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Last Build Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 23:50:07 +0000


Huawei MediaPad M5 10 Pro tablet leaks ahead of MWC 2018 debut

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 23:50:07 +0000

(image) Huawei is the subject of a major leak: its anticipated MediaPad M5 10 Pro tablet has just leaked ahead of its planned Mobile World Congress 2018 debut. Multiple images of the tablet have been published online, as well as key specs. This is one of three MediaPad M5 tablets the company is expected to introduce in coming days. All signs … Continue reading(image)

Ancient human remains, Mayan relics found in massive underwater cave

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 23:10:59 +0000

(image) Researchers are back with another exciting discovery involving the Mayans: ancient human remains, relics, as well as remains from Pleistocene era bears, ancient elephants, and more. The discovery was made in an underwater cave, according to the Culture Ministry in Mexico. The discovery was made by archaeologists who were probing the flooded cavern, which is among the largest in the … Continue reading(image)

Signal Foundation: WhatsApp co-founder makes private chat a nonprofit

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 23:06:39 +0000

(image) A nonprofit organization was just revealed, made by the folks at Signal (the chat platform and app) and co-founder of WhatsApp, Brian Acton. This nonprofit organization was “made possible” by Brian Acton and aims to “support, accelerate, and broaden Signal’s mission of making private communication accessible and ubiquitous.” In short, it’ll turn Signal into an organization into which funds can … Continue reading(image)

This glitch could’ve destroyed Bitcoin, but it didn’t

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 22:15:21 +0000

(image) Zaif exchange had cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin – available for free for approximately 18 minutes on February 16th. Fortunately, the mistake was mitigated. Fortunately, none of that “free” cryptocurrency was allowed to leave the exchange. One user essentially got as far as the front door with 2,200-trilion-Yen (approximately $20-trillion USD) worth of coins – but was stopped in the nick … Continue reading(image)

Tinder login vulnerability gave access using only user’s phone number

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 22:05:30 +0000

(image) A major Tinder security vulnerability has been revealed by Appsecure security researchers. The issue left Tinder accounts potentially exposed to infiltrators by only requiring a phone number to log in. This was due to issues with the Facebook API and the Tinder app’s login process, both of which have already been fixed. Appsecure’s Anand Prakash detailed the security issue on … Continue reading(image)

These Giant HD Galaxy S9 images just leaked

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 21:27:37 +0000

(image) If the massive amount of Samsung Galaxy S9 details that’ve leaked this month weren’t enough already, today we’ve got some huge images. These images are far more monstrous than you could ever want or need – assuming you’re not printing posters of the devices that are as tall as an adult gorilla. They’re larger than you’d need them to be … Continue reading(image)

Sonic the Hedgehog movie release date confirmed for late 2019

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 21:19:55 +0000

(image) Way back in early 2016, Sega Sammy Holdings’ president Hajime Satomi revealed plans for a live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which was first reported in 2014. The information was provided as part of an interview during which Sony Pictures was mentioned, as was a 2018 movie release date. Assuming all of that was still the game plan, we would be … Continue reading(image)

Bitcoin Price volatility: Paypal, Petro, and Steven Seagal

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 21:01:10 +0000

(image) PayPal chief financial officer John Rainey spoke this week about the likelihood Bitcoin would become a standard payment method online. At the moment there’s too much volatility in the cost of Bitcoin (in USD) for most merchants to adopt the coin. In the very near future, said Rainey, there’s a good chance Bitcoin could be accepted far more widely than … Continue reading(image)

T-Mobile iPhone, Apple Watch deal starts Friday: $200 prepaid card and more

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 20:34:14 +0000

(image) Starting on Friday, T-Mobile will launch a new deal that gives customers $200 on top of their phone’s trade-in value if they buy one of the newer iPhone models. This new deal can be stacked on the company’s recently detailed free line promo, which is offering a free line to family plan customers who add a line. In addition, and … Continue reading(image)

Snapchat redesign petition actually gets a response

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 20:12:58 +0000

(image) If you haven’t noticed by now, the recent redesign launched for Snapchat hasn’t gone over very well. Some users have been very vocal with their negative reactions to the redesign, and though those complaints haven’t really relented, Snapchat has stuck by its decision to change the app. At the center of this criticism has been an extremely popular petition over … Continue reading(image)

