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Lower Abdominal Exercise

Everything You Need To Know About Lower Abdominal Exercise

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Guides To Lower Abdominal Exercise

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Lower abdominal exercise is widely adopted as people are becoming more conscious of their appearances especially in the area of body shape. Having a nicely shaped waistline and abdominal muscle is key to confidence and also enhances one’s ability to attract the opposite sex. Here we review the top 3 websites that talks about lower abdominal exercise that will give you the abs that you long for.No.1 Choice - Truth About AbsTruth About Abs is currently the leading guide on abdominal training in the market. The author, Michael Geary, both a nutrition specialist and personal trainer in the fitness industry had been doing research and specializes on body fat reduction and power training. The guide focuses on 2 areas, body exercise which includes lower abdominal exercise and more as well as diet. Michael will show you what are the effective exercises and which ones aren’t and should be avoided. It also comes with a comprehensive workout routine schedule as well as dietary plans to help you stay lean while enjoying your favorite foods. The guide also addresses many myths regarding health foods, abs workouts and fat burner pills. This is a must have for anyone who is serious about getting their abs in shape.No.2 Choice – Firm And Flatten Your AbsDavid Grisaffi, author of “Firm And Flatten Your Abs” has some pretty impressive resume, he is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and by the prestigious Chek Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist, Health and Lifestyle Coach and Golf Biomechanics Pro. He is also an exercise specialist, strength coach and personal trainer. His system promises no sit ups, no use of exercise machines and no starvation diets. The system focuses on natural ways of flattening the abs through collective effort of exercise and nutrition for best result. The good thing about his offer is that it comes with a few bonus guides to help you stay on top of your body shape and condition.No.3 Choice – How To Get Ripped AbsDeveloped by John Alvino, a fat loss expert, master trainer & strength and conditioning coach, this guide focuses on helping men and women to obtain the abs that they want. The guide advises against doing traditional ab exercises and using body building methods to shape your abs. It also attacks the notion that low-cab and low fat diet is key to having a beautifully shaped ab.All the programs reviewed here are the more popular ones because of their effectiveness and happy customers. Choose from one of them and find effective lower abdominal exercise now.[...]

Examples Of Effective Lower Abdominal Exercise

Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:00:00 +0000

Lower abdominal exercise comes in many different forms and usually are executed while laying on your back. Attention must be paid to the correct posture of your back while executing the moves to prevent long term side effects to your back as a result of incorrect posture. Here we check out 2 common examples of lower abdominal exercise.

Lower Abdominal Exercise 1(image)

Lie on your back with your legs straighten up on the floor. It is recommended that you lie on a exercise mattress for comfort. Make sure your head is rested on the ground/mattress and put your hands on your waist or you can place them on the ground/mattress straight so that your palms are near your buttocks. Either way works but the 2nd method generally provides better support. Choose the one that is most effective for you. Next, gently lift up your legs until they are approximately 45 degrees from the ground. And then, with the same gentle movement, move the legs down until they almost touch the floor/mattress and then lift them up again gently. Repeat the same movement for up to 15 times and then rest your legs. It is important that during the whole time of the exercise, your back is straighten and not arced. Failure to do so will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise and might hurt your back in the long run.

Lower Abdominal Exercise 2
Continuing from your last position in exercise 1 (head and legs on the floor), place your hands behind your head and use them to gently lift your head up slightly. Next, in the lie down position, bend your knees and move them towards your head. Do not worry if you can’t. Just try as far as you can. The next move is to straighten your legs again but do not let them touch the ground and then go back to bending your knees towards your head. Again, repeat this for up to 15 times and rest.

You can have some variations like resting your head on the mattress/ground while you straighten your legs and then move them towards each other. Do make sure that your back is straightened, otherwise, you will be training your butt muscles instead and you may develop back pains after prolong period of doing the exercise wrongly.

Be consistent with the lower abdominal exercise and you will be on your way to having a nicely shaped abs.