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This is a bi-weekly program where I will be spotlighting different role-playing games, from the latest OGL product to classic games from 20 years ago! Each episode will spotlight one game. You can also expect interviews from up-and-coming game designers a

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Hand Me Another Character Sheet...

Thu, 19 Nov 2009 08:57:49 PST

*Cough!* Oh man, all this dust and cobwebs. One would think that this location has never been touched for centuries...

*Grabs broom, mop, and other cleaning supplies*

All right, you lot, let's get this place cleaned up! *Casts Animate Object*


Hello and welcome back to RPG Showcase.

I just wanted to post a quick message saying how sorry I am that this wonderful resource was left to waste for all these years.

But fear not, my listeners and loyal subscribers!

Very soon I shall return, better than ever before, and possibly in a new video format, too!


*Hears a crash in the background*

Um, I best get for now, but stay tuned! Things are about to get interesting!

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