DOJ cybersecurity task force will focus on US election manipulation

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 19:49:35 +0000

(image) The Department of Justice will create a new cybersecurity task force called the “Cyber-Digital Task Force.” The new security initiative will be created by order of the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions who cites the ability of terrorists and others to exploit the Internet for nefarious reasons. The Cyber-Digital Task Force will assess ways to address these issues. The announcement … Continue reading(image)

2019 Audi RS5 pricing and packages revealed

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 19:06:26 +0000

(image) Today we’ve learned the starting price of the 2019 Audi RS5 as well as pricing for a number of optional packages. The 2019 Audi RS5 will have both a Dynamic Package and a Dynamic Plus Package with alternate colors and variable top speed. There’ll be a Black optic package as well as RS Drivers Assistance available, as well as a … Continue reading(image)

My PlayStation lets you browse PSN profiles online

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 18:54:30 +0000

(image) Sony has taken PSN in a direction few of us were probably expecting today. The company has launched a new service called “My PlayStation,” which allows you to access some parts of the PlayStation Network through a broswer on a PC, Mac, or on mobile devices. At the moment, there isn’t a whole lot you can do using My PlayStation, … Continue reading(image)

Electric car fears prompt odd Apple investment

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 18:08:23 +0000

(image) Apple may be in a bidding war with electric vehicle battery makers for one key metal: cobalt. Apple’s been one of the biggest users of cobalt over the past decade due to their ever-increasing production of iPhone, iPad, and other devices with their own rechargeable batteries. Now that electric vehicles are coming into vogue, demand for cobalt is going up … Continue reading(image)

AMD expands Ryzen and EPYC with new embedded processors

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 17:19:42 +0000

(image) AMD has been doing pretty well with PC hardware meant for consumers, but today, the company is turning its attention to enterprise. AMD has announced new embedded processors featuring both Ryzen and EPYC branding. It has also announced a number of product and manufacturing partners who have signed on to use these processors, which could be good news for its … Continue reading(image)

Cheaper iPads tipped on the horizon

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 17:07:17 +0000

(image) Apple will release more iPads at some point, and on the 21st of February, 2018, clues indicated the next iPad’s release. These devices were listed as A1954 and A1893. With said model numbers, Apple may well release two models in the same lines that’ve already been established. Now the question is whether Apple will release an iPad and an iPad … Continue reading(image)

Nest Cam IQ Google Assistant update makes camera a smart speaker

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 17:00:22 +0000

(image) The Nest Cam IQ indoor is gaining Google Assistant support today, along with new face recognition tools and the arrival of a cheaper subscription plan. The latest fruit of Google’s decision to welcome Nest back into the fold, after it absorbed the formerly standalone Alphabet business earlier this month, it turns the connected camera into a smart speaker. The new … Continue reading(image)

This is tailgating, Rolls-Royce Cullinan style

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:54:30 +0000

(image) Swap the hot dogs for caviar, the grill for sous-vide, and your rusty old Explorer for the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and you have tailgating the luxury way. While the upmarket SUV may not be quite ready to make its public debut yet, the British automaker is previewing one of its more unusual features: the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Viewing Suite. Drop down the … Continue reading(image)

This is the astonishing Ferrari 488 Pista

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:31:19 +0000

(image) A new Ferrari is always something special, but the Ferrari 488 Pista promises to be even more unusual than most. Revealed today ahead of its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show in just a few weeks time, it’s the latest in a well-admired lineage of V8 cars from the Italian automaker. When you’re expected to replace models like the … Continue reading(image)

Facebook Messenger video calling gets a big new feature

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:18:46 +0000

(image) Facebook has spent the last few years trying to turn Messenger into the communication platform. Many different features have been added to Messenger over the years, but one that seems crucial – the ability to add people to your in-progress video calls – has been missing since video calling launched back in 2015. That all changes today. Facebook has announced … Continue reading(image)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile VR tech made for wireless headsets

