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India Property 2007 Show


To attract the foreign investment from NRIs and other investors the eighth India property 2007 show since 2002 which is organised by the official body of the Indian real Estate industry, the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI), and Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI) has opened on Thursday at at Renaissance Dubai Hotel ,Dubai.

The India Property 2007 show will also be held in London ,at Olympia Conference Centre from July 20 –22, 2007.

Real estate India’s huge growth potential and Indian economy boom makes India Global destination for world's top construction companies, architectural firms and allied industries.

The interest in investment in Indian realty is going on increasing .

This property show will provide an interaction between NRIs ,realty investors and developers by providing the information regarding the types of properties available, loan options and other formalities required, in finally procuring their property back home.

Yatra Capital unit buys Eredene Mauritius


The Yatra Capital Ltd’s unit K2 Property Ltd has bought Eredene Mauritius Ltd. Eredene Mauritius Ltd was owned by Eredene Capital PLC. The deal was done for for 18.07 mln eur.

The company revealed that the they will complete high quality real estate India projects .

The company will make investment in India property by developing a five star hotel and service apartments in Bangalore with a 50 pct stake.

Property investment in real estate India projects by the the yatra group worth 51.58 mln eur which represents 51.58 pct of the 100 mln eur gross funds it raised when it listed in December last year.

Recently, the company has acquired a 49 pct stake in a real estate joint venture development company in India for 21.6 mln eur.

India Property Show-2007


The Indian real estate properties are the hot properties for investors from all over the world. The foreign investors are looking a bright future by making a property investment in India.

Indian booming economy, increasing tourism and ever-improving infrastructure are the factors which favors the investment in India.

The India Property 2007 show will be held in Dubai and London in late July to promote investment in the India.

The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) and Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI), the official body of the Indian Real Estate Industry are going to organize this exhibition which will be held at Dubai, Renaissance Dubai Hotel from June 14 – 16, 2007 and London, Olympia Conference Centre from July 20 – 22, 2007.

The show will explore the huge opportunities in residential housing or commercial buildings or plots and bungalow, from the booming Indian real estate industry.

L&T to invest Rs 8,000 cr in real estate projects


The increasing demand of residential and commercial projects in India gave the idea to Larsen & Toubro Ltd to invest Rs.8,000 crore in real estate India.

The Mumbai based Larsen & Toubro will make this investment through its its subsidiary L&T Infrastructure Development Project Ltd (L&T-IDPL).

The company will invest the budget in a phased manner. The residential projects are in the process of developing in Chennai, Vishakapatnam and Colombo.

An integrated township will be developed in Chandigarh with the collaboration of a local builder.Land has been acquired by the company in Nagpur to develop a residential projects.

L&T IDPL is working with Bombay Dyeing to complete its first project of redeveloping a dilapidated building in Mumbai.

Emaar to invest billions in India


Emaar Properties in collaboration with MGF Developments is planning to invest in India more than $12 billion over the next four to five years.

Out of the total investment $3bn-4bn will be invested from foreign direct investment.

The alliance will make investments to bring real estate to global standards in residential, hospitality, commercial and retail properties, education, healthcare, information technology parks and special economic zones across the country.

The Indian government is expecting to attract $30bn in foreign direct investment in the 2007/08 financial year and the property sector will draw more than $3bn.

The increasing demand of shopping malls ,houses and offices doubled the property prices in India in last two years .

The Real Estate Investing FAQs?


(image) It is well known fact that to invest in real estate is a fastest and most proven ways to earn real wealth.There are various methods like flipping, development, buy and hold, land splits which make money in real estate.

The following are the FAQs (frequently asked questions) which make an advantage in investing in real estate.

#1 - Are we in a real estate bubble?

This is by far the biggest question I hear. To be sure, the recent real estate boom was the largest the country has ever seen. Not since after World War II has real estate appreciated so much, so fast. Now the market psychology has changed and many investors question when the market will recover.

#2 - Are stocks a better investment than real estate?

I am always amazed how often this comes up and how the answer is spun depending on whom you are talking to. The real estate folks say that it’s real estate, while the stock market guys say stocks. The investor must take a close look at both the quantitative and qualitative factors of each class of investment.

#3 - Can I invest my IRA in real estate?

There has been a lot of media attention recently on this topic. People often ask me whether this is even legal. There is no doubt that it is legal, but it can be complex. Considering the uncertainty of social security, investors need to do what they can to fund their own retirement.

#4 - Can I really make money with foreclosures?

