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I just Survived an Airplane Crash!

Tue, 27 Sep 2011 13:41:11 +0000

I still remember very vividly. Recently I was headed from somewhere in Arizona to San Francisco on flight 824. As usual, the flight was pretty darn boring, and life was same as usual. Then suddenly, nearing our destination in San Francisco, the airplane started free-falling. I thought it would stop but no, the free-fall just kept getting worse for what felt like 20 minutes. Even worse, I could feel the plane’s nose slowly turning towards earth, which made me think that it’s impossible at this point for the airplane to correct itself. One of the doors on the plane fell off and an old passenger’s seat broke off completely, somehow he hung onto the door of the airplane. I was too far away from him to help him and was barely getting my own seat belts on but gladly someone got him back on the plane. The worst? We are still accelerating onto earth. This is going to be surely death. After what feels like a million years, we suddenly feel the pilot boosting its thrusters as hard as he could and the plane slowly comes back towards the sky while scraping the bottom of the plane against earth. Later, … Continue reading

DIY QuadroCopter Built with Arduino and Wii Motion Plus!

Thu, 15 Sep 2011 17:11:31 +0000

Officially (or unofficially), RC helicopters are DEAD as we know it but quadrocopters are become ever more popular.  For those of you who’s thinking about building yourself one, you might want to take a look at this particular setup using Arduino and Wii Motion Plus. The project uses Wii Motion Plus coupled with I2C communication to Arduino unit to make use of the gyroscopes inside and also save a bunch of money on the setup. via hackaday Also take a look at how to build your own wooden quadrocopter.

Windows 8 Boots Up INSTANTLY!

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 16:58:23 +0000

Here’s a cool video of new Windows 8 that boots up instantly from a complete cold start after putting the battery out and in. Let me just add that I literally went on a rampage about how Windows Vista sucked (and it did big time) but I have to give Microsoft some props on Windows 7 (which I love) and I think Windows 8 will be another great products too, keep up the good work guys.

How Do Hummingbirds Sing With Their Tails?

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 06:38:49 +0000

Here’s a cool fact I just found out, I guess hummingbirds sing with their tails, by moving their tail feathers during a dive. This is amazing, I see hummingbirds all the time here in SF bay and now there’s just one more thing about hummingbirds I can appreciate.

What Happens if You Load a Boat with a Bunch of Hackers and Sony Xperia!

Tue, 13 Sep 2011 06:31:09 +0000

Here’s an interesting three-day challenge where bunch of hackers are loaded on a boat with Sony Xperia Android smartphones. One of the cooler/funnier hacks is where a real flame is used in place of camera flash.

How to Hack Verizon Mobile Hotspot on Droid Bionic to Get Free Wifi Tethering!

Mon, 12 Sep 2011 18:17:35 +0000

For those of you on Verizon’s grandfathered plans, you might be happy to learn that the new Droid Bionic can give you free wifi tethering simply by changing a line of code in Droid Bionic’s database. To do this, you will need a rooted Droid Bionic and get SQLite Editor app ($2.99) off Market. See full step-by-step instructions over at

DIY LED Mohawk Helmet!

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 19:53:36 +0000

If you are looking for something really cool to wear to your next rave party, here’s a DIY LED Mohawk helmet you can make, which gives you powerful RGB color-changing lights and I am sure everyone will complement you on this for sheezy. Best of, this LED Mohawk helmet doesn’t just impress you with changing colors but it “syncs” to the music, very well done indeed. via hackedgadgets, Project Page

How to Make a DIY Boat Motor With a DRILL!

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 16:53:02 +0000

For those of you with a row boat to get around the lake behind your backyard, first let’s say you are lucky to live in such a nice place.  Second, you can make yourself a cheap boat motor with a DRILL!  This is the coolest invention ever that could help you get around the lake using the power of your drill. via hackaday, Project Page

NASA Scientists Say “Android Is Easier to Use”

Sat, 03 Sep 2011 06:56:05 +0000

We’ve seen Google launching their Nexus S phone into space with balloons before and here’s another cool fact that Nexus S was used for brains for robots at NASA. Apparently, NASA scientists say that Android is easier to use and easily implemented into their space testing programs due to its open-source nature. This is quite true, Android is becoming more than just a phone or tablet, it can be used for many embedded projects.

