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This blog is a general discussion of American values and life with a focus upon current issues that impact our security and freedom, including perhaps our most precious right, the right to keep and bear firearms.

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Mosin Nagant Again


It has been a long time since I commented on the virtues, relatively of the Russian Mosin Nagant.

Mine is still going evidenced by the pictures 100yds, from the bench, using Surplus Romanian ammo.

For me...this is the perfect utilitarian weapon...accurate enough for most needs....and if you can still find them....they are still a good buy.

(image) (image) (image)

Politics for Today


So, tomorrow more primary elections will be held....and more clarity will come to US in...who will be more likely to get nominated.

For me it is very simple.

Hillary Clinton is a lying, shallow, piece of poop.

Bernie Sanders is a delusional communist.

Trump is a bombastic, narcissistic, blowhard.
Cruz is not to be trusted.

Rubio is a shallow, lightweight.

The Ohio governor is a loser.

So, who shall I vote for....who shall you vote for.

Simple; vote for the best of the lot.

Who can lead and ultimately make us better, stronger, safer.

No choice here.

The choice is between winners and losers.

Trump can defeat Hillary.

Trump can lead.

Trump has the Guts to succeed.

The rest....forget it.

Those poor liberals who will vote for a Bernie or a Hill of Beans....feel sorry for them...they are delusional...

Sad fact...30% of the country are just losers...just want something for nothing...won't to shit to earn a thing.

They are lost.

Democrats are Idiots - But that's Good


I noticed that a number of Congressional Democrats are asking the Obamination in Chief to ban the import of certain firearms that don't fit their interpretation of having a sporting purpose. Of course the ban on assault style weapons died years ago, and among the most popular are AK style weapons where parts or whole weapons are imported. Many companies are doing a brisk business in fine AK rifles using a combination of imported and domestically produced parts. All of this is perfectly legal and in accordance with ATF regs, which are strictly enforced.

So, what's up with the Dem Idiots -

It is simple, - they are trying to make sure that they lose the vast majority of upcoming Congressional and Gubernatorial well as any chance of staying in control of the White House.

Historical fact - More gun control is a loser for Democrats.

Reality - Dems are in this current day, no longer concerned with any impact on real problems....everything is about appealing to some political faction in their base.

Their base is composed of societies losers - those that fear individual rights and prefer collective rights, especially the right to be coddled by the nannie state.

Of course millions of gun owners who previously voted with them out of pure stupidity, may finally be awaking. So, my dear idiot liberal, leftist, anarchistic, neurotic adherents to Stat-ism, go forth and push more laws that restrict the rights of citizens to defend themselves.

I look forward to your further political decline into complete obsolescence as the majority of voters continue to reject your failed ideology.

As has been consistently documented recently, - the elites have no desire to enforce current gun laws. Enforcing the current law is not politically advantageous to them....why you ask?

Simple; it is their constituents who commit crime with illegal guns....if they prosecute their constituents they can no longer vote for Democrats. Better to leave them on the street and keep them as a potential supporter....and besides since most gun crime is done by minority members racially speaking.....well it is politically just incorrect to subject these poor discriminated folks to jail time for merely using illegal guns.

No wonder someone like Trump is getting real traction.

NRA News Commentators | Dana Loesch: "Obama: Commander in Deceit”


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Hiatus Over


Long time asleep,

My writing will now continue.

So....just for starters.

The Second Amendment is alive and well and flourishing.

During my recent range activity I notice more newbies, first time shooters of all ages....

No surprise considering the continued surge in gun purchases.

Wonder if we could ever get the demographics on gun purchasers who are first time gun buyers....of course there is no database for that.....????

Simple political truth.

The Democrats are currently running a Lemming Strategy.

Tout Gun control as loud as you can, and you will solidify your leftist base....which was already in your will turn away independents and gun owning Democrats, and anyone else who cares about their ability to own a gun.
You will lose voters....but you are lemmings so you don't care.

You seek your own destruction....

Not depressing at all to me.

Australian Trash


A new study conducted by researchers from Australia's Monash University and Britain's Manchester University suggests "symbolic racism [is] related to having a gun in the home and opposition to gun control policies by [U.S.] whites."

I once met some Australians and some Brits at a conference in New Zealand, over 10 years ago. Funny, we were all very sociable, having dinner one night...when somehow the conversation turned to gun ownership.

