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Margaret McCartney: Are physician associates ȷust “doctors on the cheap”?


Jeremy Hunt tweeted on 18 September, “PAs [physician associates] used to be looked down on as ‘drs on the cheap’ but now widely welcomed as reducing clinician stress & burnout.”1 Is he right?In 2015...(image)

Reflection is protection in abortion care—an essay by Sandy Goldbeck-Wood


Where I conduct abortions, all procedures are preceded by an exploratory conversation with women to establish that they are necessary. As well as ensuring compliance with the UK Abortion Act, we aim...(image)

Flu vaccine reduces children’s admissions for respiratory complications, study shows


Young children who are vaccinated against influenza are less likely to be admitted to hospital for respiratory complications of flu infection than children who are not vaccinated, a large Canadian...(image)

Are expanding disease definitions unnecessarily labelling women with polycystic ovary syndrome?


The meaning of the conclusion in the summary box of this article (BMJ 2017;358:j3694, doi:10.1136/bmj.j3694) was changed during editing. It should read “A PCOS label might not be needed to...(image)

MPs gather examples of GPs from outside Europe being unable to work in UK


MPs are calling for examples of cases where GPs from outside the European Economic Area have been unable to work or have been forced to leave the UK because of visa problems.The Health Select...(image)

Development and validation of QDiabetes-2018 risk prediction algorithm to estimate future risk of type 2 diabetes: cohort study


Objectives To derive and validate updated QDiabetes-2018 prediction algorithms to estimate the 10 year risk of type 2 diabetes in men and women, taking account of potential new risk factors, and to...(image)

Time to review the provision of addiction treatment for codeine dependence


The anaesthetist jailed in the UK for stealing over 2500 codeine tablets from a hospital shows not only the vulnerability of the healthcare system to diversion of drugs but also the need for...(image)