Android 2.3.6 Coming to Nexus S!

Fri, 02 Sep 2011 20:43:06 +0000

Android 2.3.6 is rolling out on Nexus S phones this week, this will be a fun update. For those of you rooted on your Nexus S, I highly advise to just wait couple more days as there should be plenty of ROMs with Android 2.3.6 instead of trying to do the OTA update yourself. (Check via engadget

How to ROOT Galaxy S2!

Fri, 02 Sep 2011 01:27:57 +0000

My friend recently brought over a European/Asian version of Samsung Galaxy S2 Android smartphone, I couldn’t resist to root the phone to give his phone superpowers. You can read up on full step-by-step instructions on how to root your Galaxy S2. Btw, Galaxy S2 is the thinnest smartphone I’ve ever touched and probably the fastest/best phone I’ve tried, highly recommended. Here’s also a hands-on review of the Galaxy S2 phone I made the other day:

How to Make a DIY SMS Text Party LED Scroller!

Wed, 31 Aug 2011 23:43:47 +0000

Using a Google Voice account, a web server, BetaBrite scrolling LED, Brian Gaut from has created a DIY party LED scroller that lets your friends and guests to SMS text sorta like those large displays at shows and events. Best of all, Brian posted all of his PHP code so you can easily replicate it, you only have to buy the parts. After testing the sign at a party held at home, I noticed that people really seemed to enjoy it. One part of it that led to people enjoying it was the fact that the messages were anonymous. While it would have been really easy to make the sign show who the message was from, if theres one thing I’ve learned from the internet, it’s that people love being anonymous. Leaving a message that your peers can see, without knowing who wrote it, will always invoke the most curious behavior. Also, with a little tinkering with this project and Twitter API, I bet you can turn this into an LED Twitter timeline too. See video of this SMS textin’ LED scroller in action:

DIY Cat Elevator! [MUST SEE]

Tue, 30 Aug 2011 23:59:45 +0000

This is the most hilarious yet useful and genuine project, YouTube user CrazyMrJohn builds a DIY cat elevator that your cat can use to safely go up and down your house. Best of all, the cat is equipped with IR sensor so only he can be using the elevator. This is pretty awesome. via hackaday

How to Make a DIY Nightvision Sniper Rifle!

Tue, 30 Aug 2011 19:47:32 +0000

For those of you who need a better nightvision perhaps for hunting rifles or maybe just for some fun in the dark like ghosthunting, you might want to check out YouTube user SnyperCats’s latest project where she attaches a nightvision camcorder, IR flashlight, and IR illuminator to her rifle that allows her to pinpoint targets hundreds of feet away in pitch dark. Here’s a video that shows you the nightvision sniper rifle used to control rat populations: via hackedgadgets

iPhone 5 Imagined [Video]

Tue, 30 Aug 2011 16:44:36 +0000

Can you imagine what iPhone 5 would look like? Aatma Studio has put together their own concept version of the iPhone 5, which features ultra-thin display/phone, holographic display, and a multi-touch adjustable virtual keyboard. From what we have seen so far from Apple in the last couple launches of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G, this is probably very unlikely. Hey but you can always enjoy this video, it seems to me more like iPhone 10.

Symbian Belle Video – Nokia’s New Mobile OS! [MUST SEE]

Sat, 27 Aug 2011 03:30:42 +0000

Above is the video of Nokia’s latest mobile OS, Symbian Belle, which “finally” does a lot of things that other smartphones do already. The video is in French but we can see clearly from the video that Nokia has finally stepped up and did something about their losing shares of the mobile market. Of course, this doesn’t mean Nokia is going to pick up raving fans like Android or iOS just yet but it does look very promising. Nokia who? Sorry, there’s a company that makes cellphones called Nokia for those of you who don’t know. By the way, the last time I saw anyone carrying a Nokia phone here in the U.S. was like over 2 years ago.

