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Killer PPC Stats Automation Software

There's a smokin' hot software program called StatsJunky that automatically tracks your affiliate and PPC profit and losses all the way down to a keyword level.

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Last Chance To GET Life Time Membership To StatsJunky

Tue, 21 Jul 2009 19:09:00 +0000


This is your last chance to get in on the GINORMOUS savings going on over at StatsJunky (The Most Important Stats Automation Tool Ever Seen!)

Why StatsJunky?

With StatsJunky, you're not only able to track and check your stats easily and in real-time, you are able to cloak your keywords and can identify keyword winners and losers with pinpoint accuracy. This power results in quicker action to minimize losses and maximize profits.

After using it you will not be able to imagine running a full-fledged, profitable affiliate marketing business without StatsJunky. What's more is that all your data is stored on your computer, not on some server somewhere. Profit & loss tracking, cloaking, and security. You can't get any better than that.

If you are tired of logging into countless affiliate networks to view your stats and review your data just do yourself a favor - go get StatsJunky right now!

You can review all of your stats from the easy-to-use StatsJunky desktop application - You'll save yourself a ton of time and a ton of money - in fact you'll probably make MORE money.

And the accolades have been coming in thick and fast.

Tim Houston:
"StatsJunky will change affiliate marketing forever. It's the missing link to creating profitable campaigns. This will be huge!"

Jeremy Shoemaker:
"...StatsJunky pinged me to check out their product and I gotta say it looks pretty sweet....a must have for all affiliates."

"Turn Un-Profitable Campaigns to Positive Cash Flow Campaigns with the Click of a Few Buttons! This is an Unbelievable Tool!."

Jay Stockwell:
"... it's converting at a crazy 14.63%.
I would have missed this opportunity completely if I wasn't using StatsJunky... "

But Be WARNED: This amazing deal to get a LIFETIME membership to StatsJunky for only $297 (instead of the usually $699/year price) ends at midnight EST Thursday!

Don't miss out - the clock is ticking! And once this offer is over, it's over. Period.

StatsJunky has absolutely made a marked improvement in multiple aspects of my business ... saving me time, highlighting strong affiliate programs, pinpointing the profitable keywords, providing instant access to my data via your cell phone, etc. Check it out Today!