We have all heard about the money that can be made buying and selling foreclosures. But considering the risks involved, can you really make money in foreclosures?

#5 - Is making money in real estate easy?

I think you know the answer to this one. Making money in real estate takes a lot of diligence and hard work. But fortunately it can be done, and has been done by many. If it was easy to do, I’m not sure it would be so profitable.

Investment in India by Yatra Capital


Yatra Capital Limited and Kolte Patil Developers will jointly make investment in India of around Rs. 120 crore in building three residential sites in Pune. Saffron Capital Advisors Limited played the big role to make this joint ventre.

An investment account will be opened in India by the joint ventures which is a part of the strategy of partnering experienced developers of the Yatra Capital to be its shareholder .

Yatra Capital is a Real estate investment company which is based in Jersey and listed on Euronext, Amsterdam.

The budget had been raised to 100 million Euros to invest in real estate India by the Yatra in December 2006.

property investment in india


Real estate mutual funds once allowed (are not yet allowed) by SEBI in India will be a good medium for property investment in india. It is expected that the regulatory authority will shortly prescribe the framework for such funds to operate in India. In other countries, as in the USA, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are the accepted mode of investments into realty. These are listed on the exchanges, too, for easy liquidity.

Private funds have been in vogue in India for a few years. But the minimum amount of investment per person is high at Rs 1 crore to Rs 5 crore. There is a private label fund from Optimix dedicated to realty and realty related stocks which is one way to benefit from realty as a category.

Another trend in realty is to buy and share a large commercial property with many others. Each may buy 2500 sq ft upwards of a large floor plate and the developer leases the entire floor plate to one tenant, with the rent being shared in proportion to the ownership.

Biggest FDI in Indian Real Estate


An Indian origin, Royal Indian Raj International Corporation (RIRIC), a Nevada-based company disclosed the planning to invest $1 billion in real estate India which will be the largest foreign direct investment (FDI) in the newly liberalised sector.

There has been a strategic partnership with New York-based real estate investment banking firm The Greenwich Group International to finance the development of multiple private cities in India.

RIRIC CEO Manoj C Benjamin said, "We have already been working on our inaugural residential project on a 17-acre plot on the outskirts of Bangalore. With the Indian real estate sector in transition and recent landmark legislation allowing FDI into it, the opportunity for participation in this formerly closed market is heightening."

The company is targeting four megapolises - Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi by developing large-scale commercial and residential townships because of immense housing shortage.

This investment resulted in to direct employment to nearly 10,000 people and indirect employment to another 40,000 in the next 10 years.

He added,"We have got into a contract to acquire nearly 5,000 acres of land near Mumbai, 3,000 acres near Delhi, 5,600 acres near Bangalore and another 5,000 acres near Kolkata. The final settlement of these deals depended on several factors - chiefly approvals from state governments.”

He also added, “Mumbai alone would need anywhere between 180,000 and 200,000 additional residential units in the next 10 years. India is expected to see an annual shortfall of 20 million housing units till 2011.”

The booming market of real estate India ($50 billion) is expected to grow at 25 per cent annually.

The booming market attracts the investors who are planning nearly 250 new shopping malls by 2008.

The regulation adopted by the central government made the FDI easy which allow the foreigners to bid with local partners and also reducing their minimum land-holding limit from 100 acres to 25 acres.

The investors has Enthused by the liberalised investment guidelines. A slew of foreign builders are rushing to launch projects in Asia's third largest economy.

Factors Behind Real Estate Boom


The hike in interest rates by RBI and regulatory reforms by government made it easy for the non-resident Indians to safe investment of their excess fund in the Real Estate India, their home country.

There is a record breaking increment in the India’s FDI, $11.2bn which is a 155 per cent year-on-year increase. The interest of foreign investors is providing the wheels to Indian real estate market to push it towards $50bn by 2010.

The Indian government made the investment process simple and declared that FDI is permitted in real estate through the automatic route in 2005. There were no needs for ministerial approvals.

This policy was made to develop minimum land areas which required minimum capitalization. But the results came into a huge inflow of the capital. Now it is assumed that capital worth $7bn will be pumped into development projects over the next year, much of that will come from overseas.

It’s not a surprise to see the boom in Indian real estate. The following conditions helped to make it possible.

  • 1.2 billion population of the country which grow annually by 1.4 percent.
  • The economic growth of eight per cent per annum.
  • The competitive interest rates.
  • The growing IT industry.
  • Demand for residential space.
  • Demand for commercial space.

