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Medical school preparation courses do not widen participation


Not only did a flyer for MediPrep (a company that offers preparation courses for applying to medical school) fall out when I opened the packaging of my print edition, but with masterly juxtaposition...(image)

Life expectancy difference and life expectancy ratio: two measures of treatment effects in randomised trials with non-proportional hazards


SummaryWhen survival curves cross over or separate only after considerable time in a trial, the hazard ratio (HR) is not an appropriate summary measure of treatment effect, because the proportional...(image)

Standardised packaging for cigarettes


Tobacco industry products are responsible for six million deaths every year,1 equating to 100 million deaths in the 20th century and a projected 21 billion deaths in the 21st century.2 All of these...(image)

Preparation courses for medical school are isolating and demotivating


McCartney highlights the unfairness of “preparation courses” set up by private companies for applying to medical school.1 I felt pressured into attending such courses and felt uncompetitive when...(image)

Specific antidotes for bleeding associated with direct oral anticoagulants


What you need to knowDirect oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are shown to be safe and effective alternatives to vitamin K antagonists in appropriately selected patients, despite a lack of specific...(image)

Hypoactive delirium


What you need to knowHypoactive presentations of delirium are more common than the classically agitated, hyperactive forms and may be overlookedA collateral history can distinguish hypoactive...(image)