How to Make a Tree Climbing Arduino Robot!

Fri, 26 Aug 2011 22:20:43 +0000

Here’s the coolest robot of the week you can build, a tree climbing Arduino robot!  I love this idea and would like to take the concept further by adding some wireless cameras so I can snoop on the baby birds hatching. See Instructables for full instructions on how to make one yourself.

HP TouchPad Runs Android 2.2.1!

Fri, 26 Aug 2011 18:19:24 +0000

Developers have found a way to run Android OS on the HP TouchPad. The good part is that TouchPad is no longer just a piece of deadware but its life could be elongated with installation of Android OS. The bad part is that it’s still running Android Froyo, which isn’t a great OS for the tablet device and we would like to see Android Honeycomb running on it. And of course, I probably wouldn’t install Android on a HP TouchPad anyways, WebOS is actually has some really good UI (user interface) I wouldn’t trade Android for. What do you think? Useless?

Gelsight – New 3D Surface Sensing Material!

Fri, 26 Aug 2011 09:00:05 +0000

Just when you thought fingerprint sensors was cutting-edge technology, Gelsight comes along, a new 3D surface sensing material that can detail at even microscopic levels. Gelsight has many applications such as using it as a 3D scanning sensor and even find out the small details in a bullet mark. This is pretty top-notch stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it implemented in future 3D fingerprinting applications. See for more details.

Virginia Earthquake’s Seismic Waves march across the US!

Fri, 26 Aug 2011 06:52:37 +0000

About 12 hours after Virginia’s earthquake hit, I “felt” an earthquake right here in California, which I am 100% certain caused by seismic waves that traveled across the U.S. and caused a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Oakland, California. Well, I thought that was just my guess, today I found this video on YouTube animating that’s what actually happened!

How to Make DIY Animatronic Mouth Robot!

Thu, 25 Aug 2011 22:38:12 +0000

Want to make yourself a DIY animatronic mouth robot?  Check out’s instructions on how to build one of these using PIC controller and servos. In this tutorial I will show you two simple methods for building a believable robotic mouth. One articulated and moveable, the other an LCD flashing design. Both animatronic mouth designs create a believable illusion for your animatronic robot and can be built on a modest DIY budget. via hackedgadgets, Project Page

NASA’s Swift Satellite Spots Blackhole Consuming a Star!

Thu, 25 Aug 2011 18:47:24 +0000

Have you ever thought if blackholes did really exist in space and if they would ever be used for time travel? Well, I have, I am certain time travel is possible in the future, at least slowing down time is theoretically possible by quantum physics. So, are blackholes real though? Watch NASA’s Swift Satellite that spots a blackhole consuming a star! In late March 2011, NASA’s Swift satellite alerted astronomers to intense and unusual high-energy flares from a new source in the constellation Draco. They soon realized that the source, which is now known as Swift J1644+57, was the result of a truly extraordinary event — the awakening of a distant galaxy’s dormant black hole as it shredded and consumed a star. The galaxy is so far away that the radiation from the blast has traveled 3.9 billion years before reaching Earth. Most galaxies, including our own, possess a central supersized black hole weighing millions of times the sun’s mass. According to the new studies, the black hole in the galaxy hosting Swift J1644+57 may be twice the mass of the four-million-solar-mass black hole lurking at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy. As a star falls toward a … Continue reading

How to Make a Kid’s Learning Tool, The DIY Counting Box!

Thu, 25 Aug 2011 17:46:53 +0000

Want to make your 3 or 4 year old get good at numbers super quick? How about building your kids a DIY counting box? My son—now four, but three when I conceived this project—loves numbers and counting. More than a few times I’ve peeked in at night to find him asleep with a calculator in one hand and a flashlight in the other. And one of his favorite things to do with the calculator is incrementing “1 + = = = = = = = = = =” until he can’t keep his eyes open any more. I decided to build him a dedicated machine that would do nothing but count up and count down. via hackaday, Project Page

iPad 2 vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1 Smackdown!

