, or is that all conjecture and conspiracy theory? Maybe something will come to light this year, for sure it would be nice to greet one like him in this age of raised conscious - not exactly a Renaissance, but the cycle could come around again.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Michelangelo, wherever you are <3 <3<3

Some Days are Just Like That

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 18:39:00 +0000


Having a discombobulated yet still hanging in there day? Unfortunately (or not) baby boomers notice aches and pains and creaks that weren't there before. Before what, one may ask. Just before. Nothing having to do with anything but before. Of course we may tend to analyze out of our head into the universal thought world that the cause of our notification is because of this or that, and cuckoo enough, this or that happened before!

Eventually we may be granted some grace to be present. The focus changes mysteriously, to now. A sigh of relief comes because the truth is, that NOW is all we have. It is brought more and more to my attention as the living from the heart, seeing from the heart, hearing from the heart just seems to be the way of living now, not before. The happy thing about this is that we are all so imperfect and we can stay humble in this awareness. That is an awesome gift, like forgiveness always being there for the asking.

We can see the beauty among the broken. Some days are just like that.

Valentine Specials

Fri, 10 Feb 2012 18:32:00 +0000

February brings it on for merchants and clients of all ages. What with all the ads for flowers, chocolate, love gifts, cards, and anything at all stretched to have anything remotely affiliated with the Valentine celebration on February 14th, the world is inundated with commercialism in the name of love.

I have a few suggestions for gifts either to oneself or the receiver of Cupid's arrow. The first is for communication via the cell phone. Wirefly is having some fabulous February sales. The site is Boomer friendly, it even has a page of How To's.

If you are looking for brand name perfumes and skin (beauty) products, is a great place to shop online. It is an Internet Retailer Top 500 site that offers international shipping! It has products for all sexes.

Looking to travel over the big romantic day? Met Global  ( really entices with these offerings:
  • Huge Selection of Hotels- choose from over 150,000 hotels in over 198 countries
  • Convenience- search for rooms by price, ratings, location, customer reviews and more.
  • Hotels sorted by themes including Business, Spa, Luxury, Budget hotels and more 
  • No service fee or amendment fee 
Worldwide discounted hotel bookings are their specialty.

Last but never least is a good e-book to curl up and enjoy a steamy romance novel.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY COMING UP SOON ~~~~~~~~~~~

A Cosmic Paradigm Tear-Down

Wed, 08 Feb 2012 20:57:00 +0000

Does it ever feel like humans are entering not only a cosmic paradigm tear-down (linear thinking is out) yet at the same time a hold-up in progress as far as human decency and kindness on a global level is happening?

From future technology to the ongoing debate about birth control, the need for control is endless. Now the Catholic chieftains are whining about Obama's healthcare mandate that includes birth control and abortion (day after pills) means to be available for employees. The Church claims it isn't about the right to choose issues, but it is about the government telling the Church what to do. Sticky. Both sides are valid, yet if it isn't included in the healthcare required for employees then insurance companies could fight it. What a mess.

This is what I mean about the hold-up in time. It feels like the middle ages, the dark times of Church control is overhanging, like they have to hang on to any control they feel they actually have over other humans. Human decency and kindness translates into support for each other - no matter what faith, what sex, or what nation one hails from. Women don't want others to control or try to control their health, or their pregnancies. Geesh.

The Church needs to move on and get over it!

