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Disk cloning kills Safely Remove Hardware (hotplug.dll)

Sun, 09 Nov 2008 17:37:39 +0000

I love Acronis TrueImage. It’s one of the essential CDs in my toolbox, always handy for backing up data on hard drives, cloning disks and saving a lot of time. Even Seagate is using a custom version of TrueImage for its hard drive installation tool. By the way, if you’re into Open Software, my second […]

How to work as a web designer

Sun, 07 Sep 2008 22:39:19 +0000

I read rek‘s discussion on Reddit. In short, after months of working as a web designer for a customer, he got fed up of not getting paid and removed his work from the customer’s web host. I can relate to the frustration, and I’d be able to pay off the US debt if I had […]

Buying a dSLR: Tip #7

Sun, 11 May 2008 06:00:46 +0000

Tip #7: Photography is an art which needs a lifetime of learning. Photography is not the technological aid of capturing whatever your eyes see; it is the art of expressing your own vision of the world, of blending technique, light and color to draw attention to things that make your heart stop and your mind […]

Buying a dSLR: Tip #6

Sat, 10 May 2008 05:00:22 +0000

Tip #6: Don’t get caught in the brands war between hardcore fans! Once you step into the dSLR market, you will notice that owners here are far more polarized around their favorite brands. Some will swear by Canon, while others wouldn’t touch anything other than Nikon (and nothing made outside Japan, God forbid!). A compact […]

Buying a dSLR: Tip #5

Fri, 09 May 2008 06:00:24 +0000

Tip #5: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! You’re going to spend quite a bit on accessories. You could get several bags: a compact one (a slingshot, maybe?) for light travelling and shooting as you walk; a bigger one, to fit a few lenses and filters, when you’ll have time to plan a shot more thoroughly. You may […]

Buying a dSLR: Tip #4

Thu, 08 May 2008 06:00:34 +0000

Tip #4: Don’t fall into the “one lens fits all needs” trap Normally, a good zoom lens won’t exceed a 3-4x zoom (max focal length / min focal length). That’s because zoom lenses make a compromise between zoom range, physical dimensions, image quality, and price. Very long zooms (18-200mm, for instance) have poor image results […]

Buying a dSLR: Tip #3

Wed, 07 May 2008 06:00:25 +0000

Tip #3: Buying a dSLR camera is usually the first step for a long-term of expensive purchases, and the camera body will be among the cheapest of them all. Lenses are also the most valuable pieces in a dSLR photographer’s kit. If you are serious into photography, in a matter of months or years you’re […]

Buying a dSLR: Tip #2

Tue, 06 May 2008 06:00:51 +0000

Tip #2: It’s not the camera, it’s you. There is no direct relationship between what kind of camera you own and the success of your photos. You could trade a brand spankin’ new Bugatti for state of the art, bleeding edge professional photo equipment, and still get bad photos. There are famous artists whose outstanding […]

Buying a dSLR: Tip #1

Mon, 05 May 2008 06:00:16 +0000

Tip #1: A bigger, better, more expensive camera doesn’t mean you’ll immediately get better pictures; you will actually have to “work” harder to get them! SLR revolves around the strength in bigger, higher quality lens. dSLR takes this a step further to enhance the result with a large, high-sensitivity and low-noise sensor, and powerful image […]

Slim DVD-RW for Dell Latitude C610 laptop

Thu, 24 Apr 2008 22:21:00 +0000

I’ve got a couple of Dell Latitude C610 laptops with sufficient power in the 1 GHz Pentium III Mobile processor for playing a DivX video full screen. What they are particularily great with is power consumption, running easily for 2.5 to 3 hours on a full charge, and they’ve got room for two batteries each! […]