Wed, 24 Aug 2011 19:42:15 +0000

iPad 2 versus Galaxy Tab 10.1, who will win the battle of tablets? Some things that the iPad 2 falls behind the Galaxy Tab 10.1: 1. I found that camera on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was much better, indeed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a camera sensor 3 times bigger than iPad 2, which allows clearer/better photos/videos. Go look at any other iPad 2 vs. Tab 10.1 comparisons, you will see that camera is much better. 2. The stereo speakers on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 proved to me more useful (at least for me), why in the heck did Apple put mono, single speakers on their iPad 2? I have no idea but it sucks over having stereo sound. 3. Thinner and lighter than iPad 2 – Galaxy Tab 10.1 is indeed thinner and lighter than iPad 2. Besides real facts, the Tab 10.1 “feel” a ton lighter than iPad 2 due to its longer design while the iPad 2 feels like a big brick, well it is a big brick. 4. Customizable widgets – iPad 2 is boring with limited number of things you can do like put app icons and change background images while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 … Continue reading

Hurricane Irene Viewed from Orbit on Space Station! {VIDEO}

Wed, 24 Aug 2011 16:41:08 +0000

How does a hurricane look like from space? Find out as Space Station has captured the latest hurricane Irene viewed from the orbit:

How to Make a DIY Homemade Cathode Ray Tube!

Wed, 24 Aug 2011 01:00:01 +0000

Most of would use cathode ray tubes off junk electronics to make something cool. Well, not this guy, YouTube user Xkcdification has made a DIY cathode ray tube completely from scratch, using wine bottle as vacuum source. You can catch his full howto guide over at

Lockheed Martin’s Samarai Micro Air Vehicle Flies with only Two Moving Parts!

Tue, 23 Aug 2011 19:19:32 +0000

Last week we saw world’s first bird robot that actually flies like a real bird. Well, do you think someone can do a little bit better? The answer is yes, Lockheed Martin, largest private company in the U.S. that makes missiles for the U.S. government (and also my friend’s dad used to work at) shows off their latest “micro” air vehicle that flies using only two moving parts and weighs less than half a pound. Incredible or do you think this is useless?

RC Shark Air Swimmers!

Tue, 23 Aug 2011 17:39:35 +0000

Want to have some fun with RC toy that will not take up space in your livingroom? If so, then check out these awesome RC shark air swimmers that float in air and looks as if they were really swimming and alive. See more air swimmers at

Matthew James New Bionic Hand! [MUST SEE]

Tue, 23 Aug 2011 06:31:28 +0000

Until geneticists figure out how to fully grow a severed hand, we will still have to rely on technologies like electrodes that sense a person’s muscle patterns to control a bionic hand. Which is exactly what this Formula 1 racing fan received and with his new hand, Matthew James can do more things with it than he ever has with his older prosthetic hand. Want to help Matthew? Donate to his bionic hand here.

How to Build a Music-Syncing LED Display!

Mon, 22 Aug 2011 22:27:05 +0000

Next time you listen to your favorite dubstep music (one of my favorite genres btw), you will definitely want to enhance your listening experience by building yourself a music-syncing LED display that will sync to every beat and it’s a great project that anyone can tackle. See full HOWTO at

DIY 3D Lego Milling CNC Machine!

Mon, 22 Aug 2011 17:26:43 +0000

Imagine what would happen if you mixed Lego NXT brains with CNC machine, you’d get a DIY 3D Lego Milling CNC Machine!   Now, is that really possible?  Watch the video below and you will get your answer from YouTube user arthursacek.

HP TouchPad Selling at $99 Like Hotcakes!

