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Preview: The Soothsayer of Omaha

The Soothsayer of Omaha

Taking on the Oracle of investment at a time!

Updated: 2012-04-15T18:19:34.002-07:00


"Turn away..." Part 2


(Pre Script: Same graphics problem applies for this post as apologies.)I forgot to look at the big boys...the boys who will show us the way through this mess. Below you will find charts and commentary on the DJIA, Nasdaq, and the S&P 500.(Insert Weekly DJIA)The Dow Jones Industrial Average is finding support where it once found resistance from the looks of things on the weekly chart

"Turn away..."


(Pre Scricpt (Instead of Post Script) The graphics program I use is not working right now. I only got 1 chart to work so far. I will upload the rest when the program is working...I hope that is soon. It is very frustrating, but I guess I don't pay anything for this blog format or the graphics program.)"Turn away...I'm hideous!", says the market.It sure is getting ugly out there!So, here is the

Japan Extending a Hand???


I'm still hot on the trail of these auto manufacturer's and the Wall Street Journal has a good article today about some interesting developments in the saga.Two of my favorite parts of the article are these:1)Mr. Okuday, Toyota's chairman, on Monday "called for giving Detroit more breathing room to address its problems, even suggesting Toyota might raise prices on cars sold in the U.S. to ease



Wow!!!That's all I can say after the market action this week.The bulls were shredded and eaten by the bears and that might be the nice way of putting the situation. Take a look at the longer term pictures of the big three indicies:DJIA Weekly Chart The Dow Jones Industrials smashed through the 50-day SMA on increased volume. The index is looking to be pretty oversold, but what's not to stop it

Very Busy Lately...


I have to apologize for the lack of blogging lately. I am very busy with some personal business. I think that I will be moving to weekly posting for a while. So, look for something up on the weekends or use the very handy RSS feeds to keep up on my extremely excellent commentary.Best Regards,The Soothsayer of Omaha

KOS Pharmaceuticals Re-Cap


A while back I wrote up a research report for personal use and showed it to Bill Cara. He posted it on his blog at (See here, here, and here). KOS Pharmaceuticals has appreciated from that point very well (around 50%). This should go to show that individual investors can succeed where Wall Street has failed them.Join us on our quest. There are many good investment bloggers

WSJ Article on the Autos


Here is a pretty good article from the Wall Street Journal on the Automotive Industry. If you'll remember a while back, I am on the lookout in this industry being a contrarian value sort of investor. We'll have to keep track of this industry together and reap the benefits later.Best Regards,The Soothsayer of Omaha

Contribute the Maximum Amount to your IRA


Just another reason to contribute the maximum amount possible to your IRA each and every year:According to the Wall Street Journal, "The Supreme Court ruled creditors may not seize Individual Retirement Accounts when people file for bankruptcy, giving protection to a nest egg relied upon by millions of Americans."Here is a link to the full story if you have a subscription.Best Regards,The

Investment Roundtable - McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD)


We are dusting off the ‘ol Investment Roundtable this week and analyzing a favorite of most Americans. I’m speaking of a true American company. Not only is this company the largest fast-food restaurant in America, but the world. I’m obviously talking about McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD).MCD is currently trading at $31/share with a market cap of around $39.4 billion. As Standard and Poor’s tells us,

Watching the Auto Manufacturers


One thing you've got to know is that the market moves in cycles. The market goes up and it goes down. To make what some would call a "killing" you've got to buy as close to the bottom of the cycle as possible and sell as close to the top of the cycle.The automobile manufacturers are moving towards the bottom of their cycle. It might not be possible to call the exact bottom, but we can get close.

Correlation or Stupidity


A few months ago there was a bunch of hoopla over Fundamental versus Technical Analysis. The argument has been raging for years, but was spurred this time because of the firing of a whole technical analysis team from a bulge bracket bank. The correlation being that if this "big time" bank was getting rid of their entire TA team, then TA must be useless. I obviously beg to differ, but that was

Review of the Big Boys


To get back into the swing of things, let's take a look at what the markets, in general, are doing. To accomplish this task I have included the charts of the DJ Composite, DJ Industrials, DJ Transports, DJ Utilities, S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Nasdaq 100.Once again, I would like to reiterate that these markets are very tricky right now to gauge. We are at a turning point, and no one is really sure

I'm Back!