One Brit kept dumping on the U.S., for our backward love of firearms. is with no surprise that some "eggheads" in Australia ...a nation that has done much harm to gun owners there in the recent past.....would come out with Brit supported research that trashes the U.S. - and somehow now brings "race" into the issue.

So...I must be a racist...since I love firearms...and have ever since I was a kid. I must be a racist since I watched all those WWII movies and cowboy movies growing up....and couldn't wait until I could one day shoot a gun.

I must be a racist since I have been shooting ever since I was 16 and never have hurt anyone with a gun - even though I am very capable of defending myself and my own family if need be.

So....this kind of trash comes from some institute of "Higher Learning". It is a pity that such dribble is allowed to be published. You would think that some peer review would point out the fact that millions of gun least in the U.S. are not "white", but black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, etc.

No wonder that most people consider "academic studies" as pure bull these days....especially....since most academic researchers are by their own special order of natural selection....(Darwin's Survival of the Ass Kissers)...likely to be left leaning, feminized, emasculated wimps.

Well...because of this study.....I will simply refuse to eat Australian lamb or British kidney pie.

CZ 85


How many shooters today have any appreciation for the guns of CZ - of the CZ-75 design?
Most likely very few.

Well, at least very few in the US.

The other day I took out my CZ 85. That's the CZ-75 design with a fully adjustable rear sight. This one is in nickel - 9mm. And not too long ago, I had a trigger job done on it by CZ Custom in Arizona.
Now the CZ trigger out of the box is not bad, but it has some creep. For me, the creep was tolerable but annoying, and I felt it was reducing the inherent ability of the gun to show it's true potential as a target pistol at 25 yards. CZ Custom, did a great job for a very reasonable price. The trigger pull was reduced to what feels like 2 lbs to me, all creep is gone. - a new hammer was part of the process.
Now this gun shoots like a dream.

The target below, is my results of testing some new handloads, shooting from the bench at 25 yards. While my results standing with a two hand hold were not as good as this...they were 85% of all shots in the 9 and 10 ring.

The Current State of Affairs


While the US Government is in the throws of disarray over a budget stalemate, a debt ceiling confrontation and complete partisan bickering at home....not to even mention....pending overseas security flareups...and continue deep division internally over immigration and other liberal agenda key goals....we who cherish the Second Amendment can for the time being rest assured that nothing extreme is going to happen to dilute our gun rights.

It is about time though that the majority of politicians got around to stop mentally ill people from owning guns.

So...why don't we see legislation that requires mental health professionals to turn over to the ATF the identifying information for anyone who is deemed a potential threat to the safety of others. This means we will need to err on the side of the public's right to be safe....and let these medical professionals make the initial call - which can be appealed later - but would stop a gun transfer from occurring. A federal law is needed to get this done...with penalties for those mental health professionals who prefer to be politically correct....and look the other way.

Castle Doctrine


The facts are not clear, but the recent shooting of a Fla. teen who was unarmed as raised the question of "Castle Doctrine" laws in force in most states in the U.S. As mentioned in the reference article Castle Doctrine is not intended to legalize the pursuit of an attacker but rather enable a citizen to protect themselves when forced by a potential violent attack.

There are millions of U.S. citizens who own firearms for sport and protection. Many carry concealed every day. But it always comes down to judgement as to when it is appropriate to use deadly force.

The facts are not in, regarding this Fla. case. But, hindsight would indicate that the police needed to do a thorough job of investigating the facts. Normally, a local prosecutor would examine the facts, present the facts to a Grand Jury, for a decision to be made as to any criminal conduct.

The fact that special interests want to make this a "race" issue is not surprising. Only black on black crime or black on white crime is not a race issue. Any white on black incident always is seen as racism - by those who benefit by a race based view of society.

The shooter in this case is of Hispanic decent - looks white - and has a non Hispanic last name. How easy it is to claim racism - but the facts still need to be investigated.

One wonders how the Obamination - leading the U.S. government thinks he needs to open his big mouth on this subject. I don't recall his commenting the last time a white person was attacked and killed by a black person? - Frankly - the lack of real leadership in the US is sickening.