Sun, 21 Aug 2011 20:10:59 +0000

If you were lucky, you could have picked up an HP TouchPad, a 9.7-inch WebOS-based tablet device for just $99 at your local Wal-mart or BestBuy. The crazy frenzy started last week when HP announced discontinued product development and support for their latest HP TouchPad only less than after 2 months of launch date. Only days after that, HP TouchPad has started selling at only $99 at various retail stores.  Now, here comes the fun part, this $99 tablet device is probably the deal of century for a multi-touch tablet device.  In fact, if you compare HP TouchPad at $99, it’s better than iPad 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and any other tablet device on the market, heck I would want a couple of them. So I did literally go driving around town trying to pick up 3 of these tablets at my local Wal-Mart and BestBuy for hours yesterday and today because I wanted to give one for my mom and dad.  In the end, no luck for me, all the crazies has bought them already and some selling it back on eBay for around $140. So what? HP has sold over 350,000 of these $99 TouchPad tablets over the … Continue reading

South Koreans now MAD at Apple as a Country, not just about Samsung anymore.

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 23:04:41 +0000

(A typical comments box at a Korean website) South Koreans are now deeply hurt and mad at Apple as a whole country about Apple’s recent lawsuit to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, which has been halted of sales in Europe. So what? There’s evidence that Apple has altered evidence images, as see here: One thing I (and probably most people of the world) have no tolerance of cheating, stealing, and lying. Clearly, Apple is just trying to sue Samsung to slow them down but I predict that this will have seriously consequences to the effect how people view Apple as a company. Hey, don’t ask me, ask the people of South Korea, many of them have Macbooks and iPhones, those hardcore Apple fans are not happy, even if they don’t own Tab 10.1. This is also evidenced by growing number of South Koreans suing Apple back for GPS location tracking. Read more on the naked truth at

How to Make a DIY Music-Syncing Dancing Robot!

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 19:54:29 +0000

I’ve always wanted to do this, jazz up my night time with dancing robots that sync to your music. You can check out full instructions at Make. Also, there’s a guide on using low-cost solenoids to save you a bit more money while building one of these DIY dancing robots. via make

Bird Robot that FLIES Like a Bird!

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 06:57:29 +0000

This is the most amazing bird robot that FLIES like a real bird, MUST SEE!!!

Gingerbread ROOT is Here for HTC Evo 4G! [4.24.651]

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 01:29:10 +0000

For months, latest OTA update 4.24.651 has blocked many users of HTC Evo 4G from rooting their phones but Gingerbread ROOT is finally here for everyone to enjoy. Check out full instructions at

How to Erase CDs using Electricity!

Tue, 16 Aug 2011 21:21:11 +0000

I’ve been subscribing to YouTube user Photonicinduction for couple days now and he’s got some really interesting videos where he uses a ton of volts of electricity dangerous enough to vaporize several human beings instantly. Anyways, one of his video shows how to erase CDs using a ton of electricity, check it out. P.S. I wonder how much his energy bill is every month, probably nearing thousands. Check out YouTube user Photonicinduction’s channel.

How to Make a Korean Clay Pot Hang-Ah-Ri!

Tue, 16 Aug 2011 17:13:56 +0000

The other day I was searching on YouTube for some Korean clay pot information as I am currently making some great Korean rice wine with my new Korean Clay Pot, also called “Hang-Ah-Ri” or “Onggi” in Korean. Well, I found Adam Field who spent 10 months in South Korea as an apprentice under master Korean clay pot makers. Check out this video as Adam builds a Korean clay pot from ground up, it’s pretty awesome. Why Korean clay pots? Korean clay pots has been used by Koreans for centuries to ferment their foods like kimchi, soy bean paste, and even Korean rice wine which I am using it for. Korean clay pots actually allow air through its pores and also naturally controls moisture levels inside the pot, allowing perfect fermentation environment, resulting in better kimchi and rice wine. You can check out more information about Korean clay pots at Also, you can learn how to make real, authentic Korean rice wine at my site

DIY RC Tank Equipped with IR Target Lock Airsoft Gun!