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:13:14 +0000

(image) Mobile virtual reality before Qualcomm’s newest line of VR hardware made for a fairly decent experience. Samsung had their VR headset that worked with Galaxy S and Note devices, and Google brought the first wave in with Cardboard, Daydream, and so on. But now it’s time to get serious about processor action. Now it’s time for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 … Continue reading(image)

2019 Volvo V60 hybrid wagon is what the Swedes do best

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:05:33 +0000

(image) Volvo has revealed the newest car in its 60 Series, the 2019 Volvo V60, a handsome wagon built on the same platform as the XC60 SUV. Embracing electrification from the outset, the new V60 wagon will be offered with two hybrid powertrains in addition to regular gas and, country depending, diesel engines. It’s unmistakably a Volvo, certainly. The midsize premium … Continue reading(image)

Tap wearable keyboard is a fidgeter’s dream

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:00:06 +0000

(image) Drumming your fingers on your desk might no longer be a sign of boredom, with the Tap wearable keyboard and mouse promising a surreptitious way of typing on a phone or tablet. The gadget, into which your fingers slot, turns text entry into chording, measuring the movement of your fingers and translating them into text or navigation commands. Now, chording … Continue reading(image)

Amazon is bringing Iain M. Banks’ Culture to Prime Video

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:28:27 +0000

(image) Iain M. Banks’ Culture Series is headed to Amazon Prime Video, with the studio snapping up the rights to “Consider Phlebas.” The TV series will be adapted by Dennis Kelly, who created TV series “Utopia,” while Plan B Entertainment, responsible for “World War Z” and “Moonlight,” will produce. It’s an ambitious undertaking by Amazon Studios. Banks, who died in 2013, … Continue reading(image)

Galaxy S9 release date might be coming up fast

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:12:30 +0000

(image) By this point, we’ve had so many Galaxy S9 leaks that it would be a wonder if there were any surprising announcements left to make during Samsung’s reveal event on February 25. In fact, assuming the various rumors we’ve heard about hardware are true, pretty much the only thing left up in the air is the Galaxy S9’s release date. … Continue reading(image)

Peugeot Rifter van seats up to seven, debuts in Geneva

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 14:43:44 +0000

(image) Peugeot has announced its latest van and the vehicle is called the Rifter. The automaker says that the vehicle is built for everyday adventures be those adventures in the urban jungle or some remote mountain road. The Rifter uses the new Peugeot i-Cockpit and can be ordered in two lengths. The shorter length seats five people while the longer version … Continue reading(image)

Researchers charge a smartphone using a laser from across the room

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 14:12:03 +0000

(image) Researchers from the University of Washington have devised a new way to charge a smartphone from across the room using lasers. The team says that the method of charging is safe and uses a narrow invisible beam from a laser emitter to deliver a charge the smartphone battery. The system is also designed with multiple safety features. The researchers say … Continue reading(image)

2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS gets official ahead of Geneva unveil

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 13:41:09 +0000

(image) Porsche plans to make the first real public debut of the 2019 911 GT3 RS sports car at the Geneva Auto Show next month. Ahead of that debut, the automaker has given up most of the details on the 911 GT3 RS and the car is a beast. It packs a 4.0L flat-six that makes 520hp without needing turbos to … Continue reading(image)

Ads on the Web: it’s time to make a change

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 13:11:49 +0000

(image) Google has just recently implemented a rather hard-handed change in its Chrome web browser that would effectively remove many of the most annoying ads on the Web. Some hail it as a huge step forward in ad control, others bemoan Google’s self-serving interests on the matter. Whichever side you’re on, the controversy around it, plus Google’s industry clout, could very … Continue reading(image)

Qualcomm’s WiFi 11ax mobile chip is a pre-cert powerhouse

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 12:30:27 +0000

(image) WiFi 11ax is headed to smartphones and laptops this year, with Qualcomm announcing its newest chip combining speedy WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1. The Qualcomm WCN3998 jumps the gun on 802.11ax, arriving well in advance of the new standard being finalized. However, the chip-maker says, it’ll offer the key features – and probably those you’ll get the most benefit from – … Continue reading(image)