Entertaining Ideas using Fiber Rich Foods

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 23:19:00 +0000

Easy entertaining ideas can be the solution to beat the horror of having a party and not knowing what to do or what easy entertaining recipes to make and serve. Even if you are attending a party but unsure of what party dishes to bring, these ideas will help. The most dreadful part of entertaining is not providing fiber rich food dishes. People that are in the party mood rarely pace themselves when it comes to snacking. Usually that full feeling creeps up, and the regret of eating so much, or so much of highly processed, fatty, rich party food puts a damper on the party glow.What Are High Fiber Foods?Fiber is an essential part of human diet. Plant foods have indigestible parts, dietary fiber, that moves through our digestive system either staying intact or insoluble, or dissolved in water (soluble). Insoluble dietary fiber helps keep you regular, and clears out toxins. Whole grains are good examples of insoluble dietary fiber. Steel-cut oats, whole wheat, bran, brown rice, barley, and quinoa are some of the top grains. Soluble dietary fiber dissolves in water which slows digestion and lowers fats and blood sugar. Psyllium is one good example of soluble fiber because it is usually found as a powder to add to a liquid. Normally most fiber supplements aren't nearly as good as the actual food, but psyllium powder is derived from the husk of psyllium seeds so it does the trick quite well. Flax is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. It is important to grind flax seeds to flax meal in order to reap the wonderful benefits. It is touted for healthful omega-3 fatty acids making it great for those fish shunners. Flax meal can be added to baked foods for a nice boost, like muffins or scones.Brown Rice Pudding with Raisins and Cinnamon This high fiber desert is creamy and has zero trans fats. It yields 6 half-cup servings and can be served warm or chilled. A nice easy entertaining, high fiber food that can be made ahead of time and chilled.INGREDIENTS:2 C whole milk (I would use almond milk instead because I don't do cow's milk)⅓ C sugar¼ C golden raisins1 (3-in.) cinnamon stick1 tsp. vanilla extract3 C cooked brown basmati or long-grain rice2 large eggs, separated1 TB. unsalted butterground cinnamonNone of those ingredients are too expensive for a delicious desert. So here's how to put it all together.Combine 1 ½  cups milk, sugar, raisins and cinnamon stick in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a simmer, stirring often, and cook for about 3 minutes or until sugar dissolves.Stir in rice and vanilla extract, decrease heat to low, and cook, stirring often, for 15 minutes or until ingredients are thick and creamy. Keep the heat low to prevent sticking.Whisk together egg yolks with remaining ½ cup of milk, in a separate bowl.Beat egg whites to stiff peaks in another bowl.Remove cinnamon stick from rice. Slowly stir in egg yolk mixture, over low heat, stirring constantly for 2 minutes. Remove saucepan from heat, stir in butter until melted, then gently fold in egg whites.Pour into a serving bowl or individual pudding cups, sprinkle with cinnamon, and serve warm or chilled!One thing to remember about fiber is this - it is only present in carbohydrates. So, you may be flipping out at that because you watch carb intake instead of calorie intake, or you just figure carbs are bad. Certainly refined carbohydrates are more stressful to a body because they raise blood sugar levels quickly and stress the pancreas to pump out insulin. Refined carbs are less processed so a body has to work harder to process them. They are machine processed foods that have been stripped of the bran and germ from the whole grain. White rice and pasta made from white flour are examples. Although refined foods have a longer shelf life and a smoot[...]

Reflection Of

Wed, 28 Dec 2011 22:22:00 +0000

Now that the mad holiday fever is more relaxed (because it's over), a bit of reflection comes into play. No matter what 2011 has been for any of us, I do believe that there has been a speeding up of all life energies. Cosmic forces have only just intensified the earth mother relationship with humans. 

Have you witnessed any of the "new" children, those beyond the Indigo kids? They are mind blowing. Since I have a grandchild not yet age 2, I am very interested in this pre-fifth world phenomenon. Also, since I am gifted to work as a librarian in a fabulous library, I am a witness to the new children. In short, they are brilliant, kind, and way beyond the present world paradigm that is to shift in December, 2012. 

I was led to a book, Beyond the Indigo Children, The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World, by P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. According to the back cover, the book "provides a wonderful, grounded 'voice of reason' among all the information that's being bandied around about today's children."

Today I shall begin the read. Maybe you would be interested, or have read it and can comment on it. Please feel free to do so.

                  ~~~~~~~  A BLESSED NEW YEAR TO ALL ~~~~~


Wed, 30 Nov 2011 17:41:00 +0000

Many of us Baby Boomers have foreign relationships. By this, I mean we have a relation (daughter/son-in-law, mate, grandchild, etc.) who is a foreigner, not a US citizen or allowed to stay here more than 3 months at a time. If you don't already know, marriage doesn't change the laws. Only we the people can do so. Presently there is a lot of various immigration laws being had at state levels. It is interesting to note that federal laws for immigration differ from say, Arizona state laws. This is, unfortunately, where true discrimination exists IMHO.

Presently the current President (Obama) has suspended deportation proceedings against illegals who pose no threats to our homeland (national) security. Isn't that nice? Really, all the illegals are for sure absolutely no threat and never will be. Yippiscoo for them. Don't get me wrong, I applaud the attempt to grant back-door amnesty to no threat illegals, but I also take great offense at the perceived and acknowledged low-priority cases in the courts because they are all geared towards ILLEGAL folks here, and, let's face it, it is geared to Hispanics. They make up a large piece of the voters in the U.S.A., and it is good to not make the kids born and raised here from illegal no threat parents not have to pay for those naughty parents.

