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Tips, resources, interviews, reviews for Baby Boomers who want to embrace new experiences and create meaning in the next step of their lives, by life coach, Karma Kitaj

Published: 2018-02-04T21:21:35-05:00



I have not contributed to this blog in years.

Engaging in Creative Experiences Keeps Us Vibrant


A friend turned me on to this article by Herb Alpert, musician and artist. It resonates with me, as I too have been enlivened by finding my creative self in visual art in the last couple of years. I also...

A New Metaphor For Aging


When I was young, I, like most people, dreaded the idea of being old. My experience with old was visiting my paternal grandmother, who lived her last years (until 102) curled up in a fetal position in a nursing home,...

Recent Alivelihood Guests Demonstrate Their Zest for Living


Now in the 4th year of interviewing guests on my TV show, "Alivelihood:New Adventures As We Age," I'm still enthralled with the sense of adventure, committment, and passion these people exude. I'm not surprised, as I too have developed a...

Will You Be Dancing Into Your 90s?


When we see an old, old person in her 90's we imagine she will be decrepit, stooped over, with a walker or even a wheelchair. Imagine our surprise when this stooped over little woman bursts out in dance. See this...

Exercising Your Creativity Keeps You Vibrant in Mind and Soul


It’s about exercising our creativity and how this affects us in our health, our spirit, and our motivation in all areas of life.

Alivelihood Guests Demonstrate Their Zest For Lives After 50


Here are 3 more inspiring people from my TV show who are role models for people who want to embark on new initiatives in their 6th decade and older. Lynn Serper was in the midst of completing her dissertation in...

TV Show Exhibits Passionate People in Their Encore Careers


Here are some more of the inspirational people whom I've met and interviewed for my TV show, "Alivelihood: New Adventures As We Age." Economics professor Mary Stevenson semi-retired from her post of many decades, realizing that she wanted to use...

More Stories of People Who've Found New Adventures in the 3rd Age


Do you need inspiration about what your next act might be? Listen to the stories of some of the people whom I've interviewed for my TV show, "Alivelihood: New Adventures As We Age." Florence Goulet emigrated to the US from...

Passionate People Speak About Their Lives Over 50


I've been interviewing passionate people over age 50 on my TV show, called "Alivelihood: New Adventures As We Age, for the past 4 years. Here are a few capsule summaries of recent guests: Joan Ditzion was an original founder of...