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Is God Relevant Today? Many ask: Christianity is old fashioned and so why step back a hundred years or more, by believing in God? The spiritualising of our culture is on the increase and many of us have not noticed. May I suggest that even if you do not

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Is God Relevant Today

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We now live in a very modernistic world and continue to demand more modern all the time. It causes in us a very short sense of historical perspective. We are encouraged to discard and forget the past history and embrace the New World ideas (we have somehow evolved into a higher life form, from any other people who lived before us. And so now, think that we can dismiss the wisdom of the aged and the vitally important historical lessons; we then design our New World lifestyles.) We have been so bombarded with modernism and materialism from the TV, school, magazines, movies, newspapers, computers and advertising that we have become conditioned to the idea of a world that is without any real god or even the need for one. It’s like we have been brainwashed by all this, it is a false idea and a shallow lifestyle. Like someone who is so taken up with the Internet that he scarcely notices his family, so we are today - so taken up with the larger-than-life world that we scarcely notice God - the material world becomes so real, that the spiritual world is basically lost to us.
There is a saying - "There is no such thing as an atheist on the battle field." When we find ourselves in a situation where we are stripped of our security and comfort, many of us ask a God, who supposedly does not exist, to help us in our hard times. God is there all the time but many of us only acknowledge when we must.
Many question the existence of God, but not the theory of the 'atom' - for it is still only a theory - it sounds like a good theory to me too, but total proof is not available; yet we put great faith in it. The theory of the atom was first recorded by Democritus, a Greek philosopher around 465 BC. He gave us the word 'atom'. Are we much more clever and enlightened now or is it just more technology? Technology and new medical advances can produce a wonderful new drug to alleviate pain, but then people use the drug to escape reality and destroy themselves as well.
High technology does not equate to wisdom and spiritual insight. God and the spiritual realm are out of reach of the scientific sphere - they cannot be measured and tested in the same clinical way in a laboratory. Why then does man consider that he understands enough about God and the spiritual realm, to declare them obsolete? Stephen Hawking the brilliant theoretical physicist and mathematician, his work helped confirm the 'big bang' theory to Evolutionists and yet I heard him state on radio recently: "We still do not know the origin of the universe or why we are here."
(Even many evolutionary scientists are now saying that the theory of Evolution is not really plausible without their being some kind of 'higher intelligence'. They propose that, that higher intelligence could be the combined intelligence of the universe. Hmm, I do not think that a rock has very much intelligence and certainly not enough to create the full range of incredibly complex of life forms in evidence on the earth today. The ‘Big Bang’ theory suggests that while ‘first there was nothing’, this “nothing” exploded into millions of huge stars bigger than our sun.’ How? Where is the mechanism for such a process? There are thousands of scientists around the world, now declaring evolution as impossible.)

Some will say to me "I don't need God, why should I ?" And true enough in a physical sense most of us can live without God, but if God does exist, as I propose, He says no person can have any quality of life at all in the next life, without living for Him in this life.
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