Tue, 16 Aug 2011 16:59:37 +0000

Here’s a really interesting project that could be a deadly autonomous project if you swapped real guns for its airsoft gun that uses IR sensors to lock in on the target. I think this is going to be future of wars (although I hate wars), fighting machine to machine and soldiers behind their video game console. Well, just sayin’, this project could be just the tip of iceburg for futuristic war machines. via hackedgadgets, Project Page Oh yeah, check out this BED PEACE by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which is live for another week.

How to Build a DIY Shade/Heating Plant Grow Table!

Sat, 13 Aug 2011 22:37:11 +0000

I’ve been thinking about adding some shade to my recent flowers I planted in the garden due to some of the flowers burning and rotting away in the California sun, which is very strong. For this, I was thinking about perhaps putting a tarp over it with some pvc piping to make a mini tent but I found a better idea, use pvc pipes and bend them in a way you can put garden share over it. And in the winter months, you can swap it out for thin plastic sheeting to get a greenhouse effect. This seems much simple and more cost effective over buying greenhouse kits on Amazon. Project Page

How to Get Long Battery Life on the HTC Evo 3D with 1.728Ghz Overclocking!

Fri, 12 Aug 2011 18:26:52 +0000

Looking for the best ROM on the HTC Evo 3D with overclocking? I’ve got my Evo 3D overclocked to 1.728Ghz dual-core and also with even longer battery life than stock 1.2Ghz dual-core. How? Check out Viper ROM, RCMix kernel, and use the OC daemon inside Viper ROM to underclock when your phone is in sleep mode. For full details, check out my post at

How to Run Homebrew Wii Applications on your Wii with LetterBomb!

Fri, 12 Aug 2011 18:10:57 +0000

By hacking your Wii with LetterBomb, you can now run cool homebrew Wii applications that can turn your Wii into an open-source media center, FTP server, and a whole lot more. (See list of homebrew applications.) If this type of thing is your cup of tea/coffee, we highly suggest you to start hacking your Wii. Personally, my Wii has been sitting in front of my TV for months, it’s time to make it work for me while its not being played with. via hackaday

Android Smartphones are Most Popular Smartphones of 2011!

Thu, 11 Aug 2011 22:05:36 +0000

Android smartphones have indeed proven to be more popular than any other smartphones including Nokia and Apple, with a market share of over 40% while everyone else falls short of 20%. What next? This just means we, as consumers will get better prices and better products. Android smartphones range from low-budget teenager phones to 3D phones like HTC Evo 3D, allowing most households to afford one while Apple is really for niche market for those people who are brand-whored. As for Nokia and RIM, their innovations is clearly lacking, I have not seen a single person carry a Nokia phone is the last 2 years by the way. Well, will stop there, you can read my full prediction of Android smartphones for the future at

How to Make a Resin-Based Color-Changing DIY Door Handle!

Thu, 11 Aug 2011 19:52:18 +0000

Using layers of resin and a strip of color-changing RGB LEDs, folks at have created a magnificent-looking door handle that looks very modern and would be more suited for a nightclub as it’s that awesome-lookin’. The process seems pretty simple enough, make a resin-based door handle, stick a color-changing RGB LEDs on the back of the handle. But you have to give credit, this is a really great idea, thanks to the creators. I will have to definitely put this on my priority list of DIY projects for the future. via hackaday, Project Page

TSA Closes Terminals Over a DIY Mint Tin Project!

Thu, 11 Aug 2011 17:51:37 +0000

TSA recently closed one of its terminals due to a bomb threat (or so they thought it was) and calls in the bomb squad and the FBI.   Of course, this wasn’t actually a bomb but a DIY mint tin project. The Omaha Police Department’s bomb squad was called after a suspicious-looking item was found in a carry-on bag shortly before noon at the airport’s north checkpoint in Terminal B. Screening operations were suspended, and the B concourse was evacuated. Operations were not disrupted in Terminal A, according to a Transportation Security Administration official. The item was cleared and airport operations returned to normal about 2 p.m. Breault said the device was harmless, “but it did trigger the proper response due to its suspicious appearance.” Tisk, tisk, TSA simply needs to hire more qualified people at its checkpoints to better filter the real terrorists over innocent passengers with their latest electronic project.  Based on this incident, it seems pretty clear to me that you probably don’t want to carry anything that has wires, chips, etc…etc… I think that’s the way TSA works though, they hire people who probably barely qualify for McDonalds and can’t tell that the Large Ice Coffee … Continue reading → [...]