Russian Makarov Fun


Took out my IMEZ Russian Makarov in .380 for some target work at 25 yards today.This is the adjustable sight version which is worth around $250- $400 in the US depending on condition. Mine is in excellent shape and is real easy to use - and accurate even with imported Silver Bear .380 ammo.This is what she looks like.And here is my best results using a standing two hand hold - at 25 yards. Note: today I use only 50 rounds, no failures to feed, extract etc.[...]

Maryland - Now its Your Turn


Well, progress perhaps - as a Federal Judge rules MD carry regulations are not constitutional.

See the details here

Virginia - About Time


Good News for us gun loving folks. Oh poor liberals will piss in their pants about this. Anyone have some xtra diapers?

Legislation to Repeal One-Gun-a-Month Signed into Law by Governor Bob McDonnell

Fairfax, Va.Governor Bob McDonnell has signed House Bill 940 into law. This legislation repeals Virginia's prohibition of purchasing more than one handgun per month.

"Gun rationing schemes are archaic and ineffective. Like every gun control law, this law only burdened law-abiding citizens," said Chris W. Cox, executive director for NRA's Institute for Legislative Action. "Governor McDonnell and the Virginia General Assembly should be commended for removing this law and for working to place the full burden of Virginia's criminal justice laws on the criminals."

Five states enacted such gun rationing laws in the past but the first two to do so - South Carolina and Virginia - were also the first to repeal them. South Carolina enacted its law in 1975 and repealed it in 2004. Today, only three states - California, Maryland and New Jersey - have these burdensome statutes.

Sponsored by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R-31), House Bill 940 passed in the Virginia Senate by a 21 to 19 vote and in the House of Delegates by a 66 to 32 vote. The companion legislation, Senate Bill 323, was sponsored by Senator Bill Carrico (R-40).

Stop The Threat to Your Rights


As detailed in the following article, from the Washington Times, if we get 4 more years of Obama, kiss your gun rights goodbye.

I'll Take Some Gun with That Java


Well, the Anti Gun nuts are at it again...this time trying to intimidate Starbucks from not allowing customers who can legally carry guns from coming to Starbucks armed.Starbucks has no policy prohibiting the legal carry of firearms in their stores. Thanks Starbucks for having some common sense.Here are the details of the story.Starbucks pulled into gun debateThe company says business is normal Tuesday even as groups promise action over its gun policies.By Kim Peterson 7 hours agoShare217233Starbucks (SBUX -0.26%) has become the unlikely center of a Valentine's Day debate over U.S. gun laws.A group that aims to reduce gun violence says it is boycotting the coffee giant Tuesday because Starbucks has not stopped customers from bringing guns into stores when the law allows it. Starbucks has the legal right to ban guns, the National Gun Victim's Action Council says. The group has sent an open letter to Starbucks with its complaints.That boycott didn't sit well with some gun owners, and some said they would visit Starbucks Tuesday to show their support. The gun owners have even created their own "I love guns and coffee" shirts, with an image of a gun-totin' Starbucks mermaid mascot to boot.Starbucks seems to be trying to stay out of the issue. The company, which complies with local gun-control laws, said that all of its U.S. stores are open Tuesday and business is normal."Our long-standing approach to this issue remains unchanged and we abide by the laws that permit open carry in 43 U.S. states," the company said in a statement. "Where these laws don't exist, openly carrying weapons in our stores is prohibited."Investors were unfazed by the gun debate. Starbucks shares were essentially flat Tuesday, closing at $49.12.For those of you Anti Gunners out there.... Next time you go into Starbucks, please ask which of us patrons are carrying our guns today - you might find the response you get interesting.[...]

This is what is at stake


NRA calls it the way it is.

Liberal Wimps Weap at This


Well at least some of those in
Fla, who may have had some difficulty in the past finding there way around a voting booth, know how to use a weapon when the time arrives.

Seed this article

For those faint of heart liberals who's stomach turns when the thought of guns arise...lets just say - keep praying that the bad guys in your neighborhood never find you - your just a moment away from victim-hood...unlike our Fla friends who take responsibility for their own safety.

