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Baby Doll Reborn Guide - Making a Baby Doll Reborn

Making a baby doll reborn requires a lot of specialized skills and artists are discovering a big market for their creations.

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Baby Doll Reborn Video


Check out this quick video of a baby doll reborn.

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What is a Baby Doll Reborn?


Reborn dolls have exploding in popularity over the last couple of years. These superlife like dolls have taken the doll collecting world by storm with their insanely life like looks, rare quantities and emotional attachment their owners have to them.

To make a baby doll reborn an artist first begins with a regular doll. These factory made dolls are selected for their facial expression or other features. They are then strippped down to their barest essentials. The factory pigment is removed with chemicals and the artists begins building them back up layer by layer. At the end the doll is completely new; hence it is a baby doll reborn.

This blog will cover the process of making a baby doll reborn so you if you're looking to make one or just curious on how these little wonders are created make sure to check in.