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Network Marketing Training Why Use The Internet

Network Marketing training is necessary so you can take your business online. As companies all over the world are increasingly getting on the web , it has turned out to be increasingly necessary that the marketing strategy of each and every

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Network Marketing Training Strategy and Getting Visitors To Your Website

Wed, 22 Jul 2009 06:35:00 +0000

Developing a Network Marketing Training strategy online is not an easy task. From the initial setup to the profit-making phase it takes much patience and determination. One of the most important determinants of success in multilevel marketing businesses is the amount of people who will get to see your website and who end up purchasing your products or services.

In this article, you will see how you can easily drive a flood of traffic to your Internet Network Marketing Business for maximum exposure. Getting visitors to your website is an art and takes a bit of knowledge which cannot be covered here. But you will be able to get the basics and develop on them as time goes by. Driving traffic to your website is categorized into two main groups: paid and free methods.

1. Utilize free classified advertisements. There are assumptions that this form of promoting does not work. In a sense it is mutually true and false. A few classified ads sites are not worth the time and exertion, as they do not yield any significant results.

However, there are a select few which are able of creating astounding results. Examples of such websites are, myspace classifieds,, and

2. Write articles. This form of selling is about the most viral of them all because of its propensity to get sent from one friend to the other. People adore great articles. Create keyword rich articles with a lot of timely information and you will have many subscribers and individuals reading the article and visiting your website.

3. Use Social Networking Sites. These work like magic. In most social networking websites, you have many people who have the same interests congregating to discuss issues, share concepts , network and build business partnerships or just hang out. To use these websites effectively, just produce posts and update them on your profile or social networking blog.

For instance, you can easily write articles, post on your blog and notify people on twitter. With this form of microblogging, you could have a lot of people visiting your website to see what you are talking about. The same goes for websites like myspace, youtube, mixx, jaidu, digg etc.

4. Make use of video sites to build up your exposure. Most of these video sites can easily rank highly on the search engines as a consequence of the PR love they get. So, produce an informative video or infomercial and post on video sites like, Google videos,, myspace videos etc.

5. Make use of Pay per click ads to drive traffic to your website. You can utilize advertising programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter, Miva,, etc. These are websites that allow you to set ads and you get charged for every clickthrough that visitors make to your website.

As I said, this is just introductory, but I hope you will be able to go ahead and learn the ropes properly so that you won't end up losing a lot of cash in your Network Marketing Opportunity

Give me 10 days and I will help you figure out if Internet Network Marketing is right for you. This simple step by step training demonstrates you how easy it is to get started on your MLM Marketing Business.

MLM Network Marketing and Using Twitter

Wed, 22 Jul 2009 06:34:00 +0000

If you have an MLM Network Marketing business, you may have been recommended to write a list of family and friends, then contact them about your business opportunity and your product. Many years ago, that was the only way to build a network marketing business. Since then, network marketers use leads, email campaigns, blogs and a number of other ways to build their list. More recently, a very popular way to build a list of followers is a program called Twitter. We describe here the value of building a list of followers for your business, specifically with Twitter.A list of friends and family is useful if you have a lot of friends and family, and if they are interested in your products and/or your opportunity. However, not everyone knows a lot of people who can go on their list, and not all friends and family want your products or your business opportunity. But that’s okay because there are plenty of ways to build a list using the internet.What if you had a list or a following of hundreds or thousands of people that grows every month? And, these people share something in common with you? Perhaps these people are all musicians, scuba divers, wind surfers, or they do some other hobby that you are crazy about.These people like you because over time, you have earned their trust and you have proved to be a very credible resource. You have listened to them, and helped them get something they want, without asking for anything in return (that’s a very important part of having a list).Now, let’s pretend that you sell something called "Acne Treatment", acne, being that horrible thing which often happens to teenagers, who get very upset about it.You have a list of Twitter followers (it might also be an email list or a blog) of around 10,000 followers that you’ve gathered over time. I am on your list and we might have sent each other private direct messages or public messages at some time. Perhaps we’ve even spoken on a chat program and maybe we have never met personally.You might have shown me a website which has some valuable information (valuable to me anyway) about music or scuba diving. I might have laughed at one of your jokes on Twitter or looked at your pictures and we shared some great places to go diving. You provided something useful to me, and I like and trust you much more than that guy who keeps sending me adverts on Twitter.One day my daughter gets really upset about her acne, and she won’t even go to school. She won’t go outside the house, she’s so upset. She’s getting teased at school and none of the cures for acne are helping.Then, I remember a post on your blog. I remember at sometime you sent out a tweet showing your blog post about treating acne. So, I send you a message on Twitter and ask you about this Acne stuff you recommended sometime ago.You write back a message saying "Why don’t you try it and if it doesn’t work I will give you your money back?" I buy the acne stuff because I’ve grown to like you over time and because I trust you.This stuff might not work for my daughter, but it doesn’t matter because at least we tried it and I know you cared enough to offer it to me. More importantly, this stuff just might work and my daughter will be really happy, and you have added some value to my life and to hers. You would feel pretty good about that and I would think you’re a pretty nice person. ( We certainly like each other more then we like the other guy who tweeted us to sign up with him immediately )So what can happens now? Nothing else might happen and maybe every time I run into a friend with a teenager who has acne, I tell them about you. My teenager might tell all her friends, and they all buy the stuff from you. Perhaps my best friend is a skin specialist and the stuff works for her teenager! Maybe all I ever do, is recommend you, your Blog, and your product. I might tell my 10,000 Twitter followers, and lots of them have teenagers with acne also.I might have thought it was so great how you help people like this, and I find out you make well over a $10[...]