Click to Enlarge I have returned from Chicago and had a great time. I was there for St. Patrick's Day and Chicago knows how to show an out-a-towner a good time. The picture is of the "green" river that is dyed for the special Irish occasion.I'll write something up for this weekend. It's good to be back.Best Regards,The Soothsayer of Omaha

Vacation in Chicago


I'll be in Chicago the rest of the week. I hope everyone is doing well and I'll be back next week. Thanks.Best Regards,The Soothsayer of Omaha

An International Look


Now more then ever investors and traders need to look at every corner of the globe to find quality investments. This is becoming easier and easier. There are ETF's and IShares and all sorts of investment vehicles that can give you international exposure.Below you will find monthly and weekly charts for the Nickei 225 and the Japan ETF. This is one ETF you might want to keep an eye on. Japanese

Be Careful What You Ask For...


Joseph Quinlan, the Chief Market Strategist for Bank of America, came out with a good piece of research and writing this week. The basic premise of the report can be summed up by this paragraph:"While rising world energy prices may be an unpleasant fact of life, there is a bright side to the spike in oil prices. Oil producers, flush with cash, recycled record sums of petrodollars back into the

Mark Cuban Give-A-Way!


Mark Cuban has given away his portfolio sectrets! There might be some gems in this group. I will have to check them out and I suggest you do the same.Best Regards,The Soothsayer of Omaha

Bullish Employment Report?


Barry Ritholtz over at The Big Picture drilled a little deeper into the employment report and wan't as impressed as the market."Drilling beneath the headlines, the report was far less bullish. We note 3 specific issues:· The unemployment rate ticked up, from 5.2 to 5.4%;· Average hourly wages were unchanged;· Long-term unemployed (27 weeks+) remained at 1.6m;· Persons holding more than one job

Warren Buffett Sighting


Here is an article from Forbes about Mr. Buffett's record at making market calls. The Oracle of Omaha (my arch nemesis) certainly does get a lot of press around this time every year.Best Regards,The Soothsayer of Omaha

A Look at the Big Boys


Here, we are going to take a look at the big boys, which are the indicies that consume the investors' lives. We are hoping that we will be able to find some sense of what is going on within the current market conditions.The new employment report sent the indicies higher on Friday. This one report seemed to add the extra oomph to the market that some participants were looking for to get involved.

Warren Buffett's Yearly Musings


Here is Mr. Warren Buffett's 2004 missive about his company, investing, and so much more. Enjoy!Best Regards,The Soothsayer of Omaha

Investment Roundtable - Exxon Mobile (NYSE: XOM)


This week the Investment Roundtable is analyzing Exxon Mobile (NYSE: XOM). XOM is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has a market cap of a little over $405 billion, and is the world’s largest publicly owned integrated oil company.Exxon is obviously a play on the oil industry and the rising oil prices have been helping XOM appreciate 58.34% in a little over a year. With all of the

Throwing Down the Gauntlet


Bill Cara is throwing down the gauntlet! Bill states that we have reached the cycle high on the Dow 30 at 10,869. Bill adds some advice as well, "Sell stocks. Sell bonds. Clear your debts, including short-term mortgages. Accumulate cash. Buy gold. And, if you’ve got a job, hope you can keep it." Kind of scary talk coming from Mr. Cara.It seems what Chairman Alan Greenspan said today got to him.

Fundamentals Versus Technicals Argument


Recently there has begun a, fundamentals are better than technicals and vice versa, argument floating around the financial world. This was all started from the recent firing of Louise Yamada and the entire technicals team at Smith Barney. I believe Ron Sen, over at Technically Speaking, has a great observation about the entire ordeal. It seems that Ms. Yamada might have been a little too bearish

Some Charts to Peruse


Below you will find three charts that are each telling a story. Two of these charts are related to the commodities bull market we are currently in and the other is of a fallen angel.Click to Enlarge the Daily Chart This first chart is of Phelps Dodge (NYSE: PD). I wrote earlier in my post "Falling From Grace" that PD had broken down through its uptrend line and to watch out for the implications