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Hunt denies that NHS efficiencies mean inevitable rationing


Tough efficiencies in the health service can be made without damaging patient care, England’s health secretary has said, despite recent warnings that rationing of services will become inevitable...(image)

David Oliver: Let’s argue about statistics


In his recent speech to the Conservative Party conference the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, used statistics enthusiastically.1 I counted at least 27 times that he mentioned numerical data. And he...(image)

Young women who are obese are often unaware of risks to fetus, experts warn


Young women who are overweight or obese are often unaware of being on a health trajectory that can cause biological risks to be passed on to unborn children, experts have warned.An expert panel...(image)

Obama urges Republicans to help improve health reform law


Barack Obama, the outgoing US president, has called on Republicans to abandon their uncompromising opposition to the Affordable Care Act and work with the next president to improve the 2010 health...(image)

BMJ Awards South Asia 2016: how to find the best in South Asian healthcare


The rugged Leh district, in the Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir, has a remarkable healthcare story. Until a few years ago its people had no access to specialist healthcare—anything other than...(image)

European drug agency launches website giving open access to trial data


The European Medicines Agency’s new website giving open access to clinical data on medicinal products has gone live ( agency said that that the first two drugs...(image)