My problem is the dis-inclusion of the non-Hispanic no threat people who came here legally, worked, and overstayed their 3 month visa. There was no threats with those people YET they are automatically banned from the U.S.A. for 10 years. Isn't that nice? Where is the back-door amnesty for them? There is none. Zero tolerance for all those Europeans, Aussies, and Kiwis who overstayed their visas. Such a threat to us because they loved it here, paid taxes from paychecks, fell in love, and maybe even married one of us. To bad, the law is the law, except of course when it comes to an upcoming election year for some no threat illegals.

What's It All About?

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 17:30:00 +0000

Thanksgiving holiday is exposed in this video. It is presented in a comedic fashion, yet rings true blue. I wonder if the turkey consciousness has evolved to a bit of honesty about how this feast came to be a national holiday. Do we want to know the truth, or just that the truth is out there?

Watch it. It's worth it. Learn a little herstory. It's titled, Happy Thanksgiving My Dear Students, by HotForWords. Click on the link below.


11-11-11 to 12-12-12

Fri, 18 Nov 2011 19:05:00 +0000

The cosmic forces are expanding at a rate that is hard to keep up with. Spirit really doesn't have a time limit or restraint - those numbers are just for us humans to wake up to the love we should be accepting, sending and being. I've been turned on to some spiritual thinkers about what is going on during this speed-up and I'd love to share a few quotes. Before I do, I'd love to know if you were one of those folks who consistently saw the numbers 1:11 or 11:11 whenever you happened to glance at a clock? I did, and I accepted it as weird at first, then normal. I can't help but wonder if it has been part of the wake-up, don't go back to sleep message from the universe.This is not how we are used to living our lives, so it will take practice and perseverance. What is being asked of us is simply to remember the truth of who we are and know we cannot find the answers to our questions in the outer world. All that we seek to understand is found in our ability to relax into our very being, that place within where we are all connected to the ocean of the All That Is. In the nurturing comfort of our inner sanctuary we are able to transcend the troubles and limitations of the exterior reality, giving all who go there the ability to feel and know the truth of what is happening. Our God Selves know exactly what our needs are and what our true purpose is, so let’s relax and allow all to unfold. This from © 2011 Rebecca Couch, Dean Noblett and HeartLight ~ Living from the Heart. Now that 11/11/11 has passed, what happens now? As you can see, the 11’s are made up of 1’s and that is our ultimate spiritual goal; to be One. We are trying to remember who we are as a piece of God. We are trying to remember what it is like to feel that complete love. Before the Ascension was a possibility, the Angels gave us a visual of our journey as souls to rejoin consciously with God. They shared we were like a drop of water and that drop of water was moving towards the Ocean of God. Now that we are actively ascending, the Angels share a different, more beautiful visual of what is happening. We are that same drop of water and the Ocean of God is coming into us. You are the drop of water and the vast One-ness is coming into you. Pause and take a breath and feel the energy that statement brings to you. Imagine God speaking to you right now and saying this: “I love you. How could I not? You are everything to me. You are me. Remember who you are and you will remember Me. While you are remembering, feel My love for you in every breath, every moment. And you will feel a deep peace knowing you are never alone. We are One.” ~ GodHow do you remember?  Just take a deep breath and ask. “I thank You that I now remember who I AM as a spiritual being.”  Yes, it is that simple. Anything you need or want to know, just ask. To remember is the ultimate reason for our being. When we remember, we will wake up and find we were only sleeping and we were never really separate from God. Enjoying remembering, Christina  This from Copyright 2011 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator ~ All rights reserved.  Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to share them, send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source: www.ChristinaLunden.comHowever the light comes in, get bright with it! Happy Trails. [...]


Tue, 25 Oct 2011 13:55:00 +0000

There is a big snowstorm brewing in my side of this great planet, the first big brew of the winter season. This month of gorgeous color changes on the trees that are soon to be covered in white has also reflected the changes many are hoping to take place via Occupy Wall Street.

Past OCTOBER REVOLUTIONS such as the Hungarian revolution 1956 and the Russian revolution 1917 really highlight the month. The people wanted change and certainly huge, cataclysmic changes occurred. Often in revolutions the protests are begun peacefully, often in revolutions they end violently.

I'm hoping the current protest that is becoming worldwide will remain a peaceful revolution for great change to benefit all people.