A New Indian Real Estate Branch In Toronto


The Indian Realtor firm, "Property Affaire's" opened its office at Mississauga in Toronto because of strong desire of NRIs for luxury housing in their home country, India.

Managing Director Sandeep Kapoor said , "Property Affaire's, based in Mississauga that represents 12 developers with 60 under-construction properties, provides total packages to the customers, including property management, financial and legal services, and warranties against fraud."

He added, "
Although India's home-grown market is huge, developers believe international sales raise the cachet of their projects and the company "brand"-- an advantage for those who hope to undertake projects abroad.A number of Indians and others have shown interest. We want them to make investing in real estate easy."

In 2005 the india's property hiked as much as 40 percent in some cities. But last year it reached to 60 to 70 percent hike. The price of properties in the cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chandigarh, and satellite townships such as Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad around Delhi had already doubled.

He also added,"While non-resident Indians can repatriate the sum they initially invest in property, Indian law forbids them taking any resale profits out of the country.The biggest challenge will be to change the mindset about India. People who left the country 15, 20, 30 years ago still feel it is the same in terms of corruption, bribery. But things are totally changing. It's much more transparent now, so property is a very safe investment."

3i Plans $5 Billion Indian Infrastructure Fund


Europe’s leading publicly traded buyout and venture capital firm, 3i Group Plc is planning to raise the fund which will be invested in Indian ports, power plants and roads to $5 billion.The firm is going to invest with the first $1.5 billion it raises.

3i is shaking hand with the government to invest in india with $320 billion worth of ports, power plants, roads and other projects.The private equity investors find the biggest opportunity in infrastructure which until now have focused on smaller technology and real-estate deals.

Manoj Agarwal, executive director of mergers and acquisitions at ABN Amro Holding NV in Hong Kong said, “There's a lot of capital flowing into India and all that capital needs to find a home which provides continued returns and growth.A logical venue is infrastructure.”

An agreement has been signed by the 3i with the government-owned India Infrastructure Finance Co. to provide equity and debt financing for projects in the world's second-fastest-growing major economy.

Chris Rowlands, 3i's Singapore-based managing partner for Asia said, “We may consider raising a fund but it's too early to talk about structures or scale.''

He added, “The firm, which has been investing in infrastructure projects alongside governments in Europe for the past two decades, plans to use its own funds to invest in power plant, roads and other projects in India. We're ready to invest because of our balance sheet resources.”

The people said , “3i will first contribute $500 million to the equity fund and will raise the remaining $1 billion from institutional investors, including those from the Middle East,. 3i plans to increase the fund to $5 billion in five years, the people said.”

UAE realty player eye Indian market


The leading eight real estate firms of UAE are in the list of exhibitors of premier event for the, real estate industry, "Asian Real Estate Show(ARES 2007)".The show will market and target investment in india in integrated townships,hotels,malls,healthcare, housing and IT parks for these firms.The booming economy and huge middle-class segment in India make this show a destination for the investors and several leading UAE real estate compnies .The leading real estate firms Al Fajer Properties, Damac, Star Giga, Sherwood, Best Homes among others have announced their participation in the show and their major plans in the country. They are investing in hotels, malls, healthcare, housing, IT parks and integrated townships all over the country from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai to Hyderabad.Satish Khanna, General Manager of Al Fajer Information & Services, the organisers said"The show serves as a launch pad for many companies who wish to strengthen their position in the Indian sub continent. Exhibitions such as ARES add value to the booming real estate sector and this will be a tremendous show, focusing not only on important India and sub continent based projects, but also bringing several international projects to investors in the region. India has set the pace for massive growth in the real estate sector, with other countries in the region mirroring the scale of development. The property sector is one of the biggest drivers for growth in India and the rest of the region, with projects worth an estimated US$ 75 billion in the country alone in the coming 5 years"The UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, USA and India are the countries which are taking part in the show.Dr. Sharam, General Manager Al Fajer Properties, the biggest exhibitor from UAE said"India is the most attractive and growing economy with a very strong link and history of cross border trade as witnessed in the recent high delegation visit lead by UAE Prime minister and Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. We are looking for investment opportunities and further strengthening our existing relations with our partners in the sub continent"He added "Al Fajer Properties investment opportunities come with a pre approved finance from Abu Dhabi commercial bank making it the more attractive investment in Dubai."ARES will be a platform for meeting of present and future client, industry leaders and professionals and all players of the real estate industry under one roof .which will provide an unmatched opportunity for them to widen their reach, display their potential and explore business and investment prospects.[...]



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