Enfield No. 4 MK I


This famous British rifle was one of the best of WWII. This variant was produced in Canada - it was and still is a very sturdy, reliable and accurate gun. Per Wiki -

By the late 1930s the need for new rifles grew, and the Rifle, No. 4 Mk I was first issued in 1939 but not officially adopted until 1941.[30] The No. 4 action was similar to the Mk VI,[31] but lighter, stronger, and most importantly, easier to mass produce.[31] Unlike the SMLE, the No 4 Lee-Enfield barrel protruded from the end of the forestock. The No. 4 rifle was considerably heavier than the No. 1 Mk. III, largely due to its heavier barrel,[31] and a new bayonet was designed to go with the rifle: a spike bayonet,[31] which was essentially a steel rod with a sharp point, and was nicknamed "pigsticker" by soldiers. Towards the end of the Second World War, a bladed bayonet was developed, originally intended for use with the Sten gun—but sharing the same mount as the No. 4's spike bayonet—and subsequently the No. 7 and No. 9 blade bayonets were issued for use with the No. 4 rifle as well.[32]Using my own reloads in .303 British, results are pretty good at 100yds, from a rest - my gun has the issue aperture sights - that really help - and are finitely adjustable for elevation only.

I generally can keep 10 shots in the black 7 inch circle at 100 yds...and focusing on that front sight seems to be getting harder.

My reloads use 180 grain round nose softpoints, 40 grains of IMR 4064 - not much kick since the gun is so solid....and accuracy is consistently good. 80% of my shots are in the 9 and 10 ring.

Iowa - GOP Selection Process Begins


As a gun owner, I want the next President to never waiver on my gun rights. But that does not mean I am willing to support someone who has no chance of defeating Obama. To do so would simply be a wasted effort.

So, the question for all of us concerned gun owners should be - who can be elected, who I can support as someone who will stand up for my gun rights....but even more importantly, can in an reverse the downward slide of this country...and that slide is across the board - the economy, our culture, our morals, our health etc.

Sorry to say that in a country so full of talent, there are so few people willing and able to rise to the occasion and take on Obama - who is aside from his novelty of being the first minority President - the worst President we have ever seen, at least in my life time.

So, my view - and it is just that, my personal view - is that only Romney can be elected - at this point - R. Santorum - well he shows promise but he is just not viewed as having enough gravitas yet - but I would be happy with him...if he could get the nomination. That will not happen, since the general public wants someone right of center,....but not way right of center. The key to this election is the moderates and disenchanted Democrats. Especially those of us (53 percent) who actually pay taxes.

So...Gun owners, Romney unless, and until Romney shows a lack of support for our gun rights. Don't be influenced by his past stance on assault weapons...See him as a pragmatic supporter....who will not reverse our recent gains....but more importantly as the best alternative to ensure we get rid of the current curse on America - which is clearly what the current President is.

Air Pistol Practice Beeman P3


A little air pistol practice, and air rifle practice can make most shooters, better shooters.

All you need is 30 feet and a secure backstop, an air pistol/rifle pellet trap and the right equipment.

I am still using a Beeman P3 Pneumatic, single shot 17 Cal. air pistol.
It is very easy to use and very accurate.

Typical two hand unsupported groups for me group under one inch at 30 feet...and this is no Olympic style pistol....It is a reasonably priced air pistol....with a very light trigger...I estimate the trigger pull to be less than one pound.

It has a safety that must be disengaged manually each time the gun is cocked.

Cocking the gun requires some strength to close the pneumatic pump contained within the pistol's body.

I like pneumatic air guns because there are less moving parts, and you get consistent accuracy. It requires periodic minor maintenance, a little oil...and occasional cleaning.

The best part is that you can hone your shooting skills, stance, and trigger control, at low cost in the comfort of your own home.

Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag 4 Inch


What is powerful enough to handle a bear, yet small enough to pack in a back pack, and reliable enough to inspire confidence, and accurate enough to get the job done.

Well, I won't go overboard, but the Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum in 4 inch barrel, fits the bill precisely.

It is not light weight, but it is not a pain to carry, if you use a good holster.

It is weighty enough so that you can easily control it under recoil, and a Weaver stance helps, if you are doing multiple shots.

The Ruger trigger is about 2 lbs single action. Good for careful shots within 75 feet.

My experience with this model has impressed upon me the need to practice good trigger control.

As reflected in the picture....a two hand hold can do OK at 75 feet single action.

I have never tried this in the double action mode.

When hiking in the woods, in bear country, you really won't need to worry too much about what may be lurking beyond the next bush. But if something bad comes upon you, this gun will equal the odds.

