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Synthetic-X -- Liquid Thought

Whats goin on with the me, the us, the you! Random thoughts, new interesting links, thought(ful/less) discussion, news -- and things you shouldn't be missing. ////// Please note as of April 2010 this RSS feed is no longer updated ////// least until

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Scott Tower, Holyoke MA


We found this today - Scott Tower in Holyoke.We walked up the street through the park we normally go to and went up the road we normally don't. We didn't even know it was there, and yet it was such a huge part of the town back in the day.I've joined a group to help bring it back and I hope these pictures will help you to realize what an important project this is. Please join the cause to save

Still Have Time


There is still time, they've extended the deadline, unfortunately this led to my sister's business being without email for a half a day. I had sent her an email when renewal for her domain was coming up and she said "oh I'm just going to go with this free one" ok, sure... guess things aren't going that well, go ahead and use the free site.Well, when it expired, sure enough I get a call "my email

Blogger go byebye


I got an email the other day that blogger would no longer support FTP. That messes up my whole deal, anyone I ever set up. Myself, my business. my sister, all impacted and I either need to get some great content management system up in less then a month and a half or get some ajax going.Kind of lame for them to do this, they sayh it costs too much money but back in the day I gladly paid for



So I've been playing with the links - you may have noticed. They still update automatically, but need to rewrite the scrolling code so it's imbedded. I'm trying to rewrite anything iframe to javascript and get things to tie in a little better then the current section format.I've realized the blocks don't really seem to go together but screen size has come a long way since my "throw

Windows 7 Game Explorer Manual Customization How To


Windows 7 Games Explorer Manual Customization How ToWindows 7 has removed the ability from Games Explorer to Customize out of the box.It's not impossible to do, however - it just takes some finangling and registry knowledge.All of your Games Explorer shortcuts are stored here:%localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\GameExplorerIf you have games installed you should see several folders with very long

Need For Speed Screenshots


Battlefield 1942 Is the Worst Game for PC


I had downloaded Battlefield 1942 for the PS3 a while back, shelled out the $15 and it's relatively good. Destructable environments basic gameplay on what Battlefield should be (not Bad Company) and decent graphics for a console.I was especially excited about the prospect of battling cross-platform. PS3, XBOX, and PC all in the same realm? Sign me up to scalp them with my mouse! In any case

Rainy Morning


I woke early this morning, a cold rainy November day. It wasn't out of preference, there's a big change to the phone system at work today. It was still very dark, cold, and I could hear the rain pouring down outside. I didn't have to go into the office, which is great, a much better way to do work on the Saturday. Besides, making important business decisions in pajamas and disheveled hair

nVidia PhysX Performance using Batman Arkham Asylum


PhysX has been added to the PC version of Batman with the v1.1 update. It does not ship with PhysX settings out of the box. Once installed you are provided several options for PhysX - Off, Normal, or High with various card recommendations.The nVidia drivers allow you to change the PhysX settings - turning optimization on or off as well as the ability to choose which card handles the PhysX



Installed Batman for PC, instant version update through GFW that supports the PhysX. Possibly an anti piracy gimmick?

Stuff for Sale


2006 Legacy GT - 3 good, 1 leaky struts w/ 30,000 - Best Offer2006 Legacy GT - stock shift knob - Best OfferNumark DJ Mixer DM1050 - $50AMDFX-55 2.6ghz Media Center PC - $300MAudio Keystation 49e USB/Midi Keyboard - $602 x nVidia GTX 280s 1G (for SLi) - pair for $300 OBONew ASUS 19" LCD in Box - $12530" Dell Dual DVI Monitor (2560 x 1600) (no usb/flash drives) - $750iMac 1ghz G4 (desklamp) -

MP3 Site


They're spreading my mixes, so I guess that's good - just wish they didn't stream it directly from me every time. Check out one my top 10 visitors - a very well stocked Chinese MP3 site! Google translates, most of the english stuff is in English so you can probobly find a few things.

GTA Screenshots - Vista vs Win7 Performance Increase


Here are some pics of GTA before and after. Both are playable at 40 to 45fps.Vista is overclocked video chip / mem ~ 745mhz / 1265mhzWin7 is stock video chip / mem ~ 705mhz / 1215mhzVista .5-----------------------Vista 1Win7 1-----------------------Vista 2Win7 2-----------------------Vista 3Win7 3-----------------------Vista 4Win7 4

Windows 7 Initial Performance Review


6 installations later I have a working copy of Windows 7 with valid RAID, SATA, Chipset, Video, and Sound drivers. I was very careful this time, doing only one thing at a time and restarting after a change to confirm. I was a bit more cavileer when I was under the impression my errors could be undone. The restore feature was not able to handle the driver change for vital components so keep

Windows 7 - Don't Rush It.


Windows 7 - Don't Rush It.That's a cautionary statement, a metaphor, and a realization. I had a LOT of issues with this installation and I'm not even at a point where I can benchmark. 3... maybe 4 installations at this point and I think I've finally got it. I put in another HD so I could avoid RAID issues and I still run into them.My motherboard has 10 SATA ports 4 on one SATA controller, 6 on



Ghostbusters03Originally uploaded by z3rinScreenshots from Ghostbusters - Max Settings 2560 x 1600



This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.

Batman - Arkham Asylum DEMO


Batman Arkham Asylum DEMO doesn't launch correctly on 64 bit versions of Windows. You get an int32 error when launching which appears to be a misdeclared variable in the HTTP based launcher. The developers are aware of it but if you're looking to play the DEMO now here's a work around:You may need to change your INI files around a bit, I tried to crank it with a 10 for the quality and a 5 for

Gavin pt 1


Those 4 days went by slowly. I went to work on Monday but that night had Nicole feeling very anxious about the baby's arrival. I worked from home on Tuesday expecting we'd be going in at any time but I worked through the entire day without much incident. Nicole was tired, very pregnant and a couple days past her due date so anything seemed like it could be the time. We went food shopping because

Baby Baby Baby (I Know I Drive You Crazy)


So the baby is on the way, 4 days until the due date. The baby's room is finished, floor sanded, resealed, walls painted, and furnished. Nicole and I both wanted a braided rug as we both have fond memories of racing matchbox cards along the braids. It's a built in racing track. I remember setting up my blocks in a track shape and using the braids as built in lanes. We settled on a nice braided

EVGA 295 GTX Co-Op Review


I received my EVGA 295 GTX Co-Op today and here are the results!17:45 - Card installed, powered on18:00 - Drivers Updated, restarted21:06 - done with benchmarkingInitial observations:Compared to the 280 GTX:- same length- feels heavier- a tad thinnerHardware installation included 2 devices (GTX 295)I left a 280 in there for strictly PhysX for now but going to do try benchmarks both with and

Counting Down


The baby is coming in two months (give or take) and I'm feeling a bit... stressed?I'm excited for the actual situation, but how I'm going to turn everything around in that short of time is a bit daunting. I have until the beginning of July to finish everything for school. Once class is done and I think I'm in good shape there but the other one I've fallen quite a bit farther behind. I'm just

Peggle - for iPod!


You may have played "Peggle" on PopCap before, but now you can get it on your iPod - I just found Peggle on iTunes for $4.99



Got an idea to pull in my twittering to the sidebar. I know it exists already but knd of looking forward to writing it myself. Javascript is like a baseball glove. My plan is to pull the whole page (unless there's an RSS) via javascript and then find the start tag of the twitted text and pull each consecutive line to a string until reaching the end tag. I could then adapt the script for a bunch



Now I know how the other half lives. Private parking in Hartford, marble building, art and comfortable chairs. I know the business side has the money but they're so all businessy.