The two mentioned OCTOBER REVOLUTIONS have significant history that is worth reviewing. The last speech of Imry Nagy (the Hungarian leader)  is a moving testament to truth. Here is a partial quote:

“This fight is the fight for freedom by the Hungarian people against the Russian intervention, and it is possible that I shall only be able to stay at my post for one or two hours. The whole world will see how the Russian armed forces, contrary to all treaties and conventions, are crushing the resistance of the Hungarian people. They will also see how they are kidnapping the prime Minister of a country which is a Member of the United nations, taking him from the capital, and therefore it cannot be doubted at all that this is the most brutal form of intervention.

Coming of Age?

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 22:34:00 +0000

How does one come to age at age 62? Yes, get early social security, start a little job, continue online work, and grow into oneself from before. In my case it is taking my name back, my given birth name that I have missed for more than half my life. It must be done "officially" even though anyone is able to change his name non-legally. It's a hassle both ways. See my account here, Name Changing Takes Some Effort. Ever since 9/11 the big brother trying to control bit is ever present and lurking at every keystroke, or so it seems. 

Besides that and the eternal quest for youth in anti aging propaganda, I wonder what coming of age means in this digital society. Like many of you, I ask, Is There a Best Anti Aging Way?

Summer's bounty was excellent with apricots in our yard this year. I even tried an apricot pie which turned out fabulous. There are bags of frozen apricots in my freezer to get me through the un-anticipated winter ahead. I prefer along Indian summer. Last summer here in the Rockies, in glorious Colorado, the weather was very sunny, warm, and delightful through October. Not so this year. Could this be a weather coming of age, or just a cycle, or even worse, a big brother weather tampering?

Cha chachachanges

Sun, 07 Aug 2011 20:46:00 +0000

Yes, it's been a lovely summer with chchchcchanges worldwide - Norway tragedy, Somalia starvation, more nasty unthoughtful Congressional slurs (tar baby), and weather patterns run amuck. Some say it is all speeding up because the famous year of 2012 is bearing down upon us earthlings sooner than later. On a personal level I feel it has a lot to do with the old saying, "Get all your ducks in a row." If indeed we will be entering a barter system or experiencing an all out revolution, chchchchanges, are happening very fast.

Recently I read that 2 states had dropped the teaching of cursive writing. Why bother when kinderkids are learning keyboard strokes. Chalkboards in classrooms are disappearing so techy devices can be used instead - even e-readers. Some of it is exciting but then again, how is the increased bandwidth usage to be handled? Also, for some of it, it seems discriminatory too me. If schoolkids are going to be using tech gadgets then are we all supposed to keep increasing mill levies to pay for every child to have use of these? Even libraries are starting to charge for computer usage for out of district clients. Geesh. Chchchcchanges in this not so green yet world. 

So much fear mongering what with the political rants and now the lowering of our AAA+ standing in the global economy - the earth is bound to connect with the human energy. So, earth changes keep on keepin' on. All this strife, tension, relationship break-ups (Arnie & Maria, Al & Tipper (old news, yes, but still), me & my ex-spouse, and countless others), really takes a toll on emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental levels of human growth. Besides a great faith that we are on the right path (that everything is perfect even though we don't get it), this time period takes friends. Along with friends comes the ability to not take ourselves so seriously, and laugh lots.

I would love for you to view this short video of Lucy & Ethel entertaining with The Friendship Song.

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

It's a great reminder to be a friend, too.

Day Trippin'

Sun, 10 Jul 2011 20:47:00 +0000

The hot time summer in the city has been cool and flash flood rainstorms here in Colorado, so I have taken a trip back to the '60's music scene. Here is an excerpt from Baby Boomer Daydream Believer:

Now is probably a good time to mention the great accumulation of the 60’s culture which was 1969. Not only could you get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant, but the summer of peace and love rocked at the Woodstock festival 1969. I was a student at the University of Minnesota at the time. One of my roommates was actually living in a commune, but had to keep up appearances as a roommate for the establishment. Deciding whether to split and cruise to Woodstock which was a fairly long drive from Minnesota was the biggest decision I had to make.  To go or not to go.

Those were the days my friend! Now the times have changed making Bob Dylan's famous song, The Times They Are A-changin right on, so to speak. It happens as we grow into our own skin, we get more comfortable with who we are and why we are going in the direction we are. 