Range Report - Ruger Vaquero 45 Colt


Cowboy shooting lovers, are real fans of the Ruger Vaquero. Mine is the 4 inch barrel version in 45 Colt. I use Trail Blaser powder, Laser Cast 250 gr bullets and after much experimentation, I filed down the front sight to be dead on at 25 yards with my pet reload....5.8 grains of trail blaser...using the Laser Cast Flat Nose hard cast 250 grain bullet. Trail Blaser powder meters well and fills most of the 45 Colt case which was designed around 1873 for black powder. I love the blue smoke it produces and the smell is OK...compared to other gun powder smoke.

The Ruger Vaquero is a fine, moderately priced domestically produced Cowboy gun. As my results shown on the picture reflect....using a two hand hold standing at 25 yards, most of my rounds are in the black. Very good results for a gun with a simple front post and receiver groove for taking aim.

If you ever wanted to know, in case you didn't know...a six single action only. You cock the hammer and gently touch the trigger. Around one pound of pressure or less on the trigger will cause the hammer to fall. There is no manual safety...but shooting these guns are pure fun.

The 45 Colt has very manageable recoil when using a two hand hold so with some patience and after doing some sight adjustments (filing the front sight down) you can be happy with the results, once you come up with a load that the gun likes.

Range Report SW 625 45 Auto


For those of you who have wondered how well the 45ACP can do out of a revolver, the SW 625 is the ideal platform to find out.

I have fired 45 ACP and 45 Auto Rim out of this gun, but I prefer to use the 45 Auto Rim...since I can dispense with using moon clips and more easily and naturally load the 45 Auto Rim into the cylinder.

The 45 Auto Rim is the same as the 45 ACP except for the fact that is has a rim to enable head spacing in the standard revolver cylinder.

This particular gun is the more upscale JM variant Jerry Miculek, renowned pistolero helped design this S&W, carries a bead front sight, fully adjustable rear sight, wood grips, grooved trigger, 4 inch barrel and matte stainless steel throughout.

Using a two hand Weaver stance at 25 yards and firing 12 rounds into each bullseye target you can see that the results are very respectable....firing single action.

This is a quality firearm from S&W and is relatively expensive....but considering the terms of reliability, quality, and accuracy...I think it is worth it.

Target Shooting on Public Land Safe for the Time Being


Well, political reality has reared its ugly head at the White Interior Dept. announces that it won't proceed with regulations to reduce target shooters access to public land. Another minor victory for the Second Amendment, as Obama knows this is not the time to pick a fight with gun owners.

His fight will begin....if he gets elected...or so he is telling his anti-gun allies. Just wait until my second term.

The chances of a second term may seem slim at the moment, but that depends on how smart the GOP plays taking on a leadership message that resonates with independents.

Just wish I had easy access to wide open spaces that some of you have....would love to try 1000 yrd shots.

Sweedish Mauser Time


Range day using a 1918 Sweedish Mauser. They just don't make guns like they used to...Sweedish quality....brings great accuracy combined with the wonderful 6.5 Sweedish cartridge. Using Rem 130 grain bullets and IMR 4064 powder....37 grains....I get consistantly great results at 100 yards from a rest position.

If you can find one of these buy it. Around 7 years ago, I paid around $190.

Results below are with the stock open sights.

Carry Bill OK in the House


Well the ability to carry concealed in this country has taken a great forward step with the passage in the House of the legislation to require all states to recognize and accept within limits the carry permits issued by other states.

The Bill will go on to the Senate....some day....perhaps...and become part of the election campaign cycle. Likley...Obama ....will not support never know....Dems...are against this liberalization...of a right that most of them feel is repugnant....that this the Second Amendment right to protect oneself with a firearm.

Given the elections...even the Dems in the Senate might go along....and if so....would Obama veto this?

You can read more here

Of course the anti-gunners just love this legislation....why it shows how crazy all those Republicans are....supporting.....such a conservative perspective.....over their better judgement....since this will act to impact "states rights"....States rights my ass.  These gun haters don't give a Sh"t about states rights or any rights except their right to your money....their right to control promote their welfare state.

So...perhaps soon we who carry won't have to worry about being arrested when we cross the state line...doing what we do as law abiding citizens....trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm.  And soon perhaps....criminals....terrorists....zombie socialists....and leftists will have to increase their fear of us....the average Joe.....who...just might give them a bad day.