AT&T 5G rollout starts in these three cities

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 09:28:14 +0000

(image) 5G, the next step after 4G, is also the communications industry’s next big push, whether you’re ready or not. And most are probably not. Unless you’re a chipset maker like Qualcomm or a network carrier like Verizon and AT&T. The latter has just revealed a small piece of its promise to bring what it brands as “mobile 5G” to parts … Continue reading(image)

Reply from Google Area 120 now available unofficially

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 08:39:13 +0000

(image) Are your fingers tired of typing a reply that is almost rote and common? Ever wished your phone could read your mind and know what to reply even before you did. Google created Smart Replies exactly for that purpose, but its reach has been very limited. That’s why its skunkworks R&D Area 120 is working on an Android app simply … Continue reading(image)

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset available now

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 07:57:30 +0000

(image) It seems that the dust around VR has settled down. CES 2018 was almost eerily silent about the nascent technology. Except, perhaps, for a few peeks here and there, including ASUS’ first foray into the field. The latest and so far last major PC OEM to join Microsoft’s brand of artificial reality, ASUS showed off its Windows Mixed Reality headset … Continue reading(image)

iOS 11.3, tvOS 11.3 beta 3 rips out AirPlay 2

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 06:20:15 +0000

(image) Apple giveth and Apple taketh away. The third beta for the company’s mobile, TV, and desktop platforms has just rolled out to developers. And while they come loaded with new things, including important bugfixes, it’s the one thing that Apple removed that is making the biggest noise. As of the third beta for iOS 11.3 as well as tvOS 11.3, … Continue reading(image)

Galaxy S9 augmented reality demo extracted from Unpacked app

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 05:15:56 +0000

(image) Samsung fans, and Samsung itself, are just counting down the days before the huge Unpacked 2018 event in Barcelona. But before MWC 2018 even takes place, our idea of the Galaxy S9 is pretty much complete thanks to a plethora of leaks. Of course, there’s always room for more, especially when the source is Samsung itself. Apparently, the Unpacked 2018 … Continue reading(image)

Watch Boston Dynamics’ robot shake off an aggressive human

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 02:25:20 +0000

(image) Earlier this month, Boston Dynamics demonstrated a version of its SpotMini robot that contains an arm and claw/clamp on the end of the armature. The robot was demonstrated opening a door and walking through, but that was too simple of a task, apparently. This time around, the robotics company has demonstrated the robot actively resisting an aggressive human who is … Continue reading(image)

Nintendo server maintenance will disrupt Minecraft, eShop this week

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 01:25:27 +0000

(image) Nintendo is going to perform some server maintenance this week that will cause some disruptions for certain gamers. Minecraft is the first scheduled for a disruption, which will start tonight for players in North America. That’ll be followed by disruptions to some online gameplay for some unspecified games, trouble purchasing from the Nintendo eShop later on this week, and more. … Continue reading(image)

Kratom salmonella outbreak across 20 states prompts CDC warning

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 00:36:43 +0000

(image) The Centers for Disease Control are warning about a salmonella outbreak associated with a plant called kratom. The outbreak has affected individuals in multiple states, according to the CDC, which says it is recommending that people abstain from kratom use until further notice. There aren’t any common suppliers or brands associated with the illnesses at this time, though information is … Continue reading(image)

Venezuela’s Petro cryptocurrency is backed by oil and now available

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 23:42:34 +0000

(image) Venezuela is tackling its economic woes by launching its own cryptocurrency called “Petro.” The country claims this is the first sovereign cryptocurrency, and it’s backed by the nation’s crude oil reserves. The digital money is available now; there are plans to sell 100 million Petros total with an initial value matching the price of a barrel of Venezuelan crude oil: … Continue reading(image)

Hennessey’s 1,000 HP Camaro “Exorcist” is a 217mph must-see

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 23:02:01 +0000

(image) Not satisfied with putting extra wheels on Ford Raptors, tuners Hennessey Performance have turned their attention to making a 217 mph monster out of Chevy’s Camaro. Dubbed “The Exorcist,” the beastly coupe has been turned from a 650 HP racer – hardly anything to be ashamed of – into a 1,000 horsepower custom that can leave supercars eating dust. Stock, … Continue reading(image)