The '60's music will never go away, it just gets re-recorded from different artists and handed along. The rainy day Sunday weather has allowed for rest and reflection. Happy day trippin!

Mythical Animals, Mythical Beasts

Wed, 22 Jun 2011 19:32:00 +0000

Exploring our human mythology to the mythical beast contemplation, I have concluded that we humans are a very curious bunch who prefer answers that either can be proven scientifically, or in some mythological realm of past wonderings. Then there is also the blind faith in a deity or deities that also enters in. Mostly I think we want to believe in other.

A considerable amount of mythology creatures appear in films and books nowadays, and it is most popular. That being said, perhaps the film makers and authors have just stumbled on the very commercial mindset of take-me-away-from the-present. Something akin to the commercialism of Christmas in July. Unicorns, Harpies, Cyclops, Centaurs, and other rich Greek mythology creatures consistently show up in today's arts, so they have to have some staying power from the great past.

I wonder what other breakthroughs will occur in the technological world which seems to have merged with mythology ("Avatar" is a great example). How long will it be before we can say "I see you" when we aren't using skype or other satellite video conferencing mechanisms? You know what I mean - will it happen in a baby boomer's lifetime?

Top Seven Christian Religious Symbols

Sat, 18 Jun 2011 04:42:00 +0000

Religious symbolism is everywhere as there are so many religions. I decided to look into Christian symbols and learned something doing so. Please read it if you'd like (just click on the title - it's linked) and feel free to comment. 

Last month I found myself enthralled with writing about religion. My titles and links are :
What with the looming terrorist angst and economic woes plaguing the world, I figure many folks are exploring the central theme of manly divisions in most cultural life. Disagreement seems to be the theme of the 21st century, and religion certainly is apart of the ongoing strife. Religious literacy is important, especially if there is ever to be peace on earth.

Boasting About A Death

Mon, 02 May 2011 18:52:00 +0000

Yesterday, May 1st, 2011, I was startled to an interruption in the television show I was watching to view the news about the death of Osama Bin Laden, the number 1 wanted person from the United States list. In fact, I texted my daughters who are in New Zealand, Big news, Osama Bin Laden is deader than a doornail. How irreverent of me, but I had to reconcile the portrayed glee from the TV with my shock at the joyous responses. So, I tried to make my text humerous. Honestly, I don't feel the joy that the mass killer is dead. I feel great relief and joy for all of the Osama searchers who did finally destroy him, and of course for all the people who have wanted him dead in retaliation for his monstrous evil and horrendous pain inflicted on so many innocent people.

However, I have had the concept of forgiveness so brainwashed in me that his actual death news didn't cause me any joy. Some politicians are taking credit for his death, and there is a great honoring upon the US military for their part in this death. We have been at war with this evil for a decade now, and it may never end although the presumed head of the monster has been killed. It seems kind of sad that we are a nation of celebrators over one man's death. I just don't get any boost from the boasts.

Granted, there is a lightening on the terrorism factor, and that is wonderful. Now that it has actually come about - a proven death of a bad man - I truly hope that it has meaning for all those that he "spawned" with hatred for the US. Maybe they will sense the futility and no good in killing.  A May Day not to be forgotten!

Thu, 28 Apr 2011 01:02:00 +0000

This is a great link of a wonderful tour of Westminister Abbey. I have been there and I still need a refresher, so take a peek if you haven't been there, or if you want a glimpse of where the Royals will be marrying soon. It's a 360 tour that really shows the spectacularness of the historic place.

An English friend of mine who lives in NZ told me that they are all very excited about the wedding to be, and that she is getting together with some NZ friends to have cucumber on crustless bread, tea, and wear hats and maybe dresses to sit and view the wedding on the telly. That sounds fun . . . from NZ, but from the states that means getting up at 4:00 am or so I hear. There will be days and nights of re-runs at a respectable time for us North Americans.  

Speaking of the states, the weather hasn't been very good for anyone to Become A Watcher of the SkiesI'm talking the wonderful world of Astronomy: An Old Science and Popular Outdoor Activity.  The Lyrid meteor showers were going on while the overcast skies made it un-viewable from where I live, and most places in the states. Rain or snow everyday is definitely putting a damper on the chance to observe the night sky and those roughly 5000 stars seeable with the naked eye.  One thing for sure, when it is warm the critters we call Spiders: Eency Weency Predators, are having a show, a Spring coming out so to speak.

Stay warm, and give the English a toast for their traditions.

Interview With a Nook Owner

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 01:01:00 +0000

I have had the pleasure of quizzing a friend who recently purchased a NOOK from my banner ad here on my blog. She was very enthusiastic about it, and had spent some time exploring it before she left the country on a trip. Travel was her main reason for getting an e-reader. She knew it would be much easier carrying around a lightweight Nook, than a paperback.

The first thing she made clear is that the Nook is made for people who read books. That is quite a compliment because book readers are very picky! She likes that the page of the Nook book she is reading doesn't look different from a printed book page in the sunlight. It is not glossy, or backlit like a computer screen. 

A choice of screen savers are offered in the Nook, and she really thinks highly of the black and white etchings of famous authors (it is her favorite screen saver). Another plus is the hysterical introduction to the Nook by Dave Berry. She says that alone is reason to buy it. Some of the useful features that come with it are:
  • highlight passages or words
  • take notes
  • bookmark
  • check the meaning of a word in the handy dictionary (genius)
  • listen to music while you read!
I definitely want one after seeing hers. She also checked out and compared the Nook with other e-readers, and found it to be the best value. She chose the mid-range priced Nook that has wi-fi, not just 3G, and not the color Nook. Also, the Nook plays nice with libraries. If you have a library card and they offer e-reading, you can download a book online, just like if you were to physically take a book out at a library. Not all e-readers allow for that feature.

She was able to download quite a few free offers that aren't too shabby either - they came with her purchase. Feel free to click on the link and explore the NOOK world.

Was John Newton Amazed?

Thu, 07 Apr 2011 01:49:00 +0000

The slave turned slave trader, John Newton was (I believe) amazed at his prayer for mercy during the event that changed his life. He was a passenger on the ship, the Greyhound, when a fierce storm gave him real cause to believe the ship would go under. This is when the author of the Amazing Grace hymn embraced his God and asked for mercy, yet wondered why he would be allowed any. You see, he was enslaved and made to work on a lime plantation when he was a teenager so he wasn't a stranger to the hardships and lack of freedom the Africans he worked with had to put up with. Please read more at Amazing Grace Origin: John Newton.

I've been into researching some phrases lately and have found them to have interesting origins and meanings. They are: The Bluebird of Happiness Phrase, and On the Verge Phrase. The articles may surprise you!

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 00:23:00 +0000

March - snow, rain, sun, dry, cold and today, St Patdraigs Day (an Irish holiday in the US, and a Catholic holiday in Ireland), a fine blizzard has begun. Gotta love it! I have so many loved ones whose March birthdays are happening. Happy birthday to all March celebrants.Speaking of celebration, March is also Women’s History Month. Here are some excerts from my articles about some fabulous women:Her flowers paintings were absolutely stunning to initial viewers. Mainly they were perceived positively as female genitalia. So much of her work was constructed around a center that did imply physical body representations. The perception is beautiful, and glorifies the female sexuality. She painted simple objects, rarely humans, and gave the work a noted sense of color. Her work increased a desirability to view flowers (for instance) like they have never been viewed before. She would scoff at the reference to sex symbols in her work, and merely say that the viewer was seeing his own obsessions. The paintings of her flowers art were way ahead of her time, totally unconventional.From - Georgia O”Keeffe: An Unconventional WomanSo, her 11 year old firstborn, Vaballath, became the king. Zenobia was his regent, major helper governor. Think about this: what a sham this must have been for the vibrant and intelligent woman who had done so much to keep her Palmyra and all of Roman Syria a great kingdom, safe from neighboring despots, and her son is passed the keys to the kingdom. So unfair, so wrong. Nevertheless, historically she is given the credit as the ruler of the Palmyrene Empire.From - Zenobia Queen of the Palmyrian EmpireLike any great person, she had her detractors. When the letters of her inner spiritual life were made public those people balanced the devotee followers with those who denied her truth. In some of her letters she admits to doubt. She falls off the belief wagon. She questions whether she made a mistake in responding to the call of the sacred heart. All those words she wrote in confidentiality have been eschewed by some to disqualify her saintliness. No matter, they have the right to do so. Her dark soul times were shared with her confessors, as her religion dictates. They, maybe have breached the confidentiality by allowing her letters to be public.   From - Mother Teresa Worked With a Full HeartThere is a great Georgia O’Keeffe biopic DVD available for very cheap at Barnes and Noble. May all our fellow humans on this dear planet send out great love to each other - especially the Japanese.[...]