Apple Sues Motorola Next!

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 23:28:48 +0000

Apple’s next target after Samsung? Motorola, Motorola’s latest 10.1-inch Android tablet has been deemed to have copied Apple’s iPad designs. Come on! That is ridiculous. At least suing Samsung for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 made some kind of sense as its lighter and slimmer than iPad but suing Motorola for the Xoom tablet which does not look anywhere near an iPad??? Clearly, Apple has hired some dumb-nut lawyers to do their job of trying to take down Android via proxy companies like Samsung and Motorola. And no, there’s absolutely no clear reason behind it other than Apple is getting desperate over explosion of Android tablets. It’s more like this, Apple wants to sue any company that makes anything that looks like a rectangular slab. Well I will stop there, why am I wasting my time on another stupid lawsuit that Apple will lose anyways. Apple’s lawyers are bunch of wussies by the way, they should get it over with and just sue Google directly instead. Wussies, that’s not a company I want to associate with and there starts my boycott with Apple (again). My true, naked thoughts continued over at

How to Make a DIY Magnetic Lightswitch Keyholder!

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 19:43:38 +0000

For those of you who need to make your living space more efficient, here’s a brilliant idea, place a strong magnet inside your lightswitch and hang your keys magically! While you are at it, you can also switch out your old, inefficient lights with dimmers. (See How to Install Dimmers!) Source

WASP is a Wireless Aerial Surveillance Drone that can Crack WiFi/GSM on the Fly LITERALLY!

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 17:26:18 +0000

Here’s an incredible hacking machine of the decade you will ever see, it’s a 14-pound, six-foot long, six-foot wingspan unmanned aerial vehicle built by Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins that can crack WiFi while flying in air and also intercept GSM calls from carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. What uses for this WASP? This could be applied in many areas of spying on terrorists. Without them knowing, the drone can intercept their phone calls, SMS text messages, and even know every website they’ve visited. See video of WASP in action here: via hackedgadgets, Forbes

Apple Blocks Sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe!

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 01:51:02 +0000

Personally, I think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the best tablet on the market now. It’s thinner AND lighter than an iPad 2, can be overclocked to 1.4Ghz dual-core, and even run Ubuntu! So, is Apple getting desperate? I think so, they are tired of losing their tablet market to Android tablets so they are focusing all their attention on suing other companies instead of innovating. What a crock of shi* I’d say.  If Apple wants to prove something, they should release more products during a course of year instead of suing others. Once Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple was quoted saying, “good artists copy, great artists steal”: Perhaps Apple saw this coming, their tablet market being downsized by Sammy. Well, don’t take it personal, here’s what I really think happened.

How to Make a Custom Sliding TV Mount!

Tue, 09 Aug 2011 23:43:58 +0000

Sometimes making your own custom TV mount could be the only answer or you might be stuck with a TV that’s taking up unnecessary space. For those of you who are trying to customize your TV mount options, take a look at this DIY that shows you how to make a sliding TV mount that allows your TV to slide horizontally. I wanted a TV mount that I could attach to the upper portion of my entertainment center, but could not find one that would fit without modification, so I do what everyone here does – make my own. I’ll show you how I made mine and hopefully give you some ideas on how to modify mine to fit your needs. I’ll also try to point out things I would do differently and my learning opportunities (mistakes). I would like something like this done for my livingroom TV so I can slide the TV across the wall if I want to and better yet perhaps be able to change the angle of TV. With the right tools and a little imagination, I don’t see why not. Don’t want to build your own? Try the